Derrick's weekend party with the girls continues.
Alisia & Sabrina
(Posted as part of the Twins series)

Chapter 13. Derrick has a girl party (Part II)

Background: Derrick has thirteen year old Diana spend a weekend with him. She invites her eleven year old friend Annie and Annie’s ten year old sister Anita. Both little virgins get their cherries popped. Derrick’s little cum slut Sabrina and the twins are supposed to join the party shortly.

About an hour ago, Diana was pouting because I shot a hot load of Jizz into Annie’s pussy instead of Diana’s ass. When I told her Ted was coming to the party, she worried about having to fuck him. To get her out of her funk, I told her Sabrina and our two new friends will most likely fuck Ted senseless. If she ended up having to fuck him then I will ass fuck her at the same time. All the time she spent with the two new girls and the sex talk has her near an orgasm.

Diana shook hard against me as an orgasm rippled through her just thinking of having two cocks fill her with double loads of Jizz. She hung on to me tight and said, “You promise?” I had not even had the idea in my head a second before; but it’s a great plan. I bet the twins and Sabrina are ready to step it up some.

So we spent the last hour getting ready for the party. It took Diana nearly half that time to take a shower and put on new makeup. I shaved and showered again. Fresh clothes make me feel better and I cleaned up the kitchen. Not much effort was needed. Snack and drinks are ready. The margaritas for the girls are double strength.

Diana is wearing her hot white shorts and a fire engine red bikini top. Her 36CCs stand up straight via a bit of bra magic. She wears matching red lipsticks and red ear rings. Both Ted and the other girls are going to flip out because she looks totally more mature than at Sabrina’s pool party.

When I hear Ted’s truck pull up, I open the door and the first one out of the cab is Sabrina. I have not seen Sabrina in several weeks because first she was in New York on a shoot and then mom’s hubby was home and I had to stay away. Today is her first chance to go to a sleepover. Twelve year old Sabrina looks wonderful as she runs up the driveway and jumps on me. Her arms go around my shoulders and her legs around my middle. Her mouth locks to mine with her tongue down my throat.

“Oh baby, I missed you”, I say as I put my mouth into the ton of blonde curls. “Sabrina, wait till we get inside”, I tell her but my hands are on her ass keeping her stuck to me. She giggles and says, “Ok, Daddy.” She rubs her newly bigger tits against me and I release her back to the ground.

The twins are unloading the truck and giggle as they watch our show. As Sabrina walks back to the truck, I follow behind and watch her model ass jiggle from left to right. Her cheer pants don’t hide anything. As someone said, “If they were a hair tighter, I could read the number on her i-phone.”; it makes me grin. Ted and I shake hands and I tell all of them to be quiet in the house because of the surprise. Ted’s eyebrow goes up in a question, so I say, “you’ll love it.” The twins hug me, one on each side, and say in unison, “Hi Derrick”. I take a chance and give them a quick kiss and say, “Let’s get inside”. The twins are in super short blue jean cut-offs and Ted and I watch their long legs and asses as the girls walk to the house. We grab all the bags and follow.

The girls get a surprise when Diana holds the door open because they did not know she was going to be there. There is lots of hugging and squealing and girl chattering. Obviously the warning to be quiet has evaporated. I tell them to go down into the basement and make a home.

I tell Ted to follow me and I open the master bedroom door quietly and he sees Annie and Anita who now are awake. Ted stares in disbelief. They pull the sheet up to hide as I close the door. “Holy shit Derrick, they look like they are seven years old”, he says. I know the feeling, because it’s nearly what I thought the first time I saw them. With a grin I say, “We’re good, they are eleven”. Ted shakes his head and I tell him, “Send Diana back up here, please”. I tell Diana to get the sisters cleaned up and presentable and to bring them to the basement.

I give Ted the job of carrying snacks and margaritas to the basement. Let the party begin.

Sabrina comes running up the steps, sees me in the kitchen and launches herself in another flying leap against my chest. Her tongue is back in my mouth and we kiss hard. She finally breaks loose and whispers in my ear, “How many girls are here?” I tell her six and her eyes almost pop out of her head. “Derrick, you’re supposed to be my only one. Plus, I told you no girl-girl stuff.” I remember the night Sabrina and Cissy spent in my house and they ate each other’s pussies. It makes my cock twitch.

How do I explain several tweens, whom I had already fucked more than once, being at my party? Only Diana was at least thirteen. “Sabrina baby, I know what I promised; but you know I already had the twins at your party. Your mom got me hooked up with Diana and the rest is history. I’m sorry baby”. Sabrina pouts and hugs me tight and then kisses me, which I consider a good thing. I tell her, “You don’t have to do any girl-girl stuff if you don’t want to. What do you think of Ted?”

Sabrina gives me a look which I can’t interpret and she leans into me and says quietly, “He lives with the twins, doesn’t he?” When I nod, she asks, “Guess, he fucks them all the time?” I shake my head ‘No’ and say, “Rumor has it not so much anymore. Do you want to best your mom and do him?” Sabrina giggles and says, “She doesn’t know he is spending the night. OMG, I may just do him.”

Her blonde curls tickle my face as I whisper into her ear, “Baby, we may do you at the same time. Double team you if you can handle it.” Sabrina stops breathing as she thinks about the new proposal. Her high IQ brain seems to process it pretty quick and she inhales sharply, “OMG Derrick, I think I can handle it; but I get you to myself for a couple of hours.” I grin, “I promise, baby.” I tell Sabrina to go back in the basement and make friends with Diana again because it’s all her idea. Sabrina raises an eyebrow and runs back down the stairs. I inhale deeply, “Thank you; thank you.”

It’s been a while and I open the master bedroom to check on Annie and Anita. Diana is on one side of the big bed and the girls are on the other. They are just tightening a fresh set of sheets. I’m impressed; the room is all clean and the girls are dressed with a bit of light make up and rose lipstick on their faces. It fits great with their pink outfits. Dirty glasses and sheets are by the door. “Diana, I’m impressed and thank you girls. We have guest in the basement whenever you are ready.” I ask Diana to take them down and introduce them.

By the time I get to the basement a bit later I see Ted in the middle of one couch with Sabrina and Diana on either side of him. He has a drink in his hand and he motions to the small bar where a second drink waits for me. All the girls have frozen margaritas. Music plays in the background. The twins and sisters Annie and Anita are on the floor in a group sitting in front of the other couch. I see the sisters looking at the twins ankle bracelets with their names on them. They are in deep discussion as I settle on the couch near them.

I hear Annie ask Tori if it’s true they are only eight years old. Annie pulls Tori up and they compare heights and the long-legged twins are taller. Back on the floor Annie explains people always think they are way younger and sometimes we play tricks on them. She giggles and tells a tale or two. When the conversation turns to parents, Anita tells them if they absolutely can keep a secret she will tell them why they live with their grandparents. I’m interested, so I listen carefully. Anita lowers her voice and says, “They are in California doing twenty in prison. We will be out of college before they get out.” My mouth hangs open. They have had a hard life most likely and I just popped their cherries a few hours earlier. In the long run was that a good or bad thing?

Tori asks, “Did you just get here?” Anita giggles and says they came earlier with Diana. Annie adds, “I like her, I hope I get big tits like her.” All four girls look at Diana curled up next to Ted and grin. “We partied with Derrick before you got here”, she adds and the twins give them a look. Tori asks, “What did you do?” Anita and Annie look at each other and blush. Annie says, “We were virgins when we got here.” She grins and nods head ‘Yes’. Lori and Tori look at each other and then turn their head and look at me hard. Jealousy is such a bitch.

I slide down on the floor between the twins and put an arm around each. I kiss first Tori’s cheek and then Lori’s. “I’m sorry girls; but you have to share. Beside you don’t want me to tattle about what you vixens did to poor Ted.” When they look at me, I add, “After the bathtub.” Both twins giggle and raise one hand to their mouth. Their ponytails shake and Annie and Anita grin at them with affection. I think everything will work out. I freshen up all four girls’ margaritas and tell them to drink up.

It seems Sabrina wants to try out Ted because when I look at her she motions me with her head and she grabs Ted’s hand and pulls him up the stairs. In the master bedroom twelve year old Sabrina is working on Ted’s shirt. She helps pull it over his head and hangs it on a chair. Ted can’t wait for her to strip him and he has his pants and jockeys off in another second. Sabrina watches and giggles; then she picks up his pants and hangs them over the chair also. She teases Ted like crazy.

She stands next to Ted and raises her arms so he can strip her top off. “Slowly Ted; don’t rip my head off.” He actually does it slowly and I watch Sabrina’s bra emerge from under her top. It has a little red heart of each tit; sweet. I swear she has grown larger during the last several months. All the sex play and cum sucking may have caused a growth spurt adding a cup size or two to her tits. Sabrina wiggles out of her shorts and reveals a tiny pink thong with two of the hearts on it. I know she wears it to tease her “Daddy”.

Of course Ted remembers her from the birthday party; but he is staring at her tits in amazement. He obviously remembers watching Sabrina loose her cherry as her twelfth birthday present. Sabrina giggles and rotates around giving him the total view why she keeps winning beauty contests. She is a prize and I hope Ted appreciates it. She is still about five feet, six inches tall and has a dancer’s hard body. Naturally she is slender with long legs and that sexy ass. Blue eyes with long lashes lets her play with you when she plays coy. She bats them at Ted, puts one finger against her lip, and does her little Bo-Peep look.

The innocent façade makes me grin because she can turn into a raving cock sucking cum slut when she wants. She pushes Ted to sit on the bed with a gentle push and gets between his knees. He inhales hard as she picks up his growing cock and plays with it.

It’s a good time for me to get some drinks because we left ours in the basement. In the kitchen I mix three tall glasses with bourbon; two of them strong and mine weak. Yea, I need to stay sober with all these kids in my house.

Back in the bedroom, I watch Sabrina perform her miracle cock sucking on Ted. He is sitting up on the edge of the big bed with Sabrina kneeling between his legs. I can see her going down hard on Ted and her nose hits his stomach. He must not be fully hard yet even though she has been doing it about five minutes. Most guys would have already shot their load into her mouth. Ted is hanging on and I don’t want Sabrina to make it too quick. Sabrina stops and Ted inhales hard when she says, “Can I ride you, Ted?” He nods his head and gets in the middle of the bed.

As Sabrina strips off her little thong I reach for the bottle of lube and hand it to her. “Thank you, Daddy”, she says and winks at me. Ted is on the bed speechless. She squirts lube on her hands and dribbles a few drops on Ted’s cock and slowly massages it. Her hands go down the full length and slowly back up. Oh, little Sabrina has learned some new tricks from the internet. Ted groans hard and Sabrina smiles at him, “Is it good, Ted?” He nods and groans some more.

Before she mounts him, Sabrina stands up on the bed over Ted’s face and spreads her legs wide as she rubs her lubed hands over her pussy. It glistens from the lube and her outer lips stand up about a quarter inch. She squirts a few drops of lube on her middle finger and reaches between her legs and wets her pucker. She plays for half a minute and inserts her finger up to the first knuckle in her tween ass. This time my cock twitches as I watch. Holy shit.

Sabrina spreads her pussy lips and squats down on Ted and guides his hard cock into her pussy. The both say, “Oohh” as she sinks down to the root and Sabrina’s eyes light up as she feels Ted deep inside her. Ted lets her rest on him for about two minutes before he lifts her up about two inches and drops her back down. Sabrina grunts hard as he stabs deep into her. Sabrina’s eyes are closed as Ted does it again and again.

I imagine the deep fuck must hurt; but Sabrina hangs in there with the program. As I watch, I get undressed because I figure they both will be near cuming in about ten minutes.

A few minutes later, Sabrina leans forward and rocks her ass along with Ted lifting and dropping her. She picks up the pace a bit and she sticks her tits into Ted’s face. He turns loose of her ass and puts his hands on her tits and plays with her nipples. Sabrina moans in appreciation as his fingers tweak and rub her nipples. Sabrina rocks up and down without Ted’s help and she fucks him hard.

I watch her pussy gliding up and down and it’s an interesting view. Her pussy is molded around Ted’s cock and her puckered ass is above it. Sabrina turns her head and slows her movement and says, “Come on Daddy, do your baby’s ass.” The baby talk and pseudo-incest make Ted and me groan as I climb onto the bed and line up with Sabrina’s ass. As she moves slowly up and down I push my thumb into her ass to open her. She groans, “Mmm” and keeps fucking at an even slower pace. Her ass tightens around my thumb and I move it in circles to loosen its tightness. Slowly she relaxes and I’m ready to ass fuck my beauty queen.

Twelve year old Sabrina has taken total control over two grown men. She could probably tell us to kill each other and we would do it. Good grief, we are two animals.

“Try it now”, she tells me and stops moving. My cockhead pushes into her ass and the anal ring grabs me. Sabrina seems Ok as she moans “Mmm”. She looks over her shoulder and bats her blue eyes at me and says, “Deeper, Daddy.” So I push harder and my cock slides into her up to the root. When I do, she grabs Ted’s shoulders and holds on for dear life. “OMG, OMG, don’t move.” She slides slowly down on Ted and both our cocks are all the way in her pussy and ass. We hold still as Sabrina decides what to do.

“Ok, let me start slowly”, she tells us and slides up on Ted’s hard cock. To stay inside her I rock forward and keep my cock deep in her ass. When she stops suddenly my movement gives her an extra push up the ass and she yelps. She slides back down and it pushes me down also. When she hits bottom, both cocks are again deep inside her and she moans hard.

“I’m going a little faster, so hang on”, she tells us and rises up quicker. Again she gets the extra push in her ass when she stops and when she drops back down. By the third time we do it, Sabrina has set a medium fast pace as she gets her first double cock penetration. Ted is grinning from ear to ear in his new experience. He says, “I’m going to last another two minutes, Sabrina.” She nods her head and keeps pumping.

Ted grabs Sabrina’s hips and pulls her down hard and holds her. Sabrina leans back and forces our cock into her the extra inch as Ted groan even harder and cums deep inside her. It takes a few minutes for him to shoot his load and relax long enough to let her hips go. Sabrina leans down and gives him a hard kiss and says/ “Thank you Ted, that was nice.” She looks at me and asks, “Do you want to cum in my ass or wait.” “Baby, I’ll wait, you take care of Ted.”

I know Sabrina’s secret is to get throat fucked and Diana’s is to get ass fucked. I need to make the girls happy the best I can. I hand drinks to Ted and Sabrina and tell them to take a break because I have to shower. Ted falls back on the bed and closes his eyes. In the bathroom, as I close the shower door a naked arm sneaks in and stops the door. Sabrina joins me in the shower with a big shower cap on. It makes me smile at her ‘space alien’ look. Her tits rubbing against me change my mind. Sabrina jumps up and grabs me around my shoulders again. Her naked pussy rubs against my belly as her legs circle my middle. I swear I can feel Jizz seeping out of her.

As my hands grab her ass to hold her against me, I can’t help but think of seeing two cocks sliding into her. It was new and very sexy. She says “Need a hand getting clean?” I smile at her and say, “Baby, I need to relax a bit so I don’t get too worn out for you later.” It must have been what she wanted to hear because she locks her lips to mine and works my mouth hard. Sabrina gets serious for a minute and says, “Do you really need all these girls? You have me and Crissy.” An interesting development; the ‘Alpha’ female is marking her territory. Like a she-wolf, I almost expect her to pee on me, and mark her home turf.

“Ok baby, let’s get through tonight and we’ll work out a plan when we are alone later.” She pouts for a second and then smiles. As she slides out of my arms she says, “I’ll hold you to it.” I think, “Oh shit, this is like being married. My pre-teen pussy days may be coming to a halt.” In twenty minutes Sabrina and I are clean and dressed. Ted is still in the master bed out of action.

Sabrina holds my hand and we go back to the basement to check if anything is developing on its own. Diana looks at us and cocks an eyebrow, “Is Ted Ok?” Sabrina giggles and says, “He will be in a half hour. You can wake him up then.” Diana laughs and says, “Ok”.

The foursome on the floor seems to have gotten better acquainted. Annie and Anita have their tops off and all four are holding cards in their hands. Diana says, “Some kind of little kids’ card game with a new twist.” I grin as I see the twins lay their cards down and Anita wiggles out of her shorts. I pull Sabrina to the couch next to them and we watch several rounds of play.

Finally Lori loses a round and she takes her top off, displaying a bikini top. The sisters are down to their panties. Their fresh panties have little ‘Hello Kitty’ designs on them and two camel toes are clearly visible to all. Anne and Anita do look like they are about seven to eight year old in them. With their slender little bodies I’m sure some pedophiles would pay tons of money for the sisters. Tori loses two rounds in a row and she shows her pretty tits to Annie and Anita.

Annie and Anita are fascinated by Tori’s tits and they almost forget to look at their cards. When Lori loses the next round, I assume the twins are throwing the game to get naked. When she takes her top off and four breasts are in front of Annie and Anita, they inhale hard. I slide down between the twins and ask Annie and Anita. “Are Lori and Tori not the most beautiful girls you have ever seen?” They nod their heads vigorously and say, “OMG, yes.” The twins grin because they are used to raves; but not usually from tweens who are lusting after their tits.

“Lori and Tori, do you think the sisters could touch your nipples?” I ask them as my hands give their shoulders a little squeeze. Lori and Tori look at each other and send those invisible signals; they turn to me with big smiles and say, “Of course, Daddy.” They shake their heads and make their hair bounce, bat their eyes at me meaningful and I realize it’s going to cost me big time.

The twins wiggle out of their tight little cut-off jeans and are now naked except for little purple thongs and the ankle bracelets. Their b-cup tits stand up on their chest as the lay flat on the comforter. Annie and Anita move next to them and admire their tits. Annie is the first to move without any comments from me. She puts her hand on Lori’s tummy and rubs it a bit before moving up to her breasts. She touches the nipple with her fingers and runs them in circles before taking the nipple between two fingers and gently squeezing just a bit.

Anita is watching her sister in fascination and then does the same thing to Tori. When she squeezes Tori’s nipple, Tori moans in appreciation and Anita knows she is doing it correctly. Tori puts her hand over Anita’s and makes little circles around her whole breast. Anita gets the idea quickly and moves to the other breast and rubs and tweaks gently. Tori smiles appreciatively and Anita eats it up.

It reminds me of the spider waiting for the little fly to come to the center of the web. The twins pleasure each other all the time. They eat each other’s pussies and sixty-nine. The two virgins have no clue what the eight year old vixens are capable of. I give them not quite an hour before they will be screaming when they climax like never before.

Sabrina grins as she looks at me and I put my finger over my mouth to keep her quiet. We sit on the couch and watch the show. It seems Annie and Anita have been playing with the twins’ breast for about five minutes before something changes. Lori reaches up and touches Annie’s nipple and rubs it, encircles it and tweaks it. Annie shakes all over and moans in reaction. Lori grabs Annie’s long black hair and pulls her down on her body. They are face to face and Lori gives her several little kisses on her cheeks. Lori holds her face in her hands and kisses Annie’s lips. They hold the kiss for at least two minutes before they break for air. Lori and Annie are setting the pace and Tori and Anita need to catch up.

Anita may be a year younger but she will not be in second place behind Annie; she looks at Tori and gets a grin from her and Tori pulls her down also. Tori not only kisses Anita, but I can see her tongue in Anita’s mouth. When Anita jerks back Tori has her hands behind her head and locks her in. Anita fights for a second before she relaxes, opens her mouth willingly and lets Tori have her way. When they break apart for a breather, Tori tells Anita, “Now you do it.”

Anita moves back against Tori and in half a minute I can see her working her tongue inside of Tori’s mouth. They French for a few minutes before another break. Tori whispers to her, “That’s good Anita. I want you to kiss me all over.” As she says it she takes one of Anita’s hands and rubs it against her purple covered crotch. Anita’s eyes get wide; the message is clear. There surely will be pussy eating in a little bit.

Tori rolls Anita to lie beside her and she slides down and kisses Anita’s baby tits. I remember how they grew earlier today and in a few minutes I can tell her nipples are elongating under Tori’s tongue. Anita has her eyes closed as Tori plays and sucks the hard nipples. Small dark areolas surround the growing nipples.

Lori grins at Tori and smiles and she copies her and rolls Annie on her side too. So the sisters are now in the middle with the twins on the outside. They have the girls wedged against each other tight. Tori gets on her knees and reaches down and pulls Annie’s little panties off. Then she reaches over and does it for Anita too. Tori waves the panties in front of my face for a second and the little ‘Hello Kitty’ designs smile at Sabrina and me.

The two sisters are totally naked and have a good idea where the sex play is leading. Annie cuddles into Tori and kisses Tori’s breasts just like she had received minutes before. Her tongue runs around the nipples and over the breasts. Annie reaches up and gently massages one of Tori’s tits with both hands. She rubs it and her finger tweak the nipple as her tongue flicks it at the same time. When Tori shakes all over Annie grins wide. Tori pulls her face up and kisses her hard as a thank you. Tori says, “More Annie, do more.”

With four naked girls right in front of me I study the contrast between the sisters and the twins. The two sisters, even though three years older, are petite with their little girl flat chests. Their pussies look sweet and clean and even baby young. Their two shapely asses, black hair and cocoa skin give away the part-Latino in their blood. On the other hand, the twins are sexy and beautiful in a different way. Their long legs make them model material and being identical makes everyone stare at them. Cocks get hard when guys see them.

Anita hears Tori begging Annie for more and she watches them for a half minute. Anita decides to go for the prize directly. She pulls Lori’s legs into the air and peels her thong off. Lori lets her legs fall wide apart and Anita looks at her pussy with a hungry smile. I hear music in my head about hungry eyes. Anita kneels between Lori’s legs and studies her pussy for minutes. She notes her pouty mons and clean pussy lines. Lori reaches down and gently pulls her pussy lips apart and lets Anita’s eyes feast on the pink, moist inside.

Anita smiles and moves her face even closer to examine Lori’s hidden treasures. Lori waits patiently and lets Anita have fun. Lori slides two fingers into her pussy and she uncovers her pink, hard nubbin. She rubs her clit with one finger as Anita watches closely. I am fairly sure Anita never watched her sister or any other girl play.

Lori rubs herself for several minutes and says quietly, “Come on Anita, give me your tongue. It is all that is needed and Anita dives into Lori with a passion. Her tongue is surprisingly long and I can see it rub Lori from the top of her clit down to her ass. Anita dips it into Lori’s black pussy hole and seems to come back with drops of Lori’s dew. Anita lifts up for a minute and runs her tongue around her lips and smiles. “OMG Lori, you taste sweet.” It was a ‘first time’ surprise for her and it makes us all feel good that she loves the taste of pussy.

As Anita sucks and tongues Lori’ pussy I can see the determined look in Annie’s eyes. She want to out-do her sister; but Tori has a different plan. “Lay down Annie”, Tori says and pushes on her shoulders. Annie gets wide eyed but keeps her mouth shut. She mimics Lori and lies on her back, cocks her legs back and spreads her pussy. Tori kisses her upper legs, her mons and then slides her tongue over her sweet pussy lips. Little Annie whimpers when the tongue glides from top to bottom and Tori lets it travel down to her anal pucker. Annie is about to experience the best eight year old pussy licker.

Tori uses her tongue tip to separate Annie’s pussy lips and slides it up and down several times. She uses her fingers to pull the pink opening apart and hunt for Annie’s clit. I remember it being about the size of a pencil eraser and hot red. When Tori touches it, Annie groans hard and her breathing gets heavy. Tori is measuring where Annie’s super sensitive spots are before she attacks and sends her into an earth shaking climax.

Annie’s little pussy sends out a pleasant odor and I can smell it sitting next to them on the couch. Sabrina and I have ring side seats as the two sisters will experience their first lesbian cum. Annie’s pussy is opening more and more and shows me how flexible she really is and why she had no trouble taking my big cock.

In a few minutes Annie is panting like a race horse and I almost feel sorry for her. Her ass is rocking up and down as Tori has two fingers in her pussy and her tongue on the clit. From where her lips are, I can tell she is sucking the little nubbin for all its worth.

With the action getting so hot, Lori decides to join in. She tells Anita to stop and roll over; which she does without hesitation. Anita does not want Annie to get off first, I imagine. The race is on and a few minutes later Annie wins. A loud screeching sound comes out of her throat as her climax hits her. Her hands are in Tori’s hair and I’m sure juices are running into her mouth as Annie shakes, groans and finally cries before releasing Tori. Tori has a shocked look on her face because Lori does not scream like this when the twins do each other.

The screaming set Anita off also and she has a similar reaction. Her screaming is less loud; but the orgasm is just as intense. Like her sister, she ends up with tears of joy running down her face. I tell the sisters to lay back and relax as Sabrina covers them with a blanket. “Sabrina baby, stay here and watch them. Give them some cola”, I ask her and she nods.

The twins are fidgeting and obviously horny. I take them by the hands and pull them to the steps up to the master bedroom. “Diana, come along, I need your help.” I go into the kitchen and mix up a new round of hard liquor drinks. The twins need some fuel for their next experience and something to kill the pain.

Ted looks up as Diana, Lori and Tori enter the bedroom and a big grin spreads across his face. “Hello my darlings”, he tells the twins who had cut him off before. They grin back and climb up on the bed next to him and cuddle their naked bodies into him. Oh yea, the little horny vixens are really vulnerable since they are all worked up from eating Annie and Anita.

Ted pulls both of them up on his chest and leans down and kisses their b-cup sized tits and pink nipples. Almost like playing a piano his mouth moves from left to right on the four nipples. Kissing, sucking and nibbling he does what he knows will get them even more charged up. From where I stand I think I can see their pussies getting wet as I hand out the drinks.

It’s time for a lube treatment. Diana and I get our clothes off while Ted continues working on the twins’ tits. “Mmms” and “Ahhs” come from Lori and Tori as they hang on to Ted.

They don’t need any more foreplay, it’s time to fuck. “Lori baby, how about lubing Ted”, I say and Diana squeezes several drops of lube into Lori’s hands. Lori leans over and runs her hands up and down Ted’s cock. “Tori, you too”, Diana says and drops lube in her hands also. Both girls have a big grin on their faces as they lean down and give Ted an extra slow hand job. He watches closely and smiles.

“Diana, lube their asses”, I tell her. Diana laughs and slides one wet palm over Lori’s ass which is pointing toward the ceiling. Tori is on her knees on the other side and I move behind her and run my hand between her ass cheeks. Tori like it and smiles, “Oh Daddy, that’s nice.” I hold her with one hand and push my thumb into her anal button with the other. It wipes the smile right off her face, “OMG, you’re in my ass”. It’s the understatement of the day. When Lori looks up at me to see what I just did to Tori, Diana pushes her thumb into Lori’s ass. Both girls are getting reamed.

They keep their heads down and asses high up, surrendering to our thumbs. I ask, “Ted, who goes first?” Ted smiles and says, “Lori is older. Rank has its privileges.” He tells Lori to straddle him and she swings her leg across him, reaches down and points his cock toward her pussy. When she feels his cockhead aligned she drops down on him in one swift move. I think she is a little bitchy, because she asks, “Like that, Ted?” He inhales hard and nods his head. Yea, I think Lori wants to give him a bit of trouble; but I’m here to help.

Like he did to Sabrina, he lifts Lori up and drops her back down. When he hits her deep inside her pussy, Lori clamps her eyes shut hard; there must be some pain. But in two minutes they are fucking steadily and it’s time for phase two. Tori lays next to Ted and watches the action. She smiles, probably thinking I was going to be hers. Her mouth makes a big silent ‘O’ when I line up behind Lori’s puckered ass.

“Ted, I’m ready”, I tell him and Lori looks over her shoulder feeling me behind her. Before my cock goes into her ass, I lean forward and whisper into her ear, “Lori you know I love you. Thanks for letting me pleasure you.” She smiles and nods her head.

“Lori baby, relax your ass as much as you can”, I tell her as my cockhead forces itself into her anal opening. Ted is holding her by the hips and I can tell she doesn’t want to scream. Her fist goes into her mouth and I penetrate her even harder. May as well go as far and fast as possible. When my cock is more than half way inside her, I tell Ted, “Good to go here.” He loosens his grip on Lori just a little and her natural reaction is to lift up to get away from two big cocks in her backside.

It doesn’t work. When she reaches the apex on the upstroke, Ted pulls her hips back down so she glides down on his cock. Mine is deep in her ass and follows wherever she goes. Because she is so tight around my cock, I’m not actually fucking her; I’m just locked inside her nearly to the root. Ted loosens his grip, she moves up and gets pulled down. In half a minute we have a nice rhythm going.

I motion to Diana and say, “Camera.” She grabs the still camera and shoots pictures from every angle. Two cocks inside Lori are the main target. The video camera records the entire bed. Great.

Lori opens her eyes, looks at twin Tori and smiles and nods. I think she just gave the Ok to Tori that it is not bad. It makes me grin because we need to switch in a few minutes. We fuck Lori and she is getting used to it. Wow. “Ted, time to switch.” The girls switch and I drop more lube on Tori’s pucker. Tori straddles Ted and gets ready to accept me up her ass. She leans forward and her pucker spreads open. Tori smiles, bats her eyes and accepts me as my cockhead leads the way into her.

When I look down at my cock in her ass, I can see her anal ring holding me tight. Just like a few minutes ago she is holding me all the way deep inside her. There really is not much room to glide in and out of her. So I hang on as she lifts and drops on Ted’s cock. We last about five minutes before Ted tells us two more minutes, tops. I tell Diana to get into position.

Diana kneels next to Tori and her ass is up high. Her big tits swing below her and Ted manages to grab one and play with it as he nears his own climax. I had tried holding off cuming as much as I could while Tori rocked up and down on me moments earlier.

Diana reaches back to her ass and squirts lube on herself and rubs it in. Her middle finger is in her ass. Ted cries out, “Now, now” and he pushes Tori down hard on his cock and fills her with loads of hot Jizz. I pull out a second before he locks her down and I move over to Diana.

Diana grins when she feels my cock going into her ass. “OMG Derrick, Tori got you harder than ever. Go deep, have fun.” I inhale sharply as Diana squeezes her muscles against me and giggles. Diana’s more shapely body and big ass were made for fucking. Diana rocks back against me hard; she has really become a big fan of taking it up her ass. I laugh as I remember her number one rule: “Fuck my ass and don’t tell mom.” So I do. Long hard strokes go deep into her ass and she grunts when I slap my body against her.

After fucking Lori and Tori and now Diana, I really don’t last all that long. After about five minutes of hard fucking, I shatter into Diana with several hard ropes of Jizz. Diana groans and says, “Stay inside and roll over.” It’s hard to do but we fall on our sides and then roll over. I’m on my back and Diana lies on top of me with my cock still hard and up her ass. She spreads her legs and pulls her knees up to her head. Now what?

My hands go around her body and I grab her big tits and play with her nipples. Diana smiles and says, “Lori and Tori who wants to go first?” There is a half-minute hesitation before Lori dives into Diana’s pussy. Good grief, there is a lot of pussy eating going on; but how else are six girls going to be satisfied. The twins are still horny not having had their own climax yet.

Lori takes her time and slowly reaches her tongue out to Diana’s pussy. I can’t really see the action from behind Diana; but I feel Diana’s reaction. Her ass rocks forward hard when Lori hits her clit. Diana groans hard and mutters, “Yes, Lori, yes.” Lori sucks her pussy for several minutes and I see Tori come up next to her. Lori slides away and Tori takes over munching Diana, who doesn’t last long. Her climax shatters her hard and she grabs Tori’s long hair and holds her to her squirting pussy. Her quivering muscles squeeze my cock and give me an experience I have never had. My cock is up a teen girl’s ass while she has her pussy eaten to a great climax.

“OMG, let me rest”, Diana whines and I tell her to crawl into the bed in the other bedroom. The twins grin at her because they got her off; but they are still unfulfilled. “Ted, you get Tori”, I say as I roll Lori on her back and cock her legs apart. The twins giggle as they lie down side by side and pull our heads down to their pussies. Before I get between Lori’s legs I quickly move up to her ear and whisper to her, “Note that I chose you, Lori.” I’m being really bad, putting the thought into her mind she is more special.

It works, because Lori smiles and pulls my head into her very gently. Her hands run through my hair and she urges me toward her clit. I spread her pink pussy lips wide apart and search for her clit. I find it hot and wet and suck on it gently. Lori gives my head a little push and I suck her a bit harder. “Derrick, just like that. OMG, get me off.” I am at her mercy again, as I suck on her clit and lick her pussy. I don’t know how I will ever stop loving her or stay away from her.

Ted is next to me working on Tori and I can hear her moaning and groaning. One of Lori’s hands comes off my head and I visualize the twins are holding hands and sending their vibrations to each other. Lori is getting near her climax as her whole body is shaking hard. Her long slender legs come around me and she locks my head into her. I wrap my arms around her body so she is locked to me also. When her climax hits it’s a major eruption. Playing with Annie and Anita and then having their first double penetration has brought their sex play to a new high.

Lori gushes pussy juices and screams fairly loud. When she relaxes and tries to move away, I hold her tight and suck her clit even harder. Lori beats her legs against my back and tries to pull me up by my hair. I suck her clit hard and a second climax ripples over her. She whimpers hard and I have mercy on her and let her fall back and come down from her climax.

Tori’s climax may not have been as earth shattering; but she rolls over and curls herself into Lori. The girls seem to revert to their own way as they comfort each other after their new experience. They need to rest and we pull a blanket over them.

I tell Ted to use the other bathroom and Diana and I use the shower in the master bedroom. I realize I have kept her away from Ted. As I hold her naked body to me, I ask her, “Baby, do you want to fuck Ted?” Her hand drops to my cock and she strokes me slowly. “Your cock is the only one I want in my pussy”, she says quietly. I kiss her lips and tell her, “Thank you baby.” Diana looks up at me and says, “I know you want this party to go on; but I’d really love to go eat and let you drop me off at home. Don’t be mad.” I give her a hug and tell her it’s OK.

Instead of going to eat, we had a gigantic order of pizzas delivered. After we eat, the twins build their usual cocoon in the living room. Sabrina helps clean up the mess in the kitchen. Diana gets Annie and Anita packed up for the trip to her house. An hour later I kiss all three girls good-bye at Diana’s house. She says, “We’ll be here for you if you come over in the morning.” I envision the girls in Diana’s basement and it’s a great idea. “Baby, I’ll try if I can.”

Back in my house I’m amazed how quiet and clean the place seems. Sabrina hugs me and says, “Daddy, your good little girls have been cleaning and washing.” The play on words makes me laugh and I tell her she will get a nice reward. The twins are folding sheets in the living room and laugh at us. Wow, I have a trio of sex slave maids. Now this could be fun. Ted sits in the recliner and smiles.

“Ted, we’re calling it a night”, I tell him as I mix a round of drinks and take the drinks and Sabrina into the master bedroom. “Ok baby, I am all yours for the rest of the night”, I tell my Sabrina. She grins, bats her blue eyes at me and says, “I’m glad you took the other girls home. Now I have to convince you again that you’re my only one. You don’t need any other girls.”

As she bends over, her blonde hair curls around her. She pulls her shorts off. Her pussy comes into view and I inhale hard. She has sparkle makeup on her cunt. Sabrina smiles as she moves into my arms.

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