A young girl descovers lust with her brother and shares it with her naive mother
Mom’s Kids I

My name is Johnny; I'm 17. {!8 in another month} I’m not real tall but football and baseball keep me in pretty good shape. I have a sister. Normally you don’t hear too many brothers saying this but, my sister is really beautiful. Her name is Cathy and she’s sixteen-years-old. She's really short; only 4’11”. and she’s grown into her curves very nicely. She has a sweet body; a small frame and her tits are perky and firm; well on their way to becoming gorgeous titties. They seem to be developing pretty darn fast.

Last year you couldn’t even tell she had tits. I think she must rub Miracle Grow on them at night or something before she goes to bed. Her face is…angelical. She wears little makeup most of the time and still looks beautiful. I've seen a lot of girls in magazines (Porn mostly) that aren't as pretty as her. She's a little shy in front of people she don't know, but fun to be around for the most part.
She dresses kinda provocatively some times and sometimes, because of it, Well…I get boners. I’m forever making comments to her about the way she dresses. She likes to wear clothes that are way too sexy for a 15 year old girl…Especially my sister. She likes to walk around the house with her thong sticking out of her hip-hugger pants, shirts that push her tits together and are cut down really low. I swear, those shirts make her tits look huge on her tiny frame.

Sometimes she's barely dressed at all! The worst part is…she finds it amusing when I say something to her about it. When she walks past me in the house wearing shit like that, I have a hard time looking away, ya know? I mean, she’s really a sexy little snot.
"Damn Cathy!" I tell her. "How do you expect to walk around on the streets looking like that and not get drug off into the woods by some crazy, psycho guy... ...or two?"

She just smiles at me and shakes her ass while she walks by. Sometimes she'll pat herself on the ass, look over her shoulder, and just smile at me. I’ve actually dropped shit out of my hands when she does that crap. She knows full well what that does to me and she seems to love doing it.

Lately, around the house, she’s taken to walking around with her boy-shorts and a flimsy wife-beater on; a wife-beater that she’s ripped the bottom off of, no less. She can barely keep her tits in that thing. She looks like she should be laying around Heff’s place with the other sex kittens.

I keep staring at her just waiting to see one of those puppies peek out. I'm almost sure that's why she wears shit like that. She says that’s what she sleeps in. But it seems that she only wears this stuff when my parents aren’t home. Just before or as soon as they get home, she runs to her room and changes. Don't get me wrong, what she changes into is usually still pretty…hot looking, but it's not that prick-teasing stuff she seems to like wearing just for me. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had the impure thought or two about her. I know that sounds fucked up but I figure, nothing’s really bad… if it stays in your head…can’t hurt anyone, ya know.

One day I was sitting at the kitchen table and in walks Cathy with that very shirt on. She opens the fridge and stands there for a few minutes looking for something to snack on; she‘s there forever.
"You plan on getting something or just cooling the house down?”
"I’m looking. Needle Dick"
"For what, a good ass beating?"
"I'm looking for a way to shut you up..." She tells me. And she found a way.

She turned around and her nipples were all but ripping through that thin thing she calls a shirt. They looked like little marbles…on half a grapefruit.
"...But an ass beating would be good too!" She whispers like a little… …slut.

I jumped up out of that chair like I’d sat on my own balls, “Come-mere you little prick-teaser.” I says to her as I grabbed her by the waist to pull her away from the fridge. My intention was to maybe wrestle her down to the floor and sit on her until she promised to put some decent clothes on and stop teasing me.
She screamed and tried to make a run for it. I caught my foot on the leg of the kitchen table and down I went. When I fell, I brought Cathy down right on top of me. She started to get up to run but I grabbed her pant leg with one hand and reached up for the back of her tight jeans with the other.

Well…I reached to high. I grabbed a hold of that flimsy T-Shirt and pulled; it ripped right down the front. She stopped trying to get away, looked down at her torn shirt and then down at me. I let go of her pant leg and just stared. Both of her tits were enjoying the fresh air, hard nipples and all. Cathy made no attempt to cover them. I couldn't help but look. She was so small and petite and they were so firm and beautiful. They were just…perfect. They were flawless.

If I was a pair of tits…THOSE are the tits I’d want to be. I’d refuse to wear a shirt, I’d say HI to everyone I saw, all perky, waving hello to everyone as I bounced back and forth. And I would go up to lesbian’s housed, rub up against the doorbell and ask them if they wanted to come out and play with me.

Her nipples looked incredibly taut and her areolas were chill-bumped from the cold.
"You ripped my favorite shirt." She said in disbelief.
I slowly got to my feet. I was dumb-silent.
"I'm... ...I'm...really sorry.... ...I guess..." I told her. It was hard to muster up an apology. It was hard to be sorry staring at those two works of art she hung on her chest.

"You GUESS!? What do you mean ‘You GUESS?"
She saw me staring at her tits and followed my gaze with her eyes…"Oh." She says. That’s it, just “Oh” She didn’t try to cover them, turn around, run away or anything. She just said, “Oh”.
I told her I was sorry again but I couldn’t pull my eyes off her chest. We just stared at each other for what seemed like quite a few long seconds. She slowly brought her hands up to her tits…I thought to cover them…but when she covered them, she spread her fingers enough to let the hard nipples peek though and then she smiled at me. She fuckin’ smiled.

Suddenly…I noticed that my dick was hard. I don't mean to say that it was getting hard or that it moved or something like that. I mean that I---All of a sudden---noticed that my dick was HARD. Right there in my pants. I had had no warning, no idea that I was even getting hard. One second it wasn’t there and the next…there it was. I wasn’t sure if Cathy saw the bulge or not and I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. I turned and walked {As calmly as I could} to my room and shut the door behind me.

Now I know that Cathy and I kid around a lot and that some of it might be kind of inappropriate, but I thought it was all just in good fun. I never really expected to see her tits. Well... ...I probably expected to see them sooner or later. I mean there was no way she could hide them forever the way she prances around here. But I certainly never expected her to just stand there when they fell out and let me see them. I definitely didn’t think she’d stand there and smile at me; that’s for sure.

I couldn't believe that I just stood there like some kind of a.... ...a... …a stupid, peeping, never-seen-tits-before, pervert. And I really couldn't believe that I actually got a hard-on in front of her either. What I really, really couldn't believe... ...were her tits! They were sweeter than any tits I have ever seen in any porn magazine. {Maybe just because I seemed to be obsessed with them}

I told myself I had to stop thinking about my sister like that, or my hard-on will never go away.
My dick was ready to explode. It was sticking out of the top of my jeans. I touched the very tip with my fingers; it was hot; hot and wet. I figured the only way to get rid of this boner… was to jerk-off.
Here I was, about to jerk-off because I saw my sisters tits, I felt like such a perv, but that didn‘t seem to stop me. I pulled my pants and underwear all the way off. I reached under my mattress and got my favorite porn mag. My dick was throbbing. I no sooner got one knee on the bed when Cathy came barging into my room. I guess with everything on my mind, I forgot to lock my door. She stood there, one hand on the doorknob, and the other holding her ripped shirt together so her tits wouldn't fall out again. I dropped the porn magazine on the floor and shot over to the closest hiding place I saw; my closet. It seemed like a good place at the time.

I tried to be as casual as I could under the circumstances; trying to make it seem like I was just in the middle of changing…Picking out some clothes…Getting dressed. I might as well have been walking into a 5 star restaurant with nothing but a pair of chaps and a cowboy hat on, ordering a ½lb. of their finest jerky and a bottle of sarsaparilla. {Quite frankly, I would have given my left ball for a pair of chaps at that moment in my life.}
{Yes…In hindsight I see exactly how stupid I was.}
I didn't know what else to do. I fumbled through my closet, praying that she would just leave and shut the door like she’d never come in. I pushed clothes around on their hangers as if I was looking for something specific. A pair of jeans would have been nice, but I would have settled for one lone fucking sock rolled up on the floor!!! I should have just stepped in and shut the door behind me, but instead…I just groped around, my brain cells all bumping into each other as they searched for their proper work stations.

"What are you doing huh?" She asked me with a smart-alecky grin on her face.
"W-What am I doing...Me?" I fumbled through my words the same way I fumbled through my closet.
"That's right Johnny, YOU!"
My back was still to her, my eyes watching my hands shuffle around, still wishing she would just go away. Perhaps I’d be lucky enough to have a small asteroid fall from the heavens and maybe take out my dresser and the immediate area surrounding it. Baring that God-send, I thought a brain aneurysm might do the trick.

"Well... ...What does it look like I'm doing?" I asked foolishly. As soon as I asked the question, I was sorry I had. I watched from the corner of my eye as Cathy walked over to the porn magazine on the floor. She looked at it, glanced at my pants on the floor near my bed…Then turned her gaze on me.
I shook my head immersed in my stupidity somewhat surprised I had ever learned to feed myself or shit in the toilet. She picked it up and strolled over to where I was standing. {It’s more like…Where I was dying from embarrassment.} I felt like I was in a small bubble and the air was being sucked out with each step she took towards me.

"It looks like you were getting ready to jerk-off …and I came in and interrupted... ...That's what it looks like." A little burst of reality there. I stood there; my hands now resting on the door jam, having given up their mindless search for something to hide my embarrassment. My pearl-white ass lit up the room as I shook my head in shame.

I turned a little as she approached, trying to keep my back to her, trying not to face Cathy directly. I glanced quick enough to notice that my sister’s beautifully spry titties were having a hard time staying in that ripped T-shirt……Where they belonged. I tried to stare at the floor in my closet. I tried to WILL this all away. The only ray of sunshine being that my hard-on was going away, (Such good news) but the damage had been done.

Cathy was relentless.
I shrugged my shoulders, stood up straight and finally threw my hands up in defeat. I turned to face Cathy, semi-hard dick and all.
"That's right! That's just what I was about to do! I couldn't help looking at your tits and my dick got hard! Yep! I got a hard-on looking at your tits; ya got me! OK? Isn't that why you wear shit like that, to tease guys? Well there you go... works!! I CAN'T HELP IT!!! There...Is that what you wanted to hear?!?!"

The whole time I was ranting, I kept trying not to look at her chest, but failing miserably. When the wind had left my sails, I stood naked, looking at my sister. She in turn…was looking at my dick. And because she was standing there looking so…so hot…In spite of dick was hard again.

"Look Cathy, you have to go." I managed to say after an unknown amount of time had passed. I sounded like I was begging as I finally turned my back to her and began fumbling through the closet again. I could have used a pair of underwear, but my dresser was a hundred miles away, on the other side of the room. Without noticing…Or even caring…I tore the first pair of pants off a hanger that my hand found. It would seem that at least two or three of my brain cells had gone back to work. I suppose the others were busy making sure the flow of blood to my boner went uninterrupted.

“Why? So you can jerk-off?” She giggles.
“No.” I told her honestly. “I think that might be a lost cause at this point."
Why?” She asked, still grinning. I felt her hand on my arm. “You’re still hard aren’t you?” She tightened her grip on my arm and spun me around and pushed me. She now stood where I’d been standing, my porn magazine held up to cover her chest. I was now more in the closet than I was out; trapped for all practical purposes. Sure, I could have strong-armed my little sister out of the way. I could have literally thrown her out of my room. But none of that happened.

I dropped my pants as she spun me around. Cathy put her foot on them and stared down at my dick. I covered my hard-on as best I could with my hands, but either my balls were showing or the head of my cock stuck out, and at this point it was all pretty…Well…Pointless.
“Looks to me like it’s still pretty hard.” she says with no misgivings, just smiling at my dick. “Doesn’t look like a lost cause to me.”

To my utter amazement, Cathy pulled the magazine away from her breasts and turned it around to study the cover. Her torn shirt dangling to each side of tits; framing them. She didn’t seem to notice. It took little to no effort on my part to gaze over the top of the magazine and touch them with my eyes.
Please Cum on My Tits, she says.
Hearing the words was like a splash of cold water in my face. I jerked my line of sight to Cathy’s face. Nice name for a Magazine Johnny..." she grinned. She nonchalantly thumbed through the pages...right there in front of me.

As she turned the pages, her arm moved those lovely tits around and it was pretty hard to ignore them. When I tried to grab the magazine from her hands, she got a good look at what I’d been attempting to hide. She pulled the magazine out of reach before I could grab it and she stared at my dick again.
"You have to go now...” I told her as I tried to cover myself again. “...Please."

{It might seem like I should have just gotten dressed real quick, but the fact is, I can’t think of a good reason why I didn’t. In my defense…I had a lot on my mind and I kinda felt like a rambunctious puppy trying to negotiate a sharp turn on a linoleum floor. I was just spinning wheels. In hind-sight, I believe I wanted to show her my dick and see what would happen.}

"From the looks of it, I better go, huh..."
She threw the magazine on my bed and brought her hands up to her tits the same way she had in the kitchen; halfheartedly hiding them.
"...before you cum on my tits..."
She smiled and looked up at me with her puppy dog brown eyes.
"Why do you do this to me?" I asked, both powerless and frustrated.
"Do what?"
“I mean it Cathy!"
"Do what?"
"Why do you have to tease me all the time? I try so hard not to……"
"Not to what?"
"Not to... ...Not to think of you like that."
“Like what?"

She cocked her head to the side a little, pouted out her cute bottom lip, raised her eyebrow and opened
her beautiful eyes wide. All she needed was a Catholic girls school uniform, pigtails, and a single fingertip stuck in the corner of her mouth to make the picture complete.

“You're doing it now!"
"What, what am I doing?"
"I try so damn hard not to think of you as some kinda babe and you tease me every chance you get. I don't want to think of you that way Cathy. It makes me feel……perverted."
Her hands slowly fell away from her chest.
"You think I'm a babe?"
I just opened my mouth and rolled my eyes to the ceiling. Here I was opening up, telling her the way I felt; the truth, and the only thing she seemed interested in was what I thought about the way she looked.

"Well yeah…I think you're better looking then most of the girls in that magazine." I cocked my head towards the porn-mag on my bed. "Really?"
Cathy's whole face lit up. God she was pretty.
She looked at me with those big eyes…
"I'm sorry for all the teasing. I just thought we were having fun, that's all."
"Fun? It might be fun for you Cathy, but I’m the one left having to hide out in my room with a hard-on, or stuck down stairs on the couch with a pillow in my lap so no one can see; waiting for it to go away so I can just go upstairs."

"Wow. I didn't realize I did that. I didn’t realize I made you … …hard.” She shifted her gaze to my hands. “I'm really sorry Johnny... ... And I'm sorry about that crack about cumming on my tits too.”
She sounded like she’d meant it.
“…As a matter of fact...maybe I can make it up to you..."

I got lightheaded…Really, I thought I was gunna fall over…when Cathy took the rest of her ripped shirt off and threw it on the floor. I stared in disbelief…A dumb-silence… as she looked at me and dropped down to her knees.
"... If you want, if it’ll make you feel better, you can jerk-off on my tits. No teasing...Really"
She scooted over to me on her knees and stopped just a few feet in front of me…then she slid her hands up under her tits and pushed them up and closer together like she was offering me a target.
Well…If my dick was hard before…I could trip up race horses with it now. Cathy looked up at me with those dark, beautiful eyes and my hard dick was only a few feet from those sweet titties that I couldn’t seem to ignore; I was trembling.
I didn't know what to do.

Well... ...I knew what to do…but I was pretty damned sure I couldn’t. My cock was twitching…I could feel my pulse in it…and the head was already pink, heading for red.
If I’d had presence of mind, I might have covered it with a plastic trash bag so that when it exploded, I wouldn’t have to clean up the pieces. {Can you really ever really clean something like that up?}
Anyway…I had never been this hard before. My dick stuck straight out from its base and Pre-cum oozed out from the tip. {Dripped’ might be a better word.} The skin was pulled so tight I thought it might split if I touched it, let-a-lone, jerked off on my sister’s tits.
"Cathy... …I…I can't do that."
I thought she looked disappointed.
"Why not?" she asked with sad eyes. "I thought you liked my titties. I thought they got you…She stared at my dick…hard."

I couldn’t believe I was standing there having to explain to my little sister why I can’t jerk off on her tits…Naked with a huge boner to boot.
"Because you're my little sister Cathy"
"I just can't do it... ...I shouldn't... ...and you shouldn’t want me too…it’s just wrong."
“People do it all the time. I know, I‘ve seen it.” She stated matter-of-factly.
“You’ve seen it where?”
“The Internet.”
Again I rolled my eyes".

“Besides, it’s not even sex.” She adds.
“It’s not, huh?”
“No. . .Not really.”
I should have told her to go tell Dad she let Joey Thomas…The paper boy…jerk off on her tits and see what he had to say about that. But of course…I didn’t think of it at the time.
“Well. . .I still can’t do it.” I told her.

Cathy got up off her knees slowly. She ran her thumbs over her rigid nipples and then let her tits fall free. They actually jiggled a little when she did that. She started to walk out of my bedroom real slow. She swayed her ass back and forth, looking over her shoulder at me before she reached the door.
"I guess I’ll leave so you can jerk-off then…I guess"
When she reached the door she stopped again and turned to face me.
"You know, I know I’m your little sister and all, but I'm not a little girl."
She slid her hands over her sweet titties, squeezed them, and pulled on her nipples to stress her point.

When Cathy left, I rushed over to the door. I shut it and I locked it. I tried to turn the knob just to make sure. I hurried back to my bed. I brushed the porno magazine to the floor; I didn't need it. I laid down quickly and started stroking my cock. It felt harder and thicker than it ever had before. I imagined my kid sister kneeling in front of me while I jerked-off.

I pictured her rubbing her tits and pinching the nipples. I was jerking my dick like a mad man. In my mind’s eye, I saw Cathy open her mouth and lick her lips. "Cum on my tits Johnny. Come on... more teasing... ...come on. And......... .... save some for my mouth."
I shot my load like a cannon. My mouth dropped open and my hips arched up, jerked and thrusts. Cum shot onto my chest... ...and then on my chin and my cheek. Holy shit!!! I thought. The next rope went across my nose and splashed into one wide opened eye. I pointed my cock towards the ceiling and watched one eyed as more shot straight up and fell back down on my stomach. I grunted and moaned and milked the rest of my load over my fingers.
I laid there for a few minutes looking at all the cum. Jesus! I had never shot a load like that before. And I was no novice at this jerking-off thing. I could feel it running down my face and chin. I couldn't get over the fact that my hot little sister was the cause of such a mind blowing orgasm. This wasn't gunna help my situation with Cathy at all.
I got up, cleaned off, and got dressed. I waited for my Mom to come home from work before I went down stairs.
The following day I got home from school and headed straight up to my room. I hurried past Cathy’s door. I was feeling a little funny about the day before. I heard her call out just before I reached my room.
"Hey Johnny. What cha up to?"
"Just getting home's all." and I stepped into my room and pushed the door shut. I put my books down on my desk and sat down in front of my computer. I no sooner got the thing turned on when I heard a knock at my door.
"Yeah, come on in" I said as I looked at my monitor.
"Johnny, I need your opinion."
"On what?" I asked as I typed in my password.
"I thought a lot about what you said yesterday... ...and I wanted to know if this was any better?"

I sighed a content sigh. I turned around, feeling a little better about me and Cathy. I was glad that she had taken to heart what I had said yesterday. I turned around expecting to see my little sister in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt...with the hood pulled up.
When I turned around and saw her... ...My mouth dropped open; all the way open. I tasted carpet! My eyes went from her head to her toes and then back up again. Slowly... ...very, very slowly. Talk about your “Deer in the headlights”.

Her beautiful, sexy eyes…She had more make-up than I’d ever seen her wear. Her eyes were dark and smoldering, hard to pull away from. Her lips… …God, her lips… … They were a soft red. Softer than dark and darker than soft…Just right…The bottom lip fuller than the top… …Her mouth opened slightly, barely showing her perfect white teeth… …Her mouth was……alluring almost undeniably so…sexy. Her hair was tied back smart and elegant, exposing her beautiful face.

She had a pair of black high heels on her tiny feet with four or five inch heels. They made her legs look so long for such a tiny girl. She had this black negligee with a lacy white fringe around the top that hid all but the tops of her breasts, a garter belt and, of course, nylons to match. She had mom’s diamond earrings on and her matching necklace. She looked as elegant as she did hot.
My little sister was trying to act all grown up and she was pulling it off nicely. She was fuckin’ hot. When I looked at her face and into those eyes... ...I was light headed.
"What do you think?" She asks me.
"Uh... ...ah..." I couldn't talk.
"Well, does this make me look less like your little sister?"

She walked up close to me…Real close. Still, I hadn't been able to say a word. I stood up so that I wouldn't be eye to eye with those tits that had gotten me into so much trouble yesterday. As I made it to my feet, I thought I might pass out.
“Where……” I managed to whisper.
“Where what, Johnny? Oh, you mean…where did I get this?”
She made a slow 360° turn, showing me her outfit. All I was able to do was shake my head ‘Yes’. It seemed like the whole process of shaking my head took hours.
“Mom’s room. It was in a box in the back of her closet, shoes and stockings too. What do-ya think?”

I just stood there. I wanted to tell her it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I wanted to tell her that she was making my dick hard, that I wanted to jerk-off onto her tits, that I wanted to make love to her…to fuck her. But in the end…I settled for just letting my mouth hang open; a picture worth a thousand words and all.
"I think you like it." She said to me with a beautiful smile on her face as she pointed an elegant finger in my direction. I was confused to say the least and I guess it showed. She just pointed at me sliding a fingernail over her bottom lip as she smiled. Then I realized that she was pointing at my crotch. I looked down and to my utter shock…the head of my cock stuck out well past the top of my jeans. What I thought was no longer a secret, my excitement was quite apparent.
"I bet you'd like to jerk off now, Huh?"

She touched her nipple lightly with her fingertip; the small stone that pressed against the lacy material of my mothers negligee.
"And I bet you'd like to come on my tits too, huh Johnny?"
{She was right on both counts}
She hooked her fingertips in the lacy material of her outfit and slowly pulled it down exposing her titties to me. She pushed them together like she’d done yesterday…When she was my little sister…and bit her bottom lip seductively. She squatted down. She didn’t kneel…She squatted…bringing her tits and angelic face right down to the purple cock head sticking up out of my pants.
"Come on Johnny. I wanna watch you jerk off, I wanna watch really, really bad."

She licked her lips while she looked up at me. I stared at that lovely face and slowly shook my head ‘No’... ...there was no way I was going to do this...I couldn’t… ...but my hands were already undoing my belt. Her mouth formed a big “O” of surprise as we both watched my hands fumble through the task.
"Oooooooh, Johnny. Ga head... it" She licked her pretty redish lips again.

I opened my jeans; Cathy reached up unwilling to wait. She took hold of them and pulled them down. My underwear came right down with them; past my knees, in one quick pull. When my dick sprung out, Cathy sucked in a quick breath and whispered something I couldn’t hear.
My eyes never left her face as my hard dick stuck out in front of me; pointing at her.
"Mmmmmmmm, Johnny. Johnny... ...I just can't help it..... ...I... ...I..."

She rubbed her tits and started breathing pretty heavy through her mouth. Still…I stared at my little sister's beautiful face.
Cathy looked up and whispered, "Oh My God!!! I can't believe this!" she kept saying.
"I …want to see you cum Johnny..." She moved in closer; her eyes shifting back and forth from my cock then back to me eyes; her lips inches from my hard dick…
“Don’t stop me... ...Just please, don’t stop me.” she pleaded. Then to my astonishment…She opened her mouth, let her strawberry lips softly slide around the tip of my cock and sucked up the few drops of pre-cum that had seeped out of my dick .
I just watched her do it as I stood there unable to move, unwilling to stop her. It was like a dream. She pulled her head back a little,
“Jerk off…” She whispered. “Ga-head.”
She knelt down in front of me. I had to put one hand on my desk to steady myself. I thought for sure that my legs were just gunna buckle.

“Come on. I want you to…” She looked up at me, “Right in my mouth.” She cooed, licked her beautiful lips and opened her mouth.
So I did. I knew it would only take a minute...And I was right. The first thick blast shot into her waiting mouth and dripped down her chin. My cock was throbbing and pulsing as my hand milked it. Had my hand not been on it, it would have slapped my thighs, first one and then the other, like a happy dog wags his tail. A very happy dog

She licked her messy lips, "Oh god!” she whispers, her eyes fixed on my hand as it worked. More splashed her mouth and cheeks. “I have to…” she says and then tries her best to close those luscious lips around my spurting dick. It took a second, like when you have to find and guide that renegade straw into your mouth with your tongue. She bobbed and weaved and then took a short stab at it with her mouth, her lips, as I continued to stroke it. Another heavy spurt covered her tongue as her lips captured the head of my slippery cock and held it tight.

I simply moved my hand away and let “My little sister” suck on the tip of my cock as more poured into her mouth. She slipped just an index finger and a thumb around the base of my cock to hold it steady while she got what she wanted. She seemed as amazed as I was about the whole thing. She seemed to like it just as much as I did…if that was possible. She closed her eyes and swallowed…then looked up at me again. {I suppose to see my reaction.} Pleased with both the look on my face and the taste of my cum…she closed her eyes again as if she were dozing off into a pleasant sleep…and swallowed more.
Some dribbled over her strawberry bottom lip and followed the same path down her chin the other globs of cum had taken. There was a lot…the path had been blazed. Assuming I must be done, how could there be more…Cathy took her mouth off my dick. She was licking her lips when yet another burst of thick cum splashed them, found her cheek, and sprayed her hair. Her head jerked back in surprise but she quickly moved back into place to get more.

"Keep cumming." She quietly demanded of me as she started to slide her index finger and thumb back and forth over the hardness of my cock, making sure there would be none left, none that she couldn’t have. She proceeded to give me a two finger hand-job while she closed her lips around my dick head again and swallowed more cum.

She pulled her mouth away when she was pretty sure she’d gotten it all. "Ummmmmmm. I think that’s it." she mumbled softly to the tip of my dick as she squeezed it with her fingers and watched the tiny hole for what she wanted. A few more drops dribbled over the head of my cock. Some fell to her lovely tits…She caught the last of it with a hurried sweep of her tongue as it fell.
She looked up at me, and like me…she was having a problem believing what had just happened, "Oh God” She mouthed the words, no sound escaped. Her eyes were wide with a surreal surprise. She wasn’t sure why or how it had happened but her eyes sparkling with the idea that it DID.

“I. . .I just…did it.” She says. “I…I just couldn’t help it!" She tried to explain with my cum all over her face. She looked the way a pretty girl looks when she sees that unicorns and tiny fairies are truly alive and well. She can’t believe it…
I was still in shock. I had never had anything so… … exhilarating happen to me. I was still in dream land as my little sister knelt there in front of me...Still sliding her fingers back and forth slowly, in awe... trying to convey to me how she couldn’t help herself and how she couldn’t believe what she’d done and that she was STILL doing it. She told me how much she liked it and what a rush it gave her. She said other stuff too but a great deal of what she said flew right past me. I was still not to collapse in a useless ball of jelly on the floor.

She went on and on and on…while I just stared at her face, at the cum that hung in a single long strand off her chin, and at her fingers as they slid mindlessly over my dick as she talked…She seemed unaware that she was even doing it. She was so hot!
"I've never wanted to do anything like that so badly in my whole life," she tried to explain as best she could. She spoke softly, but with an excitement she barely had control of. She stuttered, shook her head, repeated herself and sometimes whispered so low she could barely be heard.

“I…I wasn’t planning on doing that. Really…I…I just……I just wanted to watch you jerk off! That was it! That’s all! That’s all I wanted to see!” she went on as she watched her own fingers around me; around my cock. I felt there was an apology somewhere in her explanation, but the only thing I could truly comprehend was my little sister kneeling on her knees in front of me, her hand, her face, the cum that clung to it.
Her free hand went up to her face and she ran her fingertips through the cum that covered her face, “I…can't believe this..."

She looked at her fingers, rubbed them together, fascinated with its texture, the thickness, the warmth and then she watched the fingers of her other hand as they mindlessly slipped back and forth as they squeezed my dick. She fell silent as a great big, happy smile overtook her mouth and her eyes. I watched as the tip of her pointy tongue darted out and stole the very last drop of cum my dick had to offer.

She licked her lips and slowly closed all her fingers around my softening dick and explored it; she was fascinated and I shared the same fascination as I watched.
"I can't believe I ate your cum like that too...” she giggled. Then she leaned in close to my dick again. She looked at it lustfully while she played with it and then kissed it softly on the tip with her wet lips, once―and then again.

Then, as if I could take the stress on my heart, she looked up into my eyes as if asking permission and slowly took a few inches into her mouth…enough to fill it
Her eyes closed, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" She moaned around my dick as her cheeks sucked in. She let it slide out from between her lips with a popping sound and said, "My god, this is so cool. I can‘t believe this… …I’m sucking my brother’s dick.” She told me as if I didn’t know. She looked up into my eyes again, “…and I ate your cum!" she whispered, her lips less than an inch from the tip of my prick.
She sucked it back into her mouth a few more times then released my dick, put her hands on my hips and helped herself to her feet.

Standing right in front of me she slid a hand over one tit, down the front of her sexy outfit and touched between her legs. Her other hand smeared the cum that had fallen on her titties. She looked at her messy fingers before bringing them to her mouth and sucking them one by one. “I swallowed your cum…” She whispered again. “...Wow!......... I…I gotta go!" she told me like someone that had just realized they were late for an appointment. She turned and practically ran out of my room.
I stood there with my semi-hard dick flopping in the breeze and my mouth slightly open. I still couldn’t say a word.

I stood there leaning on my desk for I don't know how long. I played what had just happened over in my mind again and then again. I wasn't 100% sure that it had really happened when I heard Cathy call out my name. I shook my head, gathered my wits, {Not all of them. Just enough to let me stand and walk} and quickly pulled my pants up and tucked away my dick.
"JOHNNY!" I heard again. "JOOOOOOHNYYYY! come merrrrre!" Her voice was low and whiny, but there was an urgency to her call. I hurried to Cathy's bedroom and froze at the open doorway.

Standing there at the doorway I saw Cathy on her bed in Mom’s hot outfit with her knees spread wide apart, her feet bottom to bottom, two fingers of left hand pulling the flimsy material of her panties to one side, and her right, making quick circles in the whisper of pubic hair as three finger jabbed and strummed to coochie. .
Her hair had come free and laid tossed over her pillow. Her lips were still red but all traces of cum and been licked away. She looked at me with that same “I can’t believe I’m doing this” look that had dominated her lovely features just a few minutes before…as she’d knelt in front of me with my dick in her hand.

Her ass squirmed back and forth, up and down restlessly on the bed, spurred on by the pleasure her fingers created between her legs, by the excitement that she didn’t quite understand each time she forced those fingers past her panties and into her pussy. I finally said something. I said “Holy shit!” {Not worth quoting, that’s for sure, but certainly a step up from the senseless mute I’d been a mere three minutes ago.}

"Johnny...” Cathy whined, her fingers still strumming. “... come mere... ...Please... ...come over here, quick..." She bit her lip, set her panties free and reached out to me, wiggling her fingers, hurrying me to respond. “Come on…” she begged.
" Do I look... ...mmm Oh God!... anybodies…mmmh…little sister now?" she asked through the heavy breathing, her hand still stretched out towards me, gesturing for me to come closer. She tucked her bottom lip into her mouth and whined.

She was quite a sight― Beautiful―alluring―sexy―Not a little girl at all. I wasn’t really sure what she wanted me to do. I wasn’t normally this stupid around girls. As a matter of fact, I thought I was pretty witty when it came to girls…Smooth even…But this was different. Way different.
"Oh―Come on Johnny!!!..." She pleaded when I didn’t move fast enough. Her hand moved franticly between her legs; her breathing was labored. I could see her fingers were wet and slippery each time they slipped out of her pink pussy. My cock was growing in my pants again as I took it all in. I moved in closer―Right up to the edge of the bed―and with her free hand she anxiously found the front of my pants.
“Ummmmmmmm―I want this.” She moaned. She rubbed the front of my pants, feeling, squeezing, groping, needing…like she was suffering from a massive Asthma attack and her inhaler lay someplace behind my fly.

"Pull your dick out!!!” She begged, picking up the pace between her legs
“Put it in my mouth again Johnny… Please Johnny…hurry up!!!” she pleaded.
The urgency was unbelievable. I actually felt like I was running out of time. The bomb was ready to blow and I’m still fumbling through my tools looking for something to cut the wire. I got through my belt, I tore open my pants and pushed them down enough to shed some light on my balls and leaned into her from the side of the bed, presenting her with what she’d begged for.

"Oh my god yes! Yes!!!” she cried as she scooted closer to the very edge of her bed, right up against my thighs as her fingers now dug at her hot pussy.
“Let me have it…Let me suck it!!!" she whimpers with no inhibitions, no reservations. She stretched her neck up as her hand closed around my dick and pulled it closer to her mouth.
She certainly didn’t look anything like my little sister now. She looked more like a whore; a high dollar whore…A beautiful, sexy high dollar whore that wanted to blow me……Blow me while she made herself cum. The thought sent more blood rushing to my swollen dick. The picture before me brought me right to the very edge.

Cathy hurried my dick into her mouth like it was her life-line while she played with her pussy, faster, deeper. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm......mmm....mmm......mmm" She moaned around my dick. The feeling was indescribable. I felt each sound she made with my entire body, little ripples of pleasure, a wake of lust. I’d never had anyone do that before. Maybe no one ever sucked my dick like they REALLY needed it…like my little sister.

She craned her neck and forced almost half of my cock into her mouth and sucked hard. I stood there and let my sister do whatever she wanted to with my cock. She slid it from her mouth and began to lick and kiss it feverishly. The smacking and sucking sounds nearly drowned out the wet slapping sounds that Cathy’s other hand made between her legs. She sucked it back in her warm mouth and moved her head with shallow bobs then spit it out and rubbed the slimy tip over her strawberry red lips.

I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever done this before. She certainly looked like she had. It definitely felt like she had. "Mmmmmmm......Aaahhh...” She seemed to be having a harder time breathing now. “…Oh yeah Johnny... ... yeah...I'm gunna cum― I'm cumming!!!" She told most of the neighbors. Words I never expected to hear from my little sister. I watched as her perfect ass came up off the bed, she pushed her fingers into her pussy, and clamped her knees together.

“OH GOD!” She growled, as she rolled on her side, in the fetal position, her fingers in her coochie, my dick pressed hard against her heavenly lips. {What other kind of lips would an angle have?} “I’m. . . .I’m…I’m…” She sounded surprised, amazed that the fingers inside her and the cock that she pressed against her cheek would cause such a feeling. “I’m cummingggggg!”
Except for the tiny thrusts of her hips, everything was still. I felt the tiny vibrating on my hard dick as a low growling sound found a way from deep inside her chest to the mouth that she held tight against my cock. I’d never imagined my little sister. . . . . .Cumming. And I certainly would have never imagined that it might be something I would get to watch let alone be part of.

“Oh God…Oh God…Oh God…Oh God!…” she whispered franticly over my dick. A tiny kiss separated each Oh God, a different place on my cock for each peck as her orgasm rolled through. For 30 seconds or so, Cathy smoothered herself with my dick and rocked on her fingers until her head fell to her pillow and she rolled over onto her back again…both hands still full. Though much slower and gentler, each hand continued with its task. She caressed her tired pussy while gliding her fingers over the hardness of my dick.
Perhaps she saw the desperation in my eyes or maybe she just wanted more, but she pulled my dick down to her mouth. I bent my knees a little and leaned more over the edge of the bed as Cathy opened her mouth wide and made a great deal of my hard dick disappear behind those hot red kissable lips.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .” She gives a long moan as she settles in. Her lips hold me firmly as she drops her hand to her breast and begins to massaged her titties.
How she can be so diligent and attentive with each task is beyond me. She pets her soaked coochie, tickling her clit and tracing a soft delicate path up and down along the length of each pink pussy lip…She pinches and rolles her swollen nipples {Each one in turn} with her dainty fingers, and sweetly sucks and rolls her tongue around my straining dick…all with equal concentration and with the same love and gentleness you would show a new born puppy. It was truly amazing. Erotically mesmerizing. Really quite a talent. A talent she was about to be rewarded for.

She pulls away from my purple cock and looks up at me, "This feels so good!” she coos, then touches her lips to the few drops of pre-cum that have seeped out of my piss slit, before they have a chance to drop to the bed spread. She kisses them away, coating her glossy lips with a prelude of what’s to cum. Both her hands still caressing, making love to her body, adding to her pleasure, she closes her eyes, licks her lips as if she’s savoring the last of the creamy filling of a chocolate éclair. She looks up at me again with the most beautiful eyes I’ll ever know, dark as night, just as many stars…

She opens her mouth, teasing, “Put it in” she whispers, not willing to leave her body alone. I reach down, {The feeling I got as I pointed my hard dick at my little sister’s mouth is beyond words…but it’s my nature to at least try and tell you} I reached down, took hold of a dick that was ready to explode and touched the tip to her strawberry lips.
My body rippled, my lungs filled quickly, very quickly, but seemed unwilling to let the heavy breath escape again. I shook my head as if I knew what I was doing was wrong, but my free hand came down and cradled the back of Cathy’s head anyway. With her mouth open, my dick slipped into her mouth. I watched from above as I began to fuck my sister’s mouth. I was gentle, just a little bit, no more than she’d already helped herself to.

It was so quick. “I’m gunna cum.” I warned her. One hand left her firm tittie and grasped my shaft with some authority. At the same time, she found a steady, much fast pace in and out of her pussy with the fingers of her other hand.
Her lips and tongue were all over my cock, Her head bobbed with my help over half my dick. Quite a task for such a little girl. She must have sensed the approach flood. She pulled her mouth off me and began to work my cock for the pay off.

“Cum in my mouth.” She tells me as her eyes hold on to me. Her hand pumping my dick with her beautiful, pained face and shiny red lips in the background, mouth wide open with anticipation, was a picture I wasn’t ready for. In spite of the fact that I’d just cum not 20 minutes earlier, I let loose with a torrent of jizz. The first of it shot right over Cathy and fell to the floor on the other side of the bed somewhere. She tilted my cock down a little, stroking with such passion, her own body beginning to tremble with the beginnings of another orgasm of her own.
I couldn’t keep still as I watched my little sister’s face get splattered with thick creamy cum. She moaned, gasped really, as she moved her head around, and stuck her tongue out in an attempt to catch what cum she could. It was everywhere. The more I shot, the harder she seemed to cum. That in turn pushed me to an even greater climax. We watched each other’s faces as we shared our orgasms. It was a crazy circle neither of us wanted to break.

When it was done, my knees rested on the edge of Cathy’s bed, one hand still behind her head the other holding onto the headboard for dear life. Cathy lay motionless, both hands done with their toys, her chest rising and falling in a deep but steady rhythm, her eyes closed, her creamy red lips forming a peaceful, content smile. Had the thick globs of cum not speckled her face and hair, echoing the truth, she might have looked like she was asleep. Asleep in the middle of a tranquil dream.

As my own breathing calmed and I regained a small measure of awareness…I was looking at the mess all over the bed, my pants and my sister when I felt Cathy slid one hand up my inner thigh and lightly cupped my balls. She took her other hand and wrapped her wet fingers around my dick as it hung lifelessly between my legs, and began to fondle me.
"I don't know what's happening to me." She cooed. She licked her lips and as far out as her tongue would reach to gathered what cum she could, her attention shifting from my eyes to what her hands were doing to me.

"I want more.” She tells me. I try to explain why that wasn’t gunna happen. After shooting two big loads of cum, my cock was quickly becoming limp and useless, but my sister continued to play with it anyway, caressing it, getting to know it in its new form.
“I hope this makes up for all the teasing I did." she said with an impish smile. I didn’t know what to say. She leaned up a little bit closer bring her wet lips right up to my dick.
“ I'll do anything.” She kissed the soft tip. “Isn’t there anything I can do to make you come for me again?"

Before I had to break her the bad news, I thought I heard something in the hallway and quickly turned to look. I didn’t see anything. I pulled my pants up as fast as I could and buttoned them. I was fastening my belt as Cathy rolled off the bed and moved towards her closet. I glanced at the clock. 4:00 p.m.―No one should be home. Cathy was changing as fast as she could. I moved to the window to look out at the driveway.

"MOM'S HOME!... ...Shit!" I ran to the hallway... was clear. I looked at Cathy, concerned, and closed her door behind me as I went down stairs to see where our Mom was. I found her in the kitchen. How long had she been in there? She had no jacket on so that meant that she was here long enough to hang it up in the closet by the front door. BY THE STEPS!
I walked into the kitchen.

"So-o-o-o, what are you up to?" My Mom asked with what I thought might be a funny look on her face. Was it her or me?
"Uh... ...nothing..." I answered, as cool and slick as burning sandpaper.
"Really? Huh. Where's your sister?" She asked me.
"Upstairs I think..."
"You’re not sure?" My mom asked me with what I saw as a little smirk on her lips. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."
I stared at my Mom and waited for a response. There was none. She went over to the fridge and grabbed a bottled water and then walked to the kitchen table and sat down. I just stood there. Something didn’t feel right. Imagine that, right.

Huh, my younger sister just gave me a blow job and made me cum…Twice…all over her beautiful face … while she fingered herself to an orgasm… and something doesn’t feel right. I wonder if the Japanese had that same feeling after Hiroshima?

"What are you going to do now?" My mom asked as she opened her bottle of water and took a sip.
"Umm... ...I guess I'll go upstairs and finish my homework."
I turned to walk away.
"Oh Johnny?" I turned to see my mom pealing a banana from the fruit basket on the kitchen table.
"You might want to change those pants... spilled something all over the front of them..." I watched my mom as she opened her mouth and bit off a large piece of banana and then looked down at my pants. To my horror, I saw the cum Cathy had milked from my balls. I looked back at my Mom, "Uh, yeah." I turned and just walked up stairs.

I sat in my room in front of my computer and stared at the blank monitor. What had my Mom seen? Surly if she’d seen us... ...she would have made us stop. If not... ...she certainly would have said something in the kitchen... ...or at least wouldn’t have been so damn calm and cool. And what was the deal with the banana? I shook my head and tried to get all that had happened to fall into place and register. I was in a daze. I was scared and yet still found it all hugely exciting. I didn't know what I really thought, but I knew this...I’d liked what me and my sister had done.

I got up and went to Cathy's room. I knocked on the door lightly. She was dressed in her jeans and a modest pullover shirt―And of course―She’d wiped the makeup offhand had changed those shoes.
"Was it Mom?"
"Yeah." I said with a confused look on my face.
"Well, what she say?"
"What do you mean, 'nothing'?"
"I mean 'nothing', nothing about us anyways. She asked what I was doing and where you were and what 'I' was up to. You know, shit like that.” "What-ja say?" "What do you mean 'What I say'? I said I wasn't doing anything and that I thought you were up stairs. What else would I say?"
"Well I guess that's good, right?" "She also told me to change my pants..." I told her with a tad of doubt. Cathy looked down at my pants and put her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my God!" she whispered. "Yeah, I know." “I’m gunna have to clean off Mom’s lingerie and get all her stuff back in her room before she misses anything. I could probably explain the earrings and necklace…But the mess all over her clothes, that’s gunna be a tough one.”

“I just can’t see Mom wearing something like that, ya know?”
“I can.” She told me.
“You’re kidding, really?”
“Sure. I think Mom’s pretty hot.”
“Sure. You don’t?”
“Well, yeah. I guess she’s…You know…pretty cute…I guess.”
“Well, I think that if she fixed herself up a little, you’d see what I’m talking about.”
“I guess.”
“I bet if she put that on…” She nodded towards her closet. “…you wouldn’t have to guess.”

She probably had a point. She went on to say that she thought that maybe Mom was in a rut or something. That sometimes she felt like mom had a lot of built up sexual tension. Maybe Dad wasn’t ‘doing it’ for her.
“Who are you, Dr. Ruth? Where do you get all this stuff?”
“I think that if Mom did see us…That maybe she didn’t say anything to you cuz maybe she didn’t think it was so bad.”
Where was my sister? Who was THIS crazy-ass girl?

“Is that what you think?” I asked waiting for the rest of this nonsense.
“Yeah, and I’ll tell you something else…”
“Something else!!! You’re kidding me?”
She slapped me on the arm. “I’m serious. I think that maybe Mom’s like me.”

“What do you mean ‘Like you’?”
“Well…When I went in your room this afternoon, I just went in there to show you I’m not some little girl and…Well…I wanted to see you jerk off on my tits.” She confessed shyly. She was pretty adorable. “Wow! You sure got more than you bargained for, huh?” “Really, right?” She giggled and then took my hand in a way that made me thing it wasn’t my sister taking it.

I looked down at her, forgetting for a second the seriousness of the situation.
“I Well, I hope you got what you wanted.” I told her softly as I squeezed her hand.
“That’s just it Johnny. I did. I had no intention of doing all that stuff. Something just came over me. I wanted to do it really bad…And I did.”
“What exactly are you saying Cat?”
“Maybe Mom might wanna do some things that even she doesn’t know she wants to.”
We were quiet for a minute and then Cathy broke the silence,
"Ya know... ...I thought that was great." Then she leaned in a little closer and whispered, "I really liked doing that, ya know? I mean, putting you in my mouth and all."
I rolled my eyes and shook my head.
"After almost getting caught... Hell for all we know Cathy, Mom DID catch us and she’s just holding off to talk to Dad before she drops the bomb and sends both of us to Boarding School...You're STILL trying to get my dick hard."

Cathy smiled and bit her bottom lip flirtatiously. I was beginning to love the gesture. I guess I’ve always loved it…I was just now starting to appreciate it.
“Do you want…She lowered her voice even lower…another blowjob tonight?”
Jesus…Hearing her say that actually made me comatose petter twitch an eye. I shook my head slowly.
“You’re amazing.” I told her. “I MEAN that too; you really are.”
I remembered where we were, who was home and the front of my pants.
“For Christ’s sake!” I kissed Cathy on the cheek. {It made her giggle} and I hurried back to my room.

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