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Hi my name is Kati and I’m 16 years old going on 17 in 3 days I have 36c firm Brest I am 5”7 and I have bright brown hair with blonde high lights I have a flat stomach and a nice round ass I’d say I looked good my alarm clock rang I got up and went into my bathroom for a shower when I got out I put my rob on and went in my room I took of my rob and opened my drawer when I did I felt like I was being watched so I put on a light blue lace bra and light blue panties to match along with a tight white shirt and some small black shorts and left for school the day flew by when I finally got to my last class I was the happiest person every my last class was history my favorite class only cause Mr. fletcher liked me at the end of class he handed back our homework when he gave me mine I looked at it and I got an F so I put a seductive smile on my face and asked him to change my grade he looked up at my tits and said “ well okay but just this once” he was a horrible lair I left the class room to see my best friend her name was Kim she’s 17 and a really sexy bitch she had 34D Brest she was 5”6 with long black hair and a nice ass I asked her could she come to my house she said yes and we left and on our way to my house Mr. fetcher drove past us looking out his window at us we started walking faster we reached my house we went in upstairs to my room I closed the door behind us we sat down on my bed a started our homework and again I felt like I was being watched I asked Kim did she see anyone she said no and asked why I told her I just had a strong felling we continued our homework I looked up to asked Kim a question but instead I seen her big breast in my face I poked her with the back of my pencil she gasped in surprise and turn towards me and asked why’d I do that I said to me a favor and let me see you’re tits she looked at me confused “ why” I really just wanted to see her tits and no I’m not a lesbian she told me no so I pushed her on the bed and ripped open her shirt I looked at the red lace bra and told her that her tits where huge and got off her then out of nowhere she said for me to show her mine so I gladly pulled my shirt up as she looked at my bra and said “ can I take off your bra “ I said no she had a why look on her face I told her she didn’t even want me to see her tits then she said I’ll show u mine if you show me yours and with that I removed my bra she saw my tits and my pink nipples where as hard as a rock then she removed her bra I seen her brown nipples where as hard as mine I got closer to where I could stick my tongue out and lick them so I did she moaned when looked up her head was back and her eyes where closed “ did you enjoy that” I said with a smug smile she looked down at me blushing then she said softly do it again… please and I did but this time I grabbed her tits and pulled the left one to my mouth and sucked it like a new born baby she moaned but again I felt like I was being watched so I looked at my window and I saw him Mr. fetcher I stopped what I was doing Kim asked why I had stopped “ m m m… Mr. fetcher I saw Mr. fetcher looking in the window” she asked me if I was sure I said yes I was so scared she got up and looked out the window “no one’s there” I sighed with relief “maybe I’m just seeing things” I asked her could she stay over tonight cause my parents were in Cali for the week I was disappointed when she said no I said okay and we finish our homework and Kim left I watched TV until about 8 then I started thinking about what had happed to day then I wondered was that Mr. fetcher in the window i stopped thinking about it and went to sleep soon after I went to sleep I felt something on my thigh I opened my eyes to see Mr. fetcher with a knife on my thigh when he seen I was awake he said if I scream he’d kill me he started talking about the days event’s and what he had seen Kim and me doing he said he didn’t know I went both ways I said I don’t and asked him what the fuck he was doing in my house and what he wanted with a smile he said “YOU” my eyes widen he pulled my covers off of me and to reveal my naked body he smiled “so you got undressed just for me” say anything I was still in shock that he was here in my house while I was in a daze he grabbed my tits he pinched my nipples I begged him to stop he just said all the times I flirted with him in class that I was begging him to do this I told him I just wanted good grades he bent down and started licking my nipples and biting them I asked him to stop I begged and pleaded for him to stop he ignored my pleads and continued what he was doing then he stopped a stood up and dropped his pants and reveled his pulsing member it looked to be about 9” he said for me to get down on my knees and suck it I refused he said it again I still refused so he grabbed my hair and pulled me to his shaft I turned my head and said “I won’t” he pulled my hair harder I let out a small scream and he shoved his member in my mouth he fucked my face hard then he pulled out and said no suck it by yourself I didn’t refused this time I slowly opened my mouth and licked the head of him then I slowly put his member into my mouth and sucked it slowly moving my head back and forth I sucked him until he pulled out and said with a smile “your turn” he said to get back on the bed I did and he got on his knees and pulled open my legs I tried to keep my legs closed but he was to strong I begged him not to all he said was I’d enjoy what he was about to do and before I could stop him he dove into my pussy licking and sucking any and everything he could I tried to resist but my body had made up its mind but I tried to resist but it seemed impossible it felt so good to where I let a moaned escape my mouth when Mr. fetcher herd this he stopped and stood up and said “so you enjoyed that” he laughed and said knew you would he asked me did I want him to continued I looked away in shame knowing I did he laughed so you do want this I didn’t answer so he said well if you do ask me to continue I wisped yes louder he said yes I said a little bit louder “I can’t here you” YES! Please continue to lick my pussy good girl he said and began licking again I couldn’t help but moan I felt the pressure build up inside me I knew I was about to come he keep licking furiously then I started to shake and trembled loving the pleasure that I was feeling he stood up and said it’s time “time for what” as I realized what he was talking about i told him he couldn’t that I was saving my virginity for someone special “I’m special” he said with a smile he pulled me to the end of the bed I covered my pussy in some attempt to keep him out I was begging him not to do it but all it did was push him further on he moved my hand out of the way and lined his member up to my virgin pussy he started to push forward I felt him inter me I felt the intruder inside me all of sudden he stopped like he couldn’t go any further my hymen so he pulled out and slammed into me I screamed in pain he sat for a moment letting me agues to him when he thought I was completely agusted he started to slowly move at first and the pain turned into pleasure as soon as my first moan came out he started to move faster he said this will be an early birthday present the pleasure was like nothing I ever felt I felt that familiar build up inside and I knew I was about to cum he grabbed one of my nipples and started playing with it everything he was doing to me felt amazing he let out a groan and said I’m Cuming me too I said we came together felt the thick streams of cum in my pussy it felt amazing he slowly pulled out and pulled up his pants and headed towards the be room door then turned around and said don’t forget about the history paper do tomorrow and with that he left

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2011-09-19 17:54:00
this was very hard to read learn to write better

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2011-09-19 17:21:42
Doesn't anyone, who submits work to this site, know how to write? Have you ever heard of a, "paragraph?" I didn't ever try to read this, I couldn't hold my breath that long.

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