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Four friends escape Skull Island. . . and find new relationships building between them.
It Started On Skull Island - Chapter 3

Brian Whatcom and Ted Campbell sat quietly in the early afternoon shade, relaxing sore and tired muscles. They’d spent most of the morning taking stock of the damage to their sailboats after being swamped or overturned by a storm out on the lake two days earlier. Brian’s craft would need a new mast and rigging, plus some fibreglass repairs to the hull. Ted had fared a little better, but would need a new mainsail before he could use the boat again. Like Brian’s, his hull would also need some cosmetic attention.

Enjoying the summer sunshine, the boys felt a nap coming on. They’d been working on the sailboats since eight o’clock, and the warmth of the sun soothed their tired muscles. Suddenly, a shadow blocked that warmth, and Brian opened his eyes to see the shape of a young female. He squinted enough to see that it was his girlfriend, Marsha Middleton, accompanied by Ted’s girlfriend Denise McCurdy.

“Hey, you two slackers,” Marsha teased, “get off your lazy asses, and let’s get back to work. How are we supposed to learn how to sail if you guys just sleep all day?” She squatted down beside Brian, kissing him softly but passionately, her tongue snaking between his lips and dancing around inside his mouth. He reached up to caress the back of her head, pulling her closer to himself. Marsha moaned suggestively at her boyfriend’s attentions.

“Oh for God’s sake, would you two go get a . . . “ Ted started to tease the two lovers. His cryptic comment was cut off as Denise covered his lips with hers. She held him to her, pulling his head tightly to her lips, muffling the sounds of his cynical comments. He gave up trying to be a smart-ass and relaxed in the warmth and enjoyment of Denise’s affections.

Marsha broke their kiss, and slowly opened her eyes, gazing at her boyfriend’s smiling face as he savoured the happiness she invoked in his soul. He held her gaze for several seconds.

“Dennie, I owe you one, for getting Mr. Motor-mouth to shut up” Brian offered. “It’s bad enough that we both missed you two girls. I can do with out his smart-mouthed bravado, thank you very much.”

Releasing Ted from her lip-locking kiss, Denise muttered something to him that sounded like a private intimate comment before responding to Brian’s thank-you.

“Yeah, he does tend to be a bit of an asshole, sometimes, doesn’t he? But that stupid mouth of his needed something to keep it occupied, and it makes a great excuse for a deep kiss” she returned.

“So,” Brian inquired, “did you two come down here to help, or to take our minds off our work? We won’t get a damned thing accomplished if all you have in mind is sex, you know. Not that I’d say ‘No’, but the open deck of this marina isn’t exactly the ideal place to have an orgy. And if we’re going to spend the day doing something other than getting these boats back in shape, might I suggest that we take Ted’s advice, and go get a room somewhere?”

“Mmm,” Marsha injected, “I like the sounds of that! I could quite happily relive that night on Hansen’s boat with you two guys! God, just thinking about some of it is making my panties all wet!”

“Yeah, that really was something else, wasn’t it?” Ted put in. “It’s all I’ve been able to think of for the last day, and every time I do, I get a hard-on! Then I remember how Dennie sucked me, and I almost cream in my shorts, every time!”

“Yeah, so I see” Denise observed, her eyes glazing over as she caught sight of the bulge in Ted’s work-pants.. “It looks like you’ve got one now, too. We could slip into that work shed over there, and I’ll do something about it for you. After that night, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of sucking your cock! Mmm, just thinking about licking your shaft is making my pussy wet!” She stood up and showed Ted the crotch of her white linen shorts, and the growing discolouration that her oozing juices were creating.

“Now who needs to go get a room?” Brian asked, the brazen show that Denise was putting on affecting him, too. “Buddy, I think our work here is done for the day. What say we scoot out to Memorial Grove and go swimming for the afternoon? These two little minxes are giving me a throbbing hard-on with all their talk. Let’s see if they can put up, before I have to tell them to shut up!”

Marsha gave Brian’s shoulder a slap, sneering at him with mock indignation. That look lasted all of eight seconds before she relaxed, then suggested that they either get to work, or go swimming at the Grove. Ted was all for it, but Brian had reservations.

“Look, we’ve still got to deal with Old Man Hansen, and it would help if we all got our story straight first. I’d tell him that somebody was using his boat to show off to someone onboard, and they swamped us. Then later, when we got to shore, we found the boat just drifting, with no one around. All we wanted was to return his speedboat, and get back home ourselves” Brian went on as he concocted a plausible tale. “Oh, and I might even mention that his cockpit reeks of what smells like booze and sex. I’m not mentioning Skull Island, though, unless he specifically asks.”

“Has anyone told the Lake Patrol people where Jeff was?” Ted inquired.

“I know I haven’t” Brian replied. “Have either of you two girls called the Patrol yet, out of curiosity?” Marsha looked at Denise, who shook her head, before answering.

“Not us. Why would we want to see Jeff Hansen rescued? After what he tried to do to Dennie, I’d like to see the bastard rot out there first!” Marsha growled, the anger in her voice reflected in her eyes.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Ted spoke in anger, “but we should let someone know. After all, if we press charges against him, they’ve got to pick him up to answer them. Otherwise, the whole thing will get thrown out, and we’ll be right where Lucy Rasmussen is. How the hell that girl could let a slime-ball like Jeff off the hook like that is beyond me.”

“Actually, I’d like to talk to Lucy” Brian mentioned. “If we could convince her to testify for us, and tell of what really happened to her, maybe they’d throw Hansen in the can for a good, long time. But we’ll have to get her on our side first. Any ideas?”

The three teens looked pensive for a few moments before Denise came up with a possible idea.

“Brian, you know Roger Wilson, don’t you?” Denise inquired. Brian knew him, but not well. However, if Denise had an idea, he was quite willing to hear it.

“Yeah, I know Roger, on a casual basis. Why? What did you have in mind, Dennie?”

“Well, Lucy had a thing for Roger a while back, I think. If you could convince Roger to take Lucy out a couple of times, we could all chum around, and give her something she seems to really need. A bunch of friends, and maybe even a decent boyfriend.” The other three looked at Denise like she’d lost her marbles. “Oh come on, you guys!” Denise reacted. “Lucy’s actually a hell of a nice girl. She’s just shy, and I don’t think the stories about her and Hansen are helping either her self-esteem, or her reputation. I mean, what if it was me in her position? Would you guys just leave me to wallow in pain, feeling disgusted with myself because some animal like Jeff tried to rape me? I don’t think so! I think we owe Lucy some support, if for no other reason than she’s in our class at school.”

“What make you think she’d want to hang around with us?” Marsha wanted to know. “It’s not like we’ve ever been good friends with her. She’s not stupid, and she’ll figure out that we’re trying to get her to spill her guts as soon as the subject of rape comes up.”

“That’s where Roger comes in,” Denise continued, “because if we can get him to talk Lucy into opening up about it, she’ll figure he’s just trying to be helpful, and knowing Roger the little I do, she’ll probably be right. That’s why I thought of him.” Brian considered Denise’s suggestion for a couple of minutes, realizing that she had a good argument.

“Yeah,” he finally proclaimed, “I think you might be right, Dennie. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Lucy and Roger don’t actually hit it off? The four of us can still be there to support her, right? Or maybe she and Roger will get together, but Lucy still won’t spill. We’ll at least have had something to do with their getting together, and maybe we’ll all end up being good friends anyway. I’ll give Roger a call, and talk to him. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

“Good. I’m glad that’s settled” Marsha piped up. “Now, are you two guys going to take us out to the Grove, or are we going to do you right here at the marina?” The lustful gleam in her eye said that nothing more would be happening with either sailboat that day.

“Typical females” Ted groaned. “Whatever they want, they always want it yesterday!”

“Not true” Denise replied. “We both had it yesterday, and it was so good, we want it again today!” Her comment brought gales of laughter to all four teens.

An hour later and the four were on their way to Memorial Grove. Brian decided that their outing would be as good a time to bring Lucy into their little group as any. He called her up on his phone as they went.

“Lucy?” he asked when she answered her phone. “It’s Brian Whatcom calling. We’re on our way over to Memorial Grove, and wondered if you’d like to join us . . . Well, there’s me, Marsha Middleton, Denise McCurdy, and Ted Campbell, so far. The girls wanted me to invite you along, and Roger Wilson, if I can get hold of him . . . yeah, it’s sort of a ‘School’s Out’ party . . . just the six of us, so far . . . you would . . . great! I’ll call Roger and see if he can come too. Do you need a ride out . . . okay, how about if I get Roger to pick you up and we’ll see you there . . . oh, and if I can’t get hold of Roger, I’ll come over and pick you up myself. Matter of fact, I’ll call you back and let you know, one way or the other . . . Excellent! See you in a bit.”

Brian’s call to Roger yielded the same result, and Roger was more than willing to pick Lucy up. He returned a call to Lucy and let her know the score. Feeling pleased with himself, he wrapped an arm around Marsha’s shoulders as he drove towards the Grove park. Roger and Lucy joined then about a half hour later.

The enlarged group all took off for the water, playing and splashing as the guys challenged the girls to water polo. Despite their bravado, the guys got their asses kicked as the girls won three consecutive games. Feeling a little like underdogs, the guys then challenged the girls to volleyball. The scores were al little closer, but the girls still won by a handy margin. Tired, hungry, and thirsty, they all retired to the beach blankets that Brian kept in the trunk of his old car. Ted and Denise paired off, as could be expected, and Marsha sat as close to Brian as she could. They went out of their way not to make their new acquaintances feel left out, almost encouraging Roger to make some kind of move to show Lucy that he felt attracted to her. By the look on his face, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

“You know,” Denise began to comment to Lucy and Roger, “you two make a cute-looking couple” Lucy’s expression instantly changed to one of fear, and she jumped up and began running down the beach. “What? What did I say wrong?” Denise quizzed the other four. Before they could answer, she was up and running after Lucy, screaming for her to stop. When Lucy ignored her pleas, Denise put on a burst of speed, finally catching up with the scared young teen and grabbing her arm in an effort to stop her flight.

“Lucy? What’s wrong? Why’d you run off like that?” Denise wanted to know.

“Because . . . because Roger and I aren’t a couple, and probably never will be. No one would want a girl like me! No one! Why did you even ask me out here this afternoon anyway? Were you feeling guilty? Or was it pity? Pity for the stupid girl that got herself raped? And why Roger? Is it because you thought you’d do him a favour and find him a girl with a loose reputation? Fuck you, Denise McCurdy! Go fuck yourself! Just leave me alone!”, and Lucy covered her face with her hands, attempting to hide the tears that had started to run down her cheeks.

“Lucy, it’s nothing like that!” Denise almost screamed. Gaining control of her emotions, she continued. “Listen, no one here is judging you for anything. And that crap about a reputation because you were raped is just a load of bullshit! I knew you were interested in Roger, and we decided that having a party out here would be a good way to celebrate the beginning of summer. We put two and two together, and figured we’d see if Roger felt like we do.” Denise paused to catch her breath before continuing.

“Listen, Lucy, no one thinks anything bad about you for what happened. We were all a little disappointed when you wouldn’t testify, but that’s in the past. Look, there’s four people back on that beach that would really like to be your friends, and there’s another one standing in front of you. So how about you quit feeling sorry for yourself and come join us? If anyone should feel guilty, it’s me, for not being a better friend when the rumours were flying. For that, I really do apologize, from the bottom of my heart.” Denise stuck her hand out as a peace offering, and when Lucy tentatively accepted the handshake, Dennie pulled her new-found friend close in a warm and welcoming hug. “Friends?” she asked.

“Umm, yeah. Friends” Lucy replied, a smile spreading across her face. “Oh, and Denise? Thanks. I think I’ve needed this for a long, long time.” The two slowly walked back towards the blanket. Half way there, Roger ran up to them, a look of concern on his face.

“Lucy, you okay?” he wanted to know. “Geez, when you took off like that, I didn’t know whether to follow or not. I guess I should have, and I’m sorry. It did make me realize, though, that I’ve wanted to get to know you for almost the whole of last year. I guess I was as scared of you as you seem to have been of me.” Lucy looked deep into Roger’s eyes, and saw something that she hadn’t realized before. Roger Wilson, the boy she’d had a crush on for as long as she could remember, was genuinely concerned about her, Lucy Rasmussen. Despite being with the girl that had chickened out in court, he really showed a special ‘something’ in his face, and her heart felt like it skipped several beats.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Roger. But thanks for asking, and for caring. Denise tried to explain why we were invited here, and I think I owe her an apology for jumping to conclusions. Maybe what I need is some friends, real friends, that actually give a damn. It feels like a long time since I let anyone be my friend. Some day, maybe, I’ll be able to talk about it. But for now, let’s all just have some fun together and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Would that be okay?”

“Sure would” Denise and Roger said in unison, then Roger added, “as long as you’ll help me whomp these brats at a return match of volleyball. I think we need to reorganize the teams. Too bad there isn’t another couple . . . “ and he paused, realizing the gaff he’d just made, “I mean . . . umm . . . well, you know what I mean. We need two more people to even the teams out. A boy and a girl would work perfectly, though, wouldn’t it?” Both girls began to laugh, and Lucy clasped Roger’s arm with both hands, clinging to him with a feeling of hope that she hadn’t allowed herself for so long.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Lucy giggled, “ and you’re right. Another couple would make things easier, especially if you and I are going to kick these swamp rat’s asses!” Denise started to sprint back to the blanket, and the trio of close friends. When she got back, she plunked herself down next to Ted, and joined the other three as they watched Roger and Lucy making eyes at each other, almost lost in a world of their own.

“Looks like your idea paid off,” Marsha whispered to her friend, “I think I see some sparks starting between those two.” The foursome all smiled at the observation, and continued to survey the newly-forming couple while remembering their own romantic beginnings.

Returning to join their new-found friends, Roger and Lucy sat down, with Lucy sitting a lot closer to him than she’d sat with anyone since the assault. She felt comfortable in his presence, and she realized that this was the first time she’d actually had fun in a very long time.

“Okay, we need another couple right about now,” Roger announced, “because Lucy and I are planning to kick your asses at volleyball. Any ideas?” The four teens began to laugh while trying to think of who they might get to join in the game. “Hey, there’s a couple over there that might be interested” Denise said as she pointed towards two teens that they didn’t recognize. “I wonder if they’re from around here. I don’t remember seeing them before, but I’ll go over and ask if they want to play, okay?” Everyone nodded their approval, and Dennie made her way to the couple. She introduced herself, invited them to join in, and found out that they were just moving into the area. The idea of making new fiends so soon seemed to appeal to everyone, and introductions were made. The new couple were Sally Bernhardt and Dwayne Hislop.

The game was a lot closer the second time, with Dwayne and Sally playing with Lucy and Roger, while Brian, Marsha, Ted, and Denise were on the other side of the net. The final score ended up one point apart. Lucy and Roger cheered their victory, and the three couples made plans for dinner back in town. Unfortunately, Sally and Dwayne had to get back to town because of previously-made plans.

“I’d better call my Dad,” Lucy mentioned, “before he starts to get worried. Roger, can I use your phone?” Roger handed his cell phone to her, and she made the call.

“Dad?” she started. “I’m out at Memorial Grove with some friends from school. We’re going to grab something to eat, and then I don’t know what’s happening for the rest of the evening . . . yeah, I’m fine. Actually, I’m better than fine. I haven’t felt this happy since . . . yeah, I won’t be too late . . . no, I left mine at home. You could call me on this number, if you’re worried . . . it’s Roger Wilson’s phone . . . yeah, there’s six of us. Brian Whatcom, Ted Campbell, Marsha Middleton, Denise McCurdy, and Roger Wilson . . . yeah, Brian’s Dad works at Lake Patrol, I think . . . I’m not sure, so leave the front light on for me . . . yes, I will . . . I love you too, Dad. See you in the morning . . . bye.”

Lucy handed the phone back to Roger, thanking him as she did so. They followed Brian’s car back into town, arranging a meeting at the local burger stand.

Brian realized that he needed to call his parents, too, and dialled the number.

“Hi Mom. We’re just heading back from Memorial Grove, and we’ll grab something in town . . . no, Ted, Marsha and Denise are with me, and Lucy Rasmussen is with us, too. So is Roger Wilson . . . we got some work done, but the girls wanted to go swimming at the Grove . . . umm, not sure how late we’ll be . . . yes, I’ll try not to make too much noise . . . no, I haven’t. I’d like to talk to him in the morning, if he’s not too busy . . . yeah, I know he has to work tomorrow. I can find my way down to the Patrol office, ya know . . . let me talk to Dad first, then I’ll fill you in . . . okay, Mom . . . love you too . . . night.”

“Everything okay, Baby?” Marsha asked. “Your parents seem like pretty decent folks.”

“Yeah, they are. I wanted to talk to Dad this afternoon, but he’s busy as hell down at the office. I’ll talk to him about . . . about what we decided, when I see him next. I’d like to know what we can do to . . . take care of business, as it were. I guess we should let the Patrol people know about . . . the island. Wonder if they’re still out there?” A sly grin escaped Brian’s lips, and the four chuckled all at his comment.

“So do we get Lucy’s co-operation in all this” Marsha wanted to know.

“Not sure yet,” Brian told her, “so let’s just play this by ear for now. My gut reaction is to let things work themselves out between her and Roger, and see where that goes. If he can get her to loosen up, maybe she’ll be more willing to talk about herself. Once that happens, if it does, we can let her know that Dennie was almost raped by the same asshole. I think that when she realizes she’s not the only victim, she might be more receptive to the idea of prosecuting Hansen. That’s what I want to speak to Dad about; whether Lucy’s case can be re-opened.”

Even as the two teens talked, a sultry moan emanated from the back seat where Ted and Denise were. Turning around, Marsha’s eyes were met with the sight of Ted’s hands roaming under Denise’s shirt, lustfully caressing her breasts with one hand while his other hand was buried inside her shorts. Dennie had Ted’s cock out on display as she stroked up and down his shaft, hungrily staring at his swollen cock, and itching to swallow his meat down her throat. The sight made Marsha’s cunt begin to ooze her juices, and she absent-mindedly slipped her hand between her legs.

“If you two are gonna eat and suck each other,” Marsha growled, “would you hurry up and get on with it? Just watching you two is making me so fucking horny!” Brian glanced sideways, and the sight of his girlfriend rubbing herself off immediately got his own desires stoked up. He reached over to Marsha’s crotch, inviting her to replace her fingers with his. She gazed at him appreciatively, then began to unbutton her shorts and slide them down her shapely legs. “Pull it out, Baby,” she groaned as she exposed her pussy to his touch, “and let me jack you off. I want to see you shoot your cum, and feel you finger-fuck me.” Brian struggled to undo his pants and steer the car, all at the same time. With Marsha’s help he was soon naked from the waist to the knees, and his throbbing cock was wrapped by her soft fingers that slid up and down the length of his shaft.

Marsha curled up against her boyfriend in a position that allowed her to pump his rock-hard cock while he slid his fingers in and out of her slippery cunt. She could also see the action in the back seat, and the sight of Denise laying on top of Ted with his full member deep in her mouth as he licked and slurped her gash made Marsha even hornier than she already was.

“God, you two look so fucking hot!” Marsha groaned. “I want to see you two do each other. Suck him, Dennie. Let me see you swallow all of him!” Denise let Ted’s cock slip from between her lips aa she looked up at her friend.

“You have Brian to look after, don’t you? Or would you rather just watch us suck each other off while you finger yourself?” she asked the front seat voyeur.

“Already have the situation well in hand,“ Marsha cooed, “and his hard cock feels so good! Almost as good as the three fingers he has up my cunt!”

“Fuck!” Denise groaned, “I’d love to see you make him go off! Let me know when he’s about to cum. I want to see him spurt his jizz!”, and she returned to Ted’s waiting cock, letting him slide in and out of her mouth so that Marsha could see the action. The sultry tone of her voice, combined with the slutty words from her mouth, made Brian groan lustfully at the thought of both girls watching him cum.

Following behind them, Lucy noted the slow wander of Brian’s car from one side of the driving lane to the other. She felt a curiosity towards what would have Brian driving so erratically. Were he and Marsha engaged in something sexual, even as they cruised down the road? The idea sent delicious thoughts into her fertile mind, and she felt herself getting moist in her panties.

“What the heck is going on up there?” she voiced. “Why’s he weaving so badly? Do you think they’re having car troubles?”

“Umm, I can think of a couple of reasons for that,” Roger replied, “and I doubt it has anything to do with automotive mechanicals. Those two seem to know each other more than just casually, and I think Ted and Denise are a lot closer than just friends, too. Personally, I think it’s great for them. If they can find real love which each other, who are we to say whether it’s right or wrong? Everyone needs love, Lucy . . . even you . . . and me, too.”

“Roger! Is that why you’re here, with me, today? Because you think I’m easy? Because of my reputation? Because you think I’m just an easy lay? You bastard! Pull over, and let me out! Now!” Lucy screamed.

“Hey! Whoa, girl! I’ve heard about what happened to you. So’s everyone in school. But easy? You? I don’t think so!” Roger reached out a hand, inviting her to hold his, and leaving the decision up to her. “Look, I came out here this afternoon because Brian invited me to. When he suggested that you might be there as well, I jumped at the chance. Believe it or not, I’ve wanted to know you for almost two years now, ever since we were in grade nine. That hasn’t changed. I still want to know the girl inside that body. I’m not here for just a quick fling, despite what you might believe. For what it’s worth, there actually are guys that care, that would love to be near you, to be a part of your life, and to show you just how pretty, and special you really are. I happen to be one of those guys. And I’ll tell you this, too. If we happen to have sex together, some day, it’ll be because that’s what we both want. Just because Jeff Hansen’s a fucking prick . . .”

Lucy looked closely at Roger, and saw something she barely recognized. His warmth and compassion were genuine. He really did want her for who she was. He was trying to be her friend, and her feelings for him changed immediately. In her opinion, maybe Roger Wilson was worth taking a chance for.

“Roger? Do you really mean that? The part about wanting to get to know me, I mean?” She spoke softly and slowly. “I always thought that the guys just wanted to screw me and then take off. I mean, a girl that would let a scumbag like Jeff Hansen have his way with her would probably do anything with any guy that would have her. But you’re not like that, are you? You’re . . . well, different from the others.”

“Yeah, I guess I am, in a way. Do I want you, your body, your . . . ?“ He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. “Yeah, I do, but not like Hansen did. If we make love some day, I want to be the one to pleasure you, make it good for you, make you want more, and be the one to be there for you. Not just once or twice, but as often, and as much, as you want it. Lucy, I’d love to be your boyfriend some day. I’d be proud if you wanted to be my girlfriend, to let me love you, and to have you love me, too. Not just a sex partner, but as . . . well, as a couple, the same as Brian and Marsha, or Ted and Denise.”

Lucy could feel the tears of happiness welling up in her eyes. Roger had opened up a part of himself that was warm, deep, vulnerable, and honest. She felt her heart opening up to him, too. Maybe there was a chance that each could make the other happy, could make the other feel loved, and feel what it was like to be loved in return. She leaned over and kissed his cheek softly, holding his face to her lips for almost a full minute.

“You’re sweet, Roger” she whispered into his ear. “I thought guys like you only existed in fairy tales, but maybe I was wrong. Would I like to be your girlfriend? Let’s give ourselves some time to get to know each other, okay? Will we ever sleep together? I . . . I’m not sure. I do know I’m scared. What Jeff Hansen did hurt, and not just physically. I need time to get over that. I need to learn how to trust someone, to really believe that they care about me, about who I am, and show me they respect me as a person. If you can do all that, then I’ll be yours for as long as you want me, but we have a long way to go before that day arrives. Can you handle that?” She’d unconsciously slipped her hand into his, and felt him squeeze hers gently but insistently.

“Yeah, I can handle that. The question is, can you handle a guy like me? Someone that really cares? Someone that’s wanted to be with you for so many years, and now has a chance to make his dream come true? I could get a little pushy on you. Promise me that you’ll let me know if I go too fast?” Lucy kissed him again while running one hand up the opposite side of his head.

“Yeah,” she whispered softly, the honesty and warmth in her tone washing over Roger, “I can do that. I think we’re going to make a ‘cute couple’, as Denise says, if you have the patience to wait for a very scared girl to learn how to love you.” She squeezed his hand back, then slowly slid her hands up his arm and gripped his bicep in a rare show of affection. Roger leaned his head against hers as she curled up in the warmth of his shoulder.

“You’re going to be a hard girl to not fall in love with, you know that, Lucy Rasmussen?” Roger stated softly. “I’m not too good at not falling in love with a girl like you, so consider yourself warned.” She squeezed his arm a little tighter, and pressed her head a little closer to his.

When they finally arrived at the Burger Baron restaurant, Roger and Lucy walked over to Brian’s car, hand in hand, still wondering what had actually caused his erratic driving. Ted and Denise’s hair looked like they’d been in a wrestling match, and both Brian and Marsha had silly grins on their faces.

“Hey, what the heck was going on in here?” Lucy demanded. “You were all over the road! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you guys were having . . . nope, not going there! It’s none of my business! But next time, don’t scare the heck out of me like that, okay?”

Marsha gave Lucy a sheepish grin, and her new friend noted that Brian’s shirt-tails were hanging loose around his lower body. Returning Marsha’s look with a knowing grin of her own, Lucy spun around, making sure not to lose her grip on Roger’s hand, and they headed for the restaurant door. Their hand-holding wasn’t lost on Marsha.

“Mmm, looks like those two are starting to hit it off” she mentioned. “Lucy’s holding his hand pretty tightly, and by the look of her manoeuver, she’s in no hurry to let him go. We might have started something here, gang. I suggest we try to encourage it. I’m also going to admit that I’m beginning to like Lucy, more than I thought, and Roger seems like the kind of guy that will help her get over the trauma of what Hansen did to her.” Marsha looked at each one of her friends, eye to eye, before gong on. “Do we have a deal, guys? Let’s encourage them, but don’t push it too hard. Getting Lucy’s testimony would be great, but seeing her happy and in love would be better, right?” The remaining trio nodded their silent agreement with Marsha’s analysis.

Getting out of the car and rearranging their crumbled clothing, they all headed for the restaurant’s front door. On entering, they spotted Lucy and Roger sitting in a rear booth, and walked down to join them. When Denise plunked her beautiful butt down on the bench seat, Lucy began to giggle uncontrollably. Denise stared at the giggling girl with a look of incomprehension.

“Dennie,” Lucy finally managed to get out, “you should see your hair! It looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket, then sprayed a gallon of hair-spray on it!” Denise blushed at the realization of what Lucy had just said. “Here, girl, get your butt over here, and let me brush it out for you” Lucy offered. Denise shuffled out o the booth’s seat while Roger and Lucy switched places. Sitting on the edge of the seat, Denise let Lucy brush and comb out her tangled coiffure, noting that the girl did so with a warm and welcome gentleness. She so wanted to open up more to Lucy, to help her get through the trauma and ordeal of having been raped. Once her hair was back in place, she turned and looked at their new friend, trying to see inside her soul.

“Umm, Lucy?” Denise started, “can I talk to you? Outside? Somewhere we can have some privacy?” The expression on Lucy’s face was one of a lack of understanding. But she slowly nodded her acceptance of Denise’s request, and the two girls headed for the outside door. Once outside, Denise ushered her companion to one of the outdoor tables.

“Lucy,” Denise began, “we were going to wait to tell you, but this afternoon’s been so much fun, and we’ve all enjoyed you and Roger being with us, that maybe now’s the time to talk about something that we’d like your help on.” Lucy looked puzzled, and a little frightened, but waited to hear Denise out. “Anyway, one of the reasons that we asked you to meet us at the Grove is because we need you to tell the cops about what happened with Hansen. Brian’s Dad might be able to get the case re-opened, and you can go after that son-of-a-bitch again. And the reason we want you to do all that is . . . well, we were out on Skull Island the other day, and Hansen tried to rape me, too. Shit, if it hadn’t been for Ted, Brian, and Marsha, he’d have done it! He had four buddies with him, and they threatened to take turns, for God’s sake! Ted and Brian want his ass so bad! If those two had their way, they’d cut Hansen’s cock off and shove it right up his goddamned ass!” She stopped to take a breath, and to let some of her pent-up anger dissipate.

“I know you must have been scared as hell when they wanted you to testify, and now that I’ve been through almost being raped myself, I understand what you must have gone through. If Hansen and his goons had actually raped me, I doubt I’d have been as strong as you are. It’s really only because Ted, Brian, and Marsha were there to save my ass that I survived. They supported me, and now, the four of us would like to be there for you, too. So, what do you say? Are you interested in helping us nail Hansen’s balls to the floor?” Lucy just stared with a look of shock on her face, before Dennie added her reassurance. “Lucy, if you don’t want to go through the whole court thing, we understand. If you do, and you need us, we’ll be right there beside you. And no matter what, we still want to be your friends, and hope you’ll think about hanging with us still. I, for one, feel like shit, for not having spoken up after what Jeff did to you. You needed someone to talk to, to be an ear for you to bend, to be your friend. I could have easily been that someone, and I didn’t do it. Oh Lucy, I’m so sorry! Please, forgive me?”

It took Lucy a couple of minute to digest all that Denise had told her. She warred inside herself with conflicting emotions before realizing that the four teens really did want to help, to be her friends, to be there for her. In that realization, she made up her mind to begin the healing process she’d denied herself for almost a year. She also realized the she wanted these new friends, and wanted to be their friend, too.

“Thanks, Dennie,” she said softly and slowly, “that means a lot to me. I’d like us to be friends. I think I need this, too. Let me get my head sorted out, and we’ll see about nailing that Hansen bastard, okay?” As the memories of her ordeal flowed through her mind, the fears that were associated with it suddenly seemed to disappear, replaced by her curiosity. “By the way, when we were coming back from the Grove, Brian’s car was all over the road. What was that all about?” Denise weighed the idea of revelation in her mind before spilling her story.

“Umm, Brian and Marsha were busy . . . getting each other off, I think. They’ve been hot for each other for a few days now, ever since we had that run-in with Hansen. I can’t say as I blame them. I think they’re hopelessly in love with each other” she explained.

“Oh . . . “ Lucy tentatively acknowledged. “So why didn’t you or Ted intervene, and keep the car under control?” Denise took a few seconds to ready herself for an intimate confession.

“Kinda hard to do when you’ve got a boy’s hard cock in your mouth, and a slippery wet tongue in your cunt” she quietly answered. Lucy’s eyes sprung wide open, her initial shock slowly replaced with a lusty twinkle as she envisioned the escapades involved.

“You mean, you and Ted were . . . ? How long have you two been . . . doing it?” Lucy wanted to know.

“Since Skull Island, a couple of days ago. Ted was my first, and I think I was his, too. Same with Brian and Marsha. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of him! Ted, I mean.” She paused, wondering if she was giving Lucy more information than she should, or than the girl could handle. The dreamy look in Lucy’s eyes reassured her that the girl could handle it all quite well. “There’s a story that goes with it all, as we made our way back from the island, but I’ll wait until the other three are there before I go into it. That okay for you?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. But ya know what? Just listening to you tell me about the island, before Hansen got there, is getting my panties wet! God, I haven’t been wet and excited for so damned long!” She paused before posing her next question. “Dennie, why Roger? Where’s he fit into all of this?”

“Well, we were hoping that you two would get to know each other, and that maybe Roger could help you get over your fears. I remembered you had a thing for him last year, and Brian thought he had an interest in you, too. We decided to chance it, and get you two together, to see if we could help get you over what happened with Hansen. Why? You think maybe Roger and you might . . .?”

“Maybe. He’s a sweetheart, and I really like him. I think he likes me, too, but we’re going to go slow. Tell you a secret, if you promise not to tell another living soul” Lucy confided. “I can see the possibilities of Roger and I having sex, some day. God, I promised myself that I’d stay away from boys for the rest of my life, but there’s just something about Roger Wilson that pulls me to him. I’m kind of scared, and kind of excited, all at the same time. Know what I mean?” Denise reflected on the events that had led her and Ted to become lovers. She knew exactly what Lucy meant. The two girls returned to the restaurant booth, and joined the others. Marsha gave Dennie a quizzical look, and was rewarded with Denise’s reassuring smile, signifying that everything was better than alright.

The meal was a mix of food, laughter, and merriment between the six teens. The boys split the tab three ways, then ushered the girls outside and over to their waiting vehicles. As they made their way towards the cars, Brian and Marsha paired off, as did Ted and Denise. Roger looked inquiringly at Lucy, as if to ask her what she felt, and where she wanted to go. Lucy silently understood his unspoken message as she slipped her arm into his, grasping his bicep and leaning into his body. In response, he put his arm around her shoulder protectively, yet without restraining her. Lucy appreciated his manoeuver, for it gave he the freedom to choose, to be by his side, or to be by herself. For that night, she chose to be with Roger, her new friend, and the first boy that treated her with the respect she so desperately wanted and needed.

“We’re . . . umm . . . thinking of heading off to Point Atkinson” Brian mentioned to Lucy and Roger. “You’re more than welcome to join us, if you want. It’d be a great ending to a wonderful day. But if you’d rather not, we understand.”

Roger looked hopefully at Lucy’s face, which seemed to tell him that she’d rather not. Not tonight, anyway, but some day in the near future might be a different story.

“Nah, I’ve gotta work tomorrow,” was Roger’s excuse, “but maybe some other time. Besides, Lucy looks like she could use some rest. I know I could. Kicking your ass at volleyball takes a lot out of a guy.”
“Yeah, I get it,” Brian accepted, “but the invitation’s open, any time you both want to come along. By the way, where are you working?” He made a mental note that Roger still held Lucy in the crook of his arm, and she seemed to be very comfortable with his embrace. A slow smile spread itself across his lips as he recognized that Lucy was beginning to come out of her shell.

“Down at Claymore’s Marine” Roger answered. “I’m on the sales desk there, still learning the ropes, as it were.”

“Claymore’s?” Brian queried. “Awesome! I’m going to need a new mast and rigging for my Flying Junior, and Ted’s looking for a new mainsail. I’ll have to talk to you about ordering that stuff. Maybe I’ll slip in tomorrow sometime.”

They parted company, and Roger walked Lucy over to his car, opening the door for her. As she climbed into the seat, she looked up into Roger’s eyes with an unspoken thank you in her heart, and a happy smile on her face.

“Thanks, Roger. I know you’d like to have gone to the Point with the rest of them, but I’m not ready for that. Not yet, anyway, but maybe soon? I’m still a little scared, and I need to go slow.”

“No problem” Roger told her. “Besides, I really do have to go to work tomorrow, but for tonight, I’d really like to just be with you.” Lucy waited until he got into the car, then leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“You really are a sweetheart, you know that?” she whispered softly in Roger’s ear. “Today, you made me feel happier and more relaxed than I’ve been since . . . “ The words almost got caught in her throat.

“Since Hansen attacked you? Yeah, I kinda figured out that part, but I’m really glad you enjoyed the day. I did too, and being with you feels like the best part. I’d love to do this again with you, if you’re interested.”

“Why Roger Wilson, did you just ask me out for a date?” Lucy joked, a semi-haughtiness to her tone.

“Yeah, I guess I did, didn’t I?” Roger answered humbly. “Are you interested? Say tomorrow night after I get off work?” Lucy had to think about her reply for a minute. Despite her fear though, she really had enjoyed being with Roger.

“Yes, I’d be very interested” she told him. “What time? And what should we do, I wonder?”

“Well, there’s a pretty good movie on at the Plaza, I hear, if you wanted to go. I’m not off until six, so somewhere around seven, say?” Lucy could see Roger’s enthusiasm, and found it contagious.

“It’s a date . . . as long as I can clear it with my Dad. He’s pretty protective of me, since that . . . incident with Jeff Hansen. He’ll want to meet you first. Would you be okay with that?” Lucy asked.

“Sure, no problem. What’s the worst he can say? That you can’t go out with me? Knowing his daughter the little I do, I doubt it” Roger speculated. They drove back to Rasmussen’s, and Roger walked Lucy right up to the front door. She turned to thank him, brushing her lips gently against his before uttering a single word.

“Roger, thanks for a wonderful day. I really, really had a great time, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. You’d better not break my heart and forget, because if you do, I’ll sic my Dad on you!” she spoke softly to him. “You wouldn’t want to be around my Dad when he’s upset, especially if his daughter’s heart’s been broken.” Roger leaned over and lightly kissed her, then waited until she opened the door.

“See you tomorrow night, then? Geez, I feel like a little kid, saying that! But I had a great time, too. I’m sure glad I went to the Grove this afternoon. I got to meet you, after waiting a whole two years” Roger told her. Then he turned and walked back to his car, a light and happy spring to his step.

As she closed the door, Lucy heard the phone ring, and yelled out that she’d get it. When she picked up the receiver, it was Marsha on the other end.

“Lucy? It’s Marsha Middleton. I just wanted to say thanks for coming out to the Grove with us. I hope we weren’t too pushy, getting Roger to come along too. It’s just that Dennie and I thought you could use a guy friend, and we couldn’t think of anyone that would fill the bill better than Roger.”

“No, you weren’t too pushy, Marsha,” Lucy told her, “and Roger’s a great guy. He’s the first guy I’ve been out with since . . . you know . . . and I really like him. He’s taking me to the Plaza tomorrow night, if my Dad will let him, and I’m looking forward to going out with him. Oh, and before I forget, I really want to thank you guys for asking me to the Grove today. Dennie and I had a quick talk, about Skull Island I mean. I’ll have to think about it before I say yes or no to going through the legal crap again. But I really appreciate what she said about being there for support. I’d like to talk with you and her about all of it sometime soon.”

“Sure, when you’re ready, we’re both here for you. That’s a promise, Lucy, okay? We both want to help you get past this thing. How about I call you in the morning? Brian and Ted are supposed to work on the boats tomorrow, and if we interrupt them again, they’ll probably slap us silly. So if you’re free, maybe we could all meet somewhere around lunch time?”

“Hey, that would be great! I’ll look forward to your call, Marsha, and thanks for everything. Oh, by the way, haven’t you got a boyfriend to take care of tonight? You’d better get going, or he may do something worse than just tickle your pussy!” The two girls giggled, then said their good-byes and hung up. As she put the phone back, Lucy could feel her heart flutter with delight, anticipating the next evening’s activities.

When the four teens arrived at Point Atkinson, the sky was a blaze of stars, and a thin sliver of the new moon made its way across the sky. Ted and Denise were wrapped tightly in each other’s arms, oblivious to anything except each other. Ted had one hand under Denise’s shirt and the other down the front of her shorts, while hers were buried deep inside his briefs, the front of his cut-offs pulled widely apart where the zipper should be. She was busily sliding her hand up and down the length of his shaft, and his hand could be seen opening and closing in the crotch of her shorts, as his fingers danced inside her sopping wet cunt. Marsha glanced over the back of her seat, seeing Ted and Denise in their throws of lust. She felt Brian’s hands slide under her shirt, then massage her breasts sensuously. She moaned softly at the delicious feel of his hands on her young body. Her attention shifted from the stimulating scenes of the back seat to the closeness and intimacy of the boy next to her, and she wanted him, needed him, desired him. In response to his touch, she slid over on the seat, enfolded him in her arms, and pressed her hungry lips to his. Brian felt Marsha’s tongue as the tip of it wiped lightly over him, begging him to yield to her desire. He happily gave himself to her, their kiss escalating to an oral duel as the fires of lust and need burned brighter and stronger.

Marsha broke their kiss just as Ted began to grunt and groan with the power of his spunk’s release. Dennie was busily pumping his cock with her lips, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked the cum out of his shaft. Because of her curiosity, Marsha’s attention was momentarily diverted to the scene before her glazed-over eyes, and the sight gave her dripping cunt another excuse to ooze more of her love juices into her already wet panties. She groaned with lust and desire, as Denise’s throat twitched with each swallow of Ted’s boiling hot cream.

“God, Dennie,” she growled, “every time I see you, you’re swallowing that boy whole! You have any idea how hot that looks? I’m not going to be able to wear these panties home if they get any wetter.”

Denise let Ted’s twitching shaft slip out of her mouth long enough to answer Marsha’s charges.

“Hmm, you must spend a lot of time watching us eat and suck each other. It’s funny that we never get to see you and Brian sucking or fucking. Are you practising for The Convent, or something?” Marsha turned her head to look at Brian, an suggestive gleam in her sparkling eyes.

“Hmm, Baby,” she spoke in a sultry tone, “maybe we should give them a show this time. You up for that?” Looking down at the straining bulge in his pants, she added, “Yeah, it sure looks like you are!”

“What are you talking about?” Brian replied. “Who was it leaning over this seat this afternoon, watching you make me spurt cum all over the fucking dashboard? Shit, if it’s a show they want, it’s a show we’ll give ‘em!”, and with that, he almost ripped Marsha’s top off her body, then attacked her naked breasts, tonguing her nipples as they hardened even more, in plain sight of Denise’s lust-glazed eyes. She moaned at the lascivious sight, wanting to see more.

“Let’s take this down to the beach, where there’s a little more room” Denise suggested. “I’d love to watch you two fuck, while Ted and I play with each other. God, that’s almost as hot as the night we were on Hansen’s boat! If you two get me any hornier, I’ll bet Ted will make me squirt again! Just the thought of squirting over you while you’re stuffed full of Brian’s cock almost makes me cum!”

Marsha’s eyes silently suggested to Brian that they take Denise up on her challenge. His lustful sneer was her sign of acceptance, and they both jumped out of the car, heading for the seclusion of the sand dunes below the Point’s cliffs. As they reached out to grab each other’s hands, the unmistakable sound of car doors closing told them that Ted and Denise were right behind them. Without looking back to confirm their suspicions, the two teens began to hurry down the beach path.

“Umm, what have you got in mind, Dennie?” Ted’s curiosity prompted him. “Are we gonna just watch, or is this gonna get hotter and hornier?” The tone of delighted anticipation of his voice perked Denise’s own lust up another couple of notches.

“Mmm, maybe we should join them? Or even better, maybe we should join with them! Think you can handle a group session? That damned Marsha’s got me horny enough to suck Brian’s cock while you eat her cunt. If I can get Brian to lick my pussy, she’ll give you a blowjob! Shit, that’s enough to make me squirt right here in my panties!”

“Wow! You mean, we should do a ‘Daisy chain’ with them? That might be fun, ya know. And if that’s not enough, you two girls could give us guys a girl-on-girl show! That would get us hot, hard, and horny!” Ted gasped as the pace left him a little winded.

“Oh? What makes you think we’d give you a show like that, without a reciprocal performance from you guys? Just the thought of you two getting it on together is kinda hot! If we go that far, what’ll be next? Trading partners? Or maybe a free-for-all fuck? Shit, if we don’t shut the fuck up, I’ll never make it to the beach! I’m so fucking horny now that my panties are sticking to my pussy! Let’s move, before we both waste our cum in our own pants!”

* * * * *

Lucy spent her whole day anticipating her time with Roger. Between waiting and checking the clock every five minutes, she was a nervous wreck by the time five o’clock showed up.

“Honey,” Daniel Rasmussen called as he tried to soothe his daughter’s angst, “would you sit down, slow down, and relax, please. You’re as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. I know Brad Wilson, and if his son is anything like Brad, Roger will be here, right when he said he would. I know this is a big step for you, and I’m proud of you for taking a chance. Umm, you really like this boy, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Dad,” Lucy replied softly, remembering how special he’d made her feel, “I do. Roger treats me like I’m . . . well, special, I guess you’d say. He makes me feel comfortable, protected, and cared about. He’s different from the other boys I’ve known. I really want this thing to work out.” Dan smiled, his daughter’s happiness and enthusiasm infecting him, too.

Roger showed up on the dot of seven o’clock, as promised, and was introduced to Lucy’s father. The two seemed to hit it off almost immediately, which made her feel like her hopes for a long-term friendship with Roger could be a possibility. Then they were off, stopping for something to eat before going to the movie. Once there, Roger ushered her to seats about three quarters of the way back. They sat, comfortable in each other’s presence, as Roger put his arm around Lucy’s shoulders, and she cuddled closer to his muscular chest. As the lights dimmed, he turned to gaze into her eyes, then leaned forward tentatively and brushed her lips with his. Lucy responded by pulling him a little closer as she intensified their kiss. When they broke, she slowly opened her eyes, looked at Roger, and smiled happily.

“I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to do that,” Roger spoke softly, “but you looked so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.”

“Roger, you goof,” she cooed, “I love your kisses. You make me feel so . . . special, when I’m around you. I’d kiss you any time. It’s some of the other stuff that scares me, but I have a feeling we’ll work that out too, over time. That’s if you can tough it out while I get used to being something other than . . . “ She left the sentence hang, not wanting to say the words that would remind both of them of the ordeal she’d been through, and was still struggling with. Once again she returned to Roger’s warm embrace, holding him with an arm around his middle, and pulling herself a little closer to his body.

They watched most of the movie, with stolen kisses snuck in when the action on the screen slowed down. The warmth and closeness that Lucy felt grew, even as her memory of the movie’s plot evaporated. When they finally left the theatre, her heart tried to tell her that she never wanted this night to end. They hopped into Roger’s car and made their way to the local ice cream stand. He ordered a large ice cream float – and two straws. Lucy was in seventh heaven, as they stared at each other in a dream-like trance. At the end of an hour, they left, with Roger starting to retrace the route back to Lucy’s house.

“Umm, Roger?” she started, a note of apprehension in her tone, “Could we go someplace else before we call it a night? I’m having such a good time that I really don’t want it to end.”

“Sure” he replied. “Did you have anywhere in particular in mind, or would you rather just cruise around?” Lucy hesitated as she looked pensively at her escort, then in a tone that spoke of both that apprehension, mixed with hope, she answered him.

“Where? Umm, I’d like to go up to Point Atkinson, if that’s okay with you. Maybe we could take a walk along the beach? I don’t know. I just know I want to be with you for a little while longer tonight.”

“The Point?” Roger questioned. “Are you sure about that? There’s a reputation that goes with that place, you know. Are you ready for this yet?”

“Yeah, I think I am. Tonight, anyway, with you. Let’s try it, and see where we go, okay?” Lucy felt more comfortable with her idea now that it was out in the open, and being with Roger made her feel better about surrendering herself to a guy’s touch. They slowly cruised up to the Point’s parking area, which was beginning to gather the usual crowd of young lovers. “Let’s go walk on the beach” she suggested, then waited until he opened her door for her.

Walking hand in hand along the sands, Lucy found herself leaning closer and closer to Roger, and when he held her in the crook of his arm as it wrapped around her waist, realized that she felt a thrill that she hadn’t allowed for a very long time. There was a trust for this boy in her soul that she hadn’t been able to identify until now. Roger wouldn’t hurt her, or use her. He genuinely seemed to care about her, and that sense of comfortably surrendering grew stronger inside. As they sat behind a sand dune, gazing at the water and the reflection of the stars, Lucy found she wanted his kisses . . . and more.

“Roger, kiss me?” she pleaded. His arms went around her shoulders as he pulled her closer to him, and the intimacy sent a shiver of thrills up and down her spine. His lips found hers, and she responded fully, seeking his tongue to be intimately entangled with her own. They kissed for several minutes, with each one increasing their desire for more. Her breathing sped up, along with the beating of her heart, as she allowed herself to be caught up in the magic of this moment. It was during these kisses that she understood just how badly she wanted to feel Roger’s hands on her breasts, pleasuring her, taking her to a place she had only dreamed of going. Wordlessly, she moved his hand to cover one breast, silently inviting him to explore her body more. Roger groaned appreciatively at the joyous invitation, and began to squeeze and fondle her orb, feeling her nipple becoming hard and erect.

Pulling his head down to her breast between kisses, she moaned at the delicious sensations he sent through her chest. With deliberate slowness, she began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her bra-covered breast, and silently begging him to take her further. Roger tugged at the restraining garment, releasing her pulsing orb from its confines, then capturing her nipple between his lips, lightly tugging it as he ran his tongue around and over the turgid teat. With every shiver, Lucy pulled him tighter to her, and as his other hand found her second breast, she wanted to give him more.

Roger’s trail of kisses began to extend over Lucy’s slightly-raised tummy, the soft smoothness of her skin driving him to want more of her. Lightly, he ran his nose over the fabric of her pants as he softly rubbed her mound. The scent of her pussy wafted through the fabric, exciting him even more. She had her fingers entwined in his hair, regulating the speed with which he pleasured her body. As he ran his nose up and down the valley of her slit, she pressed him tighter to her sex, groaning with the building lust inside her. He began to move back up to her belly with his nose, sensuously exciting every nerve ending he encountered. Lucy whimpered at his retreat, until she felt his fingers beginning to undo her garment’s restraints. Lifting her head, she watched his progress as he slowly undid the button and zipper of her pants, then she lifted her hips to assist in their removal. She felt the waistband of both her shorts and her panties sliding down, over her hips, finally exposing her firm ass cheeks to the air around them. Then suddenly, Roger’s tongue returned to her slit, gently sliding down the valley of her labia lips, and lightly flicking over her clit. The feel of him on her most sensitive place sent a delirious shock of horny bliss through her, and she instinctively pushed herself tighter to his probing tongue, accompanied by a sound that was part groan and part mewl.

Roger continued to lick and explore Lucy’s pussy, slowly sliding further between her silky smooth thighs until the tip of his tongue gently explored and entered her cunt. Wiggling her legs in an effort to shed her restrictive clothing, Lucy managed to part her legs enough for him to lick and lightly nibble her lower lips. As he tasted the sweetness of her oozing juices, Roger was rewarded with Lucy’s shivers of anticipation running through her lower body. The more he licked and teased her pussy, the wider she spread herself, and the tighter she pulled his head into her heated sex. It was after several minutes of his attentions to her knotted nubbin that Lucy began to feel a delicious tingling start in her clit, slowly expanding to the rest of her pussy before taking over her entire body. Roger felt the quivering in Lucy’s outer lips, heard the shortening of her breath and the gasps that accompanied it, and the shuddering spasms of her body as she exploded in climax. She mewled loudly as her climax ran rampant through her, flooding Roger with her girl-cum in the process. He hungrily licked and lapped at her labia in an attempt to capture every drop of her sweet nectar. His tongue kept her on the cusp of that sensual roller-coaster ride until she finally inhaled deeply, then let her breath out slowly, allowing the afterglow of her orgasm to sweep through her.

Roger began the ascent back to Lucy’s straining breasts, paying particular attention to each nipple as he lightly nibbled on them. She held his head to her in encouragement, and became aware of the hard ridge of his still-covered erection as it slid along her leg. Suddenly, she needed to feel him, touch him, take him to that same space he’d taken her.

“Baby, I want to touch you, pleasure you, give you as much satisfaction as you gave me” she softly whispered to her lover. “I’ve never sucked a guy’s cock before, but tonight, I want to suck yours. Show me what makes you feel good, what gives you pleasure?” she pleaded. Roger rolled over on his back, surrendering himself to her wanton designs.

“Take me, Lucy,” he begged, “make me yours. Suck my cock, and let me feel you wanting me. Wanting me as much as I want you.”

She rolled over onto her stomach, slowly running her hands over his chest as she made her way down to that prominent bulge that magically called to her. Running her lips over the hair of his belly, she arrived at the waistband of his jeans, then began to fumble with the button and the zipper that kept her from her quest. It was all Roger could do to resist rushing her by undoing those fasteners himself, but he wanted to allow her that conquest more than he wanted to feel her soft moist lips licking, tasting, and pleasuring his throbbing shaft. Eventually she had his pants undone, and began to pull them over his hips. He lifted his ass off the ground to help her expose the throbbing organ that she so desperately wanted. Once his pants were down below his kneecaps, he felt her delicately soft fingers slowly wrapping themselves around the girth of his straining manhood. He groaned loudly at the wonderful sensations she was applying to his cock. Then he felt her warm breath on the tip of it, followed by her pouty lips kissing the top of his purple helmet.

Lucy felt a burning desire to taste Roger’s soft skin, the scent of his pre-cum wafting into her nose, and increasing her desire to lick and taste his juices. Her tongue slipped between her lips, running over the hole of his cock, and was instantly gratified with the salty-sweet taste of his pre-cum. That one taste was all she needed to understand that she wanted more; more of his juice, more of his cock, more of his masculine flavour. She wanted to taste his cum, feel it gushing into her mouth, experience its texture as it slid down her throat and into her fluttering belly. With bold determination, she began to slide Roger inside her waiting mouth, taking all of his purple helmet and the first inch of his hard shaft, then swirling her tongue around the ridges of his cockhead. Once again, Roger groaned at the delirious touch of her as she slowly slurped, sucked, and savoured his masculinity.

“Oh, Baby,” he moaned, “that feels s-o-o-o good! Lick me, suck me, make me cum!” With Roger’s encouragement, Lucy took more and more of his straining manhood into her, licking and sucking on every captured inch of him. She felt his helmet touch and tickle her tonsils, gagged a bit as she pulled herself back from his cockhead, then let her lips slide back up his shaft, until only his helmet remained between her lips. Then slowly and carefully, she began to descend along his pole. This time, she inhaled deeply just before he touched her tonsils again, then forced his twitching cock into her throat, swallowing him until her nose pressed against the skin of his groin. She held him there until her lungs protested, releasing him just long enough to exhale and deeply inhale again. Once more, she pushed Roger’s rock-hard cock back into her mouth and down her throat. Her esophageal muscles tried to swallow his entire manhood deeper into her stomach, sending shivers along the length of him that raised Roger’s lust levels to new heights.. While trapped in her throat, Lucy slid her tongue down along the bottom of his shaft, licking every part of the underside of his cock she could access. The taste of his skin made her to want more of his flavour. She slowly started to slide her lips up and down his shaft, increasing the tempo until she was bobbing up and down him furiously, sucking on him to keep his manhood from escaping her oral grip.

“Oh God, Lucy,” Roger groaned in anticipation of his release, “I’m gonna cum! Suck it, Sweetie! Suck my cock, and make be shoot my cream!” With that, he inhaled a deep breath and held it as the first spurt of his searing seed blasted up the length of his shaft, destined for Lucy’s waiting belly. She felt its pressure as it bounced off her tonsils, almost making her choke, and she rammed herself onto his throbbing and twitching cock until he was once again buried deep in her throat. She sensed, rather than felt, the next spurt of his steamy spunk as it shot directly into her hungry belly, the heat of his cum leaving her wanting more of his sperm. As Roger continued to blast wad after wad of his boiling cream into Lucy, she swallowed as much of him as she could, then was forced to let him slide back out of her throat and into her waiting mouth. There was another spurt of his love juice, followed by a few soft dribbles. Rolling his sticky goo around in her mouth, she savoured the taste and heat of him, eventually swallowing that deposit too, then licking his softening cock until she had the last of his offering.

“I thought you said you’d never done that” Roger gasped as he slowly regained his breath. “Baby, I’ve never felt anything that amazing before in my life! Geez, what do I have to do to have more of you? You name it, and I’ll do it!”

“Mmm, maybe next time, we’ll do each other at the same time” Lucy whispered. “I could suck you until you go blind, especially when you’re licking my pussy and sucking my clit while I do it to you.”

“Next time, huh?” Roger questioned. “Does this mean that there’s definitely going to be a next time?”

“If they’re at all like this one, several of them” she answered his question. “After the feelings you gave me, I want more, and a lot more of your loving, too.” She smiled seductively, her eyes twinkling and dancing with lust, and the start of a feeling she’d always known as love. “You have any big plans for tomorrow night, my handsome stud?”

Roger understood her implications, and pulled her to his hungry lips. He kissed her deeply and passionately, the salty taste of his own cum seeping into his senses, while Lucy experienced the residual flavour of her own cunt juices on his tongue.

“Hmm, I think I might be able to squeeze something into my schedule” he teased her. Then they both held each other tightly, the warmth of their budding relationship growing like a flower in their hearts.

Tomorrow would be another day, one that they’d both remember for a long, long time.

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