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Continuation of 'The Horny Adventures Of Ryan" Escapades
It was Saturday night and it was time for me to get ready. Andy's thirty-fifth birthday party was tonight and as far as I knew him it was gonna be a blast. He's always been the easy going kind of guy with women, so I was sure that I'd be meeting plenty of them there. I decided on wearing a brown polo shirt, black pants, a black jacket and black shoes. The whole outfit was accessorized with a silver chain and a watch with a silver band. Last but not least I put on some cologne. Gotta make sure to smell good for the ladies! And off I went...

When I arrived at Andy's the party was already going. I didn't expect any less of him. The music was blasting through the stereo speakers and of course for an event like that he even hired a DJ. The streets had turned into a huge parking lot and I couldn't even imagine where all those people came from. But who cared, right? Time to go in...

I entered the house and found it filled with people dancing their asses off. I only knew some of them but the night was still young. I assumed that the host was by the hot tub and the pool, so I made my way over there. Stepping outside I saw him surrounded by women, as usual, so I went over there and wished him a Happy Birthday. As a gift I brought him a huge box of condoms. He just smiled and nodded a thank you. He introduced me to all those girls and my eyes especially liked that certain one.

Her name was Kate. She had long and curly auburn hair and greenish-brown eyes. She must have been cold because she was wearing one of Andy's white business shirts with the top buttons opened. A wet print of her black bikini was shining through and I noticed that the top barely covered her big breasts. Oh what a beautiful sight. I absolutely loved what I saw. Candy for my eyes. Her eyes stared into mine and in that moment I saw myself having sex with that woman.

I excused myself and went over to the bar to get myself a JD on the rocks. Standing there, sipping my drink I never let my eyes off of her. She was just too gorgeous to not imagine naked and I didn't want to miss a second of her. So I finished my drink and went over to the pool. I made sure her eyes followed my every step and that she saw everything I did. I took off my jacket followed by my shirt, my pants, shoes and socks. She was now staring at me in my tight black boxer shorts. I made sure to put the ones on that put my package in good light when I got dressed earlier this evening- and it was definitely working. Time to tease. I laid down on one of those blue loungers that were standing around the pool. The ones over by the hot tub were a bright orange. Kate was still with all those girls surrounding Andy. She laughed and nodded occasionally but I knew that her mind was focused on something else. Her eyes definitely were. I must have looked like a porn star trying to put my dick in its greatest light but I didn't care. It was working and that was all that mattered. My lounger was located in the shades with some branches hanging above it and I probably wouldn't have been visible if one didn't pay attention. Besides, it was a party and there was plenty of alcohol involved. I didn't let her out of my sight, wondering what she was gonna do next. She touched her neck with her right hand and let her head fall back, when she closed her eyes. It was just for a moment but it felt like the time was standing still. In slow motion she walked over to one of the orange loungers, just like mine out of sight, and sat down. And then everything went back to normal. I had to blink again and make sure that wasn't just a dream, but she indeed laid on the lounger.

We were still holding eye contact and smiled at each other when I moved my lips to form a 'Hi'. She sent me a 'Hi' back followed by a shy smile and a bottom lip biting. I winked at her before moving my body again to put my dick in a different light. She unbuttoned her shirt and moved the fabric to the sides so I had a fantastic view onto her boobs. She wore one of those bikinis you could untie between the boobs and on the side of the hips and I wished she'd untie her top and show me her bare breasts. Unfortunately nothing like that happened. Instead, she slid her hand into her top and circled her nipple. She made sure to keep eye contact with me and to make my eyes beg for more. Apparently they did, because her other hand wandered slowly down her body to in between her legs. Her bottom piece barely covered her entire pie and I got a sneak peek at her slit. Her nipples got harder and her finger shinier and I could feel the blood running up into my shaft. I got up, my cock halfway to its full size, and jumped into the pool. I was so hot and horny that I needed to cool myself down. Well I guess I didn't take in account what could happen next.

The second I came to the surface I was face to face with sexy Kate. I gotta admit I certainly didn't expect that. She just smirked at me and swam away to the other side of the pool, into a small opening that was covered by a waterfall. I followed her immediately and when I saw her leaning against the wall waiting for me I swam towards her, put my hands on each side of her body and brushed my lips against hers. They felt sweet and hot and I could taste a hint of strawberry margarita on them. I didn't waste any time with pushing my body against hers, because I wanted to feel her boobs press against my chest and wanted her to feel my member. I moved my right hand to the side of her neck and brushed my lips against the other side when I let my left hand untie her top and take control over her breasts. Her nipple got hard between my fingers but still felt soft on my skin. I moved down with my head until I reached her breasts. Those big and firm breasts were awesome and a total turn on for me and biting and licking on her nipples pumped more and more blood through my cock. I lifted her up and put her down on the small space between the water and the wall. Next I untied her bikini bottom and laid it next to her. Where exactly the top was I don't remember but right that second didn't care. I had better things to focus on - much better things. There it was, the wet pussy I saw from far away not too long ago. It was smooth with a thin line of hair in the middle of it running down to where the real action took place. I let my fingers slide over it while I worked my magic on her lips again.

When I spread her lips with my fingers and rubbed them up and down her slit she moaned. A shy, yet crazy wild moan. Her pussy was still wet from the water but when I played by her hole I felt sticky wetness covering my fingers. Moaning occurred during the kissing and Kate put her head back when I entered her with two fingers. I continued kissing her neck while I circled my fingers inside of her. She then reached between her legs and pushed my hand towards her. She wanted to feel me deeper inside of her, so I took my fingers out of her, grabbed her ass and lifted her back into the water. I spread her legs as far as possible, moved closer to her and rammed my hard member inside her. She moaned loud and hard and told me to fuck her harder and deeper. I'd been wanting to do this ever since I saw her, so why keep her from getting what she wanted, right? I gave it to her exactly how she wanted it; deep, wild, hard and fast and when I put my right leg up on where she was sitting before, Kate started smiling. That position gave me more strength to fuck her and more power to ram her hard and deep. Her moaning was so loud that I was waiting for someone to show up, but I suppose the sound of the waterfall overpowered it. Plus, even though it felt like we were alone, there was still a party going on, judging by the beat of the music. My ramming was suddenly going by the beat of the music when Kate pushed me away from her and turned around. Now she was the one whose leg was on the edge and her pussy was wide open, waiting for my cock to slide inside and spread the hole. And that's exactly what I did. I slid my dick inside of her, inch by inch, and took it out again until only the tip was covered by her pie, then I repeated. Doing that totally drove me cray, and if it drove me crazy I was sure it drove her crazy as well. And it did. She started bucking her ass towards me, making me push really deep inside her wet and juicy hole. She was going crazy and I loved it. I grabbed her by her hip and pulled her towards me while I fucked against her movements. She squeezed her pussy, making the space to move my cock really tight and narrow, but it only made me move faster. Her leg was only inches away from her head and when she looked back to me while licking her lips I about exploded. The smile on her face put one on mine too and when I heard her say that she was about to wrap my cock with her sweet nectar, I took all my energy, moved as fast as possible, and by the time she pushed her ass back one last time we both exploded and filled that little tiny space with moaning.

Wetness ran down my balls when she pushed me out of her, turned around and kissed me while gently rubbing my balls. She then grabbed a hold of my half erect dick and stroked it hard. Her hand felt good and it sent me over the edge when she kept massaging my balls but worked her way up to my rock hard cock and licked it up and down. I was now fully grown and she kept on going. When she reached the head she circled with her tongue before she went to the super sensitive strip of skin on the underside of my cock where the head meets the shaft, then licked across it with the hard tip of her tongue. She wrapped her hand around my cock hard and stroked me up and down in time with her bobbing up and down on my cock with her mouth. I couldn't help but cumming because the way she handled my dick was amazing.

"That was even better than I expected it!" She said with a grin on her face. Then she turned around to put her bikini back on, but only found the bottom. Where exactly her top went to, we didn't know, but when we swam out from under there and I saw Andy standing at the side of the pool with the bikini top in his hand, we knew. He had a 'Yeah boy' smile on his face when I went up to him to get the top and when I brought it over to Kate I got rewarded with her phone number.

Oh dear Kate, our little adventure was so much more reward than just your phone number!
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