The bodies continue to pile up as the two beautiful killers slaughter more frat boys and football players.
The blonde is now in another bedroom with the twins’ brother. He already has his shirt off and she is pawing his bare chest with her hand. Here is yet another treat for the insatiable appetite of the blonde. Tall, with blue eyes, he looks almost exactly like the twins, except his blonde hair is straight, rather than curly. “I was just with your two brothers,” the blonde purrs seductively. “Did you have fun?” the stud asks. “I had a lot of fun,” the blonde responds significantly. “And I think your brothers enjoyed themselves, too.” “So, how much older than them are you?” “Just two years older. I’m going to be 20 next week. We’re so close in age that we do everything together, all three of us.” You are so right, thinks the blonde. You do everything together, and now, tonight, you will be sharing the ultimate experience together. They’re all so young, she enthuses. None of them are out of their teens. “Do you have any other brothers?” the blonde asks. “No, but we have two sisters,” replies the stud. Perfect, thinks the blonde. I have all of the boys. She undoes the stud’s jeans, and giggles upon seeing the tight white briefs, bulging with their massive contents. “Your brothers were both wearing red underwear,” she tells the stud, suppressing another giggle. “Yeah, they do stuff like that all the time,” the stud laughingly responds. The blonde pulls down the briefs, and the stud’s large, fully erect tool springs out like an uncoiled snake to greet her. “You’re all such big boys,” the blonde coos approvingly. “Yeah, I guess it runs in the family,” casually replies the stud.

The blonde drops to her knees and begins sucking the stud’s cock. I’ve had all 3 brothers in my mouth, thinks the blonde, and they all taste pretty fucking good. She looks up at and is pleased at the look of enjoyment on the stud’s face, as she orally pleasures his manhood. He has no clue what agony his two brothers are going through right now, she reflects cold bloodedly. After inflicting protracted oral torment on the stud’s tantalized snake, she pulls him over to the bed. “So did you fuck both my brothers?” the stud asks, as he inserts his tool into the blonde’s wet, welcoming pussy. “I fucked the older twin,” replies the blonde, as the stud begins thrusting. “And I sucked off the younger one,” she continues with a gasp as the stud slams home with another thrust of his hips. “Did you swallow?” the stud exhales deeply as he continues his pumping. “Every last fucking drop,” the blonde replies with a lustful vengeance, looking up into the eyes of her new lover, as he thrusts into her with increased force and speed. The idea that I was with both of his brothers is really turning him on, the blonde realizes. This thought adds more fuel to the already raging fire of lust that is consuming her. Her thoughts and emotions swarm in on her as she contemplates all that she has happened with the 3 brothers, and the blissful events yet to come. Her body is now hammered with orgasm after orgasm. She reaches up and caresses the stud’s perspiring face with both her hands. “You’re all so fucking young,” she tells the stud. “You like young guys, don’t you?” “The younger the better,” the blonde replies lustfully. “Come on, your brother fucked me harder!” she taunts the stud. “You can do better than this!” Grunting now, the stud slams into the blonde with all his force. Continuing to orgasm freely, the blonde screams loudly as she is bathed in the stud’s sweat. At last, the stud’s balls belch forth their massive load, as the blonde’s vagina eagerly accepts the third and final deposit of the family’s genetic material.

The stud collapses on the bed in a sweaty heap, temporarily spent from his heroic carnal efforts. The blonde, too, is happily dazed from the intense pounding she has taken, but she also has a greater objective to accomplish, and wastes no further time. “Come on, get up,” she exhorts the stud. Bemused, he gets to his feet, and before he knows what’s happening, the inevitable plastic handcuffs secure his hands behind his back. “What’s this for?” he asks with amusement. “It’s the Halloween surprise,” playfully responds the blonde, putting a blindfold around his eyes. “You wait here. I’ll be right back,” she tells him. In less than five minutes, the blonde is back, and she now leads the naked, blindfolded stud out of the room, down the corridor and into another room. The stud hears the door shut behind them, and is then helped into a chair by unseen female hands. He can feel something being slipped over his head and coming to rest around his neck, even as his feet are secured with another pair of handcuffs at the ankles. Ok, this is getting a little creepy, he thinks, when suddenly his blindfold is removed, and his eyes blink in horror at the sight that greets them.

The stud immediately recognizes the two naked bodies on the floor as his twin brothers. Both are gasping for breath, and the stud can immediately see the nylon cord wrapped around their throats. “What the fuck is this?” demands the stud, and calls out his brothers’ names. He struggles to get to his feet but feels a hand on his shoulder, pushing him back into his seat. It is the girl, holding a cocked and loaded 9mm pistol at his head. The blonde walks over to the twins and crouches down beside the younger boy, making sure the stud in the chair has a clear view of what is about to take place. “Please don’t hurt my brothers,” the young stud gasps, looking up into the beautiful face and ice cold blue eyes the sear through him. The blonde says nothing in response, and grasps the stud’s noose in her hand. The blonde now slowly, mercilessly tightens the cord around the younger twin’s throat. The young stud can feel the noose tightening. His face contorts in agony. He experiences increasing pain not only from the noose biting into his flesh, but also from the tortured efforts of his lungs to pull in more oxygen. His natural instinct to use his hands to save himself is pitilessly denied by the handcuffs binding them behind his back. The blonde relishes the feeling of literally chocking the life out of a young human male as she draws the cord tighter and tighter. Finally, the vise like noose begins to slowly crush the stud’s trachea. Gasping loudly, the stud’s upper body spasmodically thrusts upward, a motion brutally checked by the blonde with a firm downward tug on the noose. A few more agonized gasps, and the younger twin is still. “You fucking cunt!” the older brother yells from his chair in enraged disbelief, held firmly in place by girl’s hand on his shoulder. The blonde now crouches over the older twin. The boy, gasping for breath, looks at her with frightened, yet angry eyes as she slowly begins to tighten his noose. “No! No!” yells the older stud in anguish as he watches the blonde slowly choke the life out of his second brother. Thrashing from side to side, gasping in agony like a fish flopping on a dock, the older twin feels the breath slowly being crushed out of his body. The blonde continues to slowly, pitilessly tighten the noose. One long, final excruciating gasp, and the older twin’s body also goes limp. “No! No! You fucking cunt!” the one surviving brother screams, tears of rage streaming down his face.

The twins enter the unforgiving eternal darkness together, where their youth and good looks are meaningless. The darkness slowly enfolds them as their oxygen deprived brains begin to shut down. All their hopes, all their plans for a bright future are slowly being obliterated as if they had never existed. Among their last fleeting thoughts, are those of their brother, whom they know will soon be joining them. The last feeble brain waves finally flicker out and the darkness becomes infinite.

Working together, the blonde and the girl pull the stud to his feet. Standing behind the stud, the blonde tightens the cord around his neck with a quick rapid jerk, cutting off his oxygen, and causing him to black out. She quickly loosens up the noose; it is too early for the game to end. While the blonde holds the stud up, the girl removes the handcuffs from around his ankles. The stud revives, and once again the blonde quickly tightens the noose. Once more the stud blacks out and once more the blonde loosens up the halter. When the stud revives again, the blonde whispers in his ear “Your brothers are waiting for you,” as she now slowly and for the final time, begins to tighten the nylon cord around the stud’s throat. The girl, her heart beating faster with sexual excitement, watches as the naked stud’s face contorts in agony as the blonde slowly strangles the life out of him. The girl can feel her vaginal juices begin to flow as she listens to the stud’s tortured gasps as he fights for breath. She can see the stud’s chest heave painfully as his lungs struggle to draw in oxygen, and over his shoulder, she can see the look of grim determination on the blonde’s face as she ruthlessly works to extinguish the life from the tall, muscular stud. Finally, the stud’s legs begin to buckle. The blonde allows him to drop to his knees, his breath now coming in pitiful, broken wheezing. Brutally, she stands over him, continuing to tighten the noose. The girl is now herself breathless from sexual ecstasy as she watches the stud’s eyes roll back in his head, and his face turn blue. The stud’s body goes completely limp, and the blonde allows it to sink slowly to the floor. She stands up and looks at the girl. Overcome with joy, the girl rushes over to the blonde and embraces her. Grabbing the stud’s corpse under the arms, the blonde drags it over to where the twins are lying. She lays the stud down beside his brothers; all three corpses lying in a neat row. The three young males are swallowed up in the eternal, unforgiving darkness. They had lived their short lives together, and now they have entered death together. The blonde happily contemplates her handiwork as she looks at the lifeless bodies of the three brothers. With her own hands, she has destroyed an entire generation of human males. Their biological mission to spread their family’s seed has been cut brutally short, and there are no others to take their places. To add to the blonde’s satisfaction, the very last loads of sperm ever spurted by the family tools have all ended up in her belly and vagina. They now all belong completely to her. As the blonde takes one last look at the corpses, she is pleased that she has achieved her goal. This family now only has daughters. The blonde turns out the light and locks the door behind her as she exits with the girl.

There is only one set of brothers left, the two from the exclusive private college, and the blonde wants to share the experience of taking them with the girl. The girl is flushed with excitement at the prospect. The blonde has selected one of the servant’s bedrooms on the 3rd floor, containing two beds. The women will fuck the two brothers side by side. The blonde, too, is excited. She is thrilled at the prospect of seeing and hearing her young friend experiencing sexual ecstasy, not to mention sharing in the ultimate fulfillment that will follow the sex. The two brothers are tall, with black curly hair and blue eyes. The blonde selects the 18 year old freshman; she loves devouring men who are younger than she is. The girl gets the older brother, a junior. Now, in the bedroom, the blonde commands the two studs to get naked. They quickly comply, and the two women, in their dresses and heels, get on their knees before the two erect penises. The blonde begins to slowly tantalize the head of her stud’s tool with her tongue while she massages his balls with her hand. At her side, the girl attacks her stud enthusiastically, bobbing her head vigorously up and down on the stiffened shaft. Taking a deep breath, she forces her head all the way down on the 9 inch flesh pole, taking the stud in her mouth down to the root. As the stud lets out a deep moan, the blonde cheers on her friend. “Yeah! You go, girl! Deep throat that fucking cock!” The blonde begins to engulf more and more of her man’s cock, working more slowly and methodically than her younger friend. After prolonged fellatio, the blonde gets up, and eyeing her stud with a lustful smile, undoes her black dress and lets it drop to the floor. The stud firmly grips the blonde’s luscious titties in both his hands. Following the blonde’s example, the girl, breathless with excitement, her love juices flowing freely, also gets to her feet. Locking eyes with her stud, and giving him a look of smoldering lust, the girl lets her red dress crumple to the floor. She begins to slip her feet out of her heels, but the blonde advises her “Leave your heels on. It’ll make you feel like such a whore!” Following the advice, the girl, like her mentor, keeps her heels on.

It is now time for penetration. Soon, each of the beds in the room is occupied by a young couple, with each female on her back, receiving the deep, steady thrusts of the male on top of her. Two pairs of high heels, one black and one red, point at the ceiling. The shoes, encasing two pairs of beautiful feet, bob in the air rhythmically as their owners are relentlessly pounded into the mattress by the well hung male animals buried balls deep in their saturated canals of love. The girl’s senses are overwhelmed by the experience. The sweating, grunting stud is big and he is good and the girl delights in every hip thrust that he delivers to her. Moaning with pleasure, she can hear the bed creaking under the weight of the conjoined bodies of her and her stud. From the other bed, she can hear the blonde loudly cheering on her stud; “Yeah! Fuck me! Come on! Fuck me!” The girl looks up into the face of her stud, with its look of lust consumed intensity. The feel of the high heels on her feet add an extra layer of sensuality to the experience, just as the blonde had told her. The blonde is right, thinks the girl. I do feel like a total whore! The girl’s body is hammered by a string of powerful orgasms. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screams at the top of her lungs. Looking over at the bodies in the other bed, the blonde can tell from the visible quivering of the girl’s thighs that the vocalization of her orgasm is anything but faked. This knowledge that her fellow woman is experiencing sexual fulfillment propels the blonde headlong into her own orgasm. The two screaming, orgasmically writhing women drive the studs into a lustful frenzy. Slamming themselves into their women with renewed intensity and frenetic speed, their own sexual fulfillment cannot be long denied. The younger brother feels the contractions and spasms deep in his balls, and groans loudly. The other stud, hearing the groan, realizes that his brother is ejaculating and this triggers the release of his own liquid load of love. Simultaneously, two loads of the family’s genetic elixir are spewed forth from the studs’ penile slits. The lust soaked pussies of the blonde and the girl absorb spurt after spurt of the hot white fluid. Both women heave with final, culminating orgasms, the girl wailing loudly again, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Together, the two young women have experienced sexual ecstasy. Now it is time for them to achieve the ultimate fulfillment together.

Before the two studs can get out of bed, the two women are on their feet. They get back into their dresses, and the blonde reaches into her purse. Taking out her 9mm and leveling it at her young stud, she orders “Get up!” As the stud climbs out of bed, the blonde turns her pistol on the older brother in the other bed and commands, “Come on, you too!” Soon, both naked studs are standing in front of the blonde, as the girl hurriedly handcuffs their hands behind their backs. “What the fuck is this about?” demands the older stud. Ignoring the question, the blonde loudly orders, “On your knees!” Confronted with the pistol, the two studs comply. The women waste no time; their work here will be swift and brutal. Standing behind the kneeling studs, the blonde quickly slips the nylon cord around the younger brother’s neck. The girl does likewise with her stud. The blonde nods her head, and both women begin to slowly tighten the cords around the stud’s throats. Completely bewildered, the studs begin gasping for breath. They are both feeling lightheaded, when suddenly the pressure slackens, and they can feel themselves able to breathe freely again. The gasping studs are allowed only the briefest moment to draw in a lungful of air when they again feel the nooses tightening. This time the pressure is applied just a little bit longer. The studs’ heaving chests begin to ache as they struggle to pull air into their lungs. The nylon cords bite painfully into their throats, and both are on the verge of losing consciousness, when they are once again pulled back from the brink. Now, their attempts to catch their breath are positively painful, with the younger brother sputtering out an agonized “fuck!” as he gasps for air.

The reprieve is brief; the blonde nods grimly to the girl for the third and final time. Once again the nooses are slowly tightened; once again the two studs gasp and wheeze. The girl herself is in breathless ecstasy as she savors the sublime experience. This is even better than stabbing them! With the knife, it was one quick thrust; now the girl can literally feel herself slowly choking and crushing the life out of a young human male. She can hear his agonized struggle to breathe; she tries to put herself in his place and imagine the agony that he is enduring. The realization that she is inflicting this agony on him brings her to the verge of orgasm. The women apply steady, equal pressure; both studs are to be slowly ushered into death at the same time. As the nooses begin to slowly crush their tracheas, the last thought that flashes through the minds of both studs is that this time the nooses will not be released. The younger stud breaks first; he lets out several spasmodic gasps, and his body crumples, his life extinguished by the blonde. A split second later, his brother spasms convulsively, lets out one long agonized gasp, and slumps forward. For a long moment, the women maintain a tight grip on the nooses; it must be certain that both males are dead. Finally, they let the bodies sag to the floor. The girl, tears of joy streaming down her face, embraces the blonde again, and orgasms at the thought of what she has just done. The blonde and the girl roll the bodies over on the floor so that they are both facing up. The blonde grabs the older stud under his arms, and the girl grabs him by the feet. They carry the naked, blue faced corpse, the cord still tightly wrapped around his neck, and deposit him lying face up, in the bed where he had experienced his last orgasm only minutes earlier. They pick up the younger stud, and place him in the other bed. The two brothers had a purpose on this earth and tonight they have fulfilled it. The blonde and the girl turn out the light and lock the door behind them. Four young humans, two male and two female had walked into this room just a short time ago. Only the two females walk out again.

The two women return to the party, where the studs continue to mill about, swilling the cheap beer tapped from the keg in the front parlor. Some of the boys are starting to get restless, asking “Where are all the other girls?” The blonde whispers in the girl’s ear. The girl will mingle with the studs and distract their attention while the blonde indulges her appetite yet again. As the girl circulates among the studs, smiling and flirting, the blonde selects 3 studs for her personal pleasure. They are typical specimens of the young male flesh at the party: all 3 are tall; 2 have brown hair and brown eyes while the third has blonde curly hair and blue eyes. The blonde leads them out of the front parlor and towards one of the bedrooms.

The room is the same bedroom where the blonde had bedded the twins’ brother before leading him out to meet his doom. Standing in front of the three studs, she orders them to strip. Soon, sweatshirts, jeans, briefs, socks and sneakers are in a pile on the floor. The blonde, still in her dress and high heels, walks around the three studs, drinking in the muscular young male flesh that she is soon to devour. The curly haired blonde stud already has a full erection, and the blonde gives him a playful slap on the ass as she walks behind him. The tools of the other two studs rapidly stiffen into full erections, and the blonde can feel her love juices flowing freely as she contemplates the three rigid phalluses available for her pleasure. She advances seductively towards the curly haired blonde stud and grips his stiff cock in her hand. Slowly stroking it, she says to the other two studs, “I want one of you guys in my pussy, and the other one in my ass. And I want this in my mouth,” she says to the blonde stud, looking him straight in the eyes, while still stroking his tool. The blonde is excited. She has experienced double penetration many times, including earlier tonight, but this will be the first time she has had sex with 3 men at the same time. Without further delay, the blonde’s dress lies in a crumpled heap on the floor and she slips out of her heels.

Soon, there are three rigid penises and one wet, eager vagina on the massive bed. One of the dark haired studs positions himself on his back, and the blonde lowers herself onto his stiffened pivot of flesh. She begins to slowly rock herself on the stud’s tool, as the blonde stud stands on the bed in front of her, thrusting his inflamed phallus in her face. Hungrily, the blonde takes the proffered penis in her mouth and starts working it with her tongue. The dark haired stud beneath her starts vigorously thrusting upward, pounding the blonde’s pussy with a vengeance. The blonde can now feel the well lubricated tool of the other dark haired stud penetrating her anal canal. With a cock in her mouth, she gives a suppressed squeal of discomfort; this stud squeezing into her ass has an extremely thick cock! The bloated tool pushes deeper and deeper into the blonde’s ass. Pussy, ass, mouth; the blonde is airtight! The back door stud begins to pump the blonde’s ass, slowly at first, and then more rapidly as her sphincter muscles stretch to accommodate the thick, fleshy pile driver. Uncomfortable at first, the massive cock in her ass now feels wonderful to the blonde as it slams into her with a steady rhythm, matched by the tool sliding in and out of her pussy. The blonde tries with difficulty to focus all of her attention on sucking her blonde stud. She looks up at his face and can see that he is clearly enjoying the fellatio he is receiving, but to the blonde’s dissatisfaction, he makes no sound. The blonde enjoys hearing her men moan with pleasure, so she deep throats the huge tool in an attempt to elicit some vocalization from the stud. The only response she gets is the stud’s hand placed firmly on the back of her head, pushing her further down on his tool. The mass of human flesh on the bed is now bathed in sweat as the blonde’s perspiration mingles with the torrent of sweat pouring from the two studs pounding her pussy and ass. Both studs are grunting as they thrust forcefully into the blonde and only the third stud’s tool in her mouth keeps her from crying out loudly with passion. Finally, three quick, forceful thrusts, more violent than the others, from the backdoor stud, and with a groan, he releases a massive load of sperm deep into the blonde’s ass. Simultaneously, with a cry of “holy fuck!” the stud underneath her feels his own tool explode, propelling his hot, white love fluid into the blonde’s pussy.

The blonde, aided by the third stud’s hand on the back of her head, deep throats him one final time, and this proves enough to bring him to climax. The back door stud is just pulling out of her ass, when she feels the blonde stud’s tool explode in her mouth with volcanic force. She gags and almost chokes as the first spurt of sperm shoots down her throat. Pulling her head back, she lets the exploding penis drop out of her mouth, and the stud’s second spurt arches high into the air. The blonde, recovering, squeals with delight as she feels the hot, sticky fluid splash on her back. Regaining control of the cock with her hand she aims it at her open mouth, and spurt after spurt of semen is deposited on her tongue. Through it all, the stud makes no sound of any kind, not even the slightest groan. When the cock has finally ceased its spurting, the blonde yanks it several more times, milking it of all its sperm, and then gazing up at her stud with a look of smoldering lust, she swallows the love nectar of the human male.

Getting up, the blonde lets out a triumphant shout of lust. She quickly puts her dress and heels back on, and sees the three studs starting to sort through their pile of clothes on the floor. “Wait a minute! You guys aren’t getting dressed yet. You’ve all been naughty, and I’m going to have to tie you up!” The blonde begins snapping plastic handcuffs on all three of the amused, still naked studs before they can object. Looking at her blonde stud with a lustful smile, she says “You’ve been the naughtiest one of all. I’m taking all of you to meet the Grim Reaper!” The blonde opens the door and leads the three studs out of the room. Their destination is the basement.

In the basement, lighted by a single dim bulb, the blonde orders the studs to line up against a wall. The studs comply reluctantly. The sex with this slut had been fun, but now they are in a dark, cold basement with no clothes on, waiting for her to play some silly Halloween prank on them. The floor under their bare feet feels like ice. The dim bulb throws only a small, feeble cone of light, leaving most of the basement in shadow.

The blonde darts into a dark corner of the basement, and the studs are losing patience when they hear her voice call out “Fear the Reaper!” Before he can react, much less move out of the way, the dark haired stud who had been in the blonde’s pussy sees the glint of the blade coming straight at him from out of the darkness. He then feels the searing pain as the curved blade of the scythe catches him square in the belly, just above his navel. The scythe cruelly slices through the stud’s intestines, slashing through and completely destroying his coiled up bowels. The stud lets out a loud gasp, as the blonde’s quick backhand motion pulls the scythe back out of the stud’s devastated body. A massive jet of blood shoots out of the stud as he drops heavily, face down to the floor. A massive dark stain spreads across the floor as the stud’s body continues to pump blood out of him like a fire hydrant. So quick was the blonde’s devastating strike that at first, the other two studs don’t realize that their friend has just been slaughtered right before their eyes.

The fact that this was no harmless prank has not yet dawned on them, when the blonde darts quickly in front of the second dark haired stud, the one who had planted his thick cock in her ass. Yet another tool stored in the basement, this time an axe, finds its mark in the second stud’s belly, as the blonde catches him with a sideways stroke. This time, she does not pull back, and the axe stays embedded in the stud’s body. Gasping in pain, the stud takes two or three staggering steps forward, even as he tries to jerk his handcuffed hands free, his last fleeting desire being to pull the axe from his body. This wish is never fulfilled, and he too drops face down, the darkness enveloping him even as he feels his body hit the floor with a thud.

The only surviving stud is the curly haired blonde, and now fully realizing what awaits him, he starts moving towards the door. He has taken only two steps, when something hits him square in the belly with a heavy thump and stops him in his tracks. Once again it is the blonde, this time with a pitchfork. Her ice cold blue eyes meet his, and she can read the surprise in them. She can also see the agony in them as she presses forward on the pitchfork, driving its 3 prongs deeper and deeper into his body. The macho stud grits his teeth, but refuses to cry out, even as he feels the iron agents of death biting deeper and deeper into his flesh. The blonde is determined to make him cry out. Slowly, she begins applying upward pressure to the pitchfork. Almost imperceptibly, the stud’s body begins to lift. Inside his body, the destruction is cruelly amplified, as the 3 prongs, with their upward curve, begin to slowly rend more and more of his bowels. Finally, the stud is on his tiptoes, the blonde maintaining pitiless eye contact with him throughout the ordeal. At last, he breaks. The stud begins gasping in pain. The blonde smirks cruelly, as she holds the stud in place on his tiptoes for a prolonged moment of torture. Now, with the stud gasping in agony, the blonde has her triumph. She pulls the pitchfork, its prongs dripping with blood, out of the stud’s ruined body, and he drops face down on the floor with a thud. His breath continues to come in sputtering gasps, as his blood streams out of him. The blonde stands over him for a moment, listening with pleasure as his gasping becomes more and more broken and degenerates into a feeble wheezing sound. She is well pleased with the excruciating agony she has inflicted. Three more young human males have been snuffed out. She turns out the light, leaving the curly haired blonde stud to gasp out his last breath in the darkness on the ice cold basement floor.

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