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The door was rattling boom, boom, boom over and over was all I could hear at the front door. I could barely heard over the ruckus someone screaming my name “Brian open this fucking door right now’. It sounded like my best friend Jordan. I’d bet I know what he is here for; I started to laugh because it so funny I gave another women my heart & soul and ended up being fuck over again. I laugh at the thought that I lost my job, daughter, and now my best friend to one women as I punch a hole in the wall in vain, quickly losing my sanity little by little. I bet you’re wondering what could cause a friend since preschool to do something like this? Do you think it was over money, drugs, or a girl. What if I told you it was all of the above. What would you say then? Would you hate me or love me? After I told you what happen to cause me to lose so much in so little time I wonder.
It all started about 8 months ago it was right before my birthday august the 21 I well never for get that
Day as long as I live, because that was the day my life got twisted up side down by one god damn women.
Beep, beep as my alarm went off for work, and to no surprise I found my 17 year old daughter Sara laying next to me with her dirty blond hair in her pink pajamas she looked so much like her mother who I hate so much. That whore only left a letter saying she not meant to be a stay at home wife and she never got to live her life since she got pregnant at a young age of 15. If I look back at it now it’s been 4 years since she left; Sara took it pretty hard at first thinking it was her fault the she left. It took her a while to get over it but now we got to the point she doesn’t even mention her anymore. As getting up I notice I had a huge morning wood, I slip out of bed as fast as I could at the embarrassment that my daughter would see me. As soon as I got up Sara woke and the sweatiest said daddy where are you , I’m right here I replied. Um dad she said while blushing I can see your as healthy as usual. I look down and I had completely forgot I had a hard on, with her face as red as a apple she laugh and left while walking past I could swore heard her mumble
not to bad for a 33 year old man.
Easy now don’t get me wrong I would never look at my daughter in a sexual way but she was so much like her mother that ass, the way she smile sometime it so painful just looking at her. Sitting there in a daze I notice it was 9 o’clock and I was late for work.

Later that day….
It was 1 o'clock and I was on lunch. Oh I’m so sorry I haven’t introduce myself yet were are my manners.
My name is Brain Fields, I’m currently a working as a fire fighter. How should describe myself I’m 33 6'2 209 pounds all muscle I been told a look like a mature Taylor Lautner.

Hey Brain the chief needs you! I heard from one from one of my oldest friends Jordan Harford yelling.
What does he want I shouted back.
Looks likes he needs you to do another favor again and patted me on the shoulder as he walk away. Walking to the chiefs office I heard a moan of a women just screaming fuck me Johan fuck me harder
Shove this hard fat cock I love so much in my deep wet pussy, faster, faster. After a few minutes with my dick hard as rock I heard the women scream “John I’m cumming then the Chief went of like he lost his sanity I’m cumming too. I didn’t want to ruin the mood but seeing it had been 4 years since I had any and I’m on my lunch break I knock on the door anyway. Who is it yelled my boss in a piss off way,
It’s the guy you called while enjoying his break in a smart way.
Oh Brian give me a minute.
After hearing some ruckus and the female voice saying “Johan I can’t find my other heel “. Come in Brain;
as I walk in this beautiful red head was walking out she was petite like 5'2 no more then 105 pounds at the least. Her breast look like a perfect c cup her nipples were still sticking up. As she was walking out I swore I heard her whisper looks like we have a new toy and left. I didn’t really pay it no mine at first because
she had a ass that put me in a hypnosis as she was walking out.

All I could think was I would give my balls to fuck her brains out once. "Brian Brian wake the fuck up" my boss yelled. It was like I was in a trace. When I came to I ask what did he call me to his office for anyway.
He replied I need you to pick my niece and show her a goodtime and that it would be worth my wild
in the long run. Ok I will go pick her up but what’s in it for me and he threw a stack of bills
on the table and said that’s 500 dollars you will get the other half when you comeback.
I agreed. He then showed me a picture of her ( between you and me she was fat as hell like a whale) he said
Her plain should land around 10pm. Before I left his office he warn me she would eat me up if I let my
Guard down, I laugh and left.

Later that night….
It was 10:50 and still no sight of her I was a little scared because last time I failed the chief pulled a gun out on me. A little stress out I pulled out a smoke but I drop my lighter on the ground as I rose up after picking it up I was met with this seductive voice you most be Brain right? Right before my eyes a goddess appeared she had to about 24 5'5 brunet hair that went so long it went to her back . C cup size tits nice and perky curves that look like she was made by a god just for me. And ass of perfection not to big and not to small and said you must be Brain right or I’m wrong I had to stop myself from drooling. I came to and said
Yes I’m Brain are you really Ashley your nothing like the picture your uncle should me. She laugh and said
I know a lot of people tells me that. We both laugh and I grab her bags and we got inside the car. As I was driving she was asking me things about the town and out of no where she ask me did I had a girlfriend I or a wife? I blush and said no not now then with a wicked smiled and replied I guess I won’t have to feel bad now then. Before I could even ask about what she kiss me I felt something go down my throat. I stop the car and park wanting to ask her what did she do. All of a sudden my body got hot my dick was so hard it began
to hurt so much that it felt it was going to rip through my pants. She look at me and said look like it work faster then i thought then unzip my pant only to pull out my 8inch cock my body was numb I couldn’t move.
Out of no where the young girl took my 8inch cock balls deep in her little mouth until I felt the back of her throat. It felt like my dick was melting in her cute mouth. I never in my life had head this pleasurable. I came in a matter seconds not have sex in so long. She swallowed it and lick her lips and said in a seductive
Voice no fear uncle said you were going to please me all night but it look like I am the one doing all the work. I couldn't get a word out my thoughts were gone but the next thing I remember was her pulling down her panties and started to lick her fingers into the was nice in wet and before she could even start playing with her sweet pussy I grab her and with out a sound thought I shove my dick balls deep into her cunt she welp a little bit from the shock of me ramming it in so fast again this girl pussy was so warm like my dick was just melting away. I did not notice at first but she dug her nails into my back I could feel cum as I started to move my hips. Then out of no where the girl became in a trance just like me she started to scream
‘rape my tight pussy Brain’ Fuck at that point I lost my mind I never had sex so instance like before. I came about 5 times I lost count of how many time she came. Out of breath she said welcome to my world. At that time I did even know what calamity she was about to bring to me.

If you like this story I will write more if you think I need to change some things please tell me

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2011-12-09 10:21:49
Always the best content from these prodigious wirrtes.

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2011-09-16 03:13:20
worst story ever read

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2011-09-16 03:13:06
It has a lot of typos. The end seems too rushed, one second he can't move then he's balls deep and in a car?

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2011-09-16 02:09:25
much better the rewrite makes more sense good job

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