Part 2 of the story of me and my buddies pleasuring a dirty little whore!
***** To give a short recap, the girl i meant at the bar, Amber, asked to come over to a super bowl party that was just me and my two best friends Stephen and Josh. She turned into a dirty little slut after having a couple weed brownie's and started a gang bang that none of us will soon forget.*****

" OH MY GOD" Amber screamed, " I feel so full!"
And she should have felt full, seeing as how she had my 8" cock up her ass, Stephens 7 1/2" cock in her pussy, and was shoving josh's 8" cock back in her mouth. She had asked for it and she was getting it. I was shoving up into her ass, and Stephen was pushing down into her pussy, josh was still shocked just standing there letting this beautiful whore suck his dick deep into her throat.
"Mhmmmmmmmmmm!" amber moaned around Josh's dick, as the throws of her first orgasm began to was over her. When it hit its peek, she was thrashing all over the place, trying to scream, but failing because of the mouth full of Josh's cock that she had in her mouth.
Soon i felt my load welling to the surface, knowing that i wouldn't last much longer i grabbed her tits and thrust into her as hard as i could hoping that the sudden roughness would push her to a second orgasm, as well as causing her to push Stephen and josh over the edge with the pleasure that she was giving them, and my planned worked. Stephen groaned loudly and i could feel that his dick was shooting through the thin membrane that separated her pussy and ass......josh also moaned out loud as he dumped a massive load down her throat, and the combination of a load in her pussy and one down her throat, sent amber flying over the edge into a second orgasm. As she came, her pussy and ass tighten, sending me spiraling into a orgasm i wont soon forget. I think that i shot more cum in her ass in that load then i had shot in all the other girls that i have ever fucked.
Spent, i got out from under her and asked her " Did you enjoy yourself?"
" FUCK YES!" she replied.
" Dude, i need to go home and sleep" Stephen said to me.
" Bro, me too!" josh added " this girl has sucked the life out of me, literally."
So josh and Stephen both left, leaving me and amber sitting there naked with a fridge full of beer, half a tray of weed brownies and a mess to clean up.
" Tim" amber said, " I have never been so glad to have watched a football game in my life."
" Tell me about it" i replied.
As we cleaned up the mess in the living room and continued to drink the beers out of the fridge, i noticed the cum that was flowing out of amber's pussy and ass.
" Better clean you up before we clean up anymore out here" i said " cause with you leaking cum all over the place we ain't getting much done."
She looked between her legs, sawing the cum dripping all over the place and laughed.
" yeah" she said, " a shower might be a good idea for me."
So as she walked off to the bathroom to take a shower, i threw away that rest of the stuff from our small little super bowl party. I was just bout to sit back down and turn on Sports Center to see who had won, since i missed the entire 4th quarter well i was fucking the shit out of the girl now taking a shower in my bathroom, when my cell phone rang.
" Hello" i said into the phone.
" Hey loser" said a familiar voice.
It was my best female friend Paige. Now Paige will openly admit she is bi, and is not shy bout it. She is 5'6" 130, and has the biggest natural set of tits that i have ever seen, and she is the one girl that i have always dreamed of sleeping with but have never had the chance.
" What's up, Paige" i said.
" Just got off the phone with Stephen" she replied, " you know what he told me?"
" No, i don't" i answered.
" He just told me that he just left your house, and needed to sleep, cause he just fucked this sexy little slut, and she was awesome" she said.
" So ......" i asked
" So, why didn't you invite me to have sex with you all, fucking douche.I would love to have eaten the cum out of her pussy and ass" she said.
" Well sorry" i replied " wasn't expecting my guys only super bowl party to turn in to a sex party babe."
" OK, i forgive you" she told me, " but your only off the hook if you tell me she is still there."
" Yes she is come......." was all i got out of my mouth before i heard a knock on the door. Damn, i thought, Paige you were standing outside the door talking to me on the phone trying to find out if you could get some pussy. As i walked to the door amber came out of the bathroom naked and asked who it was.
" Its my friend Paige, and from what she told me on the phone she is here to talk to you" i said. Then i opened the door.
Before i knew it Paige was across the room, had stripped out of her clothes and had pinned Amber to the floor and was devouring her pussy.
"Damn" Paige yelled, " she took a shower and washed your guys cum down the drain." that's when she smacked amber's pussy, and amber yelped.
" Don't yell" Paige said. " I will be nice."
Paige then looked over at me and said" Our you going to join us, or is this just going to be a girls thing"
Never one to turn down sex, having just recovered a boner, and having always wanted to fuck Paige, i took advantage of today's good fortune.

To Be Continued...........................

Part 3 coming soon to a computer near you! LOL!
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