Bec had just told me Carole Bradley was at the door and wanted to speak with me, and as Bec put it, looked “smoking hot!” Less than a week before I had blackmailed her into fucking me, my friend Phil, and her own son, so she was the last person I expected to see. I went to the door and Bec was absolutely right, she looked amazing!

She had been to the hairdresser and her dowdy auburn hair had been cut in a way that convinced me she was ten years younger, and framed her face beautifully with blonde streaks that really suited her. She had spent some time in the sun or on a tanning bed, as her pasty white skin now had a healthy golden glow. But it was her outfit that really got my attention. The “senior citizen” plain long skirts and high-neck blouses had been replaced by killer gloss red spike heels, a matching leather mini-skirt that just covered her cunt, and a sheer white lace top that gave me a sensational eyeful of her amazing braless tits and huge nipples. I simply could not believe this was the same woman who had tried so hard to resist me last week, but I still had no idea why she had come over, so I asked the question.

“Hi Carole. I’m sure you’d understand this is a surprise, so why are you here?”

She took a deep breath. “Thank you for seeing me Sir.” Hang on a minute, did she just call me Sir? “Ummm… probably know I wasn’t at school last week?” She continued.

“I did wonder about that.” I replied. “So I asked at the office and they said you had asked for short-term leave.”

She nodded. “I was pretty mixed up after what happened……… I decided to take some time and try to sort things out. At first I was really angry………with you……..and with Justin for what he had done and how his actions had put me in that position.”

I nodded as it had been pretty intense, and I could understand how it would have turned her tidy little world upside down. She continued.

“The thing is Sir, every time I thought about how you and your friend…fucked me……….I got these hot flushes and tingles in my…… my cunt. I’ve never had these feelings before, and once I’d gotten past my anger I realized how good it felt. You’ll probably laugh, but you are the first man who’s ever performed oral sex on me!” She gave me a nervous half smile. “And it was amazing! My husband is not much of a lover, and he’s more interested in football than he is in me…….and the thing is………I don’t want to go on without ever feeling like that again! So Sir, what I want ask is, would you be prepared to allow me to join you……and train me…… and teach me about…..fucking?”

Now teenagers are normally pretty sure of themselves, but if I told you I had seen this coming you’d know I was full of shit! Sure it was a very tempting offer, but I could see plenty of potential problems.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea Carole.” I replied, and she looked as though she was going to burst into tears. “Now you’ve obviously gone to a great deal of trouble, and I have to say you look absolutely stunning, there’s no doubt you can be a very sexy woman when you choose to be.” She gave me another small smile. “But if you think you may know what goes on behind this door I assure you, you have no idea.” She gave me a questioning look so I continued. “In this house I am in complete control. My sluts are available for anything I wish, any time of day and night. When it comes to fucking the word “no” is simply unacceptable, and the punishment for a refusal would be very severe!”

“My tastes are very broad and I expect my cunts to indulge whatever I want at the time. You are old enough to be my mother, and I enjoy fucking Tanya very much so that’s not a problem, but I believe your experience is limited and I don’t know if you could cope with my demands. There are times when I inflict pain on my bitches, and sometimes this can be quite intense. If we were in the middle of something and you suddenly decided you couldn’t take it, then that’s nothing more than a total turn-off for me isn’t it?”

I couldn’t be sure, by when I mentioned inflicting pain I thought a tremor rippled through her body.

She dropped her head. A gesture of submission?

“Sir, you are quite correct in saying that I’m a sexual novice. I know that I’m not as experienced as your mother, and probably your sister as well. But I promise you Sir, I would be a willing, compliant student if you would agree to teach me! May I show you something please Sir?” She asked looking up at me.

I nodded my agreement and she dropped her hands to hem of her mini skirt. She raised the hem line to display her cunt to me, and the bushy forest from last weekend was long gone, as she was freshly shaved just like my sluts. What’s more, she had a gold ring through each of her cunt lips just as mom and Bec did!

I was starting to smell a rat here, but I would deal with that later.

“You’ve certainly gone out of your way to convince me haven’t you?”

The slightest glimmer of hope passed over her face, as she stood there with her cunt on display.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy Sir, particularly after I said all those horrible things to you.” She breathed.

I stroked her cunt lips with my index finger, and was pleasantly surprised to find she was dripping wet. This was quite a change from our last encounter! I slipped my finger inside and probed her slick gash. “So tell me Carole, have you ever had your tongue deep in another woman’s cunt?”

Her eyes were closed as she replied. “No Sir, but I would do it if you told me to!”

I slipped my finger from her cunt and started massaging the rosebud of her ass. “What about your shit-hole Carole? Have you ever had a strong, hard cock buried deep in your ass, pumping hot fuck-juice deep in your bowels?”

I think she had a small cum, as she shuddered at my suggestion. “No Sir, but I would like to try!”

“Ok Carole, I’m going to give you a test and then we’ll see if I want to take this any further. Are you up for it?” She nodded her head vigorously. “Get down on your knees bitch.” She was there in a second, looking up at me expectantly.

I held my cock loosely, and started pissing on her. I was very careful with my aim, and pissed directly back and forth over her tits. Within seconds her sheer blouse was saturated, and I could see her nipples as though they were bare. My piss was running down her chest and dribbling onto the ground, creating a spreading pool around her. I hadn’t pissed for a while so I had plenty in reserve, and stopped mid flow. She hadn’t moved or said a word. “Do you have a problem with me pissing on you slut?”

“No Sir.” She responded, and surprised me with something of a smile.

I started pissing again, but this time I aimed higher and directed my stream at her face. I was expecting her to jump up and run screaming down the drive, but she stayed completely still, only closing her eyes as I moved my stream across her face. I stopped my flow again, this was turning into a night of surprises! I moved behind her and rested my cock on top of her head. I placed my hand across my cock-head and started again. My hand directed the flow down and I succeeded in saturating her hair, and creating small rivers that ran down her face and across her wet tits. I must have needed to piss as this went on for a while, until I finally slowed and stopped. I walked back in front of her. “You look like a mess you filthy cunt! Is there anything you want to say to me?”

She opened her eyes but made no attempt to wipe the remaining piss from her face. “Thank you Sir, is there anything else you’d like to do to your filthy slut?”

I could be a demanding prick at times, but Carole’s level of control was amazing and the least I could is acknowledge that. I bent down, cupped her face in my hands and kissed her deeply for what felt like several minutes. When I stopped I took her hands and helped her to her feet. “I think you’d better come inside.”

She gave me a smile as wide as a lottery winner. “Thank you Sir, thank you so much!”

We went back inside and found Bec and mom sitting in the den expectantly. They were sipping on glasses of wine, and I happened to notice there were two spare glasses on the table. I gave one to Carole and took the other, my mind working overtime. I may be young with cum to spare, but I knew it was going to be a major challenge to take care of them all. It was time to call for reinforcements!

I started firing instructions. “Carole, take off your top and give it to Tanya please. I want you to clean up and take a long, hot shower. The bathroom is upstairs at the end of the hall. Take your wine with you if you like.”

Her piss-soaked blouse was in mom’s hands in seconds. “Thank you Sir.” She said demurely as she took her glass and headed upstairs.

“Tanya, go and give her blouse a quick wash, and then come back here. Oh, and bring the riding crop with you when you come back please.”

She looked at me quizzically, no doubt wondering why I wanted the riding crop. She was going to find out real soon! She had the good sense not to ask and headed for the laundry.

“Bec. I want you to give Carole an enema before her shower. If you think she needs it, give her two. When she’s had her shower I want her shit-hole plugged. Use plenty of lube, I want her back hole really slippery! I’m not sure what size plug she can handle, but get the biggest one you can into her.”

Bec took her glass of wine and headed off after Carole. I took a deep sip from my glass, grabbed my cell and dialed up the cavalry, hoping Phil wasn’t out or busy. Three rings…..four rings……Oh shit…….and then he picked up.

“Hey Phil, its Rick. How are you buddy?”

“I’m fine Rick, how you going?”

“Man I’m great, but I need some help. You busy tonight, any chance you can come over, maybe stay over?” I asked.

“I’d have to check with my mom but I think that’s ok. Why, what’s happening? You sure you’re ok?”

“Well, I do have one problem. I have nine holes to fill and one cock to do it. I could sure use some back up!” I replied, and I could imagine him doing the math in his head.

“Ok, you got me. Your mom and Bec are there, who else?”

“Try Carole Bradley.”

Phil went quiet for a few seconds. “No way man! No Fucking Way! She came back for more after last time?”

“Buddy, you don’t know the half of it! You know how she wasn’t at school last week? Well, when you get here you’ll understand why, and let me tell you it’s fucking impressive!”

I could almost hear him panting. “Give me a sec?” I could hear him running through his house. “Mom! Mom! Rick’s on the phone and needs my help with something, and it’s kinda urgent. Can I go over and stay over tonight, please?”

His mom must have been giving him some static as the next thing I heard him say was. “Mom, I’ll do all my chores on Sunday and I’ll wash your car too, ok?” That must have done the trick, as he came back to me. “I be there as soon as I can. Give me thirty minutes, forty tops!”

“Thanks a million buddy, see you soon!”

I ended the call as mom walked back in. “I’ve put Carole’s blouse in for a quick wash Sir. It should be ready in twenty minutes or so.” She said, and then handed me the riding crop.

I sat back on the lounge and took a breath, starting to feel as though I was getting things under control. I took a sip of wine and told her to kneel on the floor in front of me, keeping her curiosity aroused by testing the flex in the crop handle. While we had a collection of whips and paddles we’d never really explored this form of fetish play, though my cunts had felt the sting from time to time.

Unlike Bec, and Carole for that matter, mom had pierced nipples as well as her cunt lips. Bec was pissed when mom had this done, wanting her nipples pierced as well as she thought it looked hot! I had no choice than to say no to Bec on this one, much as I wanted to see her tits pierced, but this would have meant she’d have to wear padded full cup bras to school and be careful about taking showers or changing there.

The interesting thing is that mom’s nipples had become even more sensitive since the piercings, and I could make her gush cum just through nipple play alone! We’d had some serious fun with this, and Bec was still jealous so we’d promised she could get hers pierced on her 16th birthday.

I looked at mom, who was kneeling before me expectantly. “Is there something you need to tell me cunt?”

She would never make a good poker player as she had a very guilty look on her face. “Ummm, I don’t think so Sir?”

Well, I’d given her a chance. Thwack! The tip of crop blazed across her left nipple and she threw her head back and moaned. Thwack! The right nipple and ring jiggled from the force of the crop tip. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! I moved from one to the other, with a few seconds in between to allow her to register the pain. “Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! Ooohhh that fucking hurts!” She groaned.

I knew that before she had a proper cum, she would have several little pre-cums, so I was watching her thighs carefully for any signs of sloppy cunt juice. Sure enough I could see the beginnings of her flow dribbling down her thighs and I stopped. “Now, let’s try again. Is there something you need to tell me cunt?”

She was in a difficult position, as she wanted me to keep flogging her tits until she pumped cum all over the floor, but the tone of my voice made it clear I wanted the truth and I wanted it now.

“Yes Sir, I’m so sorry!” She moaned. “I knew Carole was coming over tonight.”

“And how would you know that slut?”

“Well…..she rang me on Monday and asked if we could talk. She assured me everything was ok so I met her for coffee after work. She told me she had never had a fucking like you gave her, and she wanted to know if there was anyway you’d agree to see her again. I told her that was your decision, and it was not my place to say whether you would or not Sir!”

I gave each nipple another swift whack and she moaned again. “I know there’s more, so keep going.” I said sternly.

“Yes Sir!” She replied. “Carole had noticed that we address you as Sir and things like that, and pleaded with me to give her some pointers that may help her convince you. She was almost crying so I really felt sorry for her Sir! I told her she should shave her cunt, get some color on her skin, get her hair done and buy some sexy clothes.”

Thwack! Thwack! Another hard crack across each nipple, which provoked another groan and a small jet of fuck-juice. The floor was getting wet and the smell of raw sex hung in the air. “What else bitch!”

She moaned again and I was sure her cunt was on fire, begging to cum. “She noticed that Bec and I had our cunts pierced and wanted to know if it would make a difference if she had her’s done. I told her you seemed to like it, as we could pull our cunt lips wide open for you. I also told her you were particular about fuck talk, and if she mentioned penis, vagina or breasts she would have no chance!”

Thwack! Thwack! “Did you tell her about our piss games or anything else?”

She looked horrified. “No Sir! I didn’t know if you would want to see her, and there’s no way I’d tell anyone about what we do!”

She was now looking seriously worried, I think realizing she had stepped way over the line! She looked down at the floor. “I’m really sorry Sir. I realize I should never have done this without asking you first, but she was so upset, and when she said she was desperate for another good fucking I felt really sorry for her. The way you fuck us is amazing, I don’t know how you come up with the things you do, but it’s just sooo goooood! I simply couldn’t image having some old fart pumping away on top of me until he came, and never trying anything else!”

To a certain extent I could see her point. Carole’s transformation in less than a week had been amazing, and I was coming to realize that her motive was raw desperation. But that didn’t change the fact that mom had not consulted me first, and I couldn’t allow that to slide.

I cupped her face and kissed her lips. “Ok cunt, just relax a little. I have no problem with your motives as you were only trying to help someone. But you should have checked with me first and you’d better ensure you do if something like this ever happens again. I’m going to have to punish you, but I’ll come up with something appropriate in the next few days.”

She looked back at me and gave me a smile. “I look forward to it Sir!”

I left her kneeling there expectantly, as I had a little show in mind for the new member of our fuck family. There was something about Carole that I couldn’t put my finger on. Her desperation was obvious, particularly after mom had told me about their coffee date. But there was something deeper, like something she wanted to release but was afraid of what would happen if she did. I was going to try a few things and see if I could work out what it was.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I opened it to see Phil had arrived in record time. We exchanged greetings and he came in, crouching to give mom a hello kiss. I poured him a drink and we waited for Bec and Carol to come back down.

I had just freshened our drinks when they came in, and I was looking at Phil’s face to gauge his reaction. Carole had redone her hair, no doubt with some of Bec’s assistance, and even freshened up her makeup. Bec gave me a wink to indicate all my instructions had been carried out.

Carole walked over to Phil and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I want to apologize for my behavior and the way I spoke to you last time. I really regret it and hope you can forgive me.”

Phil gave her a smile. “No problem Carole.” He assured her.

Bec and Carole had empty glasses so I topped them up, as I wanted Carole to have plenty to drink to ensure her inhibitions didn’t get in the way, not that this seemed likely!

I sat back down in front of mom and picked up the riding crop. “Bec, I think you should give Phil’s shit-hole some of your sweet tongue attention.”

Bec suggested he bend over Justin’s favorite coffee table, gently eased his ass cheeks apart, and went to work. She started by kissing all over his sphincter, and then thrust her tongue inside, gradually getting deeper as his muscles relaxed. The look on Phil’s face made it clear she was doing her normal thorough job.

I turned back to mom. “Your turn cunt.” I said as I started thrashing her neglected nipples. By the fourth swipe she was moaning again, and I knew she was building up to a huge cum. I paused and glanced at Carole, who was spellbound, sitting forward on the edge of the couch. I’m almost certain she’d forgotten to breathe! I resumed my task, and really focused on getting a good flick across mom’s tits with every stroke. The secret to using any form of whip was not how strong you are or how fast you can move your arm, it’s the wrist flick at the end to make the tip accelerate that really inflicts the pain. I could see a steady stream of fuck-juice running oozing from her cunt, down her thighs, and adding to the spreading pool on the floor.

“Uuuuuugggggggghhhhhh!” She moaned. “Whip my fucking tits please!!!!! Fucking whip me!! I’m a filthy, dirty, slut, cunt, whore!!!!!! My fuck-box is going to explode! Fucking whip my slut tits please!!!”

I was hitting her harder than I ever had before, and the harder I whipped her the better she liked it! Her tits were a mass of reddening welts and I thought she’d better cum soon or I’d draw blood.

Suddenly she slumped forward as a massive gush of cum erupted from her cunt. She blew with such force you could clearly hear it spattering on the slate floor, and she came time and time again until her thighs were spattered in thick, gooey juice. If Phil and I had both blown on her we’d still come up short!

I looked at Carole again, and she was watching me intently through slitted eyes. He legs were spread and I could see her juices oozing from her cunt. To her credit she had made no attempt to touch herself. Her face and tits were flushed so red she looked sunburnt, and she was breathing very deeply, waiting for my directions.

I decided she’d sat on the sidelines for long enough. “This cunt has made a complete mess all over my floor. Get over here now slut and clean it up……with your tongue!”

She moved so quickly I thought she was going to knock mom’s spent body out of the way! She got down on all fours and started licking up mom’s steaming fuck-juice. Her tongue was fully extended and she was using long, slow strokes, never taking her eyes off me as though waiting for me to acknowledge she was doing it properly. I gave her a smile and nodded, and she smiled in return as she continued her task, reminding me of a cat trying clean every trace of cream from a bowl.

I looked over and saw Bec still trying to push her face into Phil’s shitter. I could see his fuck-stick was rock hard and glistening with pre-cum, and thought if I let them go any further he’d be “doing a Justin” and coating the floor. I went over and tapped Bec on the shoulder, signaling her to stop.

“You kinda missed out a little last time Phil was here, so I want to give you your first double fuck.”

She jumped up and starting clapping her hands in excitement, hugging and kissing me as well. “Oh thank you Sir, thank you!” And then she looked a little ashamed of herself. “I was a little jealous when you guys did it to mom last weekend. That looked fantastic and I wished it was me!”

I smiled at that, part of me wondering if Phil and I could keep three cunts happy! “Ok Phil, lie down buddy, you get a piece of sweet, teen cunt this time!”

He was there, lying on his back holding his cock. Bec crouched above him, pulled her cunt lips wide apart with her piercing rings, and just dropped straight down, talking his full length in one fluid, sloppy movement. I’m sure she had wanted this for a long time, as my slutty little 14 year old sister lay forward on Phil’s chest and reached back to spread her ass cheeks for me. She had forgotten she was still wearing her butt plug so I took hold, ripped it out and threw it on the floor, almost hitting mom in the process.

Before her sphincter had a chance to close I lined up my fuck-stick and jammed in deep, until my balls were rubbing against Phil’s. Now that I was safely deep in Bec’s shitter she moved her hands to Phil’s chest and pushed back against me. “This is fucking amazing!” She moaned. “Oh my fucking God, my cunt and my shit-hole are absolutely stuffed! Thanks you guys, thank you!!! Now please fuck my slutty little holes and pump me full of fuck-juice!! Fuck my dirty little cunt Phil, I’m such a fuck slut! Fuck my filthy shitter Sir! Get my shit all over your cock and then pump me and make me suck you clean!!!”

Now I knew she kept her shitter clean, but I just loved hearing filthy talk coming out of her little mouth! Phil and I found it easy to get into a rhythm after giving mom a double, and quickly got it going. Mom’s first DP had been an amazing experience and one I would never forget, but doing Bec was just incredible! The size of her petite body and the way her holes gripped us meant that my fuck-stick was firing sensations to my brain that were hard to describe, but mind-blowing to feel. I’m sure I could feel every ridge on Phil’s shaft as he pumped deep in her steaming twat, and from the way he was moaning I had no doubt he was having a similar experience. Beads of sweat were running down her soft skin, and I’m sure she wasn’t the only one. She was slowly shaking her head from side to side, grunting and moaning as we stretched her greasy tunnels further than they had even been opened before.

I was amazed at Phil’s staying power, particularly as Bec had done a great job of getting him primed with her tongue buried deep in his shitter. But nobody could withstand the sensations forever, and I could feel the first burst of cum firing deep into her slick cunt. I tried to hold on but had no chance, and joined him in filling her holes with fuck-juice. There was no way Bec could withstand our combined assault, and suddenly her cum was gushing past Phil’s cock and drowning my balls.

“Oh my God! You filthy fuckers!!! Fill….my…..fucking……slut……holes!!!!!”

Totally spent, we somehow untangled and collapsed on the floor, trying to catch our breath. Mom came over and started gently cleaning Bec, softly tonguing her cunt and ass and savoring our cocktail of juices. I was laying on my side and Carole appeared in front of me, bending to take my softening cock I her mouth, swirling her tongue around my shaft in soft, gentle strokes. I stroked her hair. “You’ve been very patient slut. When I’ve caught my breath it’s your turn.”

Without taking my cock from her mouth she gave me a wide smile. The question was would she still be smiling when I’d finished with her?

I gently pushed Carole off my cock and went and kissed mom on the shoulder to get her attention.

“I think we could all use a fresh round of drinks.”

“I’ll get them now Sir.” Mom replied and headed for the kitchen. She came back with a fresh bottle and topped up our glasses, and I looked over at Carole who was waiting expectantly.

“Come here slut, and show me if your cunt’s ready!” She hurried over, stood before me, and hooked a finger in each of her piercing rings to pull her cunt lips wide apart. She was more than ready, her juices coating the inside of her cunt lips and upper thighs with a glistening film.

“Tanya, get over here and show this bitch how a cunt should be sucked!”

Mom gave Carole and I a sensuous smile. “My pleasure Sir!”

She knelt in front of Carole, extended her tongue and gave a couple of slow, teasing swipes up and down her gash. Carole rewarded her with a small shudder, released the rings, and put her hands on mom’s head. I sat back on the couch, picked up the riding crop, and looked Carole in the eye while I slowly flexed it. She mouthed something to me, quite slowly and deliberately, and while I’m no lip-reader I’d bet it was “Yes please!”

I stood directly in front of her, watching mom going to town on her gash. She was clearly enjoying the oral attention, but her eyes never left mine. I teased her by continuing to slowly flex the whip while I allowed my eyes to drop to her fantastic tits, noting her nipples must have been almost an inch long and protruding proudly like two little cocks. Thwack! The tip of the crop ripped across her left nipple. Thwack! Her right nipple jiggled and she gasped deeply, her hands jamming mom’s head hard against her glistening cunt. Her eyes had closed for a second, and then she returned my gaze and mouthed at me again. “More…….please!” As I had with mom earlier, I continued to subject her nipples to exquisite torture, moving from one to the other and resting for a few seconds in between to allow her to fully absorb the sensations.

Her eyes were now tightly closed and by the look of mom’s face, at least what I could see of it, a steady flow of fuck juice was seeping from Carole’s cunt. Mom had her tongue as deep as it would go, and her jaw was working as she tried to go even deeper. I was keeping up a steady rhythm across Carole’s tits which were starting to color up nicely, and I was sure she was getting close.

“Oh God! Oh sweet Jesus! Oh please don’t stop, don’t stop! Just fuck me forever! Uuuhhh.…….. uuuhhh…….Oh my fucking God……I’m cumminnnnggggg!!!!” She moaned from deep in her throat, as her first blasts of cum started pumping from deep in her steaming twat.

I was whipping her nipples as fast as I could swing the crop, and mom was probably having trouble breathing as Carole’s hands where white from the force she was using to hold mom in place. Streams of thick, frothy cum were oozing down her legs and dribbling down from mom’s chin in long ropes. I was sweating from my exertions and figured it was time to stop, so I moved around mom and took each of Carole’s nipples in my mouth in turn, gently massaging their bruised surface with my tongue. She had released her grip on mom’s head, and started stroking mine, as though nursing me to her breasts.

I released her nipple and kissed her deeply, our tongues engaging in a sloppy caress. When we came up for air we looked at each other. “To use a very old cliché, was that good for you?” I asked.

“No Sir!” She replied, and I gave her a curious look. “It was so far beyond good, I don’t believe there are words to describe how it felt!”


To all the readers who have followed my story since the beginning (or picked it up recently) I have burned the midnight oil to get this Chapter finished. I have received so many private messages and posts begging me not to leave Carole’s fate hanging, that I really didn’t have any choice!

I go into hospital on in a few days, so Rick and his sluts are going to have a break for a while. I sincerely thank you for your encouragement.

This has been my first series, and it has been an interesting pastime. I do appreciate your posts and messages, and many of you have provided suggestions I have already incorporated, or will in future chapters. Please take the time to let me know whether you enjoy my story, and in detail as graphic as possible! You understand (and hopefully enjoy) my writing style, so don’t be shy as we are all anonymous! Even stories like this are written for an audience so take the time to post your thoughts.

To some of the men who have posted, and you’ll know who you are, if you read a story where a man goes down on another man, and you happen to enjoy it – IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GAY!!! I will never understand why we males love guy-on-girl, girl-on-girl, but as soon as it goes guy-on-guy homophobia rears its ugly head. I’ve seen a comment from a lady saying she hates girl-on-girl!

To the ladies who have messaged and posted I thank you. It’s normally easy to tell, and I really appreciate your comments (positive or negative), your suggestions, and the stories of how my modest tale has changed your sex lives for the better! If this has happened to you I’d really enjoy hearing about it.


WILL CAROLE BECOME A REGULAR PARTICIPANT? – After this chapter I probably don’t have to answer this one, but yes!
WILL HER INVOLVEMENT CHANGE THE NATURE OF THEIR SEX GAMES? – Perhaps expand would be a better term, but yes, absolutely. Carole will be responsible for changes that she and Rick cannot presently imagine, and everyone will be involved.
WILL RICK GET ONE OR MORE OF SLUTS PREGNANT? – Yes, but you may be by surprised which one, and how this changes their situation.
WILL RICK EXPLORE A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH PHIL? – He will certainly experiment a little further (so please don’t complain, you have been warned!), but whether it becomes a regular part of their lives is unknown right now.
WILL THEY EXPLORE BESTIALITY? – Possibly, though if they do it will not be excessive. Do you have any thoughts on this, as it seems to be a subject that people have strong feelings about?
WILL THEY EXPLORE SCAT PLAY? – Absolutely not! Never! I’m reasonably broad-minded, but for me this is a complete cock-softening turn off. If you’re worried about it, don’t be. If you want it then sorry, not going to happen!
WILL MORE NEW PEOPLE JOIN IN? – Maybe yes, maybe no. I got to the end of Chapter 5 and thought that was probably enough, as continuing would only be same-old, same-old, so I left it for a few months. Then I thought I could breathe new life by introducing new characters. If I’m still getting positive comments down the track some “fresh meat” could be good!

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I hope that what ever you went to the hospital for was corrected.
I thank you for this story and look forward to many more from you.

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