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This is guest writer story by Melanie

by Melanie Kay

I often arrive at my life class quite early. By doing this it is
possible to set up my easel and reserve one of my favourite positions in the
studio by fastening my paper to the drawing board. Frequently there is
till time to go next door into the cafeteria to buy a coffee and
perhaps chat with some of the other students.

On the day in question, I was alone and just sitting down to drink
my coffee when the door into the cafeteria opened. At first I could see
no one; then the head of a young girl appeared and looked hesitantly
around. I didn¹t know her so I just vaguely smiled in her direction. With
the briefest smile in return, she walked over to my table.

³Excuse me,² she said nervously, ³Can you tell me where the life
class is held?²

I pointed to the door on the other side of the cafeteria. ³It¹s
just out through that door, turn right and the door of the life studio is
right in front of you.²

She thanked me and followed my directions. A minute later she was
back again. ³Er. . . there doesn¹t seem to be anyone there,² she

³No, it¹s a bit early. I was first to arrive this morning. You¹re
new aren¹t you?²


³Well, just choose your position and set up your easel, ³ I

³Um . . . I¹m not a student. I¹m the model.²

³Oh, sorry,² I repled. ³I didn¹t realise that. You¹ll want to have
a word with David then. He¹s our instructor. He¹ll be along shortly.²

I indicated the chair on the other side of the small round table.
³Have a seat and grab a coffee while you¹re waiting.²

She sat down. ³I don¹t think I¹ll bother with a coffee. I¹ll just

³OK,² I replied. ³Come to think of it, David did tell us last week
that we¹d be having a new model today, but he didn¹t know who. What¹s
your name?²

³Abigail,² she replied.

³I¹m Melanie,² I returned. I noticed that she seemed rather
nervous and her thin small hands were clasped tightly into little fists
resting right on the edge of the table. It suddenly struck me that this
might be her first life modelling engagement, so I decided to help.

³This your first life modelling?² I asked.

³Yes,² she replied with a nervous laugh looking down at the table.
³It¹s the first modelling of any sort for me.²

³Are you nervous?²

She clasped her hands together and raised her eyes to look at me.
³Yes, I¹m very nervous. I don¹t know whether I¹ll be any good at it.²

³Belive me, I know exactly how you feel. I remember the first time
I did life modelling. I was scared stiff to think that a whole roomful
of students would be looking at me, completely naked.²

Abigail looked directly at me with surprised eyes. ³Yes, that¹s
just what I was thinking,² she said. ³You do life modelling too?²

³Well, I only do it occasionally when the model doesn¹t arrive.
But it doesn¹t worry me a bit now. Believe me, when the students are
drawing you, you might as well be a cabbage. All they are looking at is
your shape and the tones. We¹ve all seen so many naked girls on that
podium, the fact that you are nude doesn¹t mean a thing.²

This seemed to reassure her and her smile grew slightly more
expansive. She seemed to emerge from behind her defensive screen.

³Are you a student?² I asked.

³Yes, I started this week at the art college.²

I asked her where she lived and she told me that she had a small
room in a student house not very far from my own. While she was speaking
I was able to study her closely. She had a thin pale face with no
makeup and her blond hair was gathered up untidily behind her head as though
arranged in a rush. Her blue-green eyes were large and bright but had a
haunted look about them. She was huddled in a rough tweed coat that was
rather too large and had certainly seen better days.

She then looked directly at me as though she felt able to trust
me. ³Do you mind if I ask you something?²

³Not at all. Fire away.²

³Will I be paid in cash when I¹ve finished my modelling?²

I smiled at her intensity. ³Yes, just call in the office and the
Secretary will give you a small brown envelope. We pay cash in hand to
our models.²

³Oh, good.² She looked relieved but the intensity of her demeanour
did not vanish. Just then David breezed in through the door and I was
able to introduce him to Abigail. He glanced at his watch and asked her
to go into the studio.

I finished my coffee and a few minutes later I joined them.
Several more students had arrived and were busy getting their place set up.
I hung my jacket on the back of my chair and sat down to wait.

David briefly introduced Abigail to the class as she walked onto
the podium in her robe. She looked decidedly nervous, but as she caught
my eye, I winked at her and gave her the thumbs up sign which drew from
her a slight, nervous smile.

Looking at Abigail, David explained that we would start off with
several quick three-minute poses. She removed the clip from her hair,
took off her robe and stood there, naked. Her long blond hair cascaded
down her narrow back, then she turned to face in my direction. She had a
shy beauty I have rarely seen before. Her breasts were quite small but
were firm with pink delicate nipples. Her skin looked smooth and her
pussy was completely shaved. As she moved from pose to pose she reminded
me of a fragile butterfly that was trying to settle on a flower. She
had long slender legs and her rib cage showed quite clearly. I also
noticed that they had several bruises on them; there were also a few on her

I¹ll be honest. I was more than a little interested in Abigail.

We then had a long pose of some thirty minutes before the coffee
break. When it arrived, I went over to her. ³You were great!² I
enthused. I really enjoyed those quickie poses. Come and have a look. She put
her robe on as I led her over to my easel. ³See?² I said. ³You¹ve
inspired me!²

She looked at my drawings and, for the first time, she gave me a
real smile showing lovely white teeth. ³Oh, Melanie. They are good.
You¹ve flattered me.²

³I loved drawing every one of those. I¹m sure David will be
pleased. He¹ll probably book you up for the next month or two.²

Abigail suddenly stiffened and the smile disappeared. I didn¹t
know why at the time, but I wanted to cheer her up so I said I¹d buy her a
coffee. As we reached the door she almost stumbled and held on to the
door post for a second. As she looked at me I noticed how pale her face
was. The standing poses obviously hadn¹t helped her. I put my arm
around her thin waist and looked straight into her wide eyes.

³When did you last eat?² I asked.

She looked embarrassed at the question but I think its suddenness
made her answer truthfully. ³Dinnertime yesterday,² she replied looing
down at the floor.

I suddenly decided to take charge of her. ³Right! I¹ll not only
buy you a coffee but something to eat as well. I can¹t have my model
collapsing right in the middle of a gorgeous pose can I?² I tried to appear
flippant, but I was serious.

I told her to grab a table while I stood in the queue. I bought
her a coffee, a large meat pastie and a chocolate-covered roll. As I
placed them in front of her I said, ³Now, put some meat on your ribs.
You¹ll be easier to draw.²

She smiled as she tucked into the pastie. I could tell she hadn¹t
eaten for some time. ³This is lovely,² she said. Then she downed the
choc roll and finished the coffee.

³How do you feel now?² I asked.

³Full. Really full. Thanks Melanie. You¹re a real pal.² She
grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.²

I asked David if we could have one long reclining pose for the rest
of the session. He agreed. Abigail lay down on the podium with her head
resting on a large cushion. From my position I could see her face and
noticed that it now had a slight blush. I hoped the food and coffee had

When the session ended I took rather longer than usual to pack away
my things, then hung around waiting for Abigail to emerge from the
changing cubicle. I walked down to the office with her and waited while she
talked with the Secretary. A few minutes later she emerged with her
envelope. She checked the contents and half murmured, ³That¹ll do.² I
didn¹t attach any significance to the remark at the time.

As we turned to leave, we almost bumped into David as he came down
the stairs. ³Ah, Abigail, are you OK to model for us next week? You did
really well today. I¹ve heard a few complimentary remarks.²

Her reaction surprised me. She looked blankly at him and then
stammered, ³Er . . . um . . . I don¹t know whether I¹ll be able to. I . . .
I . . . just don¹t know.²

She moved towards the door and I followed. David called after us,
³Let me know tomorrow. Try to persuade her Melanie.²

Something about Abigail¹s behaviour alarmed me. It wasn¹t natural.
I decided that I needed to have a long chat with her. An idea occurred
to me. ³I¹m going to pick up a Chinese for my dinner. Would you care to
join me?²

She had that defensive look again. ³I . . . um . . . I need to do
some shopping,² she said.

³That¹s OK,² I returned. ³I¹ll come with you to do your shopping
and then we can get a Chinese.²

³No. I can¹t do that. Well . . . alright. I¹ll come to your place.
I can do my shopping later.²

We went to the Chinese and picked up a dinner for two. Abigail
seemed to relax a bit then. When we arrived at my house I invited her into
the kitchen and she helped me to get the dinner ready. While we sat at
the kitchen table I started my probing.

³And how did you enjoy your first life modelling session?² I asked.

She smiled as she said, ³Once I¹d been doing it for a few minutes,
I quite enjoyed it.²

³I thought so. You seemed a natural. You held all the poses really
well. I could tell that David was pleased too. He¹s a real dear, but he
doesn¹t pay compliments for nothing.²

³Yes, he was very kind,² she replied.

³One thing I noticed as you were posing,² I said, ³ was that you
had a few bruises on your ribs and on your legs. How did you get those?²

Abigail stopped eating and just looked down at the table. ³Oh, it¹s

³Something must have caused them,² I pursued. ³Have you had an
accident or something?²

My persistence paid off. She looked me quickly in the eyes. ³Do you
really want to know?² she asked.

³Of course I do.²

³You might think less of me.²

³Nonsense. Why should I?²

³OK I¹ll tell you. I got them at home.²

³At home?² I queried. ³But how?²

She looked sadly down at her plate and started playing with her
fork. ³I think it¹s usually referred to these days as Œchild abuse¹.

Now I stopped eating too. ³What!² I exploded. ³What do you mean?
How did it happen?²

³My dear mother.² She almost spat the words out.

³You mean your mother gave you all those bruises?² I said with some

³That¹s right.²

³But how did she do it, and why did she do it?²

Abigail put her hand up to her forehead as though shielding her
eyes. ³The way she always does it. By punching me and kicking me.² Then
she grew heated and looked at me. ³Why? She doesn¹t really need a reason,
but on the last occasion it was because she said I kept some of her
change when she sent me shopping. I didn¹t! I swear to you, I didn¹t. It
was just her way of picking on me. Just an excuse to hit me again.²

By now I was livid. How could anyone mistreat a sweet, vulnerable
kid like this. I just wanted to get hold of her mother and strangle her
with my bare hands. ³But, d¹you have a father?²

³He¹s my step-father².

³Didn¹t he try to stop her?²

³Oh yes, he tried. He always tries when he¹s there. Not that it did
him or me any good. She used to attack him as well. She threw boiling
chip oil over him on one accasion.²

I winced. ³What did he do?²

³He went to casualty and said he¹d had an accident.²

I could see that she was getting upset telling me about this, so I
went around the table and put my arms around her. ³But what about the
social workers? What about the police?¹ I pursued.

³They always believed my mother. Oh, she was so plausible and nice
with them. On one occasion my step-father phoned the police and told
them she¹d attacked him. When they arrived she said he¹d started it and
that he¹d been violent to her for years. The police believed her,
arrested my step-father and then she managed to get an exclusion order
against him to stop him living in the house.²

Abigail started to cry. I could hardly believe my ears. How could a
mother, of all people, be so cruel? She must have read my thoughts.
³You¹re surprised eh?² she asked. I nodded.

²I thought it was something unusual until I looked at a book
published by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
Their figures show that 64% of child abuse is by women.²

³What?² I held her closer in my arms. She was as taut as a violin
bow and was starting to shake.

I managed to calm her down and led her into the lounge where we
both sat on the settee. She then told me that as soon as she was old
enough she applied to go to art college as a way of getting out of her
mother¹s grasp. A grotty room in a student house was a better option for
her. She explained that the other three girls in the house were close
friends and didn¹t seem to want her there. She had felt utterly lonely and

I knew I had to do something. I remembered my training in
aromatherapy massage. ³Look. You need to unwind and relax. I¹ll run you a bath
with one of my favourite oil mixtures in it.² She just nodded.

I started to run the hot water and then mixed the oils. I put a new
towel on the radiator to warm it. When I returned to the lounge,
Abigail was walking around looking at my paintings. ³Are these yours?² she


³You¹re really good aren¹t you?² We talked about the paintings for
a little while. I thought it would help to calm her down.

³I expect your bath is ready now,² I said as I led her in the
direction of the bathroom. She stopped as she noticed a picture on my desk.
She picked it up and looked at it, then looked directly at me in some

³This . . . this is your wedding photograph?²


³Oh, I didn¹t know you were married. Not that I¹m surprised. What¹s
your husband¹s name?²


³He¹s working is he? When does he get home?² She put the picture
down and followed me.

³I don¹t know whether he¹ll be coming home,² I replied, and before
she could say another word, I added, ³Come and get in your bath and
I¹ll explain.²

As I watched her undress she had a much greater effect on me than
she¹d had just posing nude in the art class. She got into the bath, held
her hair above her head and lay back with her eyes closed.

³Mmmmm. . . This is lovely. What a gorgeous perfume! No one has ever
done this for me before. Thank you so much.²

³I think you need a bit of pampering,² I said. ³Let¹s take a look at
those bruises.²

I lifted her legs out of the water, one at a time, and ran my hands
gently over the blue patches on her wet legs. ³Let¹s see your ribs.²

She arched her back so that her ribs came out of the water. As I ran
my hands over her bruises I noticed that the nipples on her small
breasts were becoming erect. Things started to stir inside me. She opened
her eyes and looked directly at me.

³You said you were going to explain,² she said.

I sat on the side of the bath and started my story. ³Roger and I
were married four years ago. Both his mother and my mother are widows and
are now living in France. That is how I came to meet Roger. He is a
freelance typographic designer and has a good job designing for the
publishing trade: book adverts point-of-sale design and so forth. We were
very happy living here. I quite like the north of England. The folk are so
friendly. We bought this house and were very happy living here. We used
to drive down to France to visit our mothers. They live about 80 miles
apart but it meant we could visit both when we went over there.²

³Then, about two months ago Roger¹s mother fell ill. I won¹t go into
details but it was quite serious. We both visited a few times but this
took up a lot of time and Roger¹s work began to suffer. So he suggested
that we move to France and stay in his mother¹s house until she
recovered. With his type of work it means he is able to work anywhere and keep
in touch with his clients by phone and by supplying artwork on disks.
But for me it would have meant leaving my art training and earning money
with my commissions. Also I had just started writing erotic stories
which I was about to put on some internet sites I had seen. We had quite
an argument and I just refused to go with him.²

³It¹s not that Roger is the jealous sort. Perhaps I should explain,
Abigail, that I am bisexual and that he is quite prepared to accept
that. He realises that I need to spend some time with my female friends
just as he does with his male friends.² At this, Abigail¹s eyes opened
wide as she stared at me.

³Now you know the danger you¹re in. Naked and alone, in the bath of
a bi-woman.² I laughed.

³Well,² she replied, ³It would be a change for me to be loved by a
woman instead of being beaten up by one.² She smiled and closed her eyes
again. I carried on talking.

³I decided to go ahead and publish my erotic stories on the web. It
was rather ironic, because the webmasters all ask for a profile, so I
had a long debate with myself as to whether to say I was married or not,
so I finally decided to describe myself as Œbi¹. I started receiving a
great number of fan emails and was kept busy for hours answering them.
All this and my painting is keeping me fully occupied, which is no bad
thing as it stops me from having time to dwell on my half-married

³Do you sometimes think you will go to join your husband?² she

³An hour never passes without me thinking about it,² I replied. Just
lately I¹ve been thinking that I¹m being really selfish. How much of my
life is my own, and how much is Roger¹s?²

³It must be pulling you in two directions,² she said in a
sympathetic voice.

I looked at Abigail¹s small, vulnerable naked figure relaxing in my
bath and noticed that there was now some colour in her cheeks. Her pink
nipples just broke the surface of the water. I had never seen a more
sexy sight. I felt a definite stirring between my legs. I moved further
along the bath so that I was sitting close to her head. I put my hand on
the other side of the bath so that I was leaning over her. ³How do you
feel now?²

She opened her eyes and seemed startled to see me so close to her.
She arched her back again as she stretched her body. ³I can¹t remember
ever feeling so relaxed before,² she said in a dreamy voice.

I bent down further and kissed her lightly on the forehead. ³Time to
get out. But I haven¹t finished pampering you yet. Get dried, but
don¹t put your clothes on. Oh, and leave the water in the bath; you¹ll need
it later²

I left her in the bathroom while I went to the bedroom to get my
massage table and oil. It suddenly struck me that the last time I had
unfolded the table was when Roger and I had given each other a full erotic
massage. I looked at my favourite photograph of him which I kept on my
bedside cabinet. My longing for him surfaced yet again, together with a
feeling of guilt.

When I returned to the lounge I found Abigail standing there waiting
for me, completely naked. The bath had definitely put some colour into
her cheeks and her damp hair clung to her bare shoulders. She looked
alluring as she gave me a shy smile.

³Now, that¹s what I call a relaxed Abigail,² I commented. Her smile
broadened, so I went on, ³So, now, how about a nice relaxing massage?²

³Sounds good to me,² she replied.

I set up the massage table, covered it with a large bath towel and
patted it with my hand. ³OK then. Lie down on your tummy.² She got onto
the table and stretched out with her arms under her head.

I lifted her long blond hair off her back and let it rest around her
head like a halo. ³Don¹t want to get your hair covered with oil do we?²
I remarked.

I poured some oil on my hands and rubbed them together to get them
to the right temperature. As I did so, I decided not to get too heavy
with her first experience of my hands on her. I hoped this would be the
first of many such events. I decided to use my kiss-to-prepare method. I
remembered using this the first time I massaged Roger, and he loved it.
It involves just lightly kissing the part you are going to massage;
it¹s a kind of warning to your partner that the part kissed is next to be
massaged. They can then look forward with pleasurable expectation to
your next stage.

I gave her three light kisses along the back of her shoulders and
her neck, then I worked the oil across with my hands. I kneaded her
muscles right along to the edge of her shoulders and as I did so I kissed
her down the centre of her back; my hands followed, spreading the warm
oil. Abigail gave a quiet groan. ³Mmmmmmmm. . . Melanie that feels great
,² she muttered in a sleepy far-away voice. As I moved further down her
back I kissed both cheeks of her butt. To heighten her enjoyment I ran
one finger very lightly in a tiny circle right at the bottom of her
spine where her cleavage started. Her buttocks started to twitch and she
giggled. ³Oh! That tickles!² she said. I knew this was the reaction to
expect just before you turn someone on. But I must admit it was turning
me on as well.

I next kissed the back of each of her thighs eventually
concentrating on the backs of her knees. I used both hands on each thigh in turn
and described little circles at the backs of her knees which drew from
Abigail little moans of appreciation. Kisses on the backs of ner calves
eventually took me down to her ankles. I took one in each hand and
opened her legs so that her feet were about two feet apart. Then I worked
with both hands on each leg in turn swiftly from ankle to the inside top
of each thigh. The sighs of pleasure from Abigail told me that, without
any doubt, she was now getting aroused.

I bent down and whispered in her ear. ³How¹s that, my love?²

³Absolutley incredible,² she replied. ³I¹ve never had a massage

³So now you know what you¹ve been missing,² I said with a laugh.
³But so far you¹ve only had half a massage. Just turn over and I¹ll finish
you off.²

She turned over immediately. I arranged her hair over the end of
the table and placed her hands just abover her head. I noticed that her
face was quite flushed. Good! I evidently had not lost my touch.

Abigail¹s smile showed me just how much she was enjoying her first
massage experience. I thought I¹d better prepare her for what was to

³Just close your eyes, relax, and be prepared, in part two, to be
seduced by a terrible bi-woman,² I threatened in mock heroic voice as I
rubbed more oil into my palms.

She chuckled happily. ³If it¹s as good as part one, I shall
thoroughly enjoy it.²

I bent over her and lightly kissed her closed eyes, the tip of her
nose and her slightly open mouth. I followed this with a light facial
massage. As I slowly drew one finger across her lips, I bent down and
kissed her nipples. Now, some of my friends say I have a predilection for
hard nipples. I always correct them and say it¹s not a predilection but
a prediLICKtion - if you know what I mean! One of the treasures on my
computer is a file containing photographs of friends displaying a
gorgeous collection of erect nipples. You¹ll have to take my word for it,
because the title of the file is ŒFor my eyes only¹. I had the feeling
that some pics of Abigail would shortly be included in it.

I used both hands on each of her small breasts in turn placing a
thumb on each side and running it up to her nipples and squeezing them
upwards between my thumbs, then back down again. I moved my thumbs around
about an inch and repeating the process like the spokes of a cartwheel
and by the time I had finished, her nipples were sticking out like
little organ stops - just as I like them. Abigail¹s moans and her arching
back assured me that she was really enjoying my ministrations, and my
moistening pussy assured me that I was riding alongside her.

My kisses then flowed down her abdomen and on to her flat tummy
which I followed with oily hands and, as I explored her navel with one
finger, my lips attended to her smooth slim thighs and the insides of her
knees. As I reached her ankles, once again I took hold of them and
pulled her legs apart - wide apart. I slowly spread the oil right up the
insides of her legs and, as I did so, I bent forward and placed my eager
lips around the open moist lips of her vagina. A light kiss on her
erect clitoris told her what to expect next.

I placed my thumbs at the base of her moist vagina lips and worked
outwards in small circles gradually moving upwards. When I reached her
clitoris I held it briefly between my thumbs before spreading then
along the hood and then back again. A sweep around her outer well-spread
lips took me back down, and once more I started circling upwards. I
noticed this was having the effect I hoped for as her juice started running
down and her thigh muscles grew taught as she pointed her toes down the
table. After several minutes of this, Abigail started to pant and I
noticed her mouth was open as she gasped from time to time.

Then I decided it was time to stop the massage and get her to
climax, so I thrust two fingers inside her vagina and at the same time
started slow licking movements on her clitoris. Gradually I increased the
pace which drew a series of ³Ahs!² and ³Ohs!² from Abigail which got
quicker and quicker. Then she pushed her head back onto her arms and arched
her back in a quick cry of pleasure as she experienced what she later
told me was the most fantastic orgasm of her life.

I pulled the towel around her and went into the bathroom to run
some extra hot water. When I returned, Abigail was lying motionless. She
opened her eyes as I approached. ³Time to wash that oil off,² I said.
She swung her legs off the table and we went into the bathroom. She
dropped the towel and got into the bath.

³D¹you mind if I join you?² I asked.

³I¹d love it!² she returned with some enthusiasm.

Thirty seconds later we were both naked and locked in each others
arms. She gave me a long, intense kiss and said, ³Thanks a million
Melanie. That was the experience of a lifetime!²

³My intimate friends call me Mel,² I said.

³And the few close friends I have call me Abby,² she replied.

³Well, we can¹t be any closer than this can we?² I murmured as I
hugged her naked wet body close to me.

³The closer the better,² she replied.

At my suggestion, we dried each other and then we got dressed. I
made a pot of tea and some sandwiches and we sat close together on the
settee chatting as though we¹d known each other for years. Abby stood up
and looked at her watch. ³Gosh! Doesn¹t time fly when you¹re enjoying
yourself?² she said.

When I also stood up, she drew closer to me and put her slight arms
around my neck. I noticed tears start to well up in her wide eyes.
³Thanks Mel! Thanks for saving my life!²

I gave a little laugh. ³Eh? A bit of food, some chat and a massage?
I don¹t really think that can be called Œsaving your life¹.²

Abby¹s face puckered up and the tears flowed freely down her
delicate face. She held me close in a firm grip and put her head by the side
of mine. ³Yes it can! Yes it can! You see, the reason I came to model
today was just to get the money. On the way back I was going to go to
the chemist¹s to buy an overdose, and when I got back to my room, God
forgive me, I was going to end it all.²

After this outburst she sobbed uncontrollably. I could feel her
body shaking against mine. I lifted her head back and looked at her
tear-stained face. ³What! You were actually going to . . .²

³Yes!² she broke in. ³I was going to end my life. But you stopped
me Mel. Your kindness stopped me.²

By this time, the tears were streaming down my cheeks as well. We
both hugged each other as though we would never let go. ³My God!² I
blurted out. I almost lost you.²

Then a few things which had passed earlier in the day fell into
place with new meaning. ³So that¹s why, when David asked you to model for
us next week, you said . . .²

³Yes,² she broke in. ³I thought I would no longer be alive.²

I dried my eyes with my handkerchief and then dried Abby¹s. I
looked seriously deep into her eyes and said, ³So, can you model for us next

³I¹d love to,² she replied. ³I¹ll phone David first thing tomorrow

³No you won¹t,² I replied with some vigour. ³You¹ll phone him right
now. there¹s a phone over there.² I dialled the number, gave her the
phone and listened while she told David that she would be available for
modelling next week.

When we reached my front door, Abby turned to say goodbye. I took
her face in both my hands and said, ³I want you to promise me something
Abby. If ever you get into a state like that again, you¹ll run straight
over here to see me.²

³I will, Mel. I will. You can rely on it.² And I knew I could.

She turned to go. ³Oh, there¹s just one other thing,² I said. ³When
you model for us next week, how about coming back here for something to

³Mmmm. Yesss!² she replied.

³OK,² I added. ³We¹ll make it supper and breakfast.²

She laughed as my meaning drove home. ³Now that is something I
would really love.²

I waved goodbye with a parting remark: ³And all you need to bring
is your toothbrush!²


2006-01-17 06:10:48


2005-10-16 16:27:31
This is one of the most plausible "true" stories I've read on this site. The dialogue was great, they didn't have sex instantly, and the deions were concise and very effective. The sex was so sweet. It's not too often that there's a good story about caring sex here. Thanks.


2005-03-23 22:16:12
wow nice story n send me some pictures if u can 10/10


2005-03-14 14:21:48
Nicely done! It's a pleasure to read someone who knows the difference between your and you're, and who can write clear sentences with correct grammer. Good story, interestingly erotic. Keep writing.


2004-10-28 21:04:52
I loved this story even if is Fiction, you must be a very caring person. I gave it a 10, and much appreciation. Thank You

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