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Something i never told Tris
Twins n best buds XI

Wow. Seeing what Tris wrote about what he did with Anthony was a real surprise. I know we don’t tell each other everything but something like that I figured he would have told me about long before this.

Before I start telling you and Tris about something I did and never told him about, let me tell you about us going shopping this afternoon. ( It tells you who the hornier one of is lol.) We went to the mall to get some clothes for school.

At one point I took 2 pair of jeans into a changing room to try them on and Tris stood outside making jokes. One pair I tried on didn’t fit good so I asked Tris to get me another pair a size bigger in the waist. Well, he went and got another pair and instead of tossing them over the door he came in the room and started messing around with me when I was trying to pull them on. His messing around gave me a boner so I told him (as a joke) that since he got me boned he should be the one to take care of it. Instead of telling me I was nuts he knelt down and started sucking me in the room.

Even though I was afraid we’d get caught or heard I sat down on the bench and opened my legs and let him do it. I rubbed my leg between his legs to rub on his dick while he sucked mine. It didn’t take long before I let him know that I was going to cum. He grabbed my dick and jerked it n his mouth and let my load run out of his mouth on the carpet. He wanted me to suck him but I wasn’t about to do it there so I promised him I would on the way home. And as promised on the way home I leaned over and opened his pants and pulled his dick out and I sucked him while he was driving. It was fun. We hadn’t done that in some time. The last time we did it we gave some truck driver in a semi an eyeful. This time I just had to stay down at one point because Taylor got stuck right next to a car so if I would have popped my head up it would have looked pretty weird. (Thats all. Call it a short story lol)

Ok. One of the mails we got asked Tris if he got to fuck Becky at Great Lodge. Well, even though he doesn’t know it he did get to fuck her. He fucked Becky the day that he and my mom and dad went to see the UP. I played sick so I didn’t have to go.

The afternoon they went for the drive I put Tris’s swim trunks on and met up with Becky. We did some swimming and hung out and I asked he if she wanted to go hang out in the room like we did last time. I told her that it was our last chance to hang out alone since her family was leaving he next day.

We went to the room and sat on the bed and did some making out. We laid back on the bed and kissed and rubbed together and I felt her breasts up until I had my hand inside her top. After some more kissing I got her to let me take her top off and then we made out some more.

I took my shirt off and she massaged my chest while I played with her tits. We made out and I found out what it felt like having tits rub against my chest. I guided Becky’s hand down to my crotch and told her I thought about what we did the other day a lot. She told me she thought about it too. When I felt her hand on my dick I started french kissing her telling her how hot she was. I kissed her cheeks and ears and kissed down her neck. She tried to get me to come back up so we could kiss but I kept kissing down her neck until I was kissing the area over her breasts and then I went for it and started kissing her breasts until I was kissing her right nipple. I licked it and bit it like I do to Tris. I played with it with my tongue and played with her left tit with my other hand. That got Becky going. She was breathing hard and running her fingers in my hair and rubbing her leg against my dick. I told her this was even better than when we made out last time and she agreed it was.

When I got done kissing both of her tits I moved back up and we hugged and kissed and rubbed our bodies together. I made sure she could feel my boner rubbing into her pussy area. We had our tongues in each others mouths and when we weren’t doing that we were sucking each others tongues. I pushed her to her back and kept kissing her and ran my hand down over her tits and body until it was between her legs rubbing on her pussy. At first she closed her legs but after a little while she relaxed and let me do it. I guided her hand down to my waist and at first she played with my dick through my trunks then she slid it in my trunks and grabbed my dick and played with it. I was leaking precum and as we kissed she told me it was all wet like the last time. She told me I was a horny boy. I kissed her and told her she made me that way and after more making out I slid my hand in her bikini bottom and felt her pussy. She had a little hair and her pussy was all wet too.

I fingered her and massaged around her pussy all the time we were making out. And as soon as we stopped to get some air I told her we should get naked and she let me pull her bikini bottom off. We kissed some more and rubbed together and then she helped me slide my trunks off. And man as soon as we were naked we hugged and I pulled her on top of me. She kept her legs closed but she did rub her pussy on my dick. It was hot. It was sure different doing it and not feeling a dick rubbing on my dick.

I kissed down her neck and kissed and sucked her tits more and then I thought about going down further so I could try licking her pussy but she stopped me and I think I was kind of glad she did.

I moved up in the bed so I was next to her and we kissed some more and then I tried pushing her head down toward my dick. She kissed my chest and slid down and stroked me and held my dick up then she licked it. I watched and told he that it felt great. She kissed my dick and opened her mouth and sucked it a for like a minute and then she moved back up so she was laying next to me. I didn’t mind because she didn’t do a very good job sucking for sure.

While we were kissing I rolled on top of her and got between her legs and rubbed my wet dick on her wet pussy. She told me I was going to be her 1st and I told her she was going to be mine too. She opened her legs and told me I could if I wanted but to go slow because she knew it was going to hurt. I started sucking her tongue and moved around until my dick was in the position and I pushed it in. I asked if it hurt and she said no so I pushed deeper and when I did that she gasped and made a noise that let me know it hurt. I stopped pushing and asked if she was ok. She told me she was and she told me not to move for a minute. I waited. After a few minutes she kissed me and I took that as the sign I could stop staying still so I started pumping in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and we got our movement together so I was pushing in and she was thrusting against me.

It was great but I admit I did feel kind of bad since she thought she was doing it with Tris.

Her pussy was tight but not as tight as Tris’s ass. It probably only lasted 10 or 15 minutes but it seemed a lot longer to me. I could tell that it was working for her because she was breathing really hard, panting as we kissed and her pussy juices were soaking both of our pubic areas.

I kneeled up so I could see my dick fucking my 1st pussy and then I pumped her as fast as I could. Becky started moaning and wiggling all around. I realized that she was having a climax so I fucked her harder and faster and just when I was going to shoot I pulled my dick out and my jizz shot all over her. It went every where. Up until then I didn’t realize that girls cum to. Between the 2 of us our pubes were soaked and the sheets on the bed were pretty wet.

We laid there a few seconds and then she moved and my dick came out of her pussy. I think we both felt guilty or something because we didn’t talk much after it. She took her bikini in the bathroom and came out with it on a few minutes later. While she did that I wiped up with my towel and got my trunks on. We started to walk to the wave pool but she said she was going to go to and lay down. I told her I would see her later and she told me she would try but she might go to bed early because she knew her parents would be getting up early to leave for home.

I went back to our room and made the bed so you couldn’t tell someone had been in it. Then I sat there feeling kind of guilty of what I just did. It wasn’t really nice to do to Becky. As for Tris, well, it wasn’t nice to do to him but I bet he would have done the same thing if he had the chance

When my family got home later that night I was in the room watching TV. The first thing my dad and mom did was make sure I was feeling ok and that I had dinner and then they told me and Tris it was late so we should not be running around. Tris wanted to see if Becky was around so I told him that I had run into her earlier and we hung. I told him she said she didn’t feel good and she was going to go to bed early. He took a walk to see if she was around. I wanted to tell him what happened in case he did see her but I chickened out and sat there hoping and praying that he didn’t see her. He came back to the room and was a little bummed but once he started telling me about what they did and where they went he seemed to forget about it.

After Tris showered he came out sat on the bed naked flipping through channels on the TV. He picked a channel and then he laid back on the bed and started stroking his dick until it went from flaccid to boned.

‘You feelin horny?”

After the time I had with Becky I wasn’t but seeing Tris getting boned up started my dick to stir in my boxers.

“Getting there.’ I responded and than I walked over and stood next to the bed close enough to Tris so he could reach up and play with me. He fondled me and then he leaned up and started kissing along the outline of my bone through my boxers. It felt great so I reached down and played with his dick. He was leaking precum like crazy.

I got on the bed with him and we hugged and did some grinding, dick to dick. Tris pushed me onto my back and kissed down my chest until he was biting and licking my nipples while he played with my balls. Tris continued kissing and licking around my chest and down my stomach until he got to my dick. I might not have been horny when we started but once Tris held my dick up and wrapped his lips around it I was ready.

He devoured my cock. He started deep throating me and working th underside of my dick with his tongue. He sucked me like that until I was close to cumming and then he stopped sucking and pushed my legs apart so he could give my balls some attention. He licked each ball and sucked each ball and when he started doing that I reached and pulled him around so I could stroke and play with him. We laid there and 69'd and made each other gag a few times when we got carried away. Tris pushed his head between my legs and ran his tongue over my ass a few times. The feel of his tongue made me quiver and he knew it so he did it again and again and then he started licking and tonguing me.

While he was rimming me I was swallowing his dick and fingering him.

“Wheres the cream?” he whispered.

I told him it was in my backpack and he stopped rimming me long enough to stretch over in the bed to reach my backpack. He found the lube and told me to hold my hand out and when I did he shot some on my hand. I smeared it all over his dick and asked him how he wanted to do it. Tris fingered me and lubed my ass and said he wanted to lay on his back.

We both moved around and once Tris got settled I crouched over him and held his dick and aimed it and lowered myself down until I had all of him in me. Tris smiled and put his hands on my legs and lifted his hips up and down a few times working his dick in and out of my ass. Once he stopped doing that I put my hands on his chest and started moving up and down on his cock.

Tris put some lube on my dick and stroked me while we fucked. My balls were bouncing on his pubes as I bounced up and down on his dick. It felt awesome and I could see by the way his face looked that he was enjoying it as much, if not more, than I was.

After awhile my legs started to hurt and when I told Tris he rolled until I was on my back with my feet resting on his chest. He held my ass cheeks apart and rammed in and out of me like he hadn’t had any sex in weeks. I grabbed my dick and jacked while we fucked and when Tris moaned that he was getting close I squeezed his dick as tight as I could with my ass muscles and told him to ram me as hard as he could. And that he did.

We were both sweating and moaning. Tris pushed my legs up higher and said he was going to cum and started pumping me wildly. When he shot I could feel his dick pulsing in my ass. I moaned and told him that I was cumming and then a ribbon of cum shot out across my stomach and pooled in my belly button. Tris took a few more thrusts and then he stopped and let my legs down. Both of us remained still while we caught our breath. Tris leaned forward and we kissed and when I started to move so he could pull out he whispered,

“Not yet. Stay still”

Tris smeared my jizz around on my stomach and chest with his fingers. I could feel his dick jump in my ass. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then Tris started moving back and forth working his dick in my ass again. I moaned and told him he was super horned and he told me that it was probably because he was thinking about Becky all day. Hearing him say that made me feel bad about what I had done while he was with my parents but rather than dwell on it I squeezed my ass muscles around his dick and pulled him down so we could kiss.

Tris fucked me again and then we cleaned up and fell asleep.

The next morning we overslept and when Tris went looking for Becky he found out that she and her family had already left for home.

Tris made me scroll up so he could read this. He just slugged me in the arm really hard and told me I am a prick. Damn he just hit me again.

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2016-08-23 01:36:20
What a funny lovable pair.

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Bisexual female funding this sexy as fuck- I wish you'd dp'd her though wow

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I wouldn't hit my brother! I'd kill him if he took my girl's virginity!

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o well
im surprised tris didnt get that mad at u

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Hehehe I have read all of you stories and their great....Taylor for some reason to me your such a sexy slut....Not in a bad way {smile} hope I didnt offend you, but Ive taking a liking to you {laugh} oh and U and Tris are pretty cool like seriously


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