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Chaptesr Four & Five

My eyes opened slowly as the incessant ringing of the phone
continued. It was Rita. Her return was going to be delayed. In fact, she didn’t know when she would get back. Hanging up, I lay on my back and cupped my nude tits and wondered what I was going to do. Jay was not scheduled now back for whom knows how long. And now Rita,
That left Carlo. I had given the thought of leather being used on my skin. Yes, that would be something! Could you imagine being stripped and then whipped? Ohhh! And Carlo had said something about whipping me between my legs! That thought alone made my thighs open and tingle.
Lying back, I cupped my slit. Umm! How good it felt as I slowly massaged the opening. Pushing down on the top with my palm, I sent one, and then two fingers up my juicy twat. My channel had tightened up and I could just feel a big fat cock pushing its way up me. I knew my meat would wrap itself around the intruder and caress it as it moved back and forth. Starting to bring myself off, I stopped. No! I would wait. Maybe there may be something new I would come across. Maybe.

Finally rising, I showered and slipped on a thin summer dress.
The hot sun felt good as I walked around town and window- shopped. I looked at my reflection in a window and was impressed with what I saw. My body had really blossomed with my bed –antics. I did look good! No wonder the men gave me a good look.
Since leaving the states, I had been exercising. So what if most of it was when I was being fucked? It was still exercise! Plus I had been watching my eating. Humph! No wonder I looked good! Continuing on, I saw a couple of men that made my snatch twitch. I mean, hell, it had been four days! I mean, like what’s a girl to do?
That afternoon, I had just returned from shopping when the telephone rang. It was Paul. To make a long story short, he asked for a divorce. He realized that we would never get along, so he was willing to make me a very handsome settlement. His lawyer would fax the papers to me and I would be single the minute they were signed. Readily agreeing, we then wished the other good luck and hung up. Within minutes, there was a knock at my door. It was a hotel attendant with the fax. I looked it over, signed it, and the hotel sent it back. Free! I was now free!

The next afternoon I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a Gin and Tonic. The sun was almost down and the shadows began to reach out. There were two young boys playing some game in the square. I smiled as the remembrance of another game came into my mind. It was probably the only time I had enjoyed being married to Paul. It was also one of the most erotic times I have ever had.
I had been married for about two months. It was evident that Paul just wasn’t what I needed or wanted in a husband. His two good points were one; he had lots of money and he gave me plenty of it to spend. The second one was; that he liked to show me off. Oh yes, he loved it when some man or for that matter a woman, would try to see up my dress or touch me. He confessed that he would like to see me getting made love to by some one else. Naturally I acted shocked at his offense. But in reality, I was all for it. Then Dale, his brother showed up for a visit.
They were almost twins even though Dale was two years older and twenty in his way of thinking. He also had me figured out by the second day. We both knew without saying it that we were going to get together.

I was in the kitchen wearing just my robe having coffee when he walked in. Offering to pour him a cup, I did and when I sat it down, Dale put his hand behind my waist and stopped me. Leaning forward, he kissed my cloth covered stomach. I shivered a little and jokingly thanked him.
Paul, who just came in, saw us. “Hey look here! What are you two doing?” he said with an excited grin.
“Unfortunately nothing. I was giving this beautiful woman a very small token of my affection.” Dale said as he looked at me.
“Well, you should show her some more. She might like it. Right…Lea?” Paul asked in an almost pleading voice.
Smiling, I responded, “Every girl likes to be appreciated.”
“See! What did I tell you! Lea, go sit on his lap, maybe he will do better then.”
Laughing softly, I sat down and put my arm around his neck. He put his around my waist and one on my knee as the robe had opened just a little.
“Hey! Come on! Let’s see you two give each other a nice kiss…or something! I want to see some action!” Jay replied. I knew that in reality, he was telling the truth.
Dale’s tongue in my mouth made me moan, then whimper softly. His hand on my knee moved up and the material split open to reveal all the way to my lacy panties. The next kiss put me to moaning louder as the passion in me built up. Breaking away, we finally turned to a startled Jay.
“Uh, maybe, ___!” He started to say.
“Shut the fuck up!” Dale spat out at him. “You been wanting me to mess with your wife since I got here. Now, either we continue and you sit there and enjoy it, or we quit and act like nothing ever happened!”
“Well…I have to admit that I like to watch, always have. You know that.” Jay said to his brother, who nodded. “But we just got married and…maybe the three_!”
“No.! You can watch. But you can’t touch. At least you can’t touch Lea here. You’re going to have to flog your own meat.” His hand was at the belt of my robe. “Make up your mind”
“What…are you going to do with her?” Paul asked.
“Whatever the fuck I want!” His fingers were slowly opening the robe belt.
“You…you want hurt her will you?” Paul asked as he was watching the belt approach the end of the knot.
“ Just enough to keep her primed.” The end of the belt was almost at the knot!
“Well, I guess it would be… Lea! What do you think?” He was rubbing his crotch vigorously at what he saw.
Dale’s hand was inside my open robe and traveling under my sheer panties. When his fingertips began mashing and cupping my oven of delight, my voice changed and my thighs opened to afford him availability. “Oh God! Yes! Ohh!”
“Umm! Lea sure has a good feeling pussy Paul. You have been a lucky boy to have her.”
“Yes, oh yeah! Uhh, what you gonna do next?”
“I’m going to strip her good-looking ass and then I’m going to fuck her right here at the table. That way every time she sits here, she can remember my cock up her. What do you say Lea?”
His hand was kneading my pussy into mush. My head was wanting to explode with some relief. Fuck me damn it! That’s what I wanted to scream out.
“Yes, whatever you want!”
Paul’s eyes bulged as his brother and I stood and went into each others arms. We kissed passionately as his hands slowly stripped the robe from my willing body. My panty crotch was damp as he pulled the skimpy material down and away from my trembling body. Taking my chin in his hand, he turned my face to his. Our lips went together in a heart-stopping kiss. The pressure began building up inside me as once again; my tits and cunt were kneaded and fingered. Breaking apart, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to the floor.
“Take my cock out baby and suck on it for a bit.”
It was longer, wider, and all around better looking than the one my husband has. I needed no command to take it deep within my wet mouth. Up and down my tongue went on his root. My free hand softly squeezed jis scrotum as my other one slipped up and down his buttocks.
“Umm! Lea is a good cock sucker Paul, I don’t know whether to shoot a load down her throat or up her cunt.” Dale said as his hand caressed my cheek. “Yeah, it’s to bad that there isn’t another man…or women here to enjoy her also. No, no! Remember that you don’t get to touch her. Besides, wouldn’t you rather beat your meat and watch?”
Paul was shaking with desire as his eyes stayed on my ruby red lips as they held his brother’s cock within my mouth. “Yes…s! Fuck…her! I want to see you fuck her! Please!”
“Sure brother. Okay, honey, come up here.” Dale sat down and guided me to straddle his legs. As I got ready to let his cock go up me, he stopped and turned to Paul.
Paul, I want you to spread her cunt lips wide. Real, real wide!”
Paul scampered over and got on his knees. Using his thumbs to spread my labia, he looked to Dale for acceptance.
“Listen when I speak! Wide! Did I not say wide?”
Pulling them further made me suck in my breath. Dale looked disgusted. Moving his head to the side, Jay again pulled the tender lips further and now the discomfort was growing in intensity. Nodding okay, Dale pulled me down and drove to my cervix. A loud whimper escaped my lips until Dale cut it off with his own. Tears of happiness fell from my cheeks as finally I was getting what I had been wanting since getting married.

Later after a good shower, I was dressing and singing when Paul came in. He asked if I was mad or upset. Assuring him that everything was okay, I kissed him and finished dressing. Little did my husband know that under my dress, I wore only Channel #5. Dale had told me to dress this way. Which, I might add, was fine with me. I had enjoyed the fuck he gave me at the table, and I had enjoyed immensely sucking his cock.
Life was great!

The next morning, I showered and was cooking a large breakfast when the men came in. Paul gave me a nice kiss and then Dale wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as our tongues dueled each other. He kept me close as our lips came up behind me and sent shivers up and down my back as his lips kissed my neck. His hands cupped and kneaded my tits as my ass squirmed back against his cock.
“So, what did you do last night?” Paul asked of his brother.
“I watched TV until about ten, ten-thirty.” He replied.
“I went to sleep early last night.”
“Yeah, I know. Lori came to me and we fucked.”
“Big night, huh?” Paul asked excitedly.
“Yes it was. For Lori came at least twice.”
“No, three times.” I said with a smile.
The men laughed and Paul left as he had some business to attend to in
town. Looking at us, he asked that whatever we do, he would like to hear about it. Dale assured him that he would.
Looking at me as Paul left, Dale asked if I was okay and if I wanted him to stop fucking me. Falling from the chair to the floor on my knees, I scooted in between his legs. Taking his rapidly hardening cock from his pants, I sucked the length down my throat. Bobbing up and down a few more times, I pulled off and looked up at him.
“You can fuck me all you want. You can whip me, slap me, just whatever you want to do. I will fuck or suck whomever you choose, man or woman! Does that answer your question?”
“Good! I kind of thought you may say that. I also don’t blame you for not wanting my brother. He is a real ass.
Nodding an acceptance, I kissed the top of his slowly hardening cock.
Just then the phone rang. It was for Dale.
He had to leave almost immediately. There had been an accident and they wanted him on the site. An hour later, he kissed my teary face and got in a taxi. I cried until Paul came home.
For the next two weeks I moped about and finally Paul suggested I call and go see my aunt Carol.

She was only twelve ears older than I was. We had had a lot of fun together in the past and my body shook slightly as I thought of the things we had done together. When she answered, my knees became weak with desire. Hanging up ten minutes later, I had to wipe the moisture from my thighs.

God she was beautiful! We joined up in California We would lie around the pool during the daytime and in each other’s arms at night. Life was good. About a week later we decided to take a short weekend trip to the beach. Due to our quick plans, we were unable to secure a private compartment on the train. However, the few people that sat with us at different times were congenial. Arriving at the last stop before the beach, the compartment emptied and left us alone. Auntie was standing by the door looking out, when all of a sudden she spoke rapidly,
“Quick! Pull your skirt up some.” Auntie had me dress in a low cut blouse and a short, but full skirt. Naturally, I was devoid of underwear!
Two men about Auntie’s age approached our compartment. Asking if they could join us, Auntie agreed. Introducing themselves, the men quickly displayed excellent manners.
“I’m Bob Griffin, and this is Mr. Ted Reilly. We are going to the coast and. from there on to Africa.”
Mr. Reilly had sat across from me and we quickly hit it off. He was very intelligent and our conversation was pleasurable. The first dinner bell sounded and the men asked us to join them. I however wanted some Auntie asked if they wanted to join us. The men quickly accepted and then I said I would stay and watch our suitcases until they returned. Mr. Reilly immediately agreed to remain with me. When they walked out, Mr. Reilly closed the curtains and returned to sit next to me.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” Our bodies almost touched.
“Surely, please sir, make your self comfortable.”
“Thank you. This is much better even though I did enjoy trying to look up your skirt.” His smile was disarming!
“I beg your pardon!” I said with a small smile of surprise.
Continuing to smile, he ignored my question as his arms encircled me and pulled me closer. “You are outstanding looking!” With this said, he promptly kissed me fully upon my lips!
“Sir! You take such liberties! Please!”
He cut me off as once again our lips met. I whimpered slightly as it was enjoyable, and when his hand cupped my full breast through my thin blouse, my breath caught!
“Please...sir...someone may come in.”
“Unfortunately, you are right. Remain here and I shall be right back.” Another sweet kiss and he disappeared from the compartment. In less than five minutes, he returned to my side.
“Your aunt and Mr. Griffin are right outside. They will stand guard.”
Gathering me in his arms, we kissed as he began opening my blouse. When my firm breast jumped forward, he complimented me and for the next few minutes, his hands and lips paid reverent homage to them. Once again my boob was cupped. Only now, his other hand was opening my blouse. When his hand went under my skirt, I opened my legs for him to be without any hindrances. Ohh! The sensation of a total stranger stroking my silken covered slit! The thought! The sensation! The wickedness, oh yes! His hands were soft as a woman’s as it covered my tunnel completely. Pushing me back prone on the seat, he bent and kissed my ruby lips. Lifting my skirt, he then opened his pants and pulled out an attractive cock. It was difficult on my part to refrain from asking him to let it caress my mouth before it widened my hungry slit.
“Sir... there may be some…one, Ohhh! Your co.! Ahhh!”
I gasped when my cunnie felt his cock head separating my plum colored lips. His length was more than sufficient as he filled my channel completely. He was well-versed in lovemaking as he rode me to two good comes before spraying my sensitive vaginal walls.
We lay in each other’s arms kissing and caressing each other when my new lover said, “Stay right here and keep your thighs spread, Mr. Griffin will be right in to give you another ride.”
I started to say something but his look cut me off. Rising, he put his wet cock away while staring at my wide-open snatch. Quickly opening and closing the compartment door, he was gone.
Not believing what was happening, I started to sit up when once again the door opened and Mr. Griffin entered. His grin at my open thighs at first caused me to blush, but the thought of another stranger viewing me, well... this was different! My body began to heat up as he began opening his trousers.
“Sir...Ohhh! Please sir! I..., I, your cock! Ohhh” This man had the cock of a small donkey!
“Shhh! Carol and Mr. Reilly are right outside. He said you were an excellent fuck. So just lay back. That’s right, open up some more. Ohh! Nice! What a snapper! Let me run my finger up it some and see what it feels like!”
His finger up me felt good as it thoroughly explored my tunnel of joy. My breath was becoming ragged as he pushed another finger up me.
“What I would love to have time to work on you thoroughly!”
Pulling out, he crawled between my open thighs. His big cock head made me gasp as the lips of my cunnie opened to accept its girth. Working back and forth inside me made my body tremble. I whispered a yes when his hands cupped and pulled firmly on my swelling breasts.
My first orgasm was mild. The second made me close my eyes, as it was intense. His hot stream of honey was right behind mine.
“Come on.” Mr. Griffin pulled me to my feet. He had just given me two of the most intense fucks I had enjoyed in quite awhile. My body was tired, but more than willing to let this man or the one outside or … to once again mount me.
“You and I are now going outside the compartment while Mr. Reilly and your aunt comes in.”
Auntie smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek when we joined her and the gentlemen. They quickly stepped inside and we stood in front of the door. My legs were somewhat weak as I stood there. Mr. Griffin looked up and down the aisle. For the moment it was empty. Gathering me close, he kissed me deeply. We had just finished when Mr. Reilly came out. His face was flushed. Mr. Griffin smiled and slid through the door
“You and Carol are marvelous. She said to talk with you about meeting someplace soon.”
“Yes. That would be fine.”
A small cry from the compartment made me turn toward it.
“Don’t worry beautiful lady.” His mouth sealed mine.
Ten minutes later the train started slowing down as we approached the depot. Mr. Griffin then joined us. Pulling me tight against him, he gave me a deep kiss.
“Thanks for the loving. Our next time will be special.”
With that the two were gone.
Entering the cabin, Auntie was still lying back with her legs open wide.
“Umm! What a fuck! Did you enjoy it dear?” She asked.
“Yes. Somewhat of a surprise, but enjoyable.”
“ Did they leave?”
“Yes, there gone.”
“Damn! Griffin is such a man! Ohh! I wish he were here to fuck me again. He instantly recognized what I wanted.”
“I heard a cry. What happened?”
“Umm! That was him slapping my cunt with his glove.”
“Didn’t that hurt?” I replied, as I looked down at her still unobstructed cunnie.
“For about five milliseconds. Then it turned to pleasure. Umm! Ohh! I need another come so bad!”
Auntie cupped her cunt and I could see a finger slip up her glistening sex.
Loving her the way I did, I stood and looked out the door. The car was almost empty now. Closing the door, I went to my knees between her damp thighs and lowered my face to her gaping sex. Hooking my thumbs in her cunt, I opened her labia lips wide.
“Let me lick away your need.”

Two hours later, we boarded ship. After cleaning up and enjoying a light supper, we returned to our cabin. Bathing first, I remained nude and lay on the bed as Auntie took over the bathroom. When she entered, I beckoned and pulled her down next to me. Straddling her beautiful lush body, I scooted up until my pubic hair was against her ruby red lips.
“Lick me. It’s your turn now.”
Her long red tongue made me gasp. For the next two days it took to cross the sea, Auntie and I enjoyed each other’s body.

The beach was fantastic. Our balcony opened up and faced the wide expanse of white, shimmering sand. Auntie and I were sitting on chaise loungers talking. Suddenly without warning, a small storm came up and rain began to appear. The roof protected us so we decided to stay outside. Auntie began to smile and I knew something was on her mind. Questioning her about it, she related the following story

Chapter Five – The Storm

She had just stepped out of a department store that was closing when the skies opened up and began raining very hard. Looking for a place to get to, a van pulled up to the curb and young sounding voice asked if he could help. As the rain began to soak her, she looked into the vehicle. The driver was a young man she recognized who worked in town He was extremely good looking and typical of today’s youth-slim and bright eyed. Just as she got in the van, the rain seemed to intensify. The boy introduced himself as Clyde. Pulling around the corner, they parked in an almost deserted parking area.
“We are going to have to wait awhile here. The rain is to strong.”
Carolsaw the boy looking at her clothing as her blouse was soaked and outlying her full high tits. Smiling to herself, she undid the top three buttons so she could dry her neck. Leaving the top open, they each had a cigarette.
Just then a loud clap of thunder sounded close by and Caroljumped and grabbed the boy around the neck. Laughing at her actions, she apologized
“I’m sorry. Lightning scares me.” She said in a shaky voice.
“It’s okay. I understand.” Clyde told her.
Within minutes, the wind picked up. The van began rocking and Clyde squinted through the rain-streaked windows. Starting the engine, he slowly turned the car as a white flash illuminated everything Continuing forward, he positioned the van up next to a building.
“This is better. I think we are in for a long storm.” Clyde was right and after listening to the radio a bit, his words were confirmed. A storm had developed suddenly and it would be a couple of hours before it left their area.
“Oh God! How I wish my husband was here to hold me. “Carollooked at the boy as she spoke. “I always have him hold me during a storm.” Carolsaid wincing as the sky continued to be lit up with flashes.
“Ma’am, you are quite welcome to use my shoulder, if that will help.”
“Oh, how nice. Yes, please!” Carolstretched out on the wide seats and lay against Clyde’s shoulder. She smiled as he slipped his arm around her shoulders.
“Thank you. You’re very nice. This is so much better.”
For twenty minutes they talked and Carolfelt more and more at ease. The storm seemed to slow down but according to the radio, another front was already on its way. She had noticed that her blouse had opened at the neck and it was easy for the boy to see down it.
“Oh! Oh! I’m showing a wee to much.” She said with a blush.
“No! Don’t! You look very good with it like that.” Clyde requested as his hand came around and lay just below her smooth neck.
“Thank you for the compliment, but my bre... I mean...oh!” They both laughed at her words and the subject was dropped. Carolgave an inward smile as the cloth opened even more.
All at once a bolt of lighting hit so close that her hair tingled. Screaming, she wrapped her arms around Clyde. His arms did the same.
“Wow! That was a close one.” Clyde said. “You okay?”
“Yes. That scared me. I was already uncomfortable from my wet clothes and now this.”
“I have a blanket that you can cover yourself with if you want to remove them?”
Carolsmiled at the boy and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Clyde, you are so sweet, but I don’t think that would be very prudent, do you”?
Giving her a light rebuke, he sat up and feeling around produced a blanket. Carolsmiled at the offering.
“Clyde, how old are you?
“I’m nineteen.”
“Nineteen? I could almost be your mother. So… please remember that.”
“Ma’am, please believe me, I will admit that looking at you would be quite enjoyable. But rest assured that as bad I will find it, I will conduct myself as a gentleman.”
“Good. I’m cold and uncomfortable. So turn your head and when I finish, I want you to hold me again.”
Carolheld the blanket to her neck as she slipped her damp articles off and handed them to the boy.
“These are wet. I’m sure you were uncomfortable.” He said as he laid them on the back seat.
“Ahh! That feels better. Umm! Thank you Clyde.”
Lying against him, she welcomed his arm as it came around her. His other went to her waist. She shivered as it lay against her bare stomach.
“Would you like anything else?” He asked as his hand moved slightly on her smooth skin.
“I don’t think so at the present. You! How about yourself?”
“I would like to k… Uh, oh, I’m sorry!”
“Just because you have been so sweet. ” Carolsaid turning as she leaned her semi-nude body against his.
Clyde lowered his head and their lips came together. Gasping, Thea’s breath caught. Trying without any conviction to break away, she moaned when he maintained his hold on her.
“My goodness! Where did you learn to kiss like that? That...ahh...was very...enjoyable. Oh…yes! Well, I guess one more would be o…!”
Her words were cut off as Clyde once again set her on fire with a long lingering kiss. His hand had begun moving on her flat stomach. Carolmoaned slightly as he slowly rubbed her smooth taut skin.
“Your skin is so beautiful feeling.” Clyde whispered as his hand roamed all around the waist- band of her panties.
“. Thank you. I…your… touch.”
Their eyes stared deeply at each other. Moving his hand, he pulled her up tight against himself as once again his mouth found her open and willing one. Thea’s hips began to move and her breath caught as slowly but ever so slowly, Clyde’s fingers eased under the waistband of her scanty panties and toward her hairy grotto!
“No. Ahh.yes. Clyde.I’m too old for you.... Oh yes! Right there! Ahhhhh! Yes! Ohh! Deeper! Ohhh! Yes! Put another up me! ”
Clyde had now pushed two fingers up her twat and was moving them back and forth. Suddenly, he stopped. His quick exit from her gaping hole made her cry out.
“Don’t stop!”
“Just let me get these fucking panties off you!”
Both hands went to her pantywaist and swiftly he pulled them down. Next came her bra. Pushing the blanket down, Clyde opened his pants and pulled out a considerable size cock.
“Wet it!”
Carol moaned as she guided the smooth skinned cock to her full lips. Sighing as it slipped down her throat, her head bobbed up and down its length only a few times before the boy stopped her.
“Wait. You can do this later. Right now, I want some of your meat!”
Going between her out stretched legs, he pushed up her damp crotch. Continuing until he was locked in tight, Clyde then moved his hands to cup Carol’s full and bursting tits. Bending down, his tongue explored the mouth of the lustful and beautiful woman under his youthful body. When his hips began moving and bringing squeals and moans of sexual satisfaction to the beautiful Thea, he inwardly smiled.
“Oh wow! That was great! Can I have a repeat?” She asked as the afterglow and tingling sensation was coursing through her flushed body.
Clyde laughed and guided his already rapidly hardening cock in her. Within minutes, he had her gasping for more.

Later as they smoked, Clyde went between the damp thighs of Carol’s and pushed two fingers up her wet cunt. Then, they began telling each other their sex secrets. Carolfinally admitted to enjoying getting laid quite often.
“Has anyone ever hurt you? His fingers pushed a little harder up her warming pussy.
“Well...yes...and no.”
“What do you mean? Tell me the complete story.” Now his other hand began gently squeezing her left tit.
“I was buying some shoes one day and the salesman was very attractive. As usual I had on a mini skirt and some very thin panties. His seat in front of me was low and each time he showed me a pair of shoes, he would position my foot so that he could see up my skirt. We were the only ones in the store and it was time to close. He finally reached up and cupped my pussy like you are now.”
“Did he push two fingers up your twat?”
“Yes he did and I almost came. He stopped after a few strokes and had me go into the stock room. There was nothing there but a table and one chair. He came in and without a word, picked me up and sat me on the edge of the table. He had me to raise my bottom, so he could push my skirt up and then stripped my panties off.”
“ Ahhh, yes, that’s exactly what he done. Yes! Just like that!” Clyde was now giving Carol a more forceful fingering as she spoke.
“Then he fucked me. No. He was not as good as you. Ahhhh! Please Clyde, don’t stop! Push up harder! Yes! Oh yes!”
Clyde was on his knees and his hand was a blur as it whipped back and forth in her cunt. His other hand was pulling her bursting tits to their extreme limits.
“Did he also do this?”
“What happened next?”
“He then had me lay on my stomach while he spanked my butt until it was good and red. When I was nearly bursting, he took me there.”
As Clyde continued to finger and pulls her tits, he asked if she had enjoyed being treated that way.
“I...yea. was, oh, yes, I guess I did.” The boy was driving her crazy with lust!
Stopping, Clyde sat back on his feet and asked,
“Thea, is there any chance that I can see you again?”
“Yes, I would like a repeat once in awhile.”
“Thanks, I would also. My buddy and I are going to Lake View next week to do a job and.”
“Your friend! How old is he?”
“Ted? He is the same as me. Why?”
“Oh...Nothing. Hmm.”
“Whatever, but for now, I suggest we stop now as the storm is over and people are beginning to walk by.” The boy said.
They shared a half dozen kisses, dressed, and Clyde drove her home.

Auntie smiled as the recollection. Turning to face me, she smiled. “That was a good time. Umm! That boy was good. I’ve often wondered what happened to him?”
“He is probably still picking up horny women!” I said with a laugh.
Laughing, Auntie retorted in a playful voice. “Perhaps. I also seem to remember a horny little girl who used to live with us. Do you know whom I’m referring to?”
“Ahh! Oh yes! Mr. Flynn!” Goodness I thought! How could I forget him! The escapade Auntie was referring to happened three to four years ago. I smiled as my mind recreated the scenes…!

The feeling in my groin was warm and enjoyable. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by a smiling Uncle Joel. He had a finger up my nude cunt and was slowly fingering me.
“This will teach you to lock your door the next time! Especially if you are nude,” He said with a laugh.
“Oh! Umm! This is why I don’t’ wear clothes and lock my door!” I smiled as I pushed against his moving hand.
“ Sorry to wake you, but we are having some guests this evening and I came up to tell you.” His fingering had made me horny. I began reaching for him, but he smiled apologetically and said. “ Not now dear. There is not enough time.”
“Oh! What a shame! But you will have me later want you?” I asked pleadingly.
“Assuredly my dear, but right now, I need you to help me tonight.”
The couple, were Flynn and Sheri Moore? I had met Mr. Moore before and remembered that he was a fairly handsome man. Sheri, his daughter, I knew nothing at all about other than Uncle confessing that he wanted her. To do that, I had to let Mr. Moore have his way with me. I found the idea not at all unpleasant. I promised to do as he asked.
Uncle had me dress in a low cut blouse and a short skirt. Naturally I wore no underwear. Coming downstairs, I found out that Auntie had conveniently left on a visit to a friend. Her visit, I found out later was with a man she had met in town.
Sheri was gorgeous. Her body was clearly outlined in a tight mini skirt and a low cut blouse. The top of her boobs jiggled with each motion she made. Her thighs were firm and her skin was apparently blemish-free. We got along great from the beginning and were soon whispering specific attributes of the men to each other. We were sitting across from them and their eyes stared intently each time we crossed and uncrossed our legs
“Josh, you and I are lucky. Look at these two girls. They are not only beautiful in the face, but also in their body.” Mr. Moore said.
“Right you are. I was just sitting here looking at their legs. They are so perfect looking.”
Sheri smiled at her fathers remark and said, “Daddy, be nice. You are going to embarrass Lea.”
Flynn’s eyes never left my thighs when I let my skirt ride up to the tops of my firm thighs.
“I thank you kind sir. However, I think Sheri’s legs are better looking than mine.”
Laughing, Sheri came back and said. “Lea, your legs are much shapelier. Look I will show you.” With that, she pulled her skirt hem up to almost her crotch. In fact however, I think both men were afforded the sight of her cunnie as their eyes seemed to light up.
“No, not really, look!” I then tugged at my skirt and I could tell the men caught glimpses of my pubic hair.
Sheri and I kept up a congenial banter about our legs until finally she said, “Daddy, come over here and sit next to Lea, and Mr. Barton, come sit here please. I want you gentlemen to observe and …feel. Then you will see that my new friend has the better legs.”
The men looked at each other and then joined us.
“Now, look at Lea’s legs.” Sheri eased my skirt back until the first few curls of my pubic hair were visible.
“See how well they are formed? How firm!” Her hand came up the inside of my thigh, pushing them farther apart. My pubic hair was now plainly visible. “Daddy, feel the tautness of her thighs. See! I told you. Now, Lea, open them a little. A little more... Umm, oh yes, much better! Now Daddy, feel her inner thighs. Are they not firm?”
Her father’s hand was now rubbing all the way up to my naked crotch. Each time the side of his hand touched my nude cunnie, my breath would catch.
“Mr. Barton sir. Would you please do the same to me?”
Within a minute, Sheri was trembling. “I...oh, yes! Yes! Now if you gentlemen wish…. Ohh! Sir, your touch…! You can change partners, ohh! Yes! Umm! Then you can decide.” Uncle’s hand was staying busy at the crotch of Sheri.
Smiling as he switched seats, he took me in his arms and gave me a breath -stealing kiss. Breaking apart, he motioned for me to lift my butt so he could pull my skirt hem up to my waist.
“There, what do you think now?” His question was directed to an attentive Mr. Moore.
My hairy slit was in full view as was the one of Sheri’s. Our eyes met and we smiled as the men began to touch and caress us fully.
Spreading my long lithe legs so my glistening slit came into view, he held my thighs apart so my sex was in an unobstructed view. I almost came as all eyes turned toward me!
“Yes indeed! I will have to give it future attention. But right now, I have this daughter of mine in her favorite condition!” His hand was kneading Sheri’s cunt with vigor as she lay back. Her eyes were almost closed and lines crossed her beautiful face as she spoke in a soft voice,
“Yes.ohhhhh! Daddy... harder...”
“Now, now Sheri. Calm yourself.”
“I apologize sir, but it feels so good!”
“Understandability my dear.”
“Flynn, I think the only way we can decide this “inspection” is to change partners again.” Uncle Joel suggested with a grin. “And to insure we conduct it without favoritism, I suggest we adjourn to separate bedrooms. There the girls can remove their clothing so we can observe and…touch them properly. Then lets see, we return in two hours and make known our findings.”
“Great idea!” Flynn said as he stood and pulled me to my feet.
As soon as we were inside my bedroom, Flynn took me in his arms. Our lips met in passion. I could feel his hardness as it pushed against my soft stomach. We sat down on the bed and for several minutes, kissed passionately as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Finally breaking apart, we stripped in unison.
“Lea, I have been wanting to do this ever since Carolpointed you out. She said you were going to be a hot ass just like your mother.” My breath was becoming ragged as his hands roamed freely over my body.
“My Mother! Did you know her?” His reference to her surprised me.
“I fucked your mother at least a dozen times.”
Flynn pushed me on my back and positioned himself between my open legs. Bending down, he gave me a long passionate kiss.
“Your parents used to join us in some exciting forays into sex. Especially your Mother, she enjoyed sex in any style. Not to say she was “loose,” she just enjoyed sex.” His cock was pushing against my damp crotch.
“That’s right!” He responded as his cock barreled its way up my channel, stopping only when it hit my cervix!
“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mr. Moore, sir! Please!” The words of pleading from my open mouth were jerky and staggered. My cunt was full! There seemed to be no more room. Each movement sent a shock of ecstasy through me. My hands were clutching the sheets with force!
“Ahh! Your cunt feels good! I like the way it seems to hold me in tight! Now my little minx, I want to see if you are as good a fuck as your mother?” Holding me under my knees, he spread my legs and began pumping back and forth.
The first few minutes my cunt felt like it was being turned inside out with ever stroke. Uncle had never filled me like this! Oh, no! Never had I felt like this! What a sensation! Then again, I was still a novice to the secrets of love. Mr. Moore’s cock had so much girth and length over anything I had ever felt inside me. I knew then that I was going to want this man again. My hope was that he would want me again. No matter that he was old enough to be my father, oh, no! That mattered none!
“Lock your heels behind my back and fuck back harder or I’ll take a switch to your cunt!” Mr. Moore said as his right hand gave me a stinging slap on my hip.
“Ah! Yes! Please! Do it! “ My nerve endings were screaming! His hands had moved to my heaving tits and were exploring ever centimeter of them as his cock continued to pump lust through out my panting body.
I was going berserk. My nerve endings were screaming in their quest for relief. My cunt had already flooded its channel twice when Flynn’s big cock vein started throbbing its waves of ecstasy throughout my quivering body.
“Lift your legs! I want this load deep in you!” His voice ordered as once again he popped me smartly on my pink skin.
When his cock started, my cunt could not hold all the flow and it leaked out around his instrument of love. My heart finally began to slow down to a regular beat as the pole inside me began to slowly deflate and let my vagina walls return to their former size.
Pulling out of my greasy hole, Flynn looked down and replied,
“To bad that Sheri is busy or else I could have her mouth down there on you.”
My eye- brows raised at his statement.
“Oh yes! She likes it when I fuck one of her friends and she gets to lick my spunk out of them.” He said in response to my inquiry.
“Does that happen very often?” I was handling his pleasure stick and hoping that it would soon get hard and give me another ride in the next few minutes and in the future. My cunt since returning to its original configuration, was sending out a message that it wanted once again to be filled and stretched
“About once, twice a month, I take one of her silly friends. Honestly, it depends on who it is. Some of them are so terrible in bed. Why?”
“I…don’t know, just inquisitive.” My heart quickened at the thought that this may be the last time I would feel him mount me. Surely a novice such as myself had no chances of a repeat with a master of love as Mr. Moore surely was.
“How would you like for Sheri and perhaps some of her friends to have you? Or then again, maybe, you are not into the act of lessees?”
“Ah…yes, I enjoy the tongue of a woman on and …in me!”
“That doesn’t surprise me as your Mother was the same. We will see. For now however, I want to feel your tongue and mouth on my cock for awhile.”
Ten minutes later, he had to pull me away from his now rock hard meat as I was thoroughly enjoying the taste of our mixed spunk.
“God girl! You are bad as Sheri! Now! Get on your hands and knees. Hurry it up!”
Slap! The blow caught me off guard. Again the hand landed, but on the other cheek. Four more times his hand alternated on the cheeks of my butt with stinging, but for some reason, enjoyable slaps.
“ Damn! When I say something, do it. Now open those legs more! This time I want you to feel every inch of my cock up you!”
Holding me tightly by my hips, I gave out a cry as his big cock split the lips of my purple hued labia. Going to my cervix, his hand again slapped my buttocks soundly as he began rocking back and forth. Mr. Moore’s hand then went under my chest and cupped my right swinging tit. Moulding the flesh firmly, his thumb and forefinger pulled tightly on its engorged nipple.
“Ahhhh! Sire!
“Hush girl! This is only the beginning! I intend to have you often!”
I cried happily at his words and at his hips as they forced a toe curling orgasm from me.
“Ohhh! Yes! Sir.... Ooh!

If this was only the beginning, I could not fathom how it could get any better! Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Suck me! Whip me! Tears of happiness ran profusely from my eyes as I tried to match the skill and enjoyment that this man was giving me. A sob tore through my throat, as his hips seemed to pick up a beat. My tits were quivering as his hips pounded on me. Finally I sensed through the fog in my brain that his cock was nearing its completion of turning my brain to mush as my battered but satisfied vagina tunnel was inundated with the sperm of life. My throat let forward another cry as Mr. Moore’s hands added to the total destruction of my senses by pulling the tip of my swelling left tit and the firm titillating of my clit. My hips strained backward as I washed his slowly deflating cock that was still buried comfortably deep inside me. Falling forward, he gave me no quarter as he flipped me over on my back.
Straddling my waist, he leaned forward and lay his greasy pole between my heaving breasts. .
“Now, mash those tits around my cock!”
The cock head poked out from my flesh only centimeters from my slightly open lips. The odor of our mixed sperm was foreign to my senses. Slightly lifting my head, the one –eyed pole that was staring at me hit my chin. Giving out a cry of lust, I lifted my head enough to get part of his reddened cock in my mouth.
“Ahh! Good girl! That’s right! Now tongue it good, or get a whipping!”
Scooting forward some more, he filled my mouth. Quickly I wrapped my tongue around it and worked back and forth on his smooth skinned cunt-pleasure. Quickly his member hardened and filled my mouth completely.
“Swallow it! All the way down. Umm! Go on! Ahh! That’s right! Sheesh! You’re a good cock- sucker for sure! Now, you suck hard on it you bitch, or I will flay the hide off your cunt!”
Without warning, he spurted warm semen deep into my mouth.
“That’s right my little whore, drink it all.” Flynn said as my throat worked back and forth to capture his nectar.

After a short nap and a shower, we lay back and carried on a conversation My blood was still hot for another round and I hoped to entice Mr. Moore to accommodate me. Slipping down to his crotch, I took his limp meat in my hand and guided it to my mouth. Licking its length, I still detected the faint smell of our mixed sperm. Enjoying the odor and taste, I worked up and down his shaft to his hanging gonads. Cupping them tenderly, I eased one, and then the other into my mouth. Mr. Moore gasped at my ministrations.
“Ahh! Umm! What a cock sucker you are?”
Pulling free of his appendages, I whispered a thank you and let my tongue wander close to his most secret place. The thought and taste of what and where my tongue was at made me want to continue. Mr. Moore let out a long sigh when my tongue found his wrinkled rosebud!
“Ahh! You are something! Come up here for now so I can taste your lips on mine plus we need to talk.”
“As you wish sir.” Wrapping my arms around his neck, I gave him a long sweet kiss. It was returned two-fold. For ten minutes, our lips stayed locked to each other. Finally breaking apart, we got up and prepared to leave.
Looking at him for guidance, he smiled and said, “Good girl. Stay nude. I like you that way. Besides, my hot ass daughter will want to see you.”

Sheri was in the throes of passion when we walked in. Uncle Josh had her straddling his lap as his cock rocked back and forth in her blonde covered snatch.
“Well, well. Sheri, my dear, have you been giving Mr. Barton a good time?” Her father asked with the hint of a smile.
“I hope so Daddy.” Her voice answered jerkily.
“Did she Josh? Tell me the truth. If she didn’t, I will take a strap to her hungry little snatch.”
“She did, and still is! First she sucked me until I was hard. Then we had an excellent fuck. She then sucked me hard again and I enjoyed her sweet ass. We rested for awhile and then she sucked me enough so we could have this ride.”
“Good. Glad to hear it. Your niece here was all I expected also.”
“Are you sure? I sometimes think she holds back. Her mother would do the same, as you surely remember. But we also stopped that foolishness, did we not?”
“God! Did we! Hmmm. Let’s have lunch tomorrow and discuss that further. We may want to revive that again on Lea here. I’m sure this young lady would enjoy it!”
Their talk sent shivers of apprehension through my nude body as I hugged the waist of Mr. Moore. Turning me around so that my back was to him, he cupped a firm breast while his other hand wandered over my stomach and between my still damp thighs. Uncle smiled as he saw his friend’s hand keep me at a fever pitch.
“Good. But for now, I want to finish up now with your beautiful daughter.”
Uncle said as he made Sheri yelp when he pulled her up tight against his hard pego.
“Ah, yes, yes! Ream her good! She enjoys it! Sheri! Damn you! Push forward when he pulls back! That’s right! Give it to her Josh!” Mr. Moore exclaimed as his hand pulled my tit flesh exquisitely.
Yes! I wanted to scream out. But take your time. Let me enjoy this. This was fantastic! Here I was, nude, and in front of someone I had just met. Plus, another stranger had just fucked me, and he lo and behold, was old enough to be my father! Umm!

How deliciously lustful!

Sheri was getting a good ride. Her face was a mask of passion and when Uncle would push hard, she would give out with a small meowing sound. Her strawberry tipped nipples jiggled enticingly with each stroke of her body. My mouth watered at the thought of tasting her flesh.
“Ohhh! Ohhh! Sir! Yes! More!” Sheri cried out as her eyes watered in pure animalistic joy.
When Uncle sensed her ready to orgasm, he quickened his pace. Beads of exertion ran down his handsome face as he plowed wildly into the beautiful blonde astride his muscular hips. Finally the two seemed to explode as the couples hips strained against each other. Falling apart, they swapped a light kiss.

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Harv, in the Harry Potter books (I've only seen the movies) there is a ctheacarr called Voldemort. Because he is such a deadly menace everyone refers to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named .Throughout this whole process there has been an unhealthy undertow caused by an event which no one will describe and a person who remained nameless.The Town was happy, it seems to me, to heap every misery in the PW department on this nameless one which seems awfully convenient.Having only looked at the operations of the Town from the outside, having only talked to a couple dozen staff members with serious complaints the last decade, my take is that there were and remain substantial structural issues within the organization tracing their lineage back to Cal Horton's reign. Dumping it on one person just doesn't jibe with what I know now.I didn't realize until several months afterwards that you no longer worked for the Town. I thought it was an amicable separation and you had moved on to greener past

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