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Adventures of a very powerful young man and his friends.
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Thirty-Two By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VIII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - After Summer Camp Part 3 - Who's The Master In This House? (mc, mf)

"Tim, you never did say why you were coming with us," Penny said as she got comfortable against Michael's chest. We were riding in the limo with the permanent bed. I had planned to use it for sleep if not sex. Penny was a little mad at me for insisting I ride along with her. She thought I wanted some gratitude from her in the form of sex. Her eyes were cold as I looked into them. "Your father," was all I said. Penny went from being a self-assured, powerful, intelligent young woman to a frightened little girl.

It was such a drastic change in her, the two brothers glared at me for reminding her. They still didn't understand anything of what I could do. And like two male animals, they were feeling very protective over their female. Or more to the point, they were feeling rather hostile towards me. "What are you going to do?" Penny said in a small voice. "I'm not sure. It depends on his intentions. But I'm not doing anything until you face him alone." "Alone?" Penny said pitifully.

"Look," Michael said as he suddenly got in my face and grabbed my shirt at the neck. "She doesn't need your help, and she doesn't need you getting her all upset! So why don't you shut the fuck up or I'll..." I looked into his eyes and said, "Michael, either you let me go, or you can walk home. Penny asked me to help her, and that's what I'm going to do." "What makes you think you can help her where we can't?" David sneered. "Just because you're a rich prick doesn't mean..." "Stop it, both of you!" Penny cried. "Tim, please... Don't hurt them.."

"Hurt us?" Michael said, "What do you think we are? Wimps like him? You saw how he hugged and kissed those other wimps. I think he's a fag." "At least I don't go around licking people’s asses," I replied as he fell unconscious. "What the fuck?" David said before Penny grabbed him by the chin. "David, listen to me. If you don't apologize to Tim right now and help him help me, I'll never have anything to do with you or your brother again. Do you understand? He is... my most trusted friend." Her last words shocked me. I never imagined her saying something like that about me. "I.... apologize," David said, gritting his teeth.

"NO!" Penny said angrily. "You will say it and mean it!" "Look, sweety, I apologized, but I'm not going to beg some faggit friend of yours." "Okay, that's it," I said. "Don't worry Penny. I'm not going to hurt them. Just teach them a lesson." "The fuck you are," David said getting ready to defend himself. I rolled Michael over and gave him a couple of gentle slaps on the cheek to wake him, then got off the bed and sat down on the seat. "What the fuck happened? Did he hit you?" David asked. "No.. I mean I don't think so. I didn't feel anything." "Man... he's fucking with the wrong brothers then. You ready to lick some ass?"

"Yeah.. Huh?" Michael said. "I didn't mean lick, I meant suck his ass. NO! I want to fuck his ass not... SHIT!" David said before slapping his hand over his mouth. "David are you okay?" Michael asked. "You're making me horny." David looked at him with wide open eyes as Michael realized he also hadn't said what he meant. "I mean you're acting so sexy and... Holy shit!.. I wanna fuck your ass!" Michael slapped his hand over his mouth too, then followed his brother's gaze towards me.

"Well, that was interesting," Penny said, slightly amused. "Oh, it gets better. Until they beg to kiss my ass, they won't be able to say anything but what they think homosexuals say to each other." Michael said, "I'm going to suck your dick so hard your balls will deflate." "You promise?" I said with an evil smile. David said, "If you don't blow your load all over my face, I'm gonna start licking your ass until you cry." "Looks like Michael isn't the only one who likes to lick ass." "You got such a gorgeous cock. I wish you'd fuck me with it," Michael said to me. "Next time my brother blows me, I'll be thinking of you," David agreed. "I love the taste of your fresh blown wad in my mouth. Does mine taste as sweet as yours?" Michael asked his brother. "Not as sweet as your ass. Especially when you tease me with your baby farts," David replied. "I love it when your tongue..."

Michael started before he gave it up. "Shit, I need my ass fucked," David sighed as he got off the bed coming towards me. "Me too," Michael said, a little surprised his words came out straight. Just as I thought they were going to beg, they suddenly rushed me. Before I could send them off to the dream land, they punched me in the stomach and got me in the balls. After I caught my breath and put ice on my jewels, Penny offered herself in any way I liked if I didn't hurt them. "Shit, Penny. What do you think I am? Stop worrying about them getting hurt. Fuck, I'm the one who was talking like a choir boy a few minutes ago. The worse thing I'd do to them is make them hot for each other's bods for a little while and not let them get close each other."

"I guess I kinda deserved it anyway. I got a little sloppy by not monitoring their thoughts before they came at me. They thought I really would make them kiss my ass. " "Well I would have. But what about my father? You don't seem worried about him." "To tell you the truth, I'm not. Penny, I have to know what he's up to before I can figure out what to do with him. Please, just trust me. I won't let anything happen to you." "Just don't get sloppy," Penny warned. "Heh. I guess I walked right into that one. Okay. How about a little TV before we turn in." "What about them?" "What about who?" Michael said as he crawled up next to Penny.

"Hey Tim, you want anything to drink?" David called from the fridge. "Yeah, I'll take a Pepsi." "Hey, can I have one of these beers?" David asked. "You got beer?" Michael asked hopefully. "What do you think it's in there for? But if you puke, you're licking it back up." "What, puke from drinking beer? Us? Yeah right," Michael said getting up to join his brother. "What did you do?" Penny asked me quietly. "Just made them think I'm the coolest guy on the planet." "Why didn't you just do that in the first place?" "I didn't think it would be as fun. Sorry. I guess I was playing God again." "Here ya go," David said, handing me my soda. Then in an apologetic voice he asked Penny, "Would you like anything?" "Would you share your beer with me?" "Sure!"

I watched the two brothers drink six diet root beers each and pass out thinking they were drunk. Penny only drank a half a can, but mentioned to me she was feeling sleepy from the alcohol. I smiled and offered to snuggle, but she politely refused and curled up between her two root beer drunks. I had figured revenge didn't have to be unpleasant to the victims as long as I got a kick out of it. So after I was sure Penny was out cold, I woke the two brothers up and listened to them drunkenly tell me about their sex lives. I sometimes asked them to give me a demonstration, and man, those were a riot. And no, they never touched anyone while they did them. That's probably what made it so funny.

We all woke up when the limo got off the highway. The twin brothers put their shorts and shirts on, and for the first time resembled something other than two sex toys. We dropped them off at their house which to my surprise was dark and looking rather empty. "Didn't their parents know they were coming home tonight?" I asked Penny as they disappeared behind the house. "Sure they knew. They just don't care. But one of their brothers will let them in." Two minutes later, the limo pulled up to Penny's house and we got out. The driver got the packages out of the trunk and then took the limo with him to a motel for the night. The front porch light was on, but the house was dark inside. Penny opened the door for me while I carried the packages in.

As I leaned over to set the packages down on the floor, I heard a pop, then thump as something stung me in the back. I started turning around and I found myself very sleepy, passing out before I reached the floor. I felt the entire world spinning below me as I struggled to consciousness. When I was more or less aware of my surroundings, I found I was lying on a bed, struggling against the bonds holding my hands and legs. A finger pulled my eyelid up, and some man shone a light in my eye. I couldn't make sense out of what he said to me, but whatever it was, it didn't seem I would like it.

He walked out of my eye sight for a while, then he and a woman came back in. The woman's face seemed vaguely familiar, and was very friendly. Her face filled my range of vision, and I found her hand taking my dick out of my shorts. The man said something to her, so she moved her hands to the sides of my face and gently held them there while she smiled and said soft things to me.

Suddenly I felt a needle in my arm. I tried to look up to see what was going on, but her hands prevented me from looking at anything but her face. Her beautiful face. A face that I wanted to kiss, and love... And fuck. My dick went hard and stayed that way. I wanted her so badly... But yet I was just happy to lay their and take in her face, memorizing it, tracing every detail of her lovely skin. Her voice was an erotic thrill, while her breath only made me lust to taste her lips. Her eyes made my skin tingle where ever they gazed, and her body.... OH her body.

My body felt like it was one huge penis, and her weight on top of me felt like the pressure of a tight cunt pushing in on me. Every movement she made was like a stroking of my bodily prick, flooding me with sexual pleasure and even more desire. She was like sex itself, and I was silly putty in her hands. Even if I wasn't tied up, I probably would have laid there without resistance, allowing her to do what ever she wished to me as long as she wanted. Her hands began touching my chest, sending tidal waves of pleasure to my brain. I passed out numerous times as she continually overloaded my pleasure center just with her touch.

I have no idea how long it was before her words began to make some sense to me, but at some point I had awoken to find the sun had come up. She was lying on top of me with her head on my chest, constantly moving her hands across some part of my body. The first words I comprehended fully were, "Sweet lovely boy. Penny's sweet lovely boy is now my sweet lovely slave." Even though her words almost overloaded my pleasure center again, something inside me awoke, and it was disturbed by her comment.

The woman fell asleep a while later after filling my head with loving yet enslaving words. The bonds that held my arms and legs actually were now sexually stimulating to me, as was basically everything I felt right then. Except that disturbed feeling deep inside me, which was growing stronger. But my mind was still not clear enough to take much notice, and I was too happy and aroused from having my lovely owner sleeping on top of me. That was all that mattered to my drugged mind. We laid there like that for hours. I fought my sleepiness to enjoy the feeling of her sleeping on top of me. Although I hadn't orgasmed once, every moment felt like I was being brought to the brink of one. Several hours passed without her stirring, but the disturbed feeling inside me was finally beginning to hold some of my attention.

When a familiar cry came from another room, the disturbance inside me overcame me. "Penny," I gasped. The woman awoke, then positioned herself to cover the greatest amount of my body with hers. Despite my attempts to resist the pleasure I felt, I couldn't help but moan from her movements. "Does my pretty boy slave feel like talking? Please talk to me," she said before kissing my chin. Her kiss ignited an explosion of pleasure, knocking me out momentarily.

When my sight returned to see her face glazing into mine, I was overcome by my need to have her. "Slave..." I muttered. "Yes. You're my slave. My happy pretty boy slave." "No.... You...." My words confused her, and she couldn't think of anything to respond with except, "I'm your Mistress, you're my slave." "No... Penny.... Must help." "Shhhh," she said, rubbing her torso against my dick. "See how good that feels? Call me Mistress and I will let you feel it again." "Slave.... You... Slave." "No. Me Mistress, you slave. You very horny slave. " "Penny!" I cried. "No, now be quiet. You don't want my Master hearing you."

I struggled to get free, then just as I was about to cry out again, she saw she needed to subdue me. Her lips met mine, making my mind focus on my lust for her. She allowed my tongue to enter her mouth, then after several minutes of my sucking, she broke our lips apart. "Now, call me Mistress, or no more kissing." I very badly wanted to, and almost did so, but then my mind's wheels actually turned a bit, and I remembered I didn't have to give in to her demands.

Our eyes met as I whispered, "Kiss me." The commands struck home, and a moment later we were moaning in each others mouths. We kissed and sucked and tongued each other's mouths for what seemed to be days before I reached a saturation point where I lusted for more than just kissing. Something in the back of my mind demanded the release from my bonds, even though they had become an erotic element in my mind. Once I was free, she helped me out of my clothes before stripping herself. And as she lowered herself onto my prick, I suddenly understood who she was.

Her breasts were larger than her daughter's, but other than her face, that was the only major difference in appearance between her and Penny. Her pussy was no where near as tight, but at that time, everything about her seemed perfect to me. With each rise and fall of her ass, I orgasmed with pain and delight. After my seed had been spent and my mind cleared a bit, I forced her onto her back and proceeded to fuck her mad.

I remember feeling similar drives that I had felt while in the fuck lust with Bethany, but this was different in the sense that when I collapsed, I was able to command her to suck it while I regained my strength. I awoke with a much clearer head, but still with a hard-on which was still being serviced by a very tired mouth. I allowed her to continue her sucking anyway, and was feeling close to cumming when I heard Penny's cry again.

I sent Penny's mother into dreamland, then struggled to my feet and stumbled to the door. I leaned against the wall feeling dizzy while I turned the handle, then managed to stay vertical as I slid myself along the wall and into the hall. I had to stand still a few moments while everything spun around me, but lunged towards another closed door after I heard a moan from Penny. My balance was screwed to hell, making me slam into the closed door. I wasn't hurt, but a man's voice said, "What the hell!" and I knew I wouldn't be leaning against the door long.

I managed to open the door just as he got off the bed, and for a moment he stood there stunned. "How the FUCK did you get out!" he said before stepping towards me. "Penny..." I called as he fell to the floor asleep. I tripped over his legs as I tried to reach her, my head and shoulders bouncing on the edge of the bed before I landed on the floor dazed. After I organized the few able brain cells in my head so they would function, I climbed up on the bed to find Penny nude and bounded just as she had been twelve years ago. Her eyes contained a strange mixture of lust and fear, both wanting and loathing my male body. As carefully as I could, I crawled up to her and attempted to untie her bonds.

My attention was constantly being pulled to her nude body, looking so much like her mothers I almost gave in to my own lust. I finally got her hands untied, then began working on the ones around her ankles. After I finished, I rested at her feet for while, then started to crawl back up to her face. She was in some kind of shock and didn't recognize me at first. After telling her she was safe, and repeating that several times, she suddenly said my name then burst into tears. I held her while she cried, constantly having to battle my lust for her body. Once she finally finished sobbing, she herself was overcome with lust and moved herself to slide my dick in. Despite my horniness, my dick was feeling like it was bruised for being hard so long and couldn't take much more fucking.

After only a few humps from Penny, I begged her to stop, explaining to her it was agony for me. Her mind was lost in her fuck daze, her fight against the drug's effects had drained her self control. Up until the moment she had called my name, Penny had been fighting the drug, keeping herself detached from the outside world, even while she had been fucking and sucking her father or had been getting the oral pleasure that her body was desperately craving. I put her to sleep and rested a few minutes, almost falling asleep myself. I shook it off, knowing that Penny's father wouldn't stay asleep more than an hour or so. The door bell startled me as I attempted to get my still fuzzy brain to work. I almost ignored the visitors, but when I scanned who it was, I let the two brothers in.

"Holy Shit. Where's Penny?" Michael said as soon as I opened the door. "Asleep. Help me," I said finding my legs giving out. They helped me to the couch, then David went to find Penny while Michael tried to ask me questions. I was feeling very ill. I felt light headed and sick to my stomach, and even started feeling very depressed. I knew it was something to do with the drug, some kind of withdrawal or side affect, but there wasn't anything I could do to help myself. I was rapidly losing my facilities, but managed to tell Michael to tie Penny's mother and father up and not to hurt either of them. Then I puked all over him and myself and started going into shock.

I lost consciousness soon after that. I was out for maybe twenty minutes before David woke me by pouring a pitcher of water on my head. I couldn't get up on my own, but I did feel a little better and was able to answer David's question on the second try. "Drugged you? How did you knock him out if you were drugged?" Michael asked. "Never mind that. We can't wake Penny. We're gonna call an ambulance if you don't know how to help her." "Take me to her," I whispered. They carried me to the bedroom where I left her, noticing the absence of her father.

"Penny, wake up," I said softly. Her eyes opened slowly, and she seemed to have trouble focusing. David tried to speak to her, but she recoiled from him like he was trying to bite her. "Penny, what's wrong?" David cried. "Get back," I said. When they didn't, I said, "She doesn't recognize you. Get back." I focused my attention on Penny, drawing her eyes to mine. As an empathic connection formed, I nearly lost myself in her fear. I managed to stretch a hand out towards her and begged her with my eyes.

She wasn't certain what to do, but after several long minutes of staring at each other, she finally took my hand. Seconds later we where holding each other, and this time it was my turn to cry from a sudden surge of my depression. Despite the drug's effects wearing off, our embracing and fondling of each other's nude bodies triggered a surge of lust in the two of us. At first we started with a simple kiss, then that grew to where we were sucking each other's mouths, almost drawing blood. If it hadn't been for the two brothers breaking it up, we would have fucked ourselves silly.

Once Penny recovered her senses, the first thing she asked was, "What happened to my mom?" "Guys, could you carry her in here?" I asked. They looked at each other, then Michael said, "But..." "Please?" Penny asked. After they left the room, I said, "Penny, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but.... She's... You're.." I stopped, trying to think of a way to say it gently. "What?" Penny said, fearing the answer. "Your mom isn't the person you think she is. She doesn't have a job at a clothing factory like she told you. And when your dad got out of prison, she was right there to pick him up while we were at camp. He slept here until the night before you came home."

"I... I don't understand.. I don't believe you!" Penny cried. "Then ask her yourself," I said as the brothers carried the nude woman in. They laid her down on the bed beside Penny, both of their faces were flushed from embarrassment and arousal. "Carol, wake up," I said. "Mom, are you all right?" Penny said looking into her eyes. "Where is he?" she asked, looking at me. "In the closet, sleeping."

Carol started to get up, but Penny caught her arm and said, "Mommy, please tell me it's not true?" "I'm sorry, Penny... I have to go to him." "Carol, you're not getting off the bed," I said as I inserted the commands. Penny and the two brothers watched as Carol attempted to put her feet on the floor, then for some reason would jerk her foot back up at the last moment, never once touching the carpet. After four or five tries, she suddenly looked at me with large eyes and said, "You... You can....... Please don't take me away from him? I just got my Master back.... Please let me stay with him?"

She threw herself at my legs, crying and begging while she hugged my left leg. The moment I realized my foot was between her two breast, I moaned and shuttered. Despite the fact that the drug was pretty much out of my system, her touch sent erotic flashes up my body, literally knocking me senseless with lust. My dick snapped straight up while my eyes rolled back into my head.

Carol took advantage of my surprising response by immediately crawling up to my face while taking my dick in her hand. "Oh, my pretty boy wants to feel his Mistress touch him, doesn't he.." "Mom!" Penny yelled. "If my pretty boy wants his Mistress to give him what he wants, he better keep the others from stopping her.." "MOTHER! NO!! Please! stop thi...." Penny said as she fell asleep, the twins joining her the moment after. "That's my good slavey boy. Now, how about calling me Mistress?"

"Suck me, slave," I said before I finished getting a grip of myself. "Ohh! You were almost mine!" she said as I commanded my dick to go soft and numb. "Actually, I did that kinda on purpose.. I needed to convince Penny what you really were, and I needed to talk to you before we work this stuff out." "Please don't hurt him!?! Please? You can do anything you want with me just don't..."

"Carol, I'm not like Frank's dad. I don't go around making people into my toys. I promise you and Frank won't be separated, and no one is going to get hurt. I'm going to try and help you and Frank, while at the same time help Penny too." "But isn't Penny your slutty little slave?" "Uhm, no. She's as free as you.. uhm, never mind. Penny, wake up." Penny jerked herself awake, then crawled out from under Michael's unconscious form. "Are you.. Okay?" Penny asked, glancing back and forth between us, not really sure who she was asking.

"We're both fine," I said. "Sorry about that. But before you start asking questions, I think it's time for you to learn a little family history. "Your father's father was a telepath like me. His dream was to breed perfect sex slaves and sell them to the highest bidders. I don't know how old he was when he started, but in his forties, he realized he would never live to see his dream and he decided he needed help. "He impregnated ten women who he thought would give him telepathic children. One of the babies died before birth, leaving him with four boys and five girls. All of them, including your dad, never developed any telepathic powers.

"All their lives, your grandfather programmed and prepared them to continue his work, even after he knew none of them had the gift he had. "Your mom is a fifth generation of his work. And you are the sixth, Penny. Uhm, you didn't know you had three brothers and two sisters, did you?" "No," Penny said faintly. Then she looked up at me and asked, "Are they all..?" "Your oldest brother didn't pass the test you were being put through when your mom shot your dad. He lives with one of your dad's sisters. Actually, he's the one who gave your dad that drug he used on us.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but your other brothers and sisters passed that test, and they all were... well, you know. Your mom had a breakdown when your dad started testing you because she didn't want to lose another child. That's why she shot him." "But why were you helping him now?" Penny asked her mother. "Penny, he's my Master. I've always wanted you to be his too, that way we would never be apart. All those years at that stupid hospital, all I could think about was getting back to you and helping you become like me. I was so happy when he told me he wanted you. I.."

"That's enough, Carol. Penny won't be becoming anyone's slave, and even though you don't realize it yet, I've already removed all that bastard's programming from your head. Someday you will be calling him Frank, not Master." "Oh, NO!!! PLEASE... NO! You promised!" "I'm keeping my promise. Believe it or not, Frank does love you. Okay, so it's a strange and twisted love, but... Penny, your dad was as much of a slave as your mom. He didn't have any choice about what he did to you or anyone else.

"Well, actually that isn't quite true. He blames you for his jail sentence, and he was going to take it out on you by making you his personal slave. But after I take out his father's programming and make sure he can't hurt you, he should make a pretty good father." "What do you mean? You're not going to leave me with him!" "Penny, your mom and dad are going to need each other while they work out what they want in life. They're still married Penny, and they are your parents.

"Oh. That just shows how much he cares for you, Carol. I've never heard of anyone marrying their slave before. You're free, and you're going to be happy. Trust me." "But Tim!?!" Penny cried. "He's... I HATE HIM! You CAN'T let this happen! Please, just make him forget us?" "Penny, I'm sorry. You're just going to have to accept it. But you do have some control over this. You see, you really are what your dad should have been trying to achieve. In fact, you probably have a lot in common with him." "How can you say that! He's a monster. I couldn't do anything like what he.."

"You can, and you have. Or at least you would have if Suzi and I hadn't stopped you with that little girl. And look beside you. No, not at the pillow. Yeah, them. They will be your loving and completely loyal servants for the rest of your life if you continue your treatments. And unlike your father's, your brainwashing doesn't hurt them or make them anything less human.

"The way I see it, you can do one of three things. You can try and get along with him and maybe even learn to like him, or you can try brainwashing him with your own technique, but I doubt it would work. Or you can reject him, and probably make the three of you miserable." I spent another twenty minutes convincing Penny to give it a try, only succeeding by using my talents to convince her. My head wasn't feeling up to much more, and my stomach wasn't doing so good either. I really wanted to go home, so I started to take a few short cuts like that.

I let Carol go to her ex-Master and release him while I cleared his head of his father's commands and put some of my own in. I woke the brothers up before I woke Penny's father, then called the limo to pick me up. I went back to the bedroom to see how they were doing. What I found was the last thing I was expecting. Frank was flat on his back with Penny fucking his face and sucking his dick. Michael and David were very unhappy, but Carol was smiling and praising Penny as she watched.

I checked to see what the deal was, finding it had been a battle of wills. Penny was trying to brainwash her father, while her father was taking advantage of her drug conditioned sexual hunger for him. I knew Penny had lost, and even saw she wouldn't be able to resist her father's requests for sex. But they say a family that fucks together, stays together. And Penny wasn't in any real danger from him any more. Penny would fall in love with her father, probably at the same time as he did with her, and would eventually be free from her father's control.

Actually, I made sure that would happen by adding a few commands to Frank's pre-programming. The day Penny calls him dad or daddy would be the day he would find it impossible to do anything to her but give her love. I pulled the two brothers into the bathroom and told them what would happen. I made them unable to tell Penny any thing she didn't already know and made them unable to interfere. And as a last moment addition, I put my phone number in their heads in case something went wrong and they needed my help. Since I was already in the bathroom, I got into the shower to rinse myself off. I jumped in surprise when Carol's body pressed up against mine from behind.

"You're not going to <groan> get me to call you Mistress," I said as she rubbed her hands over my chest. "You don't have to, my pretty boy. You say you have set me free... Maybe you have, I don't know. But you have been good to me, my Master, and my Penny, so I'm going to set you free." Her hands had wandered down to my groin, releasing a surge of pleasure that made my legs give out. By the time she had helped me to the floor of the shower, my will had broken. I laid in her arms, limp as a doll, moaning and whimpering as she stroked my body with her hands and licked my neck and ear lobes.

I would have done anything she had requested, but she said nothing to me as she pushed me deeper and deeper into a sexual comma. At some point after my moans and spasms had stopped, she gently laid me on the floor and mounted me. She stared into my vacant eyes and said, "My pretty boy, I'm going to fuck you now. When you spurt your seed into my cunt, I want you to shoot the drug that makes you so horny for me too. You must do this, and you will do this, and then you will be free."

I laid there feeling my head and toes go numb as she began to hump my hard dick. My head bounced with her strokes, my eyes never blinking as the numbness worked its way towards my middle torso. My orgasm built as the numbness surrounded my cock and balls, then was magnified a hundred times as I shot my cum and the last bit of feeling out of my pumping prick. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the last bit left the head of my dick, then again went limp as she told me I did good. I was crying again, blubbering like a little child. She sat up and pulled me to her, holding me like the baby I was portraying.

I woke up in the limo, fully dressed and halfway home. When I arrived, my mother insisted on checking me out completely, and six hours later, she announced what I already knew. I was clean. Well, there is one thing that she missed. Every night as I fall asleep, I can see Carol's face perfectly, as if I was back in that bed with my arms and hands tied. But it isn't really the face of Carol. It is the face of God herself.

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