The excitement loomed in the air as K was about to look for her wedding dress for the big day, we meet at the wedding shop, it was raining but nothing was going to upset K on her big decision of what wedding dress she was going to pick. I earlier had a conversation on the train using my mobile with a guy who once I used to shag, we talk sometimes about sex, I get great pleasure in making this man wank himself silly at work, I feel he also gets a lot pleasure out of it also but mine is more about the power . this guy is quite hungry for any nude or rude pictures that I seem to be able to get my hands on and today was no different, he wanted sneaky pictures of my mate in the changing room, I explained that might be hard to get with everyone there plus I’m sure my mate would notice me taking pictures of her naked ass and pussy.
K tried on many different dresses but the vintage style was her bag. After trying on so many dresses we found the one, the one that made K look wonderful, and comments was made about how much her other half would like the dress and the one with the wow factor. We decided it was time for lunch, which meant the alcohol was out, bottle after bottle, K always seems to get a bit naughty when drinking; we always end up having random days and nights out boozing that are completely unplanned, they are always the best days in my book.
After a few bottles of wine the conversation turns to sex, we compare notes about what porn we both been watching, I tell Karen that lately I’ve been watching a lot of gangbangs where all the men cum inside the women one at a time to produce cream pies after cream pie, I explain that I love the idea of being able to turn so many men on all at once. Past shag magpie comes up in conversation and she asks if I’ve had contact lately, explain we still talk sometimes and the conversation normally turns to sex, with both of us wanking, she gives me the you are so naughty look and laughed.
K: so what do you talk about then?
M: oh you know, this and that, he defiantly likes the idea of me shagging others including women, I told him I’ve got a thing for one of my neighbours , Dee, he really likes the idea of me licking her out while he fucking one of us from behind
K: really, do you ever mention me at all in these conversations?
M: yes I have once or twice.....he asked me all the time to take pictures of you if I can?
K: what the fuck! Seriously? but why?
M: you know how it is Karen with men, they like lesbo talk and your name has come up a few times, plus I defo know he checked you out on facebook.
K: would he ever want to meet up? Just the three of us? I like the idea of teasing the shit out of him with u!
M: maybe, I will email him and ask.
The email read: hi I’m with K as you know, wandered if you interested in coming up to meet us for a drink? She in a very naughty mood and so am I! Xx
The conversation carried on while I waited for a reply, finally after an hour I got a reply,
Are you for real? Where about are you, I will come up if you want me too but don’t wanna waste my time if you just pissing about?
My reply: yes being deadly serious, in the slug and lettuce at south Woodford so hurry....both wet and waiting!
A few more glasses of wine later magpie turns up, smelling rather nice and looking horny,
‘I think magpie been in the shower K scrubbing his manhood’,
He sat next to me as not sure how far yet things are going to go, I felt his cock though his jeans, hard already and we aren’t even started on you yet. He got the drinks in and sits back down, looking rather scared, and nervous to get court out with two women let alone one. I place my hand on his leg; I tell K to come and have a feel of this hard cock, he sits back and I unzip his flies place my hand into his trousers pull out his hard cock so K can feel, its hard she says but I think we can do better than that, K grabs his cock and starts to wank him off, he really feels like he wants to explode already, I then lean over to K and we kiss I grab her hair and bend it back a bit to get deeper and then I pull her down to his cock to suck on it, she goes deep and he throws himself back into the chair, all of a sudden a song comes on we both like ( Katy Perry – I kissed a girl ) we jumped up to dance leaving him exposed, he covers up with a coat, we dance in front of him, K is pissed and I’m pretty much on my way, she puts her arms around my waist, moves it slowly up to my tits, she grabs one tit in her hand and pulls hard on one of the nipples, other people have began to notice what’s going on and so we kiss right in the middle of the pub for all to see, his wanking softly under the coat but by now people are looking.
The song finishes and I suggest we should leave, and we discuss where, back at k’s? To risky that someone might see, so we decide on a hotel room for the rest of the night. We make our way onto the hotel and stop off on the way for a couple more bottles of wine. Finally getting to the hotel there is a double room available with a walk in shower but as it’s a special occasion and a one off so we decide on that room. I test the bed as most people do when arriving to the room and K checks out the shower, she suggests she needs to freshen up and to pour the wine, magpie lays down on the bed watching Karen undress and slip into the shower, one can see that he is getting hard so I decide to join her, both now naked and in the large shower we started to rub each other’s body with soap, I’m now slippery and very wet, k slips her hand between my legs to feel just how slippery and wet I am and pushes her fingers up my pussy, she fucks me with her fingers and then gets down on her knees , she opens my legs and licks my clit with such force that I knock myself back onto the tiled wall in pleasure, magpie is at the door watching and now at this point has his trousers are off and has his hard cock in his hand .
Magpie enters the room and comes up behind k, grabs her hair and forces her mouth onto his cock, he pushes hard into her making sure he touches the back of her throat, I want a piece of the action so also drop to my knees, I lick magpies balls, he pulls away from K and pushes his cock into my mouth, I use my mouth to give the deepest blowjob so that I can feel the vain at the back of his shaft throbbing. I pull away to kiss K, I lay her down on the wet floor and part her legs, I kiss up her legs until I get to her shaven pussy, I slip two fingers inside her wet cunt and fuck her hard, I flick her clit with my tongue while making her pussy so wet, I’m bent over on my knees and I feel magpies cock enter my ass, it’s painful but also pleasurable and I’m not sure whether to scream out in pain or pleasure, his pushing so hard that every time he pushes me I’m pushing harder onto K until suddenly she screams I’M COMING......her muscles spasm intensely , biting her lip , she pulls me up to her face by my hair and kisses my mouth hard and passionately, she then grabs my tits, and pulls at my nipples wanting them in her face so she can bite and lick them, they hang over her face teasing her by swinging my nipples over her lips and occasionally pushing them against her face, her tongue licking them every time they swing near her tender lips, mouth open and ready to bite at any opportunity. Magpie appears from nowhere and pushes his cock between my tits while they hang and he squeezes them together to give good thrust to his hard cock, pumping away and leaning over K’s face she sucks his balls while he pumps away, K stick’s her finger up magpie’s ass and he finds it hard to hold his cum, he screams he wants to cum over both of us, he grabs my hair, pulls away, pulls me down onto K and tells to me kiss her while he wanks over the top of us, he has to wait until I cum to make sure he has done his manly job of satisfying both women, him and K have to work on me......K lays me on the floor, spreads my legs and kisses my thighs all the way up until she reaches my clit, magpie hangs over me, pushing his hard cock into my mouth, deep and fast, he fucks my mouth while K licks my wet pussy, she flicks the clit to the point where I can’t take no more and I can feel the intense of the organism looming, I reach up and claw at magpies ass pushing him even deeper while gagging, magpie wants to give me a cream pie, k and magpie change places and now K is sitting on my face while playing with my nipples, magpie is teasing me with his hard cock rubbing in circular motions against my clit, until finally he pushes hard into me, he then leans over to grab my nipples to pull while fucking me hard, he is on edge I’m screaming I wanna cum......give to me hard you ginger cunt, fill me with your cum......I’m pulling on k legs and I push my nails into her while I fill the muscles spasm all thought my body and at that point we both....Cummmmm, you pull out to watch the cum drip out of my wet pussy all over the wet floor.

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