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“Mr. Kleister?” Kelly said as she knocked gently “Mr. Kleister?” he heard someone say through
on her history teacher’s door. As she walked his open office door. He looked up to see one
through the ajar door, she wondered how it had of his students slowly enter his office. Kelly
come to this. She should have realized after Branson he remembered. An attractive
the first paper that comparative history was not engineering student he’d just given a poor
the class for her and gotten out before it was grade to on her last assignment. Even though
too late. Now her engineering degree was at she was attentive in class, she really struggled
risk over this humanities requirement. on assignments.

As she closed the door behind her, making Jim watched as she closed his office door,
sure that the latch caught, she wondered if she making sure the latch caught. As she turned
had the nerve to go through with this. It back towards him, he couldn’t help but notice
seemed so easy when she was getting that her blouse was open one more button than
dressed in her dorm room. Trying to mask her seemed appropriate. Shaking the thoughts
nerves, she stepped towards his desk and from his head, she asked, “Can I talk to you
asked, “Can I talk to you about my grade?” about my grade?”

“How can I help?” she heard him ask as he “How can I help?” he asked her as he stood up
stood up from his desk. Even though she from his desk. He saw a look of uncertainty run
heard all of the gossip from the other girls, she across her face for a moment. There were
was thinking that this can’t work. After all, she always the stories about students making
didn’t actually know anyone who personally got passes at their teachers, but in his ten years of
away with it. However, she’d come this far; she teaching it had never happened to him. Maybe
couldn’t turn back now. those weren’t just stories.

Kelly walked up next to her professor. “I thought He watched her step next to him saying, “I
we might work something out,” she said as she thought we might work something out.” His
leaned forward. It could be worse, she thought. eyes played over the tops of her breasts that
While Mr. Kleister was in his forties, he seemed were exposed when she leaned forward
in good shape and had vitality about him. towards him. Kelly was one of the prettier
She’d suffered through worse on some of her students in his class and his body was
bad dates in high school. responding to her charms.

Kelly noticed the way his eyes scanned over her His gaze travelled from her breasts down to
body. She hoped that he was reading him where her long legs emerged from underneath
correctly and stepped next to him. Her lips a loose skirt. As he appreciated the beauty in
reached up seeking his, joining in a kiss. At front of him, she stepped next to him, her lips
first, she felt no reaction from him, but as she seeking out his own. He was too shocked to
felt him kiss her back, she probed her tongue react at first, but quickly relaxed, inviting her
into his mouth, meeting his in a dance of tongue into his mouth to dance with his own.

As their kiss continued, Kelly placed her hands As their kiss continued, he felt her hands
on his chest and leaned into him. She was running up his chest as she leaned her weight
surprised at how firm his chest felt under her. against him. Hoping it was late enough in the
For the first time, she felt that this might be day that nobody would discover them, he
more than just a chore to her. When she felt wrapped his arms around his student, cupping
his hands reach around her to cup her ass, she her ass checks. They felt so soft and supple in
felt a wave of relief rush through her as she his palms as he massaged her rear. His
knew that this was going to work. She pressed hands slid up the material of her skirt, allowing
tighter against him as the passion rose in her. his fingers to touch the silky fabric of her

She heard him whisper, “Hold on,” and felt him He gripped her rear and whispered, “Hold on,”
grab her rear tighter. Kelly wrapped her arms as he lifted her into his arms. As her arms
around his chest and jumped as he lifted her wrapped around him, he could feel her
into his arms. When she wrapped her legs generous breasts press against his chest. He
around his body, she found feel his cock glanced down and could see the pressure was
growing in his pants, pushing against her squeezing her breasts up and out of her
groin. The feeling inflamed her and she started blouse, exposing them more and more to his
grinding her pussy against his bulge. gaze. His hunger for this young student’s body

She felt herself being carried back towards the He slowly walked backwards, carrying Kelly in
large leather couch at the side of his office. his arms until he reached the large leather
She was gently lowered into his lap as he sat couch against the wall of his office. He gently
down, her arms still around his neck and her sat down on the couch, gracefully placing Kelly
legs straddling his lap. As she met his gaze, in his lap, his hands still rubbing her panties
she realized that this was her last chance to under her skirt. As he met her gaze, he realized
back out. As she saw the passion in her that this was his last chance to stop this. He
professor’s face, she realized that this wasn’t could not deny the passion this young student
just about her class grade, but about fulfilling aroused in him and it was well worth the risk of
her own passions as well. being caught.

Kelly ran her hands down his chest towards his Jim slid his hands from her rear, sliding them
crotch. Her hands quickly found the zipper up her chest to cup her breasts. His hands
holding his pants closed and lowered it. She moved to unbutton the remaining buttons
reached in, pushed his briefs out of her way, keeping them confined. He found his hands as
and found the cock that she was seeking. As unsteady as a teenage virgin but managed to
she felt him start to explore her breasts, she release them all. As he felt his member being
pulled his cock free of his pants so that it was released from his pants, he pulled the shirt off
sticking straight up in front of her. She could Kelly’s body, tossing it to the floor behind. His
feel the soft hardness of his member and the hands returned to her front, enclosing the soft
moisture already oozing from its tip. As she ran mounds held in place by only a black lacy bra.
her hands up and down its length, she could As he squeezed the flesh in his hands, he
feel his hips twitching in time to her strokes. could feel her push them deeper into his grasp.

Suddenly she felt herself being pushed down He grasped Kelly firmly around her back and lay
onto her back and she saw Mr. Kleister her down along the length of the couch. He
kneeling over her. As he unclasped her bra moved over her form, his hands easily removed
and bent down to take her breasts in his hands her bra allowing her breasts to spill out. He
and mouth, her hands unbuckled the belt took the two globes in his hands, holding them
around his waist and she pushed his pants together as he bent down to suck on her
and boxers down to his ankles. The member nipples. As he remarked how supple the young
she could feel brushing against her thighs was flesh was in his hands, he could feel his pants
just as hot as the fire that was building in her being lowered and his cock released.

As his licking continued, she could feel her As he continued licking on her hardening
nipples becoming harder and more sensitive. nipples, one of his hands ran down her belly,
She felt a hand move down to her pussy, flipping her skirt out of its way, and tracing his
tracing the outline through her panties under finger along the outline of her pussy. He could
her skirt. She ground her pussy in time with his feel the moisture already soaking through the
hand, feeling a surge of pleasure whenever the thin panties as he traced around her hole in
tip of her clit was brushed. She knew she was circles and could feel that Kelly was squirming
very wet and ready for him. under his touch in time with him.

“Are you safe?” she heard him whisper quietly “Are you safe?” he whispered in Kelly’s ear as
into her ear and she felt her panties being he hooked his fingers inside the band of her
lowered down her legs. She suddenly felt a panties and lowered them down her legs.
rush of emotion towards her professor that he Frolicking with a student, even as a trade for a
would be so considerate to think of such things. passing grade, was one thing, but he knew if
Most boys want nothing more than to get their he actually got a student of his pregnant, it
cock inside her without considering the would be almost impossible to hide and would
consequences. Because of those same boys, definitely end his career. He didn’t like
she had been on the pill since she was 15 and condoms, but he didn’t want to take any
nodded to Mr. Kleister that it was safe to chances. His relief was tangible when she
continue. nodded yes to his question.

Kelly waited with anticipation as Mr. Kleister Jim moved into position over Kelly. He grabbed
positioned himself over her. She felt his cock his cock and positioned it over her exposed
brush against the outside of her pussy pussy. He could feel the heat and slickness of
generating sparks of excitement in her. When her opening against his cock. When he felt it
she felt it in position, she pushed up her body was in position, he pushed down, sliding its
and felt his cock slide deep inside her. She length deep inside her. He was excited by the
was engulfed by the feeling of fullness and only tightness as his cock was squeezed by her
the knowledge that she needed to be quiet to tight pussy and only the need to be quiet to
avoid being caught kept her from screaming out avoid being caught kept him from moaning out
in ecstasy. in pleasure.

Pausing only for a moment to get used to the Pausing only for a moment to get used to the
fullness, Kelly relaxed her hips back down, snugness, Jim grabbed Kelly’s hips with his
allowing the cock to slide its way back out. The hands and pushed her down as he lifted his
absent feeling that the withdrawal left was cock up and out of her pussy. He savored the
quickly replaced with fullness again when she way her pussy pulled as his cock as he
jammed her hips back up to meet his, filling her withdrew and when he was almost all of the
pussy again with his cock. Her hands grabbed way out, he pulled at her hips, pushing his cock
at his butt, pulling him deeper inside her, back inside. With each thrust, he could feel his
matching her thrusts upward, increasing the cock push deeper and deeper inside,
pace of her penetration. increasing in speed with each thrust.

With each thrust she made, she felt the fire of With each thrust he made, he felt the familiar
release growing hotter in her groin. Every time tingling sensation growing in his balls. Every
swallowed his cock inside her, feeling the time his cock penetrated inside her, he felt the
length push against her cervix and his pubic heat and the pressure enflame his cock, and
bone grind against her clit, the fire was stoked his balls, aching for release, slapping against
hotter and hotter. She grunted with each push, her butt. He grunted with each push, trying to
trying to stay quiet and contain her excitement. stay quiet and contain his excitement.

Finally, she could contain her climax no longer. Finally, he could contain his climax no longer.
One last time, she thrust up with her hips, One last time, he thrust down with his cock,
pulling him as deep inside as she could. All of pushing inside her as deeply as he could. All
the pent up energy released itself in one burst, of the pent up energy released itself as his
flooding her with the fire of a large orgasm. burst of cum raced down his cock flooding her
She felt her entire body quiver as the energy pussy. As he held himself deep inside her,
rushed from her pussy, up her spine, and out to wave after wave of release flowed out of him,
her extremities. filling her up.

As she relaxed from her climax, she realized As he relaxed from his climax, he realized that
that her release caused her teacher to climax his released caused his student to climax
inside her. As she released her grip and pulled under him. As he released his grip and
away, she could feel some of his juices flow out withdrew from her, he saw that his juices
of her and onto the sofa. She met her teacher’s overflowed her pussy and spilled out onto the
gaze and smiled warmly. sofa. He met his student’s gaze and smiled

As Kelly stood up and got dressed, no words As Jim pulled his pants back on, no words
were exchanged. They merely traded glances were exchanged. They merely traded glances
as she walked out of his office. as he watched her walk out of his office.

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