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Hey just got in the mood for writing a new one =) If you like it, there may be more to come if you dont like it, tell me why, i can work on it =) Just get ready and enjoy!
I slammed the door as I walked in; mom was sat on the couch as usual for this time of night.
She looked over at me,
“Oh, i thought you were staying at Lisa’s tonight” She said.
“No, it didn’t go so well, I'm gonna go to bed” I replied as I sighed and went to my pit.

Only a few minutes later mom came up to my room in a dressing gown.

“Tell me what happened, maybe I can help” She said
“Look it’s...kind of embarrassing” I muttered
“What? Were you a one pump wonder?” mom giggled
I just looked at my feet “The opposite actually”
“Oh couldn’t get it up? It happens to everyone” Mom said, sitting down on my bed
“No it was going great...until I couldn’ know”
“Couldn’ know...” I stammered out
“You couldn’t come?”
My face turned bright red at this point “Uh yeah...but it wasn’t her! She was dressed all sexy and just...nothing happened, after 20 minutes she started to get a little frustrated and sped up then she did it harder until she got too tired to keep going and she snapped at me and...We broke up”
“What? Just because you have great stamina?” Mom said, putting her hand on my head and placing it on her chest
“No because I really wanted to finish...but I couldn’t. Lisa got pissed with me, threw my pants at me and told me to leave and lose her number”
“Well, don’t worry. I’ll think of something I can do to help” mom said, she then stood up and left to go downstairs, leaving me with the worst feeling in the world.

Mom picked up her cell phone from the kitchen, walking past my dad who had crashed out on the chair again.
“Hello? Amanda? Hey I need some advice...well you’re a sex therapist aren’t you? Well good, Lance has got this problem. Sure, tomorrow’s fine...Thanks you’re the best, bye”
She came back to my room a few minutes later.
“Hey, just spoke to Amanda she said she’ll talk to you tomorrow and see if we can fix this”
“Awww geez, you didn’t have to do Amanda will think I'm weird”
“No of course not, she’s a sexual therapist; she’s seen everything you can think of”
“Right well...I’m going to sleep”
“Okay ill wake you before Amanda gets here”

I was awoken the next day by mom who said Amanda will be here in 30 minutes, I signed, got up did my morning ritual and went to the living room, not bothering with breakfast. It was the summer holidays and dad was already at work, so I could actually have the couch for once.
Just as I sat down the doorbell rang and mom answered it. Then Amanda walked in. She wasn’t anything special, long brown hair, tied in a bun, long legs, a little chubby but the chubbiness just made her boobs look bigger. She sat down next to me and she started to analyse me.
“So...Lance, I hear you had some trouble last night, tell me everything” She said in a gentle tone, putting her hand on my knee.
“Well not much to tell, Lisa and I finally decided to have sex, we got to it and then that's it” I summed up
“That's not it, that's never it. Was there foreplay?” I nodded “Well what did she do?”
“She gave me a blowjob” I said shyly
“Was it good?”
“It was okay, I mean I think it was. I can’t really compare”
“Okay, so you got ready to have sex and you couldn’t come, is that the problem?”
“Pretty much” I said going even redder than before
“Well how often do you masturbate?” I nearly choked on my own spit when she said that
“Well it’s important, come on you can tell me, I won’t judge” she smiled
“I guess around...5 times a week?” I guessed
“Well that's a healthy number, and I assume you can ejaculate when you do it yourself?” She said, scribbling something on her note pad
“Yeah, no problem”
“Well I think the problem was obvious, Lisa is the first girl you’ve had sex with, right?”
I nodded my giant cherry of a head.
“Then that means it was psychological, you felt like you needed to perform well for your first time, which means you were too tense, you couldn’t relax in the presence of your lover as such you couldn’t come because of that.”
“Um...okay?” I think I understood what she meant
“So I suggest, you talk to Lisa tell her what the problem was and it wasn’t her fault and just ease into it. Get her to give you a hand job, nothing more. When you come, the next time make it a blowjob, then you’ll be more comfortable for sex with her. Trust me this happens more than you think” She looked at her watch and said “Well, sorry but I’ve gotta go do some more stuff. I hope this helped and if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call” She stood up off the couch, had a small chat with mom and left.
By the time Amanda left I had already texted Lisa saying I was sorry and it was my fault not hers, and if she wanted to try again things would be different. I sat waiting for the reply.
“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Mom said sitting down next to me, just then my reply came through, I looked at it.
“Fuck you! You know how humiliated I am?! Don’t even try and say it was you! You lying asshole! And I thought I told you to lose my number!”
Well that didn’t go as expected. I signed and just put my phone away, mom had clearly been reading my message over my shoulder and just said
“Forget her, you’re a nice guy, you’ll find another girl” She said, putting a comforting arm around me
“Yeah, good idea, then wait for the same thing to happen and she’ll break up with me too”
“Well...i suppose it doesn’t have to happen next time, Amanda said if you loosen your knot it’ll be easier next time”
“So? How will that solve anything?” I Sighed “Thanks for the help, but I guess I'm just beyond help. I'm going upstairs for a while, I’ll be back for dinner later” I dragged my feet upstairs to my room and switched my computer on; I wasn’t in the mood for gaming with my friends. I just felt like watching some stupid, mind numbing movie for a while.

About half way through my door knocked.
“Come in” I said as I reached for the remote and paused it.
Mom walked in and said “Oh not jerking your meat?” she said trying to get me to laugh
“No, it won’t help anyway” Mom then sat on my bed, it was then I noticed she had a bag in her hand “What's in there?” She smiled at me.
“Well...i was thinking, that you’ll need this doing sooner or later so...” She paused as she reached into the bag and pulled out some baby oil “I thought I could help”
I didn’t even know what she meant at first, and then it clicked.
“Wait, what? What do you mean?” I asked, a little shook up
“Amanda said you need a woman to start you off so you get comfortable performing sexually, and I thought I could give you a...hand” she giggled at her own bad joke like a schoolgirl. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve never seen it before, I was washing it all the time when you were a baby and I think if I stood by and watched you suffer I wouldn’t be doing my job as a mother, so pants off” she commanded.
I just stared at her and finally said “ thanks”
To which she firmly replied “I wasn’t asking, pants off NOW! Mister! Or else you’ll have to cook your own dinners from now on, and I hope you can afford them because I won’t be buying any”
“Why do you want to help me so bad? I mean, holding food hostage? That’s low, mom”
“You’re growing up now, and I won’t be a main part of your life for much longer, I just...just want to help while I can” she sighed “And it’s not like we’ll be announcing it to everyone, it will be our little secret” She said with a tearful smile on her face. I kinda felt bad for her, so I guess I can do this one thing, after all she was trying to help me.
I sighed “Okay just as long as things don’t get weird” i began to take my pants off.
“They won’t, I promise” Mom said opening the baby oil and pouring it rather generously on her hands, my pants hit the floor and I laid back on my bed and felt something dripping, I looked down and saw mom sat between my legs pouring oil on my crotch.
“Don’t worry, ill clean this later” she said smiling “Okay...let’s get this party started”

Her soft hands gentle touched my penis, causing it to twitch and causing my balls to tighten up in anticipation. She stroked my limp dick for just a few seconds until it sprang to life.
“Oh good length on your there, boy. And if there’s anything else I can do to help you come, just tell me” her eyes then darted to my dick and she stroked the now hard, slippery shaft.
The strange thing is, it didn’t feel weird it actually felt really good. This was actually my first hand job and I liked it. It was at this point I realised just how sexy my mom really was.
Long flowing brown hair, tied in a loose pony tail, very curvy, nice round, full tits. The perfect size any man would want to snuggle into, and a face that made models jealous, so calm and pretty and not a single wrinkle despite the fact she was nearly 40.
Her hands began to move faster and faster, as the pleasure increased I couldn’t help but feel this wouldn’t matter, I wouldn’t come anyway. For the next 5 minutes mom was sat there, jerking my dick like she was trying to get the last dob of ketchup out of that stubborn jar, my dick was still like a rock but I didn’t even have any pre-cum, much less close to actually coming. Mom looked at me and said “Wow, you HAVE got some great stamina, but this is kind of tiring anything I can do to speed it up” at this point I didn’t care anymore, I was so horny I just wanted to come.

“I...” I said through gasps of ecstasy “I wanna see your tits” mom slowed down, so I looked back at her she looked a little torn. “You said you would help me, and your tits are beautiful, please lemme see them” she stood up and for a second I thought she was going to leave, but she just unbuttoned her sexy pink top and dropped it to the floor, her purple bra was about ready to burst, she unclipped it at the back and took a step towards me, I move over so she could sit next to me on the bed, she sat down facing me, reached down and began tugging my dick again, I was face to face with my desires the perfect pair of breasts in the world, so large, yet they didn’t sag too much, the nipples were getting hard, I just stared at them as mom was looking at my dick, pulling as fast as her hands would let her. I couldn’t help myself at this point, she wanted to help and this would really help, I wrapped the arm nearest to her around her back and pulled her closer, taking her by surprise, she gasped a little but kept up the speed, I opened my mouth and closed around her succulent nipple, I sucked very gently at first, to gauge what she would do, weather she’d tell me to stop of keep going, she remained silent so I sucked a little harder, after a few minutes of suckling her I looked up at her, she was getting tired by this point. After all she had been jerking me off for almost 15 minutes with no end in sight, but I was determined to end it now I was going to repaint my ceiling with my come and I wasn’t going to stop. I wrapped my arm fully around her and grabbed her breast, pinching the nipple a little, she looked down at me...just what I wanted, I shot up and passionately kissed her with the full amount of my lust, at first she didn’t react, but then I felt her kiss back.
I began rubbing her nipple, this must have made her happy because her hand somehow started moving a little faster and that little tongue of hers finally made its appearance. She frenched me and I loved it for a full minute our lips were locked in tight, forbidden passion then I felt something I wasn’t expected my dick began to rumble. I knew what was coming so I pulled away from her and said
“Here it comes...I’m going to come...” I breathed, she looked happy and shocked for a split second but then her eyes shot down to my dick again and pumped it with all her strength, my penis erupted with the force of a volcano stream after stream shot out of my shaft, reaching a good few feet into the air, mom was shocked but kept pulling harder and harder, come landed on my stomach, my chest and most importantly covered mom’s hand with its creamy texture.
I lay there for a moment, trying to come to grips with how good that orgasm was. It was heavenly, no that’s not enough to describe it, something much, much more. As I laid there, one hand still on her breast, I wondered what would happen now. Mom didn’t move she was just transfixed by what she had just seen. For an entire minute there was complete silence then she removed her sticky hand from my limp member, she looked back at me and smiled.
“See? I knew that would work, mommy knows best you know” she kissed me on the cheek and stood up and left. Leaving her discarding clothes behind and leaving me wondering what will happen next...

To be continued...

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