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ch 5 pt 1
Ok well I have had real trouble writting more and i just started school up and been real busy, but I know alot of people want more and its been a while especially compared to how quickly the former releases came out so here is what new story I have written so far. It is not necessarily a final draft. It will probably get changed slightly when i release the whole chapter but heres something for everyone to read hope y'all enjoy

Chapter 5

Mike began to open his eyes. He could feel a cool wet sensation on his crotch. He looked down and

saw the the covers of the bed bobbing up and down in the middle of the bed. He smiled and laid back

groaning with pleasure. He could feel Irina's tongue skillfully swirling around hardening cock. While he

loved the warm sensations of her snatch, the cool wet feeling of Irina's mouth was a unique pleasure.

Irina began to take him in so deep that the head of his cock would become lodged in her throat. She

would then make a humming noise causing her throat to vibrate. The feeling was incredible, and

because she didn't need to breath she was able to stay down for long periods of time. Mike's groaning

became louder. Mike moved the covers out of the way so that he could watch Irina. Her beautiful long

black hair was blocking his view of her face so he moved it aside. He could see her deep red eyes staring

back into his. She began to suck harder and faster, making loud slurping sounds. Her saliva dribbling

out her mouth as she continued to give Mike the best, messiest, most pleasurable blow job he had ever


Lycinia's new bedroom was directly below Mike and Irina's and as she began to wake up she could

hear moans and groans coming from upstairs. She had slept naked, which she always did, and she

couldn't wear her clothes from the day before, because they were all torn up from the battle. She

desperately wanted to know what was happening upstairs tho so she began scrambling around the room

until she found a white t-shirt and some boxers, which she decided were good enough. She walked up

the stairs and noticed that the noises were coming from behind a closed door. She remembered that that

door led to Irina and Mike's room. The noises from inside were getting louder. She decided to open the

door a little and take a peak inside. As she peaked inside she saw Irina lying on the bed her head on the

pillows moaning with ecstasy. She had her back arched as was massaging her breast with her right

hand. Lycinia saw at first that her left hand was near her crotch. She wondered if Irina was masturbating

like she had earlier. She looked down toward Where Irina's left hand was and saw she had a fist full of

hair in her hand and was aggressively forcing Mike's face into her crotch.

Lycinia's first thought was that she was hurting Mike and she almost revealed herself to come to his

aid, but she looked at him, and he didn't seem to be opposed to what Irina was doing. Irina looked like

she was in such bliss. Irina screamed, “good boy Mike, eat my pussy! Make me cum!” Lycinia began to

think about what it might be like to have Mike's face buried in her crotch, his tongue rubbing up against her

clit. She could feel herself getting wet. Her hand was magnetically drawn down between her legs. She

put it inside the boxers she was wearing and began to massage her clit. She was covering her mouth

with her other hand so that she didn't make any noise, she did not want to be discovered. For some

reason she did not understand she had the urge to put her finger inside herself. She had never done this

before and was hesitant, because of how badly the dildo had hurt, but she reasoned with herself. She

thought, “well that was much bigger than just my finger.” She began to press one of her fingers inside

herself. As the lips of her vagina began to part she felt lighting jolt through her body just like it had done

the night before when she had found her clit. She slowly pushed deeper and deeper. Then she pulled

back out. She felt wonderful. She had had no idea such sensations were possible. She began to finger

fuck herself. Slowly at first, but increasing speed steadily. Before long she could feel her orgasm

coming. As it did her tiny pussy began to clamp down on her finger as if it didn't want to ever let it go.

Juices began to flow out, and she could no longer hold back her moans. She let out a very audible almost

loud moan. Her eyes had been closed since she had begun fingering herself, as she was trying to

imagine that it was Mike who was pleasuring her. When her orgasm was over there was dead silence.

She slowly opened her eyes to see why Irina's moaning had stopped. “Well Mike looks like we have

ourselves a little spectator, and it looks like she likes what she saw.”

Lycinia's face turned unbelievably red. She tried to scramble away mortified but Irina said, “oh no...

Please don't just leave. The fun has only begun. Don't you want to be part of it?” Lycinia stopped dead in

her tracks. She thought, “was she being invited to join them. Did that mean she would get to be with

Mike?” She sheepishly turned around and began to pace towards the bed. She was very shy. Mike was

quite nervous himself. He didn't think that whatever it was Irina had in mind was appropriate. Lycinia sat

on the edge of the bed. Irina could tell she had absolutely no experience whatsoever. Irina had Lycinia

remove what little clothes she had on. Lycinia was somewhat reluctant and very shy, but also very excited.

Much to her dismay it was Irina that began to engage her and not Mike. Irina had been with a girl in many

years and was somewhat eager herself, whats more Mike was pretty uneasy about the whole situation.

Mike watched as Irina forced onto her back. Irina went straight for Lycinia's virgin hole. She began a

combination of extremely skillful licking and fingering and before Lycinia knew it her fear and

disappointment were a thing of the past she could not believe how incredible Irina's cool tongue felt on

her. Irina began to finger Lycinia with two her finger while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Lycinia was

moaning hard and trying to force her hips into Irina's fingers. Irina told Mike to come to her and gave him a

deep kiss allowing all of Lycinia's juices she had collected in her mouth to flow into his. Lycinia tasted

different to him than Irina. It seemed like a sweeter taste to him. Irina broke off their kiss and said,

“doesn't she taste good?” She then looked down at Lycinia who was clearly approaching an orgasm, and

she began fingering her very fast pushing her over the top. Lycinia felt waves of ecstasy throughout her

body as her pussy clamped down on Irina's two fingers juices spilling out past them. Irina told Lycinia that

they had left poor Mike out so now it was his turn. Lycinia looked down at Mike's penis with awe. She had

never seen one before. Irina instructed her to grab it. Mike was amazed by Lycinia's warm touch. He had

been so used to the cold touch of Irina's hands it was like a whole new experience. Irina had Lycinia

stroke him for a little while then she told her to put it in her mouth and suck on it. Lycinia was nervous, but

she was happy to do anything for Mike so slowly put her lips around the head of his cock Irina told her to

lick it with her tongue while taking it in and out. While Lycinia was nowhere near as good at it as Irina,

there was something about her inexperience that made it more enjoyable for Mike. He also could not

believe the difference between Lycinia's warm mouth and Irina's cold mouth. He watched her innocent

little face as she tried her best to give him a blow job. Irina then began to kiss him which he couldn't help

but be disappointed by. All he wanted to do was watch Lycinia as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Before long Irina stopped Lycinia. She could tell Mike wasn't very happy about this, but she told him to just

wait. She asked Lycinia if she was ready to lose her virginity. Lycinia was nervous, but didn't want it to

show so she said she was.

Irina had her lie down and told Mike that he was in for a treat. Mike was pretty uncomfortable with the

idea of taking this innocent little fifteen year old girl's virginity, but then again how many chances would he

get to do such a thing. Irina told Mike to go easy on her and try not to hurt her. Lycinia looked scared and

said, “it's gonna hurt?” Irina told her it would, but only for a while. Mike was excited, but felt weird about all

this. He loved Irina, and felt like it was wrong to be doing this with Lycinia. “Then again she is telling me

to do this,” he thought. He positioned his cock at her young tight entrance and began to part her lips.

Lycinia held her breath in anticipation. She was scared, but was so happy to be doing this with Mike.

Even though it had been such a short period of time she had become so very fond of Mike, because he

saved her life and was so kind. Mike slowly inched further and further into her incredibly tight pussy. He

could not believe how tight she was. Her warm folds clinging to his cock was driving him crazy. He

wanted to just thrust deep into her, and fuck her like he fucked Irina, but he was refraining for fear of

hurting her. Lycinia was biting her lip the look on her face a combination of pleasure and pain. Mike

asked if she was okay she said she was. As he continued to move slowly in and out moving a little further

inside of her each time, he eventually reached a barrier. He had reached her hymen. Lycinia was terrified

remembering Irina's interrogation. She wished that Irina had just done it during the interrogation so she

wouldn't have to deal with it now. Mike looked at the scared innocent little girls face. It was taking every bit

of restraint he possessed not to rip away what little bit of innocence this girl had left without mercy. He

asked her if she was sure she wanted him to do this. She said, “yes just hurry up and get it over with.”

That response combined with the feeling of this cute little girls cunt griping his cock threw him over the top

and he could no longer hold back. He pulled slightly out and rammed himself balls deep into the poor girl

ripping past her hymen as if it wasn't there. She screamed in agony, but he no longer had enough control

to care. Irina who had been watching the whole time was getting very excited herself. Watching beginning

to get rough with Lycinia was getting her really turned on. She began to finger herself while she used her

influence over Mike to encourage him to fuck the little girl harder and faster. Mike was pounding Lycinia

and she was writhing with pain tears rolling down her face, but there was also a faint feeling of pleasure

behind it all. After a little while The pain began to die down and the pleasure was rising. Lycinia began to

moan with pleasure and she herself was telling Mike to fuck her harder. Mike was nearing his climax, and

instinctively without thinking drew his fangs sinking them into Lycinia. While it scared Lycinia the

adrenaline from the experience pushed her over the top and she began to climax her pussy began milking

Mike's cock and he began to coat her insides. Mike was the one who regretted his instincts as Lycinia,

being a werewolf had very unappetizing blood. However, his orgasm was unlike any he had had yet.

The whole time Irina had been staring at the scene she had created. She was fingering herself wildly,

and as Mike began to collapse she grabbed him and bit down hard into his neck. Lycinia had screamed

with fear, pain, and excitement when Mike had bit her. She cowered as blood dripped down onto her as

Mike and Irina began to passionately embrace each other above her. Irina slammed Mike onto his back

beside Lycinia and mounted him. As she bounced up and down and ground her hips down into him

Lycinia began to feel uncomfortable and was trying to inch herself away from them. Mike was completely

lost in the moment. Lycinia's were-blood had put him into overdrive, but Irina's forcefulness completely

dominated him leaving him to stare up at her as she fucked him. Lycinia couldn't help but feel jealous.

She had already had a crush on Mike, and the experience she had just had with had been so intense, and

to her very special at the time. Now less than a few seconds he was already fucking Irina again, and she

couldn't help but still harbor negative feelings towards her.

Irina was so horny at this point she had to make more of the situation. She looked over at Lycinia as

she continued to impale herself on Mike. She said to Lycinia, “come on, your not done are you?” She

looked down at Mike and said (well told would be more accurate), “you don't mind pleasing two girls at

once do you?” She then forced Lycinia on top of Mike so that she was sitting on him, her hot, dripping wet,

tight snatch pressing down on top of Mike's mouth. Lycinia's heart rate began to speed up. Mike felt like

he was being used like some fuck toy, but at the same time he couldn't complain. He began to dart his

tongue in and out of Lycinia as fast as he could her sweet juices practically pouring down his chin. Lycinia

began panting and moaning and Irina grabbed her and forced her tongue into her mouth. The two

moaned into each others mouths as Mike serviced them. And Irina began massaging Lycinia's breast

with one hand as she kept her face against her own with the other. At this point Mike had reached his

limit. Everything that was happening combined with hearing the sounds coming from the two girls on top

of him sent over the top. He lifted Lycinia up off of him so that he could reach her inner thigh with his

mouth and bit down into her sucking down big gulps of her blood, which had begun to not taste so bad.

As he did this he began climax pumping Irina full of his sticky seed. As Irina felt his cock spasming inside

of her she broke her kiss with Lycinia and dug her own fangs deep inside Lycinia's neck. When Mike had

bit her she had screamed in pain, but it had been into Irina's mouth muffling it this time she screamed at

the top of her lungs as the most intense combination of pain and pleasure was hitting her. She began to

climax so hard, that her juices began to squirt onto the back of Mike's head and some even made it over

his head splashing into Irina's stomach. After her orgasm subsided she began to get woozy from all the

blood loss and almost fainted, but Irina caught her.

They all collapsed on the bed beside each other, sweating and panting, adrenaline still high. Irina got

up and signaled for Mike and Lycinia to follow. She went out onto the porch, still naked and jumped of the

porch morphing in mid air into her bat form. Mike followed suit, and Irina just before reaching the edge of

the porch morphed and leaped gloriously into the air landing on the sand. She followed Mike and Irina

towards the water. Once Irina was flying over the water she morphed back into human form and began to

fall towards the water forming a sort of swan dive. Mike cannon-balled behind her, and as Lycinia was

about to follow them into the water, she saw a group of birds out of the corner of her eye. She was

reminded of her pack, in particular, her brother, who she would chase birds with.

hope you like it so far there is more to come no idea when that will be though could be a while

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