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My neighbours daughter was called mandy, she had a super round grown up figure for a girl of her age and she knew it.

She was a such a little minx , and she always played on it. Her petite and smooth body, coupled with model features and a sweet female smell made me hard every time I was near her. She had nice round breasts not too big but a nice handful, her peachy bottom was round and firm and gave her a curvy look to her slim body. She wore tight fitting leggings or short skirts that left me eager to see her small bulge underneath.

Being a little older I suppose she looked up to me a bit but we always got on well as friends and neighbours and we often talked and joked together over the garden fence.

It was early one warm summer afternoon and I was in my bedroom, and feeling very horny. I guiltily pulled down my pants, and wanked myself slowly thinking about Mandy. Dreaming of her taste, of her underpants, her smell, her possible randy thoughts and her cheeky smile. Hearing her sigh outside my window in the garden made me stroke harder until I came all over my chest in thick warm globs of cum. It felt amazing and I lay back and rubbed myself and cum all over, just relaxing in the feel of post climax.

I jumped into the shower and had a long soapy shower, cleaned my teeth, flung on some clothes and lay down on the couch in front of the TV. It was Saturday and no one else was home. So I slept for a bit trying to catch up on lost sleep from a heavy week and early mornings.

I woke up to the doorbell at the front door and found Mandy standing there soaking wet from the heavy rain shower outside. My hair was a mess and she asked if it was okay if she came in, had she woken me up?. Her parents had taken the door keys and there was no where for her to shelter since the rain was on
She was wearing a small cut off top with straps around the shoulders, a small skirt and strappy shoes that she was taking off at my door.
She looked soaked through, and her hair was quite wet so I invited her in, escorted her through to the lounge and went into the bathroom to get her a towel to dry off.

When I got back, she had taken off her skirt and was shaking the excess raindrops from it.

I said ‘woops’, an apology for seeing her in her panties, and I turned away. She said sorry I didn’t meant to embarrass you.

I closed the door and stood there looking a bit flustered. I realised I still had the towel in my hand and flung it over to her.

It was an awkward moment but she sat down on the couch and I sat beside her, even though there were plenty of other seats available.
She was busy drying her hair and her legs and I don’t know why but I looked down and started to stare at the slightly dark patch of pubic hair visible through her panties design. I immediately looked back at her face when I realised she had caught me staring, but strangely and she much to my shock she responded by slowly running her hands through my hair and tussling it up a little.

This was the first time we had ever touched before and it was quite a memorable moment. She smiled her cheeky smile and tugged on the neck of my T shirt slightly.
“Erm mandy”
“I don’t think…..”
She pulled my shirt over my head and I struggled out of it and asked her “ what are you doing?”
“Just having some fun, I’m all wet and need some cheering up”
I didn’t know if she was wet with the rain or had she something else on her mind. The coy smile she made after the comment had my mind racing.

My dick took over my thoughts, this was the only chance I could ever get to play with something as wonderful as she was, opportunities like this don’t wonder in your front door every day so I went for it.

“okay then, are you ticklish?”
She laughed her head off as I tickled her feet and under her arms and behind her neck, then she leaned forward and kissed me. Just a peck on the lips, and I kissed her back, first a peck then a little bit more open, and then a long slow kiss as we chased each others tongues, and I could taste her sweet mouth.

I let my hand travel down her spine under her bottom and round under her skirt and I slowly licked my hand across her crotch and then down her leg to rest on her knee.

I now had a raging hard on and my levi`s were really tight on my cock.
My hand got more daring and I moved back up and massaged her mound through her panties. I pulled away from her kiss and stood up slightly to have a look at her again. My eyes travelled up and down her body and rested on her panties where the wetness was showing as a little spot on the white fabric, turning me on more than ever.

I went mad for her, I pulled off my clothes and slid down my pants to reveal my cock to her. She smiled, open her mouth expectantly and slowly played with it in her hands.

I pulled off her top and her little sports bra and then slowly and carefully pulled down her little panties over her legs, to reveal a nice little pussy with a lovely covering of downy pubic hair that glistened slightly from its moistness.

She sat up and we kissed again, with her still fondling my cock. I was playing with her breasts feeling her nipples harden to my touch and she let out a little wimper and gripped tighter to my dick. She was wanking me well and it felt great to have her petite hand surround my cock and pull the foreskin back and forward.
I desperately wanted her to suck on my cock, but she had other things in mind, she quickly let go of me and laid back on the couch and spread her little legs to reveal to me her perfect pussy.
I couldn’t wait to sink my cock up deep into her

I bent down and slowly kissed her thigh and her pubic hair, then her other thigh and slowly drifted my light kisses to her pussy lips of her little cunt, I worked on it for about 10 minutes until she was squirming in pleasure. My tongue was lapping up her scent, her texture, her taste ad I licked up and down the little hood of her clit, and deep into her smooth slick cunny. Her breathing changed a little and I knew she was going to come soon, so I inserted my fingers into her little cunt and finger fucked her to the rhythm of my toungue. She went wild and arched her back as she screamed out in pleasure of her first orgasm. I followed her pelvis off the bed with my tongue and kept at it causing her to grip hard onto my head and wrap her cute little legs around my shoulders. She screamed in sheer pleasure and her body gyrated as wave after wave of tingling sensation went through her. She lay back down on the couch and her lips were slightly parted breathing heavily.

After she came back to planet earth she stared at me, my mouth all wet and covered in her juices and her eyes were filled with lust. She wanted more and I wanted to give it to her.

I grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled them up in the air causing her to slam back on to the bed.
She quietly said ‘fuck me; please fuck me hard until I come again’. I didn’t take long and gripped my raging hard cock and slowly I pushed the head of my cock to the lips of her cunt. I pushed on slowly and she opened up well. She moaned a little and took a deep sigh as I pushed on further. She said it felt sooo good and to please push harder. I did as I was told and rammed my big thick cock up deep inside her perfect pussy. It was truly amazing. She was tight and wet and my cock felt amazing. I slowly slid my cock out and back inside her warm velvet wetness. Back and forth building up rhythm until we were both grunting in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around me to pull me in closer and it felt amazing. I love to feel connected, and this was the link of two people who just had to fuck. I was slamming my cock right to the hilt and she was grapping on to the covers to keep herself into me. She met my every thrust and we got faster and louder. I was sweating like mad and the couch was rocking as we fucked hard and fast loudly. I was holding on to her thighs now for more grip and bending over her legs so I could occasionally kiss her face and her neck.

The smell of sex was overwhelming and the squelching of my cock on every thrust was amazing and such a turn on. I looked down to see my cock disappearing into her tight pink hole with the stretching of her lips and bulge in her tummy on every thrust, and it sent me over the edge. I warned her I was about to come and she held on to me tighter. Pulling me deep so my balls touched the top of her bum and I came, spurt after spurt up hard inside her gorgeous cunt. She took a breath and then a really deep grunting sigh and I could feel her cunt contract around my cock as she came again with me inside her, the movement milking every last drop of come from inside me.

We both collapsed on to the bed, out of breath and totally satiated and stayed there for 5 minutes.

I pulled out from inside her and the sloppy sound of my cock releasing the pressure allowing my cum to slowly ooze from inside her. It was a wonderful sight and I wanted to hold that pussy and hug her bottom to make it last, to make it mine. I just had to push my face deep into her crotch again for I might never get to do this again.

My mouth opened and I smelled and licked our joint secretions to taste them. She looked down at me wondering what I was doing and put her head on the pillow of the couch again. I enjoyed it, I wanted it, so I sucked on it, I cleaned every bit of our combined sticky thick juices out, going deep with my tongue and holding tight to her bum and legs to force my face into her sweet crotch. I could feel her clit getting a bit bigger under my tongue and so continued licking it until she was breathing slowly again. This time she didn’t moan, just lay back and enjoyed the feeling of a man sucking on her clit , the stubble on her thighs and the heat of a warm mouth and slight cooling of the saliva all over her pussy, and she held onto my head pushing me slightly back and forwards and deeper. I spent 15 minutes just licking her until she let out a deep sigh to signify she was finished and full and came.
We lay there on top of each other and we slowly played with each others bodies exploring the lines and the bumps, playing with the sensitive areas and running our hands through each others hair. I told her how fantastic it was, how fantastic she was, and how its something I have been dreaming about for ages.

I looked at the clock above the mantelpiece and realised it was getting into late afternoon, the rain had stopped and the last of the afternoon sunshine was attempting to break free of the clouds.
I kissed her forehead and helped gather our clothes together. Neither of us wanted to part, but it was inevitable.

We kissed at the door and she walked the few steps back next door just in time for her parents arriving back from the shops. I closed the door, turned back into the living room, closing the living room door and absorbing the smell of sex and sweat still sweet in the air and feeling horny all over again. God I miss her already, but it is okay, she is only next door!

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