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Watching Her First Porn - 2

…we left off with Tanya and Sissy sitting on Sissy brother Brad’s bed playing with their pussy’s. Brad sat in his computer chair naked with a big boner. They all continued to watch Tanya’s first porn vid.


..I was so horny now waiting for the porn vid to be over and get them to give me another show and feel. They imitated the vid and both were licking my boner, when Tanya stopped the foreplay to watch more of the hot vid. They were real close to them both sucking on my boner. I anticipated them both giving me a hot, full cum blow job. I looked at them as they’re eyes were lock on the vid. I got to feel Tanya’s tits for the first time and it was heavenly. They were soft, good size and exciting. I got to feel my sisters tits finally.

...She had the sweetest nipples and moaned when I rolled them between my fingers. They were winning the ‘make me horny’ game and I didn’t mind one bit. Tanya kept glancing at my boner. Sissy was too as the guy in the film had the two girls stacked on their backs and began to stick his cock in one girl, then pull out and in the other one. He was…fucking them both. He got both women all hot wondering which on was going to get a blast of his cum.

…Surprise…the one girl on top, got off the other girl and stuck her head under the other girls pussy. She could now lick the girls pussy, the guys balls and the underside of his cock, as he fuck her. We all watched as she licked them both as they fucked faster. They all began to squirm and moan as cum began to run out the sides of the girls pussy. The girl underneath stuck out her tongue and let the cum run out onto it as they fucked. Next the guy pulled out and shot cum in girl underneath’s wide open mouth…..

…I looked over at Tanya and sis…they were frozen in amazement to what had just been shown. I freeze framed the vid showing the hot cum shooting in the girls mouth…..

…I couldn’t even imagine guys and girls doing this. I was so horny, it felt like a fire in my pussy. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and it made me beyond horny. My pussy began to drip. I looked over at Sissy and her mouth was open and her tongue was out. She was frozen in that position. I looked at Brad…he had both hands on his boner and breathing hard….

…So…. this was what my dad didn’t want me to see. I remember overhearing him say to a friend: “Watching and having sex just feels too good, and these damn kids today just can’t handle it!”

…I knew Brad was ready to cum again. I got on my knees and quick put my hands on his and started jacking him. I just had to put my lips over the head of his boner. The second I did…..he exploded his cum past my lips and I felt his hot cum shooting in my mouth.

….I can’t explain how exciting that felt….

…He took his hands away and let me jack him with my lips still on the head of his boner. Sissy joined me and we shared sucking the head of his boner. Every nerve in my body was tingling.

… Sissy’s tongue met mine at the tip of his boner head, causing him to jump and gasp for air. He had to stop us…he managed to say it was too sensitive…too sensitive…so we just continued to lick his shaft and the cum oozing out of the tip of his boner…..

…Three am. We were all in Brad’s bed. He was between us girls on his back. I had to feel his boner some more. I loved feeling my first boner and just seemed to not be able to get enough of it. His eyes were closed, with a grin on his face. He was feeling both Sissy and my tits. I rolled him toward me and the kissing and feeling began. I couldn’t resist our fever to be close to each other. I felt his boner slip between my legs. It was warm and wonderful…

…He then rolled over to Sissy and started in doing the same kissing and they felt each other. Sissy and I were on the pill as our dads made sure of that. She had sex once with a guy at school. I was still a virgin. Sissy decided I should have Brad as my first. She rolled him over on top of me and began to feel us both up.

,,, We fell into each other and I fell his boner resting on my wet pussy. We both guided his boner in me. He was cool and took it slow as I felt my first boner ease in me. Sissy was as excited as we were and she felt both our bodies. It became smother and hotter as I felt new feeling in my pussy. Soon we had a togetherness like no other. Now he wasn’t ’pesky’ Brad but ’beautiful’ Brad. We got lost in our own world as we kissed and licked us.

...There was a strong build up of good feeling coming up inside me. Brad felt my tits and nipples. Now my wet warm pussy took his boner with ease as I thought this was going to be the ultimate peak….then I felt something under my right leg. It was Sissy’s head. Like in the vid she worked her upturned face so she could lick us as we fucked. My head was spinning as I felt her tongue at the bottom of my pussy. When Brad felt it he began to get all excited and adjusted to give her room to lick us.

….How do you describe a feeling like this….you don’t…is was out of this world as I knew it. Sissy held Brad’s balls as he was making those noises just before he cums. I held Brad tight and a steady moan came out of me as we peaked together…….his boner went high speed and then went deep as hot cum shot in me. A new feeling hit me and my pussy automatically squeezed down on his boner…I yelled something and trembled. That feeling of hot cum shooting in me was awesome…. He pulled out and shot some in Sissy’s waiting mouth. She moaned and back in my pussy his boner went. Then back out to shoot another one on her lips. Every time he put his boner back in me I orgasmed again…….He pulled Sissy around and began licking her pussy. I had never heard her moan like that…..I watch her hips, legs and pussy squirm and twitch with pleasure….

… She had climaxed big as he licked her…….

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