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Another Fictional Experience...Enjoy!
I once again had to go see the family that all lived on top of a hill south of the downtown area, exactly what city that was never you mind. But it was an old house, bought when the town was still a booming industrial center, now it was sort of forgotten and laid to rest, but that family my aunt married into was WEIRD, they all had some sort of problem, as they were sort of backwoods type people, now they weren’t marrying cousins or anything but they just acted bizarre to us.

The house was built in the 1950’s but was added on; it was sort of at the top of the hill overlooking the setting sun as the birds would bath in the berry bushes. Other than the view the other reason I went there was they had a pool! Damn it was nice to have a pool in that hot sun, especially what was weird about it was you could not see it from the house, as it was deep down the hill in the woods.

We had some kind of hors devours, I think that’s how you spell it, and they were deliciously creamy, in fact I got some white cream on the side of my mouth a foreshadowing of what was to cum (cliché sex pun win!).

I went into the bathroom, to change clothes, and saw some interesting things in the cupboard. One of those things was a box of condoms! Oh my. That was a mystery I sort of did not want to get to the bottom to.

Now I am Eric, the same character from the other story, Old Farm Fun, (oh you didn’t read it…maybe you should) I was a teenager, 6’l”, brown hair brown eyes, white skin, and man did I like white cotton briefs! They are perfect for what they have to do down there, keeping my 6.75” dick where it had to be.

However, today I was swimming so I chucked off my tighty whities and looked at myself in the mirror like all the other characters in these sex stories on this site, they just stand there, admire themselves, and shake their ass. I just glanced in the mirror, that’s all. I gazed at my skinny white frame, thin body, hairless chest, hairy armpits and dick, my brown eyes, long eyelashes, and short hair.

I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I wore Speedos, a jock strap and then my regular suit after the ole “Is that a pool toy in your pants incident of 2007?” In which the object in question was most certainly not a pool toy although I wouldn’t mind at all if you tried to inflate it!

Two years ago, while swimming, my younger cousin Shelby, while I was eating dinner with her at the pool, asked what was in my pants? I sort of chuckled, adjusted myself and said something along the lines of, “How did that get there?” She said, “There’s a big lump in your shorts haha!” and I said, “It’s because I’m fat okay!” Truth be told, I had no interest in 9 year old girls or sex education, or the combination of the two so I brushed it off in whatever manner I could.

Anyway I was in my jock strap, Speedo briefs, and swimsuit running down to the pool. The adults stayed back and trusted me alone because I was one the swim team for crying out loud! I found the spot where the water filter was pumping out water at a quick speed, and pulled down the top of my suit, allowing my cock to feel the nice pressure of the water. Oh, it felt so good, my dick started to get huge! I started to make groaning sounds until I got to the edge of cumming in the water. Then I stopped, pulled off the rest of my suit so my ass cheeks could hang out, and I was free balling, with my monster cock! Not really a monster, just 6.75 inches, but still! You should try skinny-dipping sometime it was so good.

There was no one else at the pool, so I merely took off my jock strap and Speedo, wrapped them up in a towel, and was now in my swimsuit frolicking around, by this time my cock had deflated and was floating in the water, so I decided to have another go at the pool pump, rubbing my cock up against the hole moaning, ooh, and uhm. Then I heard fast footsteps and a jump in the water. I quickly picked myself up and turned behind me. There was a little blonde boy, 12. He had bright green eyes, a big mouth, tan skin, and a light swimsuit on that wasn’t too baggy. His skin was smooth and he must have been 5’1”. I also saw a woman who appeared to be his mother.

“Are you Eric?” She asked
“Yes…” Thinking she might have seen something.
“Could you keep a strong eye on my son Nick?” she asked.
“Sure!” I said. Guessing it wouldn’t be too hard, or he’d be totally annoying.

The thin woman left and Nick swam around a lot on his own. Then all of a sudden he swam up to me.
“Hello my name is Nick!” he said. We eventually talked ourselves into a game of marco polo and sharks and minnows, which aren’t really fun with two people. He then took me by utter surprise when he came over and grabbed my cock through my suit, giggling like a schoolgirl, and then tried to pull down my suit.

I swam away and looked at him not without letting him get a peek at my ass crack.
“Just what do you think you’re doing mister?” I asked.
“I’m trying to grab your weiner!” He said. “I saw you had it out before and now I’ll embarrass you!” he said giggling and taking another grab at it. These damn annoying kids!

He chased me for a while when my hormones told me this game could end in a fun way. My dick got stiff, and protruded as a large bulge in my shorts, at which Nick pointed at. I finally gave in. Nick swam over, for he was not as strong a swimmer as I was, and put his cold hands and little finger around my thick shaft and I stopped resisting. At the same time I reached down, and shoved my hand into his family jewels. I began rubbing his balls for about 10 seconds then we both stopped and were dead quiet. We stared at each other from 2 inches away.

I swooped down and sucked on his right nipple while he squealed in delight. That little creep pulled down my swimsuit, while I was vacuuming his tits, so I followed suit (pun?) and pulled off his. His eyes glowed at my package and I was able to stare at his little dick, it must have been four inches long and stiff, hanging on to it were balls just about to get hairy.

“Wow!” he said, “You have a big wiener!”
“Why do you want to touch my big floppy wiener?” I asked him. It was an honest question…all of a sudden this weird kid wanted me naked. Up until now I considered myself in a long bi-sexual streak. I wasn’t too thrilled about asking kids my age for sex, but if they wanted to they were going to get it!
“I’ve never held one before, and yours is huge!” he exclaimed.
“Yours will get that big too one day…” I said with a grin… “But I know how to make it longer!”
“Really?” he asked, “how?”

“First you have to catch me!” I yelped as I swam away from him. We both loved swimming around that pool naked as fishes with our dangling worms hanging out, and red ball sacks. His was still a stiff 4 inches, and mine was almost throbbing, at 6 and one half inches. My penis was significantly thicker than his, but I could tell he was well endowed for his age. His balls seemed they’d fit perfect in my mouth. Finally he caught me by the boner!

I put my entire hand on his wiener simultaneously as we swam to the steps to get in. I gave that kid the first handjob of his life. He gave a blank stare and started to moan, as his stiffy pointed straight up.
“It won’t really make it bigger Nick; it’ll make it feel really good but I’m not done yet!” I told him.
His thin fingers around my thick shaft were electrifying to my cock, and in minutes it was almost a full 7”. I didn’t even have to tell him, it felt great.

When he stopped, I stopped. He said, “I really have to go pee!”
A thought jumped into my head. Before he ran off into the woods I said, “Hey I have an idea!”
At that point I still thought watersports included synchronized swimming.
“I want you to piss all over me!” I said, but his eyes just grew ten sizes after I said that as he started to giggle again.

I got over on the grass and kneeled on the ground. My eyes were squinted, and my mouth was sort of open. He walked over, his package had gone down and his balls were bouncing. A yellow stream erupted from his dick, and his green eyes were staring at me in wonder. His stream hit my shoulder first, came across my bare chest and then he started to aim for my mouth! Well, at that time I was very close to exploding cum onto his hairless stomach and horny boys like me can do some really dedicated things. So I swallowed most of Nick’s pee and as he finished peeing his boner started to get hard again. It had grown to a full four inches and he had this look in his eyes.

He got closer to me and said, “Wait! I want to try this.” He said, as he shoved his balls into my hungry and wet mouth. I was being tea bagged by a 12 year old! I sucked his balls as hard as I could while he started to pant. I stopped perhaps 45 seconds before he jazzed into mid air. I was sitting on the ground, covered in cold pee. I sat him on his knees and took his whole 12 year old dick, throbbing red dick, and engulfed it, and shoved it deeper down my throat by grabbing his bare ass cheeks.

He cummed about 4 squirts into my mouth which I was surprised and I swallowed it all, and a little bit leaked down my chin.

There was one problem left, and that was my tree trunk of a cock…but we heard footsteps and a door closing. Nick and I grabbed our stuff and jumped into that pool before you could say “Buttsex!” the adults had come out and sat down. I talked to them as my boner, hidden by my suit, went the way of most hot air balloons after they land.

After more talking I decided I had to go to the bathroom, it was also a good time to get some food from the unguarded dining room table in the house, so I grabbed my towel bundle of jock strap and speedo and headed in. Besides I had to jack off.

The adults now were at the pool with Nick and I was in the house’s bathroom alone. I looked again at that box of condoms, there were so many I didn’t think any one would notice, so I took one, and was playing with it when I heard a knock on the door.

“I need to go pee again!” Nick said from the outside. How about that, the kid had come into here to play with his older cousin some more? My cock went from flaccid to full in two seconds, as I slipped the condom on.

“It’s my turn now,” I said to Nick. I had put some hand lotion all over my condom, and I asked Nick to get down on his knees. He complied.

“This might hurt at first,” I said, “but if it hurts too much let me know.”
There was something strange about how much that kid knew about buttsex compared to me. After holding my fingers in his ass for five minutes, I finally put the head of my cock in. His hole wasn’t as tight as I’d thought it to be, of course this was one of my first couple of times so I had no idea.

His ass felt so warm and moist, that I felt like I was in heaven, pushing in and out of his ass, as he started to moan, which made me even hungrier for sex. It was as if 20 fingers were massaging my cock and the 12 year old was moaning. We doggy style buttfucked for 10 glorious minutes, when I erupted 7 spurts up that kids ass. My cum rolled out of his ass and Nick just kneeled there for a while. I shoved a couple of pieces of toilet paper to pick up my jizz. Abruptly, while we were both naked, he got up and kissed me, with all of his spit entering my mouth and he grinded his stiffy against my belly. I guess he had gotten very hard again, and without a word I gulped up his cock and swirled the head like a lollipop. Three streams ran out and went down into my belly, stuffing my face.

“That was awesome!” I said, my mouth still in a residue of his sticky boy cum. “But,” I said, “where did you learn all those tricks?” I asked him.
Nick seemed nervous…he said one word, “Dad used to play with me, but I guess now you can.”
I cleaned him up, and we both headed back into the pool fast. We explained that we had been eating hoursdevours in the dining room and thought they were delicious, I said, “my meal was very tasty!” as I winked at Nick.

Eventually I helped arouse suspicion about Nick’s father, and the abuse stopped, and Nick was always grateful for me that I liberated him, which is weird because he sort of came on to me in the pool. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to meet Nick again in the future, we still had many woods to explore.

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