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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. Please note also that Part 3 of this chapter was never written by the original author. I’m too lazy to do it, so if anyone out there wants to take a crack at it, be my guess. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Seven By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Counselors Part 4 - Lessons of Trust (ff, mf, mfmf)

Author’s Note: At the time of this posting, I have not yet written Part 3. I originally skipped it because Part 4 was rattling around in my head so much it had to come out. If I ever get in a really perverted mood and I am not working on another part, I'll probably do it then. All you really need to know about Part 3 is that Eric loses his virginity on Suzi, Tim takes his other cherry, and then Eric butt fucks them both. After they cuddled for about a half hour, this Part begins. (I reserve the right to change this if and when I do actually write it.)

We were all getting dressed in Suzi's tent before Suzi noticed something was missing. "Tim, did you do something with the open container of the drink?" I turned and stared at the corner where we had kept them, finding only the still sealed full container. I reached out with my mind to ask Joey, and found he hadn't been to the tent since the night before. "Shit. It was there when I came for the vibrators. Damnit!" "Who else knows about that stuff?" Eric asked. "Nobody. We hadn't even given it to our friends. As far I know, you're the only one." I started jumping from mind to mind, pretty randomly, and spent ten minutes getting nowhere. I finally sighed and said, "Everyone is too spread out and moving around. I've scanned John Davis three times without realizing I had done him before. Let's just wait for dinner. If they get tanked up on it before then, I'll know it."

I finished eating my dinner after scanning every one present. I was very discouraged when I hadn't found our thief. "This doesn't make sense," Joey concluded. "If no one here at the camp took it, then who did? And why?" "And why take the open container, and leave the full one?" I added. "I know the answer to that. I nearly collapsed from carrying them from the bus one at a time," Joey said. "Okay. But I can't believe anyone outside the camp would even know about them being here. Except the bus driver." "He thinks it was Kool-Aid," Suzi said. "Yeah. He even said so when he helped carry it to the end of the bus lot. Besides, I don't think he could have carried the half empty one. He was pretty wimpy. He started complaining about his heart and shit. That's why he only carried it as far as he did." "Well, who then." "Could there be someone else in the camp we don't know of?" Suzi asked. "I wouldn't think so. I would have..." I said feeling around the camp with my mind. I felt something, homed in, and stiffened with shock. "What? You find him?" Joey asked.

"Not him. HER! Shit. Penny's had a big fucking glass of it, and has one of her little girls... I didn't think about anyone missing dinner. Joey, you better stay. Come on Suzi." For the second time of the day, Suzi and I raced to prevent someone from screwing up their life because of my father's drink. "The first thing <gasp> I'm gonna do <gasp> when we get back <gasp> is pour that <gasp> shit out!" I yelled to Suzi as we ran. "She's tried <gasp> giving it <gasp> to Anne, <gasp> but Anne's too young!" We reached the cabin, but found the door locked. Only the adults had access to the keys, and since we never locked them anyway, I had never bothered to get one myself. "Shit," I gasped. "Suzi, what should I do? Penny already wants to kill me. If I force her to open the door..." "Better that than let her rape Anne.." Suzi insisted.

"Wait. That maybe the key," I said before yelling inside the cabin, "Penny, stop! Anne is too young to get horny! Can't you see her tears? She's scared! You're doing to her what that man did to you! Please Penny! I know you're horny, but you can stop before you... PENNY NO!" I said to Suzi, "Shit. She's licking Anne out. Hey, help me." I started to yell, "RAPE! THERE'S A RAPIST IN THE CABIN! RAPE!" Suzi joined my shouts, calling Penny a rapist and the like for what seemed like forever, but was probable less than five minutes. "PENNY THE LITTLE GIRL RAPER, RAPER PEN... Come on Penny, you know I'm right! Open the door and let Suzi in. I'll stay out here. We're not going to hurt you. We want to help you. Now, come on and let Suzi in. That's it."

The lock clicked, and Suzi turned the handle and went in. I watched through Suzi's eyes as she helped the frightened little girl put her clothes on, then helped her to door. I picked her up and held her while Suzi stayed inside and shut the door once more. I calmed Anne down, luring her to sleep. She was too heavy to keep holding like that, so I sat down on the steps. After adjusting her memory, I woke her up and sent her to eat. My dick went instantly hard when I tuned back inside the cabin. Suzi had let Penny strip her, and the two girls were now in a sixty-nine position. I could tell Suzi had drank a fairly large glass herself, seeing she would need it to help Penny fulfill her needs. I almost went in to watch, but I knew even though Penny was hopelessly lost in a fog of sex, she would still resist my presence. But then I had an idea.

I ran to Suzi's tent on the other side of the camp and grabbed every different size and shape of vibrator and dildos I could find. I couldn't carry them all in my hands, so I grabbed one of Suzi's dirty shirts and tied the sleeves and neck closed. I put the toys in my sack, then at the last moment, grabbed the KY for myself. I didn't really think I would get the chance to use it, but I didn't want to have to come back to get it. I was gasping again by the time I reached the cabin door, so I waited a minute for my breath to return while I check on their progress. I was surprised to find Penny had also raided the toy box, but had only brought one vibrator back with her. Suzi was busily using it on Penny while Penny's tongue attempted to return the stimulation. Penny's view was blocked by Suzi's crotch laying on top of her mouth. I brought the sack in, pocketed the KY, then dumped the toys out for both to see.

"Penny, I promise I won't touch you without your permission, and I'll leave if you tell me. But I would really like to stay and help. Or at least just watch." I held up the double headed dildo to her gaze. She reached out and snatched it from me. "If you keep you pants on <grunt> you can stay and help. Take them off, and I'll rip your fucken balls off with my teeth." I shivered from the raw viciousness in her voice. I didn't doubt her words. But as I watched the two girls fuck with the double headed dildo, I knew there was no way I would keep my shorts on for long. I grabbed a vibrator and was about to insert it into Suzi's ass when Penny rolled them over. Penny's ass was bouncing in front of my face as she fucked herself and Suzi with the plastic organ.

I tested her willingness by pressing the head against her rose, and instantly got a moan. Her pumping stopped in midstroke, and was pushing her ass against the head. Penny had never tried anything sexual with her ass hole. Until the moment I had touched her rose with the vibrating tip, she had never felt the sexual stimulus from her anus like she was feeling right then. The drink not only had amplified her lust, but allowed her to focus on any pleasure sensation her body had. I teased her hole, driving her arousal up without cruelly postponing the pleasure too long. Once I had it inside her, I pulled it back out and set the vibrator back down. "I'll make a deal with you. Let me take off my shorts, and I'll do whatever you say. Well, anything within reason. I won't eat shit like you're thinking. Or, if you can trust me and Suzi, we can give you the best sex you can imagine."

"Fuck you, you bastard. I trust Suzi, but not you. You.. tried to make me suck you when I didn't want too." Suzi stopped her motions and said, "Penny? If Tim had really wanted to make you to suck him, you would have. If you don't believe him, believe me. Tim wouldn't make you do anything you didn't want to do. If he had, you would have done it." "Now I don't trust either of you. He's lying, and you believe him. All men lie to get sex. Can't you see that?" Penny rolled off Suzi and was pumping the two headed dildo in and out of herself. Then she grabbed a vibrator and used it instead. She had satisfied her chemically induced lust enough to gain control of her actions. But she was still very horny, and the only way to reduce the lust in her blood was by orgasming.

"Timmy, I hate to say it, but maybe you should just... you know. Fix her so she trusts you." "I don't want to do that. Penny, despite everything, I like you. Not for your body, but because... I can feel how sensitive, caring, and loving you are. Because of men who couldn't control themselves, you don't let these parts of you show through. The worse thing I could do to you would be to use force." Then to Suzi, "Even if I made her trust me, I couldn't make her trust other guys without being victim to another jerk. "But if she can learn to trust me, then I think she will be able to trust other guys without falling prey to the sickos. But right now I don't know how to do that." Suzi sat up with a look of concentration. Then she too grabbed a vibrator and started to use it on herself. I placed my hand on top of hers, and took over the task for her. She laid back down and appeared to be thinking.

"Well, what about letting her feel around inside your head. That's the only way I would trust you if I was her." "I think you both have lost your minds," Penny said. "You talk like he's some kind of super being. I'm surprised you haven't claimed you can fly." "Hey, I never thought about flying. I wonder if a bird's mind.... Uhm, okay. I have an idea." I indicated to Suzi she would have to do her own pumping, then crawled over to Penny. "You see this hand?" I said holding one up to her, showing her both sides like a magician. I held it out to her and said, "If you hold it, you will feel what I am feeling, hear my thoughts, even control my body if you wish. If for whatever reason you want it to stop, just let go of my hand. Okay?" When she didn't respond, I added, "Would you like to try Suzi instead?" Suzi held out her free hand, and Penny looked at her and started to reach for it. "Wait a sec. Would it be okay if I did that for you?" I indicated to her pumping hand. I moved over between the two girls, and started taking care of Suzi's needs. "I promise to behave." I said. Still not trusting me even a little bit, she shook her head no.

"Okay. Well, anytime you're ready," I said. Suzi held her hand out to her again, and as Penny reached for it, she said, "I don't know what you think you're gonna prove by..." The instant her skin made contact with Suzi's, I formed the connection. Suzi was disappointed by not feeling Penny's side of the connection, but I wanted to give Penny the appearance of having the privacy of her own mind. Of course I was quite aware of every thought in her head, but she didn't need to know that yet. Penny spent twenty minutes feeling around Suzi's mind and body. I didn't allow her to control Suzi's body like I had offered with mine. That would be part of the reward for doing it with me. And I also knew Penny would have eventually used Suzi's body to stimulate her own arousal somehow. The combined stimulus of feeling two cunts with vibrators finally caused Penny to break the link. She had become so aroused by this, Penny didn't resist my offer to take over at her crotch. It didn't take much effort to push her over the edge.

By the time she finished her squirming, I was very aroused myself. "Shit. Down boy," I said, pointing at my obvious lump in my shorts. The lump immediately deflated. "Neat trick," Suzi said. "Can it roll over and play dead too?" I looked at Suzi with raised eyebrow, then said, "No, but it can fetch pretty good. And it has as really looonnngg tongue. Here boy.. go lick pussy!" I said, pulling Suzi's vibrator out and pointing at her crotch. Suzi started wiggling, gasping, and giggling as I produced the sensations of an extremely long tongue licking her out. Penny stared as Suzi's juices started to surge out intermittently. By the time Suzi had cum, her crack was covered with her clear slime. "Shit," I said, pushing down on my restored hard on. "Now that you two aren't horny any more, I'm hornier than hell. Oh well. Down boy." "How can you do that?" Penny said, staring. I held out my hand to her.

After a moment's indecision, she took it. And just like that, WHAM! she was everywhere in my mind. She searched out and learned my most private secrets, found my hidden desires, went through my memories of the showers, the beach, and Bethany. She spent a long time on the regrets I had concerning Bethany, and my mistake concerning Penny herself. Penny was looking in every corner of my mind to find something to use to convince Suzi and others to hate me. Despite the arousal she got from the sex I had with the girls, she stuck to her task. She knew I was monitoring every thought in her head, but then she was doing the same to me. I tried to help her, I even pointed her towards my worst qualities, literally showing her all the dirt I could personally think of about myself.

Suzi had gotten bored. She got dressed, then asked Penny if she would be done soon. When the reply came back uncertain, Suzi suggested we take a break and head for her tent. No sooner had she said that, someone tried the door, then knocked on it because I had locked it. Since Penny discovered earlier I didn't need the hand contact, I didn't break the link while she got dressed and we all left. After spending the entire free time that evening letting her freely browse through my mind, she still wasn't satisfied. I disabled her yet unused ability to control my body, and turned my attention to getting my boys to bed. Suzi took care of Penny's girls, and ended up sleeping in Penny's bed that night.

Once my duties were finished and everyone in my cabin was sound asleep, I setup a link to listen through Johnny's ears, then joined Penny in Suzi's tent. "I'll do this as long as you want, but it is getting kind of late," I said to her. "You just want to... No.. you don't," Penny said, her instincts wrong. "Well, you have to admit the thought did occur to me, but no, I wasn't thinking seriously about it. You still don't trust me. Can you at least tell me if you think you ever could?" "Sure. If you cut off your balls and... I'm sorry. I guess old habits.. You say you are trying to help me. But I just don't believe everything you claim. You could be faking all of it. No. I don't think I'll ever trust you." I thought for a few minutes, and several ideas swirled around my head.

The one I threw out right away, she immediately grabbed. "Do that. If you really can take control of me, make me lust for your dick, then turn me back again. I give you permission." I recalled my experience with Joey, which only fed her disbelief. "You can't do it, so you want to find excuses. Tell you what. Before you change me back, let me suck you off. But if you can't," she said, standing up, turning her back to me, then pointing at her ass, "you eat my shit." "Deal. Tell me when," I said, shedding my shorts. She hesitated, doubting herself from my quick reply, then got a hold of herself. "Go ahead, bastard." She watched my mind while I constructed my commands, and even watched me send them in complete disbelief. The shock on her face when they took hold only lasted a few moments before her face filled with hunger for my cock. I dissolved our link, seeing we wouldn't need it anymore. She fell to her knees, and was between my legs ready to take it in her mouth when I stopped her and canceled her commands. Her face changed back momentarily to shock, then she looked up at me angrily.

"You fucking bastard!" "Huh? But I stopped you before you did it." "You want to eat my shit?" "NO!" "Then finish the deal!" I blinked a few times, and saw she was sincere. "Are you sure?" "Men. You're so... Stupid," she said before bracing herself and took the plunge. I gasped from her... stubbornness. She was determined to do what she thought she had to do to prove that men only wanted one thing from women. Sex. "No. Stop," I moaned. She gave me a crazy look, and continued to suck. It was in her mouth, and she was sucking on it. She wasn't enjoying it though, and for that matter neither was I. There was no.. sensuality about it. When my dick started to go soft on her, I helped it deflate with my control. "Penny, this isn't going to work," I said, trying to stand up.

She was holding my shrunk dick captive with her teeth so I couldn't walk away. "Hey, come on now. I've been more than fair to you." She spit it out and said, "Fair? You've been toying with me!" "You know what.. If I wanted to toy with you.... Oh, I give up. Go away. You don't want my help, so I don't know why I am bothering. You just can't admit to yourself you're wrong. I'm not going to keep wasting my time. You can go fuck a hundred little girls for all I care. At least I never tried to rape someone." Penny ignored all but my last comment. I had turned to put my shorts back on and felt her rage build inside her. Penny threw herself at me, intending to use her nails, her teeth, and anything she could get her hands on to hurt, mangle and destroy me. I figured if I couldn't reason with her rationally, I would do so emotionally.

I spun around and caught her in my arms. I pulled her close, disabling her fangs and claws, then making her go limp in my arms when her knee rose towards my bare crotch. I gently lowered her to the air mattress, her eyes glowing with rage and fear. Her fear increased as I started pulling her clothes off her helpless body. The temptation to go ahead and rape her was incredibly strong. My dick was even starting to make precum from the idea. I spoke no words as I laid down beside her. I turned her head towards me and smiled, gazing into her cold eyes, stroking her cheek. I pointed to my forehead, then to hers, indicating I was about to do something.

The fear hit me like a wall of water that washed my smile away when I formed the empathic connection. I forced my feelings of tenderness and hope to rise above her flood of fear, finding it very difficult to even keep the connection. Once I had stabilized myself against her rushing emotions, I forced a smile and looked deeply into her eyes again. I softly touched her cheek with the palm of my hand, rubbing it gently against her soft skin. I gave her control of her neck, then continued to give her more control of her body when she didn't turn her head. Our eyes never parted, and as I gave her complete control back, I saw the fear slowly diminish. The rage in her eyes wavered and followed her fear, her flood of emotions becoming a small trickle.

The rape that had devastated her trust had begun similarly to what I had done. The man had taken off his clothes, then stripped her while she was bound. The man threw her onto the bed, and immediately had used her body as a sexual toy, keeping her tied up for two whole days. She had only been three years old, and that man had been her father. Penny's mother killed him on that second day. She was institutionalized for ten years for his murder, and Penny was sent to a total of six foster homes. In two of those, the husbands had again taken advantage of her, noticing her eyes on their crotches countless times. Even though they had not tied her up or molested her for the long period her father had, her mind had linked the events by their similarities, and then found men to share many common traits. These traits all became things to look out for and hate, and by the time she was ten, she hated all things male.

My own actions were my attempt to repair the damage at the root of the problem. If necessary, I resolved to even go as far as to eat her shit, knowing how to control my digestive system to pass it immediately without absorbing any of the toxins it contained. Luckily, I didn't have to go that far. I motioned to her I wished to simply hold her, giving her the option to object. A twinkle of trust formed when she saw she could just get up and leave. She shared my joy due to from her momentary trust, and because our empathic connection allowed no room for falsehood, she couldn't help but smile herself as the trust grew to beyond just a twinkle. I held her with her back to my chest, letting her trust grow with the innocent caresses I gave her. She permitted me to kiss her cheek before I turned off the light, and we fell asleep together, sharing the emotions of our dreams through our empathic link.

The next morning, she awoke with a gasp, feeling my morning hardon pressing up against her ass cheek. "Sorry... I, uhm, it happens almost every morning and I.." "Okay. Stop stammering." Penny said as she moved away from my body. "Penny? Why are you shaking?" "What... Don't you know?" "I don't usually peek into other people’s heads without a good reason. I can ask you as easily as I can look for myself. Besides, their answers sometimes tell me more than what I want to know." "Well, I don't know why... And I can't stop.." she said, breaking down into tears. I moved over to her to hold her, but she jerked away from my contact. I felt her pain of loosing her convictions. She had betrayed herself by giving in. Her hatred had been the only thing she could count on in her life.

"Penny, I want to share something with you. Something you'll enjoy. It's not sexual. Actually, it's probably the most innocent thing there is. Is it okay if I do it?" "I don't... care." "Okay, but... never mind." I began seeking out the boys in my cabin and the girls in hers. I hesitated as I linked her up with so many minds, but since the links were one way, it wasn't too much of a strain. "Oh my God!" Penny said as she felt the nine year old minds. Only about half of them were dreaming, but each mind had a pureness about it. Innocence has a cleansing feeling if taken in conservative doses. But since Penny had that taken away from her at a very young age, this level of nearly pure innocence was needed to wash away her wrong ideas of how people worked. "Penny, compare the boys to the girls. How do they feel too you?" "I.. don't know. The boys are... well, the girls.... They are different! I just can't put it into words." "But are the boys anything like you think they should be?" "No. But they're not old enough." "Okay," I said, breaking those links, then forming new ones with the Jr. Counselors. "How about now?"

She only had to go to the first guy before she said, "See? Sex sex sex. that's all men think of." "Oh, really. Take a look at Dana. Sex sex sex. That's all women think of. Face it, Penny. We start out the same, and most of the time we end up the same. I admit guy's let their dick's think for them sometimes, but women can loose control too. For every bastard, there's a bitch. Well, I don't really believe that, but you know what I mean." She examined the others, and I waited patiently, feeling my head starting to hurt.

When I couldn't wait any longer, I closed the connections raising my hands to my forehead in an attempt to hold down the pounding. "What's the matter?" "Head hurts. Too many people too long." "Well why didn't you stop before you got hurt?" "Cause.. I wanted you to get what you needed. I'll be okay when I get Joey to link with me. But I'm gonna lay here for a few minutes first." I felt the heat of her hand as she almost touched my chest, but then she chickened out and got out of bed. She dressed and left without a word. After I dressed too and woke Joey to cure my headache, I found my boys up and having a pillow fight. I joined their battle, and had a lot of fun for the rest of the day. I let Penny sort through her feelings on her own.

I remembered my promise to dump the drink, but didn't follow through on it. It really was too valuable to just dump. Besides, I had planned to give my friends a toast farewell on our last night. That morning, Joey caught Dana sucking her brother's dick, and later Suzi reported finding her sucking Jerry's just before lunch. That night, things took an unexpected turn. Suzi invited Joey, Eric, and I over for a 'nightcap' after the boys went to sleep. The shock quickly turned to arousal when we found Suzi and Penny already nude and kissing. Three glasses of drink were already poured and waiting, along with a tube of KY. "Uhm, what's going on?" Eric asked. The girls broke their kissing, and Penny said to Suzi, "See? I told you they wouldn't get it." Joey pulled off his shorts, gulped down the drink, then squirted KY out in his hand. "Who's first?" he said looking at the two girls.

"See? I told you they would get it," Suzi teased. Then she said to Joey, "Penny is, but not with you." "Penny?" I said. "Come on. Don't make me look for myself." Penny looked at me with a cocky smile and said, "I want you to look, right now." I did, then couldn't help exclaim, "Holy shit..... HOLY.. WE'RE SHIT'N'BRICKS IN HERE!" "WHAT!" both Joey and Eric said. "Penny, what happen?" I said, waving off the other two's nagging. "After your show and tell, Suzi and Dana helped me figure some things out," Penny replied, fondling Suzi's crotch. Joey was feeling the effects of the drink, got in my face and said, "If you don't tell us what is going on, I'm going to start fucking you first." I could smell the drink on his breath, and it actually excited me. "Come 'ere, Joey," Suzi called. "You're mine tonight."

Dana and Jerry showed up at the tent's flap just as Joey walked up to Suzi's behind. "Damn, we're late," Dana said as Jerry stared at Joey preparation to fuck Suzi's ass. "Uhm, is there enough room in here for all these people?" Eric asked. "We're just here to watch," Dana said, also staring. "Well, I'm not," Penny said impatiently. "Tim, if you and your retard of a friend don't get naked and get over here, I'm liable to chicken out." "Hey! I'm gay, not a retard, you... pussy licker!" Eric exclaimed. "Shit," Jerry said looking at Eric amazed. "Come on, Eric," I said "She wants you to take her other cherry so it doesn't hurt so much. It will feel better than when you did mine." "Shit," Jerry said again. "Jerry, shut up," Dana said.

I looked at Penny, and she even posed her body for me. She was one hot babe. But something in the back of my mind nagged at me, and as Eric and I set our empty cups down, I realized what it was. Penny laid down on the mattress beside the moaning Suzi. She studied Suzi's pleasure filled face, and tried to calm the butterflies in her stomach. She wanted the stimulation Suzi was getting, but she still had strong feelings against letting a male touch her, especially like that. Eric and I stripped before climbing on the mattress beside her. We barely had enough room for all of us at once. Eric was hard, but I forced myself to remain soft so I could talk to Penny first. "Eric, if you have to, jerk yourself off for a minute. Penny isn't ready."

"The hell I'm not!" she said, rolling over and sticking her butt in Eric's face. "No, you're not. When those men used you, you were too small for them to enter. I know you don't consider yourself a virgin, but you never have had a real dick inside you. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't want to fuck you. I'll..." "What! I don't believe this! I actually ask a male to do what they were made for, and he says no! Suzi! You said.." "Shut up and listen!" I said in her face, glaring into her eyes. I motioned Eric to get off the bed, then I laid down straight and pulled her to me. Penny's instincts were to resist and fight, but I held her against me without using undo force. Despite the drink making my blood boil with sexual desire, plus the added stimulation of her wiggling body on top of mine, I still commanded my dick to stay soft. Finally Penny stopped her struggles.

"I won't fuck you, but I will make love to you. Damn. I wish I hadn't drunk that stuff. It's going to be hard to take this slow." "Slow?!?" Eric moaned, while pounding his meat. "Come on. Let me fuck her, then you can take it slow." "Hey, Joey?" I said to my buddy who was now flat on his back with Suzi upright, slowly pumping him with her front door. "Yeah?" Joey replied. "Can Eric fuck you? It's sort of an emergency." "Uhm.. Shit. I don't really.... Okay! Shit Suzi, I was going to say yes anyway. I was just gonna say I don't really want to get in the habit of doing it with other guys. And I don't really want to quit just to take a dump." Eric was already on the other side of the bed. He said to Joey, "That's okay. If I get some shit on me, I'm so horny I think I'd like it." "Fuck. Tim, I can't believe I'm saying this, but... Eric, you're hornier than I ever could be."

"Hey, Joey?" I said a moment later, staring into Penny's bright eyes, stroking her hair and back. "Could you link with me for a minute? I got to get some of this fuck juice out of me. I'm goin' nuts." "Okay, but I'm pretty horny myself," he said as he laid down on top of Suzi, sticking his ass in the air. I felt the share link form, and I immediately formed two more with Suzi and Penny. When their energy mixed with ours, I was disappointed to find my own levels of lust had fallen only slightly. They had drank some drink themselves. "Shit. Dana and Jerry, can I... heh, I guess it couldn't hurt," I said finding the two naked and moving into a sixty-nine position.

The sight of Eric greasing Joey's butt up had been too much for Dana. Despite being turned off by the same scene, Jerry's hardon had sprung back to life when he saw the hunger in Dana's eyes. I disconnected the two girls, then sighed with relieve when Dana's and Jerry's energies absorbed more than half of my own sexual hunger. And the block I had experimented with to keep Joey's own arousal from mixing with mine and theirs worked perfectly, so I closed the links with satisfaction. Penny was limp on top of me, head hung over my shoulder, actually starting to enjoy my touch. "Penny?" I said softly, moving us so we could see each other's faces without being cross-eyed. I looked into her eyes once more and said, "May I kiss you?" Her relaxed face softened a moment, then a touch of a nervous worriedness appeared.

"What's wrong?" I asked, stroking her cheek. "I've.. never kissed a guy before," she said softly. It wasn't an entirely true statement. She had never kissed a guy without being forced into it. "It's just like kissing a girl. I swear." She lowered her lips onto mine, and I let her lead the way. Once she had gotten comfortable with it, she plunged her tongue into my mouth. I played docile for a while, letting her have her way with me. But after several minutes of her active tongue work, I finally probed into her mouth. We wrestled tongues until I noticed her crotch giving me some instinctive pushes. When I retreated back to my own mouth and smiled, she broke our lips apart and asked, "What?" I indicated her unconscious actions while I pulled the stops out to let my dick harden.

She gasped as she felt it grow between us, but the gasp was not from arousal. My growing cock triggered some fear within her. I studied her face as I caressed her soft skin. I let my dick go to its full hardness, while doing my best to comfort her. She smiled weakly when its growth had stopped, trying to push her disturbed feelings away. Penny got a hold of herself, and pressed her lips against mine once more. Her fears faded quickly as our kissing became more passionate, arousal growing in its place. Penny had just begun her instinctive pushes again, when the two males beside us collapsed on top of Suzi. Penny and I bounced up, then we all found ourselves sinking while hearing a distinctive hissing sound. "My bed!" Suzi exclaimed as Eric and Joey jumped off.

Penny and I were laughing by the time I felt my butt touch the hard ground. Joey and Eric joined our laughter, but Suzi couldn't see the humor. Then Joey exclaimed, "Shit, look at them," pointing at Jerry and Dana. Jerry was pumping into Dana with slow, deep strokes. I moaned thinking that the drink's effects that I had shared with them had pushed them to go all the way. But to my relief, the two had already lost their virginities several hours before, right after Suzi had seen Dana sucking on Jerry's dick that afternoon. Lost in their passion, Dana and Jerry were oblivious to their audience's attention and the bed's flattened state beside them. We watched as Jerry pulled his dick out of Dana and started tugging on his meat while Dana sat up with her mouth open wide, catching the first jet of cum inches before her mouth engulfed it. Penny shivered when she felt my dick surge from the scene, but this time, her arousal quickly killed the negative emotions my dick's pulse had caused.

"Penny, how about you and I go some place... less distracting?" She paused before she replied, "No.. that's okay. I promised Suzi and Dana they could watch. I..." I smiled and thought to her, "You hoped they would join in the fun. But I don't believe they have any energy left, or will mind missing it. But it's up to you.." Penny blinked several times, not as startled as most were by my unusual form of communication. She nodded a moment later, then rolled off me. Penny was reaching her clothes, but I indicated to her it wouldn't be necessary. "Where are you going?" Joey asked, seeing our intentions to leave. "Oh. Privacy. Yeah, right," he answered himself after he had probed my thoughts. Before anyone else had time to comment, Penny and I were outside the tent and moving quickly away.

I led her to the lake's beach, and we both fell into the grass, breathing hard from our run. The overcast sky was sprinkling rain, and the beach was extremely dark. We could barely see the edge of the water and each other's outlines. The only light came from the camp which was fairly distant away. A breeze caused the lake to ripple with reflected light while Penny and I drew together in an embrace. When my cock began to grow this time, Penny didn't even flinch. We quickly found ourselves right where we left off, and we didn't even notice the breeze and rain increasing in speed. My hands had been concentrating on her back, but when I felt her crotch slide her lips across my shaft, I let them wander down further. Penny broke our kiss to gasp, then lifted her head away from mine while she slid her vaginal lips across my throbbing shaft. The head of my dick felt hot and wet against my lower belly, and her motions stimulated a puddle of precum to form.

The rain was just pouring down, making her hot skin feel even hotter in comparison to the cool rain. Her open mouth, closed eyes, and the water dripping off her nose and chin stirred my arousal even further. My dick surged again, making Penny wiggle before she moved her hot and wet entrance over the head of my dick. We both groaned as Penny slid herself down, my cock sliding deep inside her. Although this was her first real penis to enter her vagina, Penny had long lost her hymen to her father's finger. Her recent use of the vibrators the twins had packed had stretched her passageway, but not to an unpleasurable amount for me. Penny's cunt felt slightly tighter than Suzi's had been in the lake, but apart from that, it was no different than Suzi. But when Penny sat up, the differences between the two were plainly evident. Suzi was, and still is, sexy as hell. I realize I have never actually described her, so I will attempt to do so now.

While not a small woman, Suzi is shorter than others her age. Her body is compact, yet doesn't lack any of the female curves. Everything is proportional to her smaller frame, giving Suzi a perfect female figure. But Penny was a full size girl. Her figure, while not as perfect as Suzi's, was just as desirable. Penny had more padding to her than Suzi did, but this extra meat gave her body a softer, more cushioned feel. Her breasts and ass were greatly benefited by the extra mass. Well, I should say her sex appeal benefited. I know how larger breasts can be uncomfortable to their owners. But Penny was extremely proud of her body, and liked to use it to torture her admirers. Her breasts were not uncommonly large, just larger than average for her age. And compared to Suzi's petite yet perky hooters, Penny's were incredible in size to my aroused eyes.

A flash of distant lightening revealed Penny's dripping wet face and chest the moment she began her slow rising and falling movements. Her open eyes were rolled up into her head while her mouth was forming a deep moan, sending a bolt of excitement through my entire body. (That image burned itself into my brain. Before I returned home, I asked Penny if I could have it recreated on canvas to hang in my room at my father's north mansion. She agreed, making the condition that she would get to see it for herself when it was finished. I held a reunion of sorts, with everyone whom I had revealed my talents too at camp joining Penny for the unavailing. And of course there was more sex.)

My hands instantly reached up to her breasts. I couldn't help but use my magic touch as I squeezed and kneaded her plump tits. My finger at first emitted just a gentle tingling sensation. But as her pace quickened, the tingling grew stronger, becoming almost a burning pleasure as I rolled her breasts with the palms of my hands. Her own arousal had begun to climb at a steep rate, dragging my own along with her surges of speed and the pressure of her contracting vaginal and leg muscles. The rain pounded our skin, causing me to shut my eyes tightly while the world around us was bathed in light by the repeating flashes of lightening. The booms of thunder nearly blocked the sound of our moans to each other's ears.

A bolt of lightening exploded around us, startling our passion filled minds out of our daze. We held each other tightly to comfort each other after nearly being scared out of our wits. My open link with Johnny's ears told me I should have been in my cabin during this storm. I reached out to my boys and lured each one back to a deep sleep, making sure they would sleep through the rest of the night. When my focus returned to the body I was holding beside me, I found Penny's face looking into mine, her mouth closing the gap between it and my own. The violence of the storm diminished as our bodies stimulated each other back to their aroused states. I rolled on top of her and began where she had left off, pumping into her with an increasing rate. We both were chilled to the bone from our pause in the wind and rain, but the heat created by our passion quickly warmed our bodies from within.

I formed a connection with Penny, sharing our bodies' increasing stimulation. I linked our orgasms together, and as we rushed towards our climax, Penny suddenly rolled us over to take charge. My own body wasn't ready to quit so easily, so I rolled us onto our sides. After my dick pulled all the way out and got crunched between our humping motions, we humped each other in a mad but controlled frenzy. Our orgasm exploded with a high pitched sound from Penny. Her cunt grabbed my cock with an incredible grip while my humping became nearly violent in power and speed. We both felt my seed shoot and hit the walls inside her. My cum was a full load, and she took everything I had and then some. When I shot my last shot, I nearly pulled out of her when I relaxed my stiffened body. We rolled so she was on top, and we both relished our shared post orgasmic bliss as her pussy continued to milk my semi-hard prick.

Penny recovered first, and I found my dick hardening again as she kissed and licked my wet face. The rain was still falling fairly steadily, but the wind was just a stirring and the thunder was off in the distance. The rain was quickly cooling our bodies again, but Penny was determined to have another go. My own arousal was just as high as hers, but I worried about us becoming sick. Then I was struck by an inspiring thought, and flashed Penny my idea. Moments later, we were running hand in hand back to the tent where I knew Eric had remained with Suzi. We both fumbled to unzip the flap, both of us giggling from our initial failure.

We were shivering so hard that our hands shook, and when Eric snapped the light on, they found us standing there dripping wet with our teeth chattering and my arms around her trying to share each other's body heat. They helped us dry off, then they got in the still deflated bed with us to help warm us up. There had been some confusion at first about who would warm who, and oddly enough, I found Eric wrapping his body around mine. His hard on went down fairly quickly, and for twenty or thirty minutes we just laid there quietly talking. The two girls were face to face as they held each other, while Eric hugged me from behind. When the two girls started to give each other kisses, my dick woke up and rose. Eric's dick shortly followed my own, pressing itself against my crack.

As Eric's hands began to wander around my chest, Penny and Suzi stopped their play and Penny rolled over to face me. When she saw what was going on, Penny said in her old male hating voice, "Will you two homos knock it off? I'm ready for round two." Penny didn't find homosexual activity between males the least bit arousing. But the grin that broke out across her face killed the effect of her nasty tone. I explained to Eric that we had come for his butt fucking services, which led him to ask the question, "For who?" All though he happily complied with our wishes, Eric wasn't all that interested in Penny. He admitted the next morning her soft skin was nice, and her tight hole was great, but he still would have preferred to have fucked me. Penny humped me for a while before she let Eric work his thirteen year old prick into her ass. Despite her hole had never been stretched, and that Eric's dick wasn't all that small, Penny had only a few moments of pain when he first put it in.

Penny made a few remarks about how men couldn't tolerate pain. Eric rewarded her remarks by pulling his dick backwards real quick. Penny gave out a sharp cry, then moaned when he pushed back into her. Eric was pumping in and out of her carefree within minutes, then slowed so we could get a rhythm started. Suzi had watched up till now, then had an idea and left the scene. When they had built up a respectable speed, I started to enjoy being on the bottom, not doing any of the work. But my rest was shortly interrupted when Suzi pressed her double headed dildo up to Eric's butt. We all had to rearrange to permit this, but ended up working things a little different than we originally intended. The four of us made five attempts to get a rhythm laying on our sides, each time falling apart just as we got up to a decent speed. So then we tried something different. Eric pounded Penny's ass while she alternated using a vibrator and her mouth on Suzi's cunt. Suzi's mouth was busily doing its thing with my cock, while her hands used another vibrator on my ass.

Because of the power and addictive nature of linking others orgasms with mine, Suzi and I were the only ones who shared our pleasures. But I managed to direct everyone's arousal so we all came at once. Suzi nearly lost her shooting pacifier when we came due to the vibrator's deep penetration had made me jerk forwards. Exhausted, we all crawled into the remains of Suzi's bed to go to sleep. I snuggled up to Suzi's back and Eric did the same to me. Penny laid on her back with Suzi's head on her chest. Suzi pinched me hard when my dick rose. I had noticed that Suzi's lips were just inches from Penny's nipple. I fell asleep with the images of Suzi's lips joining Penny's breasts running through my mind.


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