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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Thirty By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VIII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - After Summer Camp Part 1 - Life After Camp (mc, mf mfm)

The bad karma between my father and me only lasted for two days after I got home. My mother sat us both down and we talked things out. My father had been so taken in by Penny's looks that he hadn't checked her mind out. He apologized for his mistake, and almost begged for my forgiveness. We more or less patched things up with the understanding we would take every care not to meddle in the other's business or friends for now on. Later that evening, my mother told me she was going to sell the house we had lived in all my life. I strongly objected, and the long discussion there after eventually roused my father's curiosity. When he learned about her plans to move into a larger home, he offered to sign the south mansion over to the two of us, admitting he had meaning to sell it off for years.

The south mansion had been his father's, and he had spent most of his early years there. But my mother's mansion was so much more glamorous than his that he immediately bought it after he had been released from her control. By the time I was three, the north mansion had become his home, but he could never get beyond his sentimental attachment for the south mansion to sell it like his business sense demanded. The only reason my mother finally accepted his offer was from the fact he would be passing his father's mansion on to his own son. But just the property tax on the estate every year was more than what my mother honestly could afford. Sherman suggested what at first to me sounded like a ridiculous idea.

"Sir, why not disassemble the south wing? You often have commented to me of how unnecessary it was for your father to have it built. That would half the property value right there." "I always hated that wing. He had it added on to his original mansion and made me use it for my own lair. I resented how he had kept me under his roof while telling me it was all mine. It wasn't anything near as nice as his. Everything I find so hard to give up is in the north wing. He was such a controlling son of a bitch. Tim, if I ever tell you who you could and couldn't fuck, you have my permission to make me think I'm a hamster."

After estimating the cost of doing so, it was agreed by all to follow Sherman's suggestion. As it turned out, not only did the property tax get cut in half, but the sale of most of the contents within the south mansion's south wing more than offset the cost of demolishing it. In fact there was very little left to demolish once the marble was removed from the exterior and sold. Part of the conditions when he signed it over to us was that certain rooms would not be significantly altered. He insisted on paying for the remodeling of our bedrooms and living areas, and supplied maids to keep the large mansion in good condition. My mother swallowed a lot of her pride as she kept accepting his offers of help.

I asked my father if Suzi and Joey could each have their own rooms, but my mother vetoed that when she found out. I gave up due to her argument that they would always want to sleep in the same bed with me. Suzi and Joey did wind up helping me design my bedroom and private bath. It became their bedroom as much as mine. Even the twins had their say, making sure the waterbed was large enough for five. Because of complications with everyone's schedules, the reunion didn't take place until the Saturday before school started, four weeks after coming home from camp. Instead of making long distance phone calls, we sent each other letters through the mail. Most of the others had siblings who liked to listen in on conversations. So before we separated, I installed our own little secret code into everyone's heads. No one but us could read the letters we exchanged.

Rita had found another love interest and decided not to come. Paul had just gotten through the separation pains by the time her news had reached him. He almost seemed relieved, fearing he would have had to go through all the pain again. And Paul graciously offered to drive Scooter to see Gina a few weeks before the reunion, then declined their offer to join their quick fuck in the park. Jerry and Dana lived close enough to each other for their parents to each take a turn chaperoning a date. Naturally they hadn't done anything more than hold hands and a quick kiss goodnight, but that had partially satisfied their longing for each other's touch as they waited expectantly for that weekend.

Eric got caught trying to persuade a friend in letting him suck him off. His parents took that very badly, and when Eric finally explained he was gay, his father nearly beat him up before Eric promised he would change. His life was extremely rough that month. His letter saying he couldn't come arrived the day before the reunion. That evening I left Joey and Suzi in charge of the final arrangements while a limo took me across the state to straighten Eric's life out.

When I reached Eric's address, I had the limo drop me off and pull out of sight. Despite the fact it was after two in the morning, the house was fully lit up from within. I reached out to Eric's mind, and found him sitting on the sofa, very unhappy, while his father sat across from him in an easy chair. I scanned the rest of the house, finding his mother and two sisters asleep in their rooms. Apparently Eric had tried to hitchhike his way to my home earlier that day and had got caught by an off duty policeman. His father was beside himself with pain and anger, but hadn't touched Eric after his near loss of control when Eric had admitted his homosexuality.

Eric had told his parents the truth about everything that had happened at camp. They didn't believe a word of it, which made the situation worse thinking he was making it all up. I had overlooked inserting my standard gag commands in Eric, and when Randy couldn't confirm his story, he decided to runaway to find me. After carefully examining his father's mind, I decided my course of action, and notified Eric I was there. "Oh man! Tim is here! Please, dad. We gotta let him in so you believe me." "Eric, don't you start that again. Why do you make this friend of yours to be some..." his father stopped as I knocked on the door.

"What did you do? Beg someone to come and tell me another story?" his dad said angrily as he got up to answer the door. "No! I didn't even know he was coming until... Oh man Tim.. Am I ever glad to see you," Eric said, rushing over to me standing at the door. His father stopped him before he reached me with a look that even intimidated me. I said, "Sir, I know you won't believe anything I say, but Eric really hasn't been lying to you. But if you let me come in to talk, I promise that if you later wish it, Eric will never see or hear from me again. Okay?" "That will be my wish, all right. Fine, you can come in, but no funny business," his father said, standing aside. "And I don't want to see anyone touching anyone else where they shouldn't," he added, mostly to Eric.

Eric managed to hold himself together while he gave me a huge hug. His face had red streaks from his earlier crying, and he winced slightly when he accidentally put too much pressure on the rib his father had almost fractured the week before. "That's enough. Eric sit down in the chair, and you.." "Tim." "You sit in the other one," he said sitting down on the sofa. "Now, just what is it you had to come over in the middle of the night to tell me?" "Like I said, you won't believe anything I say to you, so I'm going tell Eric about you." "Me? What kind of bull shit..." he said, getting angrier.

"Eric, do you know where you got your name from?" I asked Eric, ignoring his father. "Huh?" Eric said. "Uhm, yeah. My dad had a brother named Eric who got killed in a car accident before I was born." His father didn't say anything as he glared at me. His eyes did show just a hint of fear. "Did you know you're uncle Eric was also gay?" "GET OUT!" Eric's dad screamed, standing up, and pointing his finger at the door. "And he wasn't killed in a car accident. He was attacked by five guys he knew because he was gay." "Shit!" Eric's father said, sitting back down on the couch. "Your dad is scared you'll turn out the same way. He feels very guilty about his brother's death, and he's blaming himself that you're gay."

"Shut the fuck up. I don't know how you know that, but you have no right to.." "What? Tell him the truth? You blame yourself for your brother's death even though you were two hundred miles away at college when he got attacked. So if you don't tell him the rest, I will. It's your choice." "The rest? I don't understand. If you didn't attack him, then why do you blame yourself?" His father was now staring at me with a blank expression, his eyes distant while he was wallowing in his memories. I waited him out, letting him decide one way or the other.

Finally, his father whispered, "I.. If I hadn't talked him in to... He wouldn't have become gay if I hadn't asked him to..." Eric's dad shuttered, then he covered his face with his hands. "When your dad was sixteen and Eric was thirteen, he talked Eric into sucking his dick. After that first time, Eric started asking to do it, and eventually sucked him off every night until he left for college. A year and a half later, a bunch guys Eric knew found him having sex with two other guys in the boy’s showers after school. They got into a fight, and Eric hit his head on the floor really hard. He never woke up. He died two days later in the hospital."

Eric was looking at his dad, then finally got up and sat down next to him. Eric put his arm across his dad's back and said, "Why? Why couldn't you tell me?" His father raised his head and looked at him before saying, "Because.. I didn't want you to become gay if you knew..." He stopped before finishing his sentence, then hugged his son while he started crying. I thought to Eric, "He's almost as gay as you are. He never admitted it to anyone, especially to himself. The only thing he ever did with a guy was with your uncle." "Dad? Tim just told me you.. liked guys too?"

"But I stayed straight. Please, Eric. Promise me you will too? I don't want to loose you like I lost my brother. He didn't even love those guys. They were just... gay, so he..." he lowered his voice to a whisper again and said, "had sex with them without thinking about it." "Dad. I'm gay. I don't want to be straight. But I promise I'll be careful. And I'm not going to have sex with someone unless I love them. Tim taught me that. He's taught me a lot of things." They were still holding each other in a hug like position. His father turned his head to look at me, trying to judge who and what I was.

Finally, he moved to look at Eric and asked, "And the things you said you did at camp?" "It was the truth," Eric said with a smile. I watched as his father found something new to fear. Me. He didn't really recall that much about Eric's story, and what little he did was somewhat distorted. But with the way I had known about his brother and himself, he didn't doubt I could have my way with anyone. He even started suspecting I had something to do with Eric's homosexuality.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to leave," I sighed. "Let me get my stuff," Eric said, getting up and running to his bedroom. I couldn't help but wipe my eyes as I made Eric climb into his bed and put him in a deep sleep. He would remember everything, plus a little farewell kiss that actually never took place. "He's asleep in bed for the night," I said. "What? I thought.." "I know what you thought, and I did come here to pick him up for our little get together. But you still don't want Eric to ever see or hear from me again, so he won't. You will have to take the envelope that has my address on it out of his left back pocket and get rid of it. You won't wake him up. He'll sleep until morning even if you throw a bucked of water on him after I leave.

"Promise me one thing before I go. Don't make him go through the suffering that you had by trying to make him go straight. He's not a bad kid. He's gonna need a lot of support from someone, but that someone isn't going to be me. I think you owe your brother to help Eric through it, just like you did for him." He stood there looking at me, trying to sort out what my intentions were. Finally he said, "I'll try. It's not going to be easy. For either of us." I looked at the wall between Eric and I whispering, "Goodbye, Eric. I'll always love you."

Yeah, I know it sounds kind of corny, but then you weren't there in my shoes. I wiped both my eyes again before I opened the door to leave. Just before I closed it behind me, I said "Goodbye, Spanky," to Mr. Roberts. I always wondered what his face looked like after using that nickname. I had reminded 'Spanky' that I knew he had not stayed straight. Only his brother ever called him that, and only just before they sucked and fucked each other every night. In fact, it was Spanky who had sucked the original Eric, then begged to do it again. I had agreed with his opinion that Eric must never know how truly gay his father was. If Eric ever found out, he would have eventually gotten his father to fuck him.

I slept in the limo alone, making it back barely in time to shower and get dressed before the first limo pulled up with Mick. Mick had lived the furthest away, leaving the night before, sleeping in the limo's pull out bed just like I had. Brad and his sister Sandi arrived next. Brad immediately had Sandi pull Mick's dick out, then began fucking her ass himself as she sucked Mick into her mouth. Mick's surprise had only lasted a few moments, and then he beat Brad to the finish by blowing his load first.

"She's already made me cum twice this morning," Brad said making excuses. "Sandi, let me have a taste." "Yes, Master," Sandi said. Mick and I both were surprised when Brad frenched Sandi a moment, then pulled his mouth away. "Hmm.. Sandi, you forgot to brush your teeth, didn't you. It tasted like syrup." "Sorry Master," Sandi said sadly. "Shit, Brad. When did you start doing that?" I asked. Brad blushed a little and said, "Oh, uhm... Well, after Sandi sucked Ted off one day, he dared me to kiss her. I did it, then a few days later he dared me again. I guess I got to like the taste of it. I, uhm..." Brad turned really red and didn't continue. I peeked in his head and found that he had even tried giving Ted a blow job once. The taste wasn't the same, and it had grossed him out afterwards so he never did it again. Ted admitted later that he had been so aroused by watching Brad tasting his come in Sandi's mouth that he had started doing it too, and liked it as well. But Ted had never given Brad a blow job.

Joey was still in bed, but we found Suzi eating breakfast. Mick and Brad were both surprised by Suzi's nudity, and Brad even got his hardon back. He had never seen Suzi nude before. "Shit, Suz. You better put some clothes on for now. If Paul sees you like that, he'll probably fuck you where ever you stand." "And what would be so bad about that?" she said smiling. Then she looked around and said, "Where's Eric?" My face saddened a bit as I said, "He's not gonna come. But he's okay. He has his dad now, and doesn't need us. And no, I didn't do a thing to anyone." "Shit," Suzi said, shocking everyone. "I'm gonna miss him." "Me too, Suzi. Me too... Hey! How about we all go and get Joey out of bed?" I said, trying to cheer up.

The twins had slept at the north mansion, wanting to surprise everyone with another grand entrance at noon once everyone had arrived. So, after we attacked Joey on the water bed, Sandi gave him his morning blow job. Suzi went to the bathroom to get dressed while Joey started his shakes and shutters, cumming in Sandi's mouth. Then when Brad asked Sandi for a taste, Joey's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. As Suzi came out of the bathroom a moment later, I signaled Sandi, winked at Joey and said, "Brad, let me have a taste." Brad had suddenly jerked his mouth away from Sandi's. He had been so surprised from Sandi shoving the cum I had asked her to save into his mouth that he didn't realize I was frenching him until I had already found out what I wanted to know.

"Hmm, it does taste a little better. Sandi, you must have sweet spit or something." "Thank you Master." I looked over at Suzi who only stuck her tongue out at me. But she could hide the fact it had turned her on a little. Jerry and Dana arrived next. They had not lost any time to get naked in each other's arms. The fact Jerry had his shirt on backwards was almost as obvious of a clue as their sweat drenched bodies. The limo had picked Jerry up first, then traveled forty-five minutes to Dana's house where he hid himself inside the fold out bed. He nearly gave himself away when Dana's little brother bounced on the seat above him. After the limo had left her driveway, Dana had spent fifteen minutes trying to free him, leaving them with only another fifteen to have their fun in privacy.

Penny's limo pulled up just as Jerry's and Dana's started its engine to leave. The invitations I had sent out had specified they all may bring a guest if they wished. But the only one who had taken me up on my offer was Penny, and she had brought two. To everyone's astonishment, two blonde, blue eyed sixteen year old jocks wearing studded leather harnesses that crossed at their chests got out first. One of them wore a black leather studded cock ring, covered by a black fishnet thong. The other guy only had a four-strap cock and ball harness that looked painfully tight, especially while it throbbed from Penny caresses. Penny was dressed in her regular clothes, and was grinning evilly at our stupefied looks.

"Penny, how the hell did you do this so fast?" The two guys remained only a step behind her as they followed Penny up the steps towards us. When I stepped forward to give her a hug and kiss, both of her escorts immediately put themselves between us. I waved my hand, shooing them out of my way, loving the frustrated look on Penny's face. But she brightened when I snuggled up to her, and even initiated the almost painfully rough french kiss. "Shit, Penny. Spill it. How many blow jobs have you given them?" "Three," she said with another evil smile. "Shit. Come on. Don't make me look. How did you get them so far along with only three?"

Before she could answer, we heard Suzi's squeal. Either she had seen Penny, or Penny's companions. After the two girls gave each other a quick hug and kiss, Penny said, "I owe it partially to Suzi. I combined the twin's and hers together when I gave Michael here," running her fingers over the netted cock, "his first one. Between that and the rivalry they have being twin brothers.." "Twins? Oh. Just not identical twins. Okay. Go on." "Let me start at the beginning."

Michael and David were a year older than Penny, the womanizer type, and lived down the street from her. Penny had been taunting them since the first day she moved in the year before with her mom, and it had only taken a month before she had kicked both their asses. So when Penny started teasing them again, they didn't respond at first. Three days after returning home from camp, David cornered Penny, intending to tell her to leave them alone or else. But when Penny's hand pulled his rising member out of his pants, he forgot his caution and nearly blew his load when Penny teased his dick's head with her tongue. She told David how much she liked men who wore leather.

After David offered to get something leather, she pulled a leather studded thong out and offered to help put it on. He reluctantly agreed, and was rewarded by more tongue work to his dick. Once she had David thoroughly aroused, she stopped and promised to give him a long, wet, succulent blow job at the end of the week if David kept wearing the thong. David almost forgot her superior defensive capabilities when he almost tried to force Penny to finish the job. But with a twist of his wrist, she reminded him, then apologized by giving him a french kiss. Michael discovered them during that kiss, and with David's dick hanging out he assumed the worst. He confronted her later that day, and after she explained, he actually offered to wear the g-sting instead.

Two days later, Penny couldn't wait any longer. After David proved to her he was still wearing the thong, he agreed to meet her that evening. When David arrived, Penny gave him another french kiss while her hands sunk down into his shorts. She stripped him down to his leather thong, then teased him by running her tongue around the thong's edges. David made three attempts to remove her clothes, never getting past her sudden increases in stimulation to do more than tug at her tight fitting shirt. He finally submitted to just playing with her hard nipples that were plainly visible through the stretched material. Penny teased David without removing the thong for a good half hour, using one of Suzi's favorite tongue patterns.

When she finally pulled off the thong and released his hardened dick, Penny switched to using the twin's best conditioning method on him. Penny spent nearly an hour with his dick in her mouth, staying true to the twin's procedures. When David came, she took it all down, noting the difference in taste. Michael arrived a few minutes early, disrupting David's state of post orgasmic bliss. But Penny had intended for them to cross paths. David was shocked when Michael revealed his g-string underwear, unaware his brother had also made a deal. When the truth was told, he immediately offered to wear the same, plus anything else Penny wished.

Penny realized she could use their rivalry to speed up the conditioning process. And when she gave Michael his blow job later that evening, she altered the twin's methods to include some of Suzi's unpredictable techniques, being careful to adhere to the twin's structure. It had taken her three and a half weeks before the brothers were ready to do more than just favor her kinky dressing suggestions. When Penny made a passing comment about the cock ring with pin pricks, David dug it out of the box and immediately put it on, and hadn't taken it off since except to shower. Michael naturally did the same afterwards, but later replaced it with the cock and ball harness when Penny asked for a little variety.

After they had both taken that critical step, Penny told them about the party I was having. They both pitifully begged to go, so she decided to take both. She told them if they behaved like her faithful slaves, speaking only when spoken to and the like, she would let both of them fuck her at the party, and hinted they might do it more than once. Wanting that very badly, the two slaves-in-training hadn't said a single word for the forty minutes Penny had spent telling her story. Penny had been fondling her two males private parts to keep them hard, and I could tell they were having great difficulty resisting the urge to quickly jerk off. But that was part of the conditioning at this stage, and Penny was just as aware of their states as I was.

Everyone wowed at their first visit to the study. Joey and I sat down with our legs spread wide apart from habit, grinning at each other after closing the gaps. My clothes felt all wrong, and my dick constantly was expecting the twin's lips while I sat against the pillows talking to my friends. We were just talking small talk, mostly sexual in nature, while we were being served some refreshments. My mind wandered from person to person until my attention was drawn to Dana's. She was trying to hide something from me, which I naturally uncovered and examined.

Before I could say a word to Dana, Penny asked me if she could talk to me in private. I led her out to the hallway, her two silent servants remaining behind. "Tim, I really need your help," Penny said, letting her face show her fear. She opened her mouth to say more, then started to shake all over. "Whoa," I said, as I physically had to help her keep her balance. "Let's sit down. Now tell me, what's wrong?" "My father.... He's not dead. I saw him three days ago." "What? Are you sure? You said.."

"I know, but they lied to me. When I told my mom I saw someone who looked just like him, she freaked. She wanted to know where, when, if he talked to me, or even seen me. I wouldn't tell her anything until she told me why. She shot him, but the bullet didn't kill him. They told me he died because I was so afraid he would come back and get me. My mom... she didn't only go to the funny farm all those years for shooting my dad. She said... She said.." Penny started to cry.

"Shit," I said, looking for myself. Her dad had done similar things to her mom, but her mom had been a willing prisoner more or less. After the shooting, her mother became desperate to be used like that by anyone. That was why she had been gone for so long. Her father apparently had just finished his prison sentence for raping his daughter, getting out only a year after her mother's own release. He had been undressing Penny with his eyes while she was shopping at the mall. At first Penny had thought he was just another male watching her. But when he followed her through four different stores, she finally got a good look at him and fled. Penny feared her father more than anything in the world. Because she had always thought he was dead, Penny had never faced her fear of him.

After running out of the mall, Penny had almost decided that she had been mistaken, thinking it couldn't actually have been him. When her mother admitted the truth, Penny had begun sinking into despair realizing the possibilities. But the two brothers later swore to protect her from him, making her feel a little safer, at least until she could talk to me. "Penny, what is it you expect me to do? Even if I made your father leave you alone, you would still worry about him coming after you some how. And I will not kill him, so stop thinking about that."

"He deserves to die," Penny said coldly. "Even you can see that, can't you?" "No. Not really. The guy should have gotten a lot longer than eleven years, but... he didn't kill anyone. Look, let's go back to the others and you stop thinking about your dad. I'll take care of him somehow, and in a way that you will never have to worry about him again. I'll go home with you tonight and we both will take care of him tomorrow, permanently. Okay?" "I guess.." she said, not entirely assured. "Penny," I said, making her look in my eyes, "Forget all about your dad until I speak to you about him again," I commanded. She blinked a few times, then asked, "What was it I was going to say?" "I don't know. Hey, I sorta need to talk to Dana and Jerry about something, so if you can't remember what it was..." "It will come back to me. Sorry," Penny said, getting up and returning to the others.

I asked Jerry and Dana to join me at the far end of the cushions. Dana complied nervously, knowing I had figured it out. "Dana, before you tell him, I'm gonna try and feel for it. Lay down and relax." "Feel for what? What's going on?" Jerry immediately asked. As Dana laid down and closed her eyes, I said, "Jerry, just be quiet for a few minutes. Trust us." "Great. That's just... great." I closed my own eyes and started to feel around Dana's body with my mind. After only two or three minutes, I opened my eyes and sighed.

"Dana... You can stop worrying." "Shit, that's a relief," Jerry said, putting two and two together. I nodded. Jerry glance up to her face and asked softly, "Why didn't you say something? Like in the limo.." "I didn't know for sure.. I usually would have had my period by now. And when I threw up this morning, I thought for sure I had morning sickness. Tim, are you sure? You said you couldn't feel anything when you did Bethany." "This is different. If you were pregnant, I would have felt it buried in the wall of your uterus. You simply missed a cycle in your periods, that's all. And I think you were worrying about it so much you made yourself sick. "You don't get morning sickness until you're at least six or seven weeks pregnant," I added after checking with an expert.

They were still a little shook up about their near miss, and I left them there to talk when it was time for the limo with Gina, Scooter, and Paul to arrive. I sensed Joey, Mick, and Brad had planned something, but when the limo pulled up and I opened the door, their plans fell through. We found Gina on her stomach while Scooter fucked her ass and Paul fucked his. They muttered their hello's when they notice us, then went back to their fucking. I looked back at everyone, then shrugged my shoulders and shut the door. "Anyone for some nude mud wrestling?" Suzi asked as we climbed the marble steps. After a chorus of yeahs, I said, "I'll have sit out the first few matches. I need to check on Jerry and Dana. But I wrestle the winners."

When I returned to the study, I found them holding each other, apparently trying to keep themselves from crying. "Oh, come on you two. I know you're upset by this, but why cry about it? You're not pregnant." "We've decided... not to do it again until we get married after high school," Jerry said sadly. "We're not even gonna sixty nine." "Isn't that going kinda far? Shit, Jerry. You're gonna get your drivers license in.. what, three months? Then you two could get together every weekend. And I'm not sure you'll still be seeing each other by the time you graduate. What makes you think you two are gonna get married?"

"Because I proposed to her before we first had sex, and she said yes. We have to get married because... Just because, that's all." "Shit. I didn't know about that... You two really are serious about this, aren't you?" Dana looked up at Jerry and said, "Yes, we are. I think we would have gotten married and had the baby if I was pregnant." "Yeah. I think so too. I love you, Dana," Jerry said before kissing her. They kissed, and kissed, then started to get into it even more. They were reaching into each other's clothes when I pulled my shorts off and got comfortable. After they worked each other's clothes off, they broke their ban on the sixty-nining, and I almost came when Dana slipped her finger into his ass. Jerry's groan was muffled by Dana's muff as he shot stream after stream into her mouth.

After they recovered I said, "You know, maybe you're right about the no sex thing. If that was an example of keeping yourselves under control, Dana will be pregnant before Christmas." "Shit! Dana, why did we let that happen?" Jerry moaned. "Jerry.... Please. I want to cum! Please? We'll worry about this later." I left them then, shaking my head, not wanting to watch as they moved into position to fuck. When I reached the gymnasium, I found myself a little over-dressed. I shucked my shirt before joining the nude crowd, watching Penny and Suzi take on her pets. Joey grinned and said, "You know six months ago, everyone in this room would have died of embarrassment to be standing here naked in front of each other like this. NICE ONE, SUZ! But when Suz and I started stripping, we probably couldn't have stopped everyone else from doing it too."

"Shit. Joey's right," Paul said. "Scooter, Gina, and I all got out of the limo naked and wandered around the place until we found you. I didn't even think about it until now." I gave everyone a look that told them it hadn't been chance and said, "I wasn't about to walk around my own home with clothes on. Everyone here has seen me naked.. hell, they've even seen me having sex. I didn't see any reason for us to be modest when we all really wanted to get naked anyway. Wow. Where did Penny learn to mud wrestle like that?" "Suzi has been coaching her for the past five minutes," Joey said.

"Hey Tim.. How about you and me going up against Suzi and Penny later. I think they will be needing some humility by the time... Whoops. Looks like that will be the end of it." Suzi had David in her head lock, and Penny had Michael pinned down pretty good. Joey blew his whistle and said, "That's a match. Wonder-Thighs and the Nipples of Steel are the winners! So.. who's next?" The other's looked at each other, trying to figure up teams. I saw there wouldn't be any more fun in the mud if I, as the host, didn't say something.

"Okay. Here's how it's gonna be. Everybody but me and Joey get in and wrestle. No teams, every person for themselves. Then when you're all pooped out, it will probably be time for the twins to get here. Then Joey and I will wrestle not just Suzi and Penny, but the twins as well. At the same time. Deal?" When the six excited yet nervous teens got in the ring, they had troubles just standing on their own feet, let alone wrestle someone. While we were watching the comedy, Joey said to me, "You really think we can handle the four of them? Suzi's been practicing just as much as I have." "Heh. Think about it Joey. The four of them, covered with that slimy mud, grabbing us and wiggling their bodies against us. You think I really care about winning? Besides, they will have a handicap." "Oh yeah? What?" "We will both have hardons." "Why is that... oh. I get it."

A few minutes later, David and Michael returned from showering and started putting on their leather gear back on. When the two girls didn't follow immediately, I found out why and called the two glum guys over. "Considering Penny won't be out for a while, why don't you two sit down and relax for a while." They looked at each other, then sat down, looking a little lost without Penny. "You guys sure must like her," Joey said. "You guy's fuck her yet?" They shook their heads. "Shit, guys. You can speak you know. Besides, Penny won't find out anything if you decide to stretch a few of her rules while she is eating Suzi out. And I know you guys are dying to jerk off after being hard all that time."

Still, they stayed silent. "So..." Joey said. "You guys ever suck each other off?" "No!" they both instantly said. "Finally. What about jerk each other off?" "We're not fags, man," David said crossly. "Just because we wear this stuff all the time, that doesn't mean we want to fuck everything in sight." Michael said. Then he added softly, "Just Penny." "Yeah, just Penny," David said dreamily. Both brothers were lost in their lusty imaginations, their dicks straining against their restraints. "Shit. Doesn't that hurt?" Joey asked David, meaning the pin pricks in the cock ring. "At first it did. But now it just makes me hornier, especially for her."

Michael shifted uncomfortably at that, so I said, "What about you Mike. Don't your balls hurt from being spread apart like that?" "Once you get used to it, it actually feels great. When I blew my load yesterday from Penny telling us we would get to fuck her, I don't think I ever shot so far. It had to be from having them in the harness like that." "Shit... Damn, guys. I hope you're not disappointed when you do get to fuck her. I mean, yeah. She's a great fuck, but the way you're..." "You fucked her?" Michael asked amazed, while David's mouth hung open. "Fucked all three of her holes, more times than I can remember... I'm sure I only fucked her tits twice though. Man, Joey. You got to try that some time. It's a blast."

Joey didn't answer, captivated by the brother's shocked faces. "What?" I said. "You guys didn't really think you would be the first to fuck her, did you?" "No. Just... How come you're not, uhm.." David said. "What? Dressed like you two? Doing things for her in hopes of her sucking me off? I see she didn't tell you much about me. Let's just say that if I had wanted, Penny would have been like Sandi. You know. A slutty sex slave, sorta like what you're both becoming." "We're not slaves!" Michael protested. "We do this shit because Penny is so... Shit, she's everything. Sexy, smart, and strong. She could beat all of us up if she needed to. But she doesn't make us do anything we don't want." "And we like making her happy," David continued. "I'd do almost anything to make her happy.." "Yeah, me too."

I let it go at that, watching their minds conjure up things they could have been doing to please Penny. We sat in silence while the six wrestlers were starting to get the hang of the mud. Just as things were getting interesting, Mick let out a yip. "I'll be all right in a minute, I think," Mick said a moment later. "Ow! SHIT! Okay, maybe not." Joey and I helped him get out of the mud ring, keeping his weight off his left foot. We sat him down on the floor, then I made him sit still while I tried to feel his ankle. "SHIT! Careful! That hurts!" Mick exclaimed. "Sorry. I'll reduce the pain in a minute, but I need to find the source first... here it is... You'll be okay. It's only a slight spring. Don't put any weight on it for the rest of the day. Hmmm... Looks like you're gonna need a wheelchair and a nurse to wheel you around."

"A nurse? I don't want a nurse," Mick moaned. I went over to the phone, dialed another section of the mansion and said "Please send Nurse Brinks down to the gym with a wheelchair and a couple of cold compresses." "Awe, man... Now I'm not going to have any fun. What am I gonna do in a wheelchair? play cards with my nurse?" Karen Brinks came in pushing what had to be the most luxurious and plush wheelchair anyone had ever seen. But no one really paid it any attention. The nurse was much more interesting. "Only if you want to play strip poker," Joey said, eyeing her bust that was barely contained in her nurse’s uniform.

I had borrowed a large portion of my father's staff for the day. Karen was one of seven professional nurses my father employed. Karen had her own life, and even worked at a hospital part time, living a completely normal life. But while she was on duty for my father, she became every male's dream nurse. I picked her and another based on their appearance in their nurses uniforms, and had especially liked the way her nipples had visibly hardened under her top with just the suggestion of giving me a blow job. "Karen, Mick has hurt his ankle. For the rest of the day, and the night, you will be his nurse. You must do everything you can to keep him comfortable and happy." "Yes, Master." Karen said before she kneeled down by Mick.

She told him, "I must examine you first to make sure you can be moved. Then I will need to clean all that mud off of you." "Shit," Joey said as Karen immediately began examining Mick's dick with her tongue. "I wish I could be examined like that." While Mick was getting blown by his nurse, Penny's pets went off to offer their assistance to Penny and Suzi. The others left with Mick and Karen to clean themselves up, leaving Joey and I alone for a while.

"Jerry and Dana are engaged," I suddenly said. "They're what?.. Holy shit," Joey said, taking the details straight from my head. "So.. Do you think I should do anything? They'll never graduate high school at this rate. After Jerry said he would have wanted to have the baby, Dana had serious thoughts about getting pregnant on purpose just to get Jerry to marry her before they get out of school. I would hate for them to mess their lives up like that." "Yeah, but what could... Hey.. Dana has a thing for his ass hole. What about Jerry?" "Oh, I see. But Jerry was grossed out when he saw you fuck Suzi's ass that one time. Strange how her teasing his rose with her tongue makes him shoot, but he wouldn't even think about doing something like that to her. But it is a good idea. I'll talk to them about it."

Everyone reassembled clean and fresh in time to see the twins land outside in a great big hot air balloon. Actually, fresh may be a stretch of the word. Everyone who had gone to the showers had either fucked or had gotten sucked off, while Suzi and Penny had teased the two blond twin boys to near ejaculation, coming themselves at each other's hands. Jerry and Dana had passed out after their third fuck, so I had to go wake them up when the twins were due to arrive. After the twins greeted everyone, we all went to the study for lunch. Joey, Suzi and I all had accepted our regular chests to lay against, so everyone else eventually followed suit.

"Hey, don't I get someone?" Penny exclaimed. "I'll do it," Michael offered, beating his brother to punch. "Ohhh, I like that idea. David, you can feed me my lunch, if you like." Ten minutes after we all began eating, Penny suddenly shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing? Eating my food?" David looked apologetically at her, then said, "I'm sorry.. Please my Goddess. I only meant to help you by chewing your food for you. I didn't swallow. See?" David showed her the meat in his mouth, then offered it to her. Every guy instantly had a woody, including the males whose chests the ladies laid against. It was very hard not to watch David continually fed her lunch from his mouth.

By the time lunch was over, everyone was extremely horny again. Especially Penny and her two attendants. As the plates were removed, I announced we would have an after lunch suck. Brad had Sandi, Mick had his nurse, Joey and I had the twins, while everyone but Penny's group were given a complimentary suck slave. It dawned on Penny's two willing attendants before it did to Penny that I had intended for one of them to suck her. I had expected an argument, or some kind of struggle between the brothers, but instead they waited for Penny to decide.

She rewarded David for his ingenuity of the lunch time feeding. The privilege of being the first of the two to touch her with their lips would only increase their desperate attempts to out do each other in pleasing Penny. Joy and Honey were fascinated by the male twins their age. When Honey offered her services to my dick, I felt something odd from her. Not only were the two girls fascinated by them, they were turned on by them too. Moans and gasps filled the room as the sucking got under way. This activity continued for nearly thirty minutes, Joey and I naturally being the last to blow.

Joey and I were surprised out of our high when the twins released our dicks after they had milked them dry. Joey and I watched with shocked faces as the twins made their way towards their male counterparts. "Fuck! They've gone mad!" I said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Penny.. Joy and Honey... want David and Michael. I mean, they want to fuck'em, maybe even enslave them." "What? But they're mine?!?" Penny said, almost begging the two approaching twins. "Shit, Tim. Are they gonna... you know. Wipe their minds?" Joey asked.

He didn't need an answer from me. I was crawling after the twins, catching up to them as they reached Penny's group. Penny was trying to get her twins to leave with her, but Joy and Honey had shared their fuck lust with the two boys. I took a hold of Joy and forced her to look at my face as I said, "Joy, you can't do this. It isn't right and you know it. What has gotten into you? I don't.." I gasped as I felt her focus her empathic power on me, releasing David while flooding me with this incredibly intense desire to fuck. My mind was reeling, quickly being over taken by the twin's desire. I managed to transmit to Joey "Fuck Honey before she takes Michael," before I lost my ability to think. I was desperately trying to enter Joy, frustrated by her holding me off until Joey had taken his position under Honey.

As they initiated the first plunge onto our dicks, Joey managed to form a sharing link while praying we would still be ourselves in the end. I vaguely recall Suzi's cries as the twin's power entered us, but clearly remember when our hands rose to fondle their breasts. Unlike the first time, the twins seemed to be driven to enslave us totally and completely. I moaned in ecstasy as they washed our minds out with their desires and needs. Yet while they altered us, they proceeded extremely cautiously, going much slower than they seemingly needed. This thought only lasted a moment before all thoughts in my mind were extinguished.

I became totally committed to provide the twins every sexual need. They removed all my inhibitions concerning enslaving others, then amplified my lust to control those who were unable to resist me. I would enslave men and women of all ages to fuck and serve the twins. And I myself greatly desired to be altered again and again by the twin's brainwashing fuck. I quickly saw how important it was to faithfully serve their Master. Only in the case where the twin's life was in danger would I ever disobey his command. My memories were erased and replaced by new ones, while my personality continued to change. I lived to fuck, worship, and serve, wanting only to please my Master and my Mistresses. I would even freely give up my life at their simple command. Joey and I shared our joy when our transformations were complete. We were very happy slaves.


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