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Here’s part 5, enjoy.

I stood there staring at Gabriela. She had on a black ruffled skirt that reached her knees, long white stockings, a long one sleeve pale shirt, and a brown beret hat. On her sleeveless arm, she wore a black wristband. I had to admit, her sense of style was almost impeccable, this being her cutest outfit so far.

“Tyler,” Dad said, “Don’t just stand there gawking like a fool. Show some manners.”

“Oh sorry,” I mumbled, “Hey long time no see, Gabriela.”

She smiled, “Indeed. How long has it been, since the last time we saw each other?”

“Uh about twelve years,” I said.

“Well don’t I get a welcome back hug?” She said spreading her arms out. For a moment I merely looked at her, then towards my parents. Their killing expressions told me to hurry up and hug her or there will be consequences. I reluctantly did so, wrapping my arms around her, I smelled a faint but attractive aroma around her. Gabriela wrapped her arms around me too, when we finally broke off, I was glad. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to hug her, because I would love to hug Gabriela and do much more under normal circumstances.

But I was confused as in what was going on, my parents acting like they’ve seen and met her before. I watched as my parents chatted with Gabriela asking her things like, “How was her parents? What were her interests now?”

It wasn’t until Dad asked, “So how were things in Romania?” that I realized that Gabriela somehow placed herself within my family memories as my childhood friend who moved to Romania.

Again I found myself thinking, “Genies are scary as fuck.”

Dad turned to me and said pointing at two suitcases in the corner, “Hurry up and take Gabriela’s bags to your room.”

“Wait... huh,” I mumbled, “ room?”

Dad looked at my like I’ve gone retarded, “Yes, you’ll be sharing your room with Gabriela. We already talked about this.”

Yep this definitely confirmed my speculation of Gabriela jinxing the fuck out of everything, because normally my Dad goes crazy if he thinks a girl has been in my room. I decided it’d be best to go along for now.

I playfully slapped my forehead, “Oh Yeah, now I remember.”

My dad relaxed a bit and said, “Good, now take Gabriela’s bags up, Okay?”

“Sure,” I said grabbing the two suitcases. The suitcases were light as a feather, probably because they were empty. When I got to my room I placed the suitcases in my closet. I heard my door close, turning to look I saw Gabriela standing there holding the door close. The she bounded onto me, pushing me against the wall. I felt her soft warm lips onto my own, I couldn’t help but kiss her back. When her hands went for my cock, I stopped her.

“Wait,” I said, “My parents might come in.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll just think we’re talking in private.” she said unzipping my jeans pulling out my cock. I groaned as her delicate fingers wrapped tightly around my cock. She knelt down and started jerking me off quickly making me hard.

“Even though we did it earlier, you’re already this hard,” Gabriela said, her eyes sparkling, “I just love how fast you recover Master.”

I took a quick glance at my watch. The time read 6:25, I had twenty more minutes before I had to leave for school. I watched Gabriela spit on my cock, making it moisten. She looked up at me, her chocolate brown eyes into my own, as she stroked my cock. She kissed my cock’s head and began wrapping her tongue around it before bringing it along my shaft.

Then she put it in her mouth. I felt my body shiver in pleasure as the combination of wetness and warmth of her mouth engulfed my cock. I felt myself being hurling towards an orgasm. Gabriela brought my cock out till she had her lips on the head, she flick its tip with her tongue several times before licking all over the head. Then she took my whole cock back into her mouth, burying the head of my cock in her throat. It didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm overtake. I grabbed her hair and forced my cock as far as I could in her mouth. Spurts of cum shot directly down Gabriela’s throat causing her to slightly gag. I felt my deflated cock slip out of her mouth. We both sat there in silence for a moment.

Gabriela smiled at me, “Was that to your liking Master?”

I smiled back, “Yeah, best blowjob ever.”

We heard Mom call for us, after zipping my jeans up, we headed down towards the kitchen. Mom fixed sausages and eggs, I tried to tell her that I’ll have to get to school in about 5 minutes.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dad said finishing his breakfast, “I’ll drive you up there.” That surprised me, but it turns out that Gabriela will be enrolled to my school, so Dad had to go up there anyway.

“We already got the paperwork done last week,” Dad was saying, then he turned to Gabriela, “So you can start whenever you’re ready.”

Gabriela nodded then said politely, “Then if possible, may I start today?”

“Of course.” Dad said smiling, he turned to me, “Tyler, you’d be sure to help Gabriela with whatever she needs.”

“Okay,” I said. After we finished breakfast, we grabbed our school things, my backpack and Gabriela satchel, then Dad drove us to school. We ended up getting there pretty early so after Gabriela got her classes from the counselor which were exactly like mine, Dad asked me to show her around the school.

“Okay, have a good day,” Dad said before driving off to work. There wasn’t much point in showing Gabriela around, since she could easily find out where she needed to go. So we just hung back and chatted a bit.

“Hey can I see your watch?” Gabriela asked. I placed my watch in her opened hand. I watched as Gabriela let her hand hover over the watch, then her hand glowed purple light although only for a fleeting moment. She gave my watch back, at first it didn’t look much differ, it still had its same four buttons, light/set/adjust/mode. Gabriela pushed down on the digital watch screen, I watched as the screen sunk then stopped when it reached a certain point like a controller button. At the stopping point, the watch made a click sound, then the four buttons disappeared and were replaced by two knobs at the side parallel from one another, one was silver, the other was bronze. The watch screen also had a single digit in the middle of it.


“That’s your current wish count,” Gabriela explained, and then she indicated to the bronze knob, “This allows you travel between dimensions, the limitations though are the 2nd dimension to 5th dimension.” Next was the silver knob, “This allows you to control the speed of the passage of time of your desire dimension.” I nodded and putted my watch back on.

“But Master remember this,” she said on a serious note, “There are limitations for a reason, since your human body is fragile in the grasp of dimension travels, you must only travel between the 3rd dimension to the 4th. When adjusting the speed, be sure you do not go lower than half of the original or higher than two times the original.”

“Alright,” I said.

Gabriela smiled, “Your physical body isn’t used to the affects of the contract. However I customized your watch to help you adjust to it. Given time, your abilities will surface much more and perhaps within a year’s time, you’ll grow just as accomplished at this as me.”

“If I’m still alive then.” I joked.

“True,” she said, “But Master, I must warn you. I am not the only genie in existence and genies are not the only divine beings as well. The entire plane of existence is full of them, each race with their own traditions and path of life. One thing we all have in common though is that we make contracts with living beings preferably humans. There are many like you Master, humans who gained supernatural abilities. But believe me when I say this, not all of them are peace seekers, some reeks of hostility to harm others.”

Before she could say anything else though, we heard someone called out, “Hey Tyler, Gabriela!” We turned to the direction of the voice. It was Daniel, he was walking towards us with a big grin on his face.

“Hey man,” I said bumping fists with him.

“Wow Gabriela, you look amazing,” Daniel said looking Gabriela over, “First day of school?”

“Thank you Daniel,” Gabriela said with a courtesy bow, “Yes, today is my first day here. I just finish moving into Tyler’s house yesterday.”

Daniel gawked at me, “Seriously?” I nodded with a cocky grin. Daniel playfully punched me in the shoulder, “Lucky son of a bitch.”

We laughed, I asked him where was Alice. Daniel told us that Alice was in another school not too far away from ours, and that she’ll be coming with him to prom.

“Looks like class gonna be startin soon,” Daniel observed as students started filing in through the entrance doors. I nodded, we proceeded towards our class. The day was rather uneventful, it wasn’t until after school after football practice that something amusing took place. We were in the locker rooms changing, when I heard some of the guys talking.

“Hey you saw that new girl?” Terrance said.

“Hell yeah,” Derek stated, “She is smoking hot, I know I’ll be jerking off tonight.”

“Me too,” Tony agreed, “I’d love to fuck her.” All the other guys pretty much agreed or said the same thing.

Daniel smiled at me and said aloud, “Hey Tyler, you and Gabriela are going to prom this Friday right?” Daniel couldn’t had done it any better, I knew the other guys heard, cause when Daniel and I left the locker room, they were all staring at me and I could see the envy in their eyes.

Daniel and I laughed as we walked home about the rest of the team. When we reached Daniel’s house, he turned to me and said, “You know you never answered my question.”


“Are you going to prom with Gabriela?”

I shrugged, “Can’t say right now.” Daniel nodded, said bye and went to his house saying he’ll call me later. When I got home, I noticed Tommy wasn’t in his usual spot (in front of the TV). I checked the kitchen, he wasn’t there either. I went upstairs to his room and he wasn’t there. At first I was getting worried, but then I heard voices coming from my room. It turns out that he was in there with Gabriela doing his homework.

“Then you bring the four here.” Gabriela said indicating with finger.

“Okay,” Tommy responded then he happily exclaimed, “Finish.”

“Good job Tommy,” Gabriela said rubbing his head. Tommy gave a wide grin then he saw me and said, “Hi Tyler.”

“Hey,” I said, “You finished your homework?”

He nodded then asked, “Can I play game now?”

“Sure you can,” I said giving him a soft noogie. He laughed and playfully tried to push me off. Eventually I let him go so he can get on the Wii.

“You seemed to be in a good mood Master,” Gabriela said as she sat on my bed crossing her legs after Tommy went downstairs.

“Nah, I’m just surprise how docile Tommy was,” I said as I closed my door, then I asked Gabriela, “Did you use magic on him, like what you did with my parents?”

Gabriela shook her head, “No, what you just witness was maturity.” I nodded, I didn’t know why, but I was getting really horny. I looked at Gabriela, I watched has she took off her beret so she could pull her hair up revealing her slender neck before putting it back on. Her crossed legs unfolded before folding again. As I looked at her, I again found myself mesmerized by her bold beauty. I had to admit, I was definitely one lucky son of a bitch. It wasn’t before long that I was consumed by lust. I slowly walked towards Gabriela, who was at the moment unsuspecting anything. I knelt in front of her and quickly proceeded to kiss her.

“Master,” she gasped both surprised and pleased. I quickly broke off and helped Gabriela stand up.

“Get on the wall,” I whispered in her ear. Gabriela looked at me with surprised but she did so. She put her hands on the wall with her ass facing me. “Stick your ass out more.” I said unzipping my jeans. Gabriela stuck her ass out as far as she could. I bunched her ruffled skirt up to her waist, then I stood back to admired her firm tanned ass cheeks divided by a pair of black panties. I pulled her panties down her legs and had Gabriela step out of them. Kneeling in front of her ass, I couldn’t help but once again admire her smooth pussy lips.

I gently rubbed my finger on her clit, I allowed my hands to slowly travel down both of her tone tanned legs. I placed my head near her clit and smelled the intoxicating aroma. Leaning in, I started my assault on her pussy. I continued going back and forth from sucking on her pussy to licking it. I allowed my tongue to slide in and out of her pussy. Gabriela moaned as her entire body tensed, for a moment I stopped. I was in awe as I watched her juice trickle down her thighs. I leaned in again to lick her thighs clean of her juices. I felt her body slightly tightened while I was doing this.

Standing up, I positioned my cock at her pussy, but instead of fucking her, I began to tease her but grinding my cock against her pussy lips.

“Hurry up and put it.” Gabriela moaned.

I smacked her ass sending ripple through it, Gabriela moaned. I said, “Now, lets try that again. What do you want from me?”

“I want you to fuck me.” She said breathing hard.

I smacked her again causing another moan, “That wasn’t very polite, now was it?”

“Please fuck me,” she said

“That’s not how you ask your Master is it?” I said rubbing the spot on her ass I had smacked in anticipation of the next smack.

“Please fuck me Master.” Gabriela said her breathing and moans uncontrollable and lowered her head. I smiled as I felt my cock easily slip in her pussy. To my surprise however, she was much wetter than before. I started thrusting into her, waves of pleasure swept throughout our bodies. Gabriela used the wall as leverage as she pushed her ass against me, getting in more of my cock. I gasped as I quickly felt tension build up in my balls. I clenched both her ass cheeks as I drove into her, I looked down at her lovely ass and pulled my cock out. The urge to cum in her warm, wet pussy drove my cock insane. But I wanted a different hole today.

“M-ma-ster….what are you doing, hurry fuck me with your big cock.” She whined when she noticed my withdrawal. I realized she was close to cumming herself.

I placed my thumb on Gabriela’s tight asshole and slightly nudged it, Gabriela gasped as she looked back at me. I repositioned my cock at her asshole, I could feel her body tensing from my touch. I slowly forced my cock in, it was pretty easy since my cock was slick with her juices. Gabriela wiggled her ass, taking in more of my cock. We moaned in unison as I thrust into her burying in the rest of my cock into her asshole. My grip on her tanned ass cheeks increased as I pounded into her tight ass hole. Gabriela pushed back against me. I moaned as my balls slapped against her wet pussy. Gabriela’s body shook and trembled as she went through her orgasm.

“Oh Master.” She yelped in pleasure. I groaned as her tight ass squeezed my cock, sending me through a mind numbing orgasm as well. I felt a stream of hot cum flow into her asshole, even as I was cumming, I continued thrusting into Gabriela. It wasn’t until my orgasm subsided, that I began to slow down. I pulled my limp cock out of her ass and watched as cum slowly trickled down her ass crack. I tucked my cock back into my shorts and zipped my jeans back up, then I sat down trying to catch my breath.

Gabriela slowly withdrew herself from the wall, she bent down to grab her panties and pulled them on. Then out of nowhere, she jumped onto me.

“Master if you were going to do anal, give me a warning next time.” She told me strictly, “Being a genie doesn’t mean I’m immune to pain.”

I laughed, “Sorry.” Then I leaned forward and kissed her passionately, she quickly kissed me back. We stayed like that for awhile and probably even longer if the door hadn’t opened. Tommy entered the room, he looked at both of us. Although we weren’t kissing, we were both sitting on the floor holding each other. Tommy made a face as he sniffed he air.

“It smells weird in here Tyler…did you poot or something?” He asked

“Uh yeah,” I told him with a weak chuckled, “Sorry bout that.”

Tommy said playfully, “Poor Gabriela, has be in here with dirty Tyler,” Then he bounded out of my room in fits of giggles.

Gabriela giggled and said to me, “He doesn’t know how right he is, huh ‘dirty Tyler’.”

I smiled, then I asked her, “Hey, do you want to go to prom with me?”

“Is that a wish Master?” She asked slyly.

“Actually it’s a question.” I told her.

“Oooh, looks like you finally know how to play my little game.” Gabriela whispered, “Then yes, I’ll love to accompany you master to your prom.”

“Great,” I said, and then we kissed.

To Be Continue.

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