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Warning this story does have male on male interactions
After gym class I had Chemistry, which thank god Gavin Jensen was in there. I couldn't stop thinking about him standing up for me, he told off Chris Edwards. I could see him now I was across from him in our pod of six, his black silky hair covering his blue eyes. He was laying his head down on the desk his face on his arms he might have been asleep but I was to enchanted to care. He was like a little angel that no one bothered to wake up. I knew better than to call him an angel something about him seemed dark to me, even though he was literally perfect. My dick inside my jeans was starting to harden. His pink lips were so soft looking just like silk. Taren Shaw elbowed him in the ribs and woke him up, he handed him a work sheet. Gavin did it without even listening to the lesson, I watched him intently also keeping in mind of my own work. His eyes were a bit foggy not as sparkly as they were earlier.

"Jensen" Mr. Jacobson's voice was loud but had a happy sound to it. "You're already done?, Why aren't you in Ap?" Mr. Jacobson smiled a big smile.

Gavin in return smiled a big white smile as his eyes started to sparkle as they usually did. "It's what I do, if I were in Ap I couldn't listen to your amazing lessons Mr. J"

Mr. Jacobson laughed and replied with a "Yeah right Jensen you don't listen to a word of my lectures."

Gavin then smiled and laid his head back down. As for me listening to how casual the teachers talked to him almost made me think of him being my teacher. Seeing him wearing some teacher slacks and a button down my mind was imaginative and so was my penis. I seen him teaching me giving me a sly wink every once in a while. I seen him telling me to stay after to shove me on his desk and fuck me like there was no tomorrow.


"Huh?" I replied absent mindedly.

"The bell rang get out of my room." Mr. Jacobson was walking out of his room he shut the lights off on me and I headed for the door.

That's when I saw none other than Gavin Jensen talking to Mr. Jacobson in the hall as I looked over at them Gavin shot me a look he looked me up and down and I thought I was going to melt my heart was racing. I stopped in my tracks as Gavin walked toward me.

"Hey you wouldn't happen to take notes would you?" His smile was something that no person could resist.

I fumbled for my notes and quickly handed them to him.

"Thanks Braiden, oh by the way. I saw you staring at me while we were in class." He smiled at me a sheepish smile and walked away.

My eyes got wide as I started following him quickly "You saw me, but you were asleep?"

Gavin than stopped turned around and smiled with his pearly white teeth. " I didn't see you but thanks for letting me know you've been watching me. I'll keep that in mind next time I decide to take a nap."

Dammit I thought to myself he's good.. "Hey Gavin I have a question"


"Why did you stand up for me in the locker room earlier?" I was stuttering so bad that I felt my knees grow weak.

"Because I don't like when people treat other people like that. It disgusts me." I could tell by his face that it really did make him mad.

"Oh well thanks I appreciate it" This time I smiled big and started walking away. I virtually left him stunned I couldn't believe it I had walked away from Gavin Jensen. I turned around to notice him watching me in confusion.

I was so proud of myself I strutted into my house more than excited than I have ever been in my entire life! I plopped down on the couch and started channel surfing. Five minutes later my cell phone vibrated next to me. It was a text from a number I didn't recognize. It said meet me at Shayla's party at 10 pm. My instant thought was who is this I texted back saying just that. A minute later my phone had vibrated again, the reply Gavin Jensen. I couldn't believe it Gavin is texting me? Inviting me to go to a party?! No way I was so excited the hours flew by as I planned everything out even my outfit and the way I styled my hair.

It was finally 10 pm and I was rushing over to Shayla's when I got there a lot of people were already bombed including Chris Edwards I strolled up there feeling great. I spotted Shayla and started up a conversation. After a few minutes of pointless questions and answers I had enough guts to ask her about Gavin.

"Where's Gavin?" I said calmly and coolly.

Shayla's eyes perked at the mention of his name, "Gavin? Braiden I don't think Gavin's here and if he were he is probably up in one of the rooms with a girl."

That's when Chris Edwards came up next to me with his hand on my shoulder. "Come on Braiden i'll take you to your beloved Gavin" He was dragging me through the house and up the stairs to a closed door. My heart racing Gavin is here and he's in a room I thought widely.

"Gavins right in there I made sure he was ready for you Braiden."

I almost couldn't make out Chris's slurs but I was too excited to care I swung open the door and stepped into a pitch black room. I heard some rustling coming from the opposite side of the room. That's when Chris Edwards turned the lights on and I saw the truth. Vince and Jerrek were sitting there laughing with a cell phone in their hands.

"Did you really think that Gavin Jensen would want anything to do with you? Hell he told us to keep you away from him. He's so creeped out by you he told us to lock you in this room."

Chris's laugh and his words stabbed me in the heart. I felt so stupid I should have known it was too good to be true.

"Gavin wouldn't say that, Gavin likes me."

"Gavin likes You? Ha Gavin Jensen is a lone wolf he doesn't like anyone he's so embarrassed by you he can't even leave his house."

That's when I started to cry my hot steaming tears were falling down my cold cheeks. I hated the world, I hated Chris Edwards I even hated Gavin I hated the way he made me fall for him. I hated the fact that what Chris might be saying is true. That's when things got ugly; Chris had his arm around my waist and was pulling me into him.

"Get off me Chris I'm going home, you had your fun now let me leave." My voice was bland and painful

"You're not going anywhere the fun is just getting started" His cruel smile made my skin crawl.

Chris then had me by the arms and forced me on the bed as Vince and Jerrek watched. I was screaming and hollering at the closed door but I knew the music was too loud for anyone to hear. Chris was pulling off his shirt and was pinning me to the bed as I struggled and swung my fists. I wanted to die right there, my heart was so tormented and hurt that I didn't care if Chris had his way with me. I then laid there giving up knowing I was stuck in this situation and there was no way of getting out. Chris preceded getting his clothes off and ripping mine off with no mercy.

"Vince, Jerrek go outside and if anyone tries to come in tell them I'm with a girl and they should keep walking."

I laid there motionless staring at the ceiling with no emotion I wanted this done so I could go home. Chris started kissing my lips down my neck forcing his hips between my unwilling thighs. My tears had stopped being as I knew this was going to happen and crying wasn't going to solve anything. Just as he was groping my dick and fondling my ass I heard something outside the door. I heard screaming and yelling than I heard something slam against the door. Chris by now had my hands tied to the bed posts me completely naked and him ready to fuck my brains out.

That's when someone had burst through the door I managed to turn my face in that direction. Gavin, Gavin had single handedly taken out Vince and Jerrek Gavin had busted through the door. Chris stopped touching me and looked straight at Gavin.

"I told you if you touched him I was going to snap your fucking neck Edwards."

Gavin was out of breath and panting hard he didn't even take his eyes off of Chris once to look at me. I could see the anger and flare in his eyes. He was going to kick the shit out of Chris. Gavin did not look like an angel at that point he looked enraged like a beast ready to kill its pray. Chris got off the bed as Gavin went straight up to a half naked Chris. Chris threw the first drunken punch completely missing Gavin and bending himself over. Gavin grabbed his head and kneed him in the face Chris screamed in pain and flung his head back the blood rushing from his nose all he could scream out was "FUCK!" Gavin was going at him still punching his face in as if he couldn't stop. His eyes looked black to me they had no mercy in them at all they were dark and so was he. I wanted to scream but my body was paralyzed. All I heard was an occasional punch either to Gavin's face or Chris's I'm not going to lie Chris got in some nice hits. All I could see was their blood flying in the air as they wailed on each other.

Shayla came running into the room and grabbing Gavin by the waist and pulling him off, but Gavin wouldn't stop he kept trying to go after an almost unconscious Chris. Gavin was yelling at screaming at Chris to get up and fight him. Shayla was screaming for Gavin to stop. Gavin took one look at me and stopped instantly. His face went to normal but his eyes were still enraged. He pried Shayla off him and came and unbound me giving me his jacket grabbing my clothes and we left; we had practically ran down the stairs and out to Gavin's car. Gavin put me in his car and sped off; I chose to let him simmer down by keeping quiet. He stopped in front of a nice sized house rather normal a bit small but it was nice. He was staring at me investigating my body.

"Braiden, are you alright? I'm sorry if I would have known what was happening I would have been there sooner. I'm sorry you had to witness me like that, I blacked out and when I saw your face how scared you were I came back to reality."

I couldn't manage one word I wanted to kiss him everywhere and tell him I loved him and tell him thank you so much but there was too much for me to say that I could show him so much easier.

"Gavin is this your house?"

Gavin's face looked at his house and back at me confused. "Yeah why?"

"Can we go inside?"

Gavin helped me into his house and into his room. No one was here and he had the master bedroom. This must be his house I thought to myself. I dropped his coat and crawled into his sheets naked staring at him.

"Can I show you how grateful I am?" My voice sounded so seductive that I was proud of myself. Watching Gavin beat the shit out of Chris had made my heart pump so fast that I just wanted to take charge of him.

He smiled took off his clothes and finally I saw that golden dick of his 8 inches of soft penis roughly 8 1/2 hard I guessed. His stomach was so trimmed that I could barely keep myself calm. He then made his way next to me sliding my hair into his hand.

"Roll over on your back" I said quietly, as he did I saw how ripped his back was and also that he was sweating and his body was extremely hot I sat on his lower back and massaged his tough back poking my hands into his back roughly, he groaned deeply and relaxed. My fingernails were digging into his finely toned back I slid my hands up and down slowly causing myself to have an erection. I wanted him so bad. Gavin rolled over with me still on him and he looked straight up at me, his hand found the back of my head and pulled my lips to his. He kissed me so passionately that I couldn't think at all my mind was blank and lost in our sweet hot kiss. He then sat up and without warning his hard dick poked my tight asshole and I gasped loudly. He smirked and reached under his pillow and pulled out his lube. He was massaging my hole softly with his lubed fingers gently sliding a finger in and out; my body was on over drive every touch sent electricity through my entire body. He lubed up his member and slowly inched his way into me. I was at pure bliss as this was happening I was grinding myself up and down him as he moaned in joy I placed my hands on his shoulders as he grabbed my hips forcing me up and down. Our speed increased and it got rougher by the minute soon he was plowing me and I had pressed my chest against his hiding my face in his neck I was biting him and moaning loudly. "I'm about to come Gavin" I shouted out as he was plowing away at my body, he didn't slow down or say a word he just kept going "Uhh Gavin really I'm about to". He then was massaging my hard throbbing dick and fucking me at the same time. I bit my bottom lip and squirted my luscious semen all over the both of us he did the same up into my body only his were far more impressive. Our moans; my high ones and his low created a great sound in his room. He didn't exit me instead he pulled my face to his and licked some remaining juices off my face kissing my lips passionately. He closed his eyes and I watched and felt his entire body relax. Gavin then laid on his back and I followed to lay against his chest we both fell asleep with him still snuggled inside of my tight rectum.

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