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threesome with 2 blonde neigbors
This is a revised version of the original story. I made some changes to the plot, expanding a scene or two, improving 1

area I thought did not really flow well. The two young ladies that inspired this story are real, however the events in this

story are a complete work of fantasy as well as the names of the cast of characters. I hope you all will like this improved

version of my first ever story.

I have these 2 really hot neigbors, both blonds.the younger of the 2 at 17, is a senior in high school and is thin

with maybe a soft A cup. She is a beanpole! Her friend is older than her by 2 years and is in her first year of college.

Where Cindy is thin, her friend is bigger bodied but certainly not fat. She has much bigger breasts then her side cick. She

is I would guess a medium C cup I think, but I've never been good at guessing measurements.
These two are up all night usually chatting and rough housing in the parking lot. I swear sometimes they are both lesbians.

I been lusting after these 2 for months. I started trying to think how I could do something with these 2. I tried

inviting them over to "hang out" a couple of times, but they turned me down. I'm not real assertive, I mean I can walk up

to a complete stranger and start a conversation, no problem. But with women, I don't know. Well finally, one night I

finally got the nerve to do something. The girls were in the complex's landry room fooling around and it was like 1 am. I

wear a pair of old sweat shorts to bed, so I grab a t shirt and head over there. I walk in and watch them for a moment as

they are play fighting. As soon as they see me, they greet me like always, Hi Fred! A part of me thinks I'm A pervert for

even thinking about what I'm about to do.
I'm hoping Cindy is really hyper tonight, or I got no chance of pulling this off. So I look at each of them and

smirk at their antics. Then, trying to sound innocent as possible, I say to Cindy, "so you guys want to come over and chat?

or something?"I add that I can't sleep and there is nothing to do.They look at each other and Mary shrugs her shoulder, as

if to say, whatever. So they agree. So we go back to my place and I close the door and engage both locks like I always do.I

invite them to take a seat in the living room while I grab a round of sodas.
After a few awkward minutes of silence, I suggest we play a game of "Truth or dare". I'm nervous, cause this is

where they either get wierded out or go for it. Cindy says sure so we sit in a circle on the floor. We start out easy,

asking each other silly questions or doing stupid stuff like make a funny face when we choose dares. but after only a few

minutes Cindy decides to get wild. Its my turn to choose, and I look at Cindy who is asking, trying to guage what she will

have me do if I choose Dare. I choose Dare cuase I'm feeling hopeful. She does not let me down.
Cindy looks thoughful for a moment and gets this shit eating grin on her face as she tells me to to kiss her ass! I

smile and say to her only if you bare it! She jumps to her feet, comes over to stand in front of me and turns around and

drops her pants and thong to just below her cheeks then bends over at the waist, with her skinny little ass positioned

right in front of my face. i'm really enjoying the close up view of her tight, bald little snatch.After taking a moment to

enjoy this, I reach up and grab both her hips and proceeed to give her a masterful rim job sticking my tongue right between

her little ass cheeks and licking slowly up the entire length of her ass crack. She tries to jerk her ass away at first,

but this is why I grabbed her hips.
I lick my way back down her crack and swirl my tongue around her brown eye.I know this is having the deired effect as I

hear her utter a little moan. I work my way back down and this time I make sure I come in contact with the bottom of her

lips. But I don't stop there, I slide my tongue alll the way up her tasty snatch,to the little bud hiding at the top. This

I gently imprison between my teeth and swirl my tongue around it a couple of times before flicking it back and forth a

couple of times before releasing it. By this time her breathing has increased dramatically, and she is VERY moist and its

not from my saliva either!
I release her after this,slapping her on the ass playfully, and she almost looks regretful that it is over, at least for

now. Mary is looking at me very curiously the whole time I realize. Next up is Mary. She chooses truth. So I ask her if she

has ever kissed a boy before or ever seen a man naked. She does not answer right away, but finally says that she never has.

Next up is Cindy again. I'm eagerly waiting to see what she will choose! I don't think she was expecting her little

stunt to go the way it did I hope I have not scared her off. But I need not worry, I'm actually surprised by her boldness

when she chooses dare, and mary comes up with the dare before I can speak. Mary wants to see her kiss me on the lips

passionately for at least 60 seconds! I look at Mary, trying to figure out what she is up to. Cindy hesitates for a moment

before she gets up and coming over to me once more, she straddles my lap facing me, she grabs me head with both hands and

takes the plunge. It is like I stuck my finger in a light socket when our lips meet!
There is a palpable heat coming from her body as we kiss, I really start to kiss her hard and lick her lips

teasingly with my tongue and proceed to worm it into her inviting mouth. As the kiss gets more serious, I can feel my cock

rising, getting uncomfortably erect. and I realize I'm not the only one, as I feel her hand close around its length through

my shorts. I'm thinking that things are about to get real interesting!after a moment more of this,I break our "lip lock"
and as she slowly climbs off my lap I notice a wet spot on her jeans right over her crotch. Shesits back down and her eyes

are almost glassy as she stares at me with an look of wanton lust. it's my turn next to choose, and I have the distinct

feeling that my choice is already made. I look at Cindy and she gives me this look that says, "you had better choose dare!"

What can I say? So I choose dare, and, as I do I'm pretty sure I know what's coming.

Sure enough, Cindy almost in a whisper, says to me I want you to show me your cock.And as if in an added thought,

she adds, I want you to let both of us inspect it closely! This is what I have been hoping would happen, still, I'm

nervous as I slowly stand up,and decide to make a show of it. In one quik fluid motion I step right up to Cindy, inches in

front of her face, and step out of my shorts and as my now fully erect 7 inch cock bounces into view, it practically

bounces off her face! Cindy utters a sharp gasp and a slow hhhoooollllllyyyyy sssshhhhiiiitttt! I look over at Mary to see

her reaction, but realize that my body is ubstructing her view. as I take 1 step back and turn ever so slightly so both

girls can see, I see what almost looks like fear? on mary's face. She timidly crawls over next to cindy and just sits there

staring at it in amazement. finally, as if, not to be outdone by her younger friend's boldness, she timidly reaches out a

hand and as her finger makes contact my cock it jerks of its own accord. She pulls her hand back as if it had just tried to

bite her!
I jokingly said whoa boy easy now. I told her it's alright you can try again. I promise, it won't hurt you. she reaches out

a little more confidently this time knowing what to expect.She slowly tries to wrap her hand around it, barely manageing to

touch fingers cause of how thick it is. She looks excitedly at Cindy and says, it's almost hot to the touch! and it's hard

and soft at the same time! cindy reaches up and feels my balls hanging under my shaft. She remarks that sex ed in school

showed pictures and stuff but this is way better! I just smirk, then its my turn to gasp as mary slowly starts to stroke my

length with her fingers, feeling it and learning about it. She looks up and asks if she is hurting me when I gasp. I smile

and say no, it feels really good. I tell her to wrap her hand around it again and hold it tightly.
I show her how to "Pump" it up and down. she does this a few times and then Cindy leans in close and licks the tip

with her tongue. this elicits a groan of pleasure from me encouraging her boldness, she begins to lick down the underside

of of the shaft all the way down to the base, then back up again. Mary then gets into the act by sticking the head into her

mouth and swirling her tongue around the hood. I can't beleive how amazing this feels! Cindy continuesto lick up and down

while Mary tries to stuff more of my cock into her mouth, sucking hard every time she pulls her head back. I'm really

getting into this, but I don't want to cum just yet, so I back up and say that's enough of that for now girls.

But I have other ideas! I say to the girls, "why should I be the only naked body here?" I look at them both, then in

amoment of inspiration, say why don't you undress each other?They stand up and cindy raises her arms over her head and Mary

pulls off her shirt and drops it to the floor. Next she reaches down to Cindy's waist and pops the button on her jeans then

slides the zipper down. Next she slowly lowers her jeans down to her ankles and her thong is not far behind. Cindy steps

out of both and kicks them to the side.
Standing now, Mary follows Cindy's example and raises her arms over her head as cindy grabs the hem of her blouse

and quickly whips it off over Mary's head! She walks around behind Mary and unfastens her bra. She makes a show of slowly

revealing Mary's big, firm, breasts. I tell her to throw me her bra, I want to see how big they are. I look at the tag and

see that she has 60 DD breasts! Wow! I drop her bra and watch as Cindy has her pants undone by now and is lowering them

slowly still behind Mary.i'm really enjoying the show as her panties join the pile of clothes. Cindy stands up and moves to

stand next to Mary. I just stare at the perfection on display before me!
Finally, I walk up to Mary and gently take her ionto my arms and proceed to kiss her on the lips as my hand comes

up to feel her breasts. I open my arm and pull Cindy in with us in the embrace. I begin stroking Cindy's cunt lips with my

right hand and massaging mary's right breast with my free hand. mary starts stroking my cock again as I turn and kiss

Cindy. I continue for a few moments until I start getting close to a climax again. I back up and tell them I would really

like to see them make out and play with each other. They turn to each other and start kissing as they sink to the carpet

and Cindy lays down on her back. Mary starts slowly bathing a path down her body working towards Cindy's clean shaven

pussy. Cindy arches her back as Mary's tongue makes contact with her sloppy wet hole. It's not long before Cindy begins

moaning louder and writhing around as she draws near to orgasm!
I approach Mary from behind and coax her into a kneeling position with her legs spread,knees under her and her head

still buried between Cindy's thighs. I begin fingering Mary's pussy, I'm amazed at how she is running like a faucet! A

steady stream of juices running down her inner thighs, I won't have any problem slipping in she is so turned on! I position

the head of my cock at her opening and slowly push just a little til I feel her pussy surround the tip of my cock. It feels

like she is trying to suck me in. Her pussy is flexing, gripping the tip,trying to draw more of me into her.
I pull back and push in deeper this time, earning a moan of pleasure from mary, I pull back and this time, slam it home,

balls deep. Mary cries out as I rip through the membrane blocking access. I hold myself deep in her and leaning down, I ask

if she is alright. She raises her mouth from Cindy's flooding cunt and says yes. I wait a couple of more minutes to let her

body adjust, then begin a slow writhym of deep stokes and pick up pace slowly, in time to her moans of pleasure. Cindy is

rushing to her second major orgasm and I start slamming into Mary's pussy and Mary reaches her first orgasm at the same

time as Cindy. I have never felt anything so amazing in my life as her whole body goes stiff as a board and her pussy tries

to squeeze the life out of my cock, it's too much for me and I blast spurt after spurt of cum deep into her womb!

After we all recover from our orgasms, I position Mary so that she is sitting on my chest with her pussy against my

outh. As I begin to feast on her pussy, Cindy begins working on my cock. It does not take very long before she really

starts to juice up big time and starts moaning constantly. Cindy positions her self over my reinflated cock and slams

herself down, impaling herself on my cock. As she does so, she gives a little whimper of pain as she sacrifices her

virginity. Wow, I think to myself, 2 Cherrys in one night! after a moment, she starts riding my cock, slowly at

first,picking up the pace after a few strokes as she finds her stride.
Meanwhile, Mary is letting loose with an earth shattering orgasm! She slides off my mouth and lays down facing us,

watching us as she enjoys the afterglow of her orgasms. Cindy is really pounding away now on my cock and I am really

enjoying how encredibly tight she is. her pussy feels like a really warm hot water bottle around my cock and it is really

soft like the finest silk. I watch her enjoyng her "ride" as she throws her head back grunting and moaning loudly in the

throws of passion. After what seems like hours but in reality is about and hour or so, I feel my balls come alive as never

before! as she reaches yet another mind blowing orgasm , it feels like my cock is blasting her womb like a fireman's hose!
we lay down together with both girls resting their heads on my chest, and each has a hand over my cock

possessfully. I sigh, saying, "i'm surprised I lasted as long as I did. That was the best experience of my life, at last I

can die a happy man". Cindy squeezes my cock and and says, " we have no intention of letting you get away that easily!"I

think to myself, What have I got myself into?

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2011-09-17 16:17:27
Please learn to spell before you attempt to write. This looks like the work of an elementary school drop-out.
Learn to use paragraphs instead of mostly double spacing.
Your spelling is extremely bad!!!! Educate yourself or stop posting this sorry work.

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