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The shortest of the chapters
--Alone with my sister--Chapter one--

This first chapter has allot of buildup, so for those of you who for some reason don't like that kind of thing, sorry.
Also, this is my first story, so I'd love some feedback. Thanks.

"AAhhHHHAa!" I heard my sister scream. As I look towards her door from across the hallway through my open door, I quickly stand up
to help her. As I approach her door, I hear her scream again. I push open the door, and I see my blond, 14 year old sister weeping in the corner of her room.
I approach her, and placing my hand on her shoulder, I ask, "Sam, what’s wrong?"
My sister then proceeds to tell me that there is a "HUGE" spider on her window sill. I look out her window, and from the second story, I can see the yard
and the driveway. Crawling on the glass is a medium sized spider. I pick up a magazine, roll it up, and whack the spider.
Before I can turn around, my sister comes from behind and wraps her arms around my waist in a tight hug.
She's still silently crying.
My sister has always hated spiders. I can smell her strawberry shampoo.
Being a 14 year old male, I begin to get a hard on. I pull away and start walking back to my room.
Let me tell you a bit about me.
As I said, I'm 14. I'm pretty much a nerd on the inside. On the outside, the only nerdy aspects of me are my glasses and the fact I have almost no muscle.
Me and my sister go to the same high school, and we both make strait A's. My sister however being extremely smart
is very beautiful. She's 5'4 and has blond hair, blue eyes, same as me. She has the best boobs I've ever seen, at least low c's.
She has curves in all the right places, and she is in the middle of an early puberty.
I'm not one of those "I've never thought of my sister in a sexual way" guys. My sister is honestly
the sexiest being I've ever seen. She has been the object of almost all my sexual fantasies ever since
I started masturbating at age 13. I have dreamt of just being able to touch her wherever I want, with no consequences.
Being sort of a dork, I've never had a real girlfriend. But, being a geeky/smart guy, I know allot about the anatomy
of females from porn and the internet overall. I always masturbate in the shower to the stories about
sister/brother incest. Anyways, I know this weekend will be amazing. My parents are going away for the whole weekend in about an hour.
Since I'm all horny now, I decide to go relieve myself. I go into the bathroom, and sit on the toilet facing the opposite way
then when I usually sit. I take off my clothes, and whip out my rock hard dick. I start to think about scenarios that could happen this weekend,
including me and my sister and lots of groping. This as usual gets me off in about 2 minutes. I masturbate every day, because I'm almost always horny when I'm with my sister, for
obvious reasons.
While I'm cleaning up, I hear a faint knock on the bathroom door. I immediately take in a breath.
I hear my sister's voice, "Hey, Charles, what was that noise? I hear something that sounded like..... pain."
Damnit. My sister had heard me grunting. I hastily get everything on and come out of the door.
"Hey, sis. I'm fine. I was...... Brushing my teeth and I bit my tongue.
My sister turns away, and I can swear I see her blush.

Later, my parents tell me and my sister goodbye, and my sister walks into my room after a while to
tell me she's getting a shower.
I tell her okay, and I wait. Ever since I started fantasizing about my sister, I have hoped she would
slip up and leave my bathroom door open. See, our bathroom is a "Jack and Jill" style bathroom.
It's connected by two doors on each side, one in each of our rooms. I move over to the door, and I'm
shocked when I see it's cracked open. I can hear my sister turn the shower handles, so I open the door
just wide enough to see inside. My cock gets hard instantaneously at what I see. My sister is standing in front of the full length mirror.
She is completely naked. I see her fondling her breasts slowly and letting out small gasps.
As she starts to touch her areolas, I slip off my pants and underwear. She moves over to the
toilet and sits on the closed seat. She spreads her legs, and I see her most secret spot.
I can see her pussy oozing wetness as she starts to move her fingers around her outer lips.
In time with her, I start to slowly stroke my cock. I can hear her moan as she inserts a finger
into her vagina. She takes her free hand and reaches into her pants on the floor.
She pulls out her iPod touch. I see a flash of her screen, and I'm even more turned on to see
that she has a video up with a girls getting fucked by a guy. She slips in her headphones, and resumes
playing with herself with both hands. She stimulates her clitoris with one hand, and pinches her left nipple
with the other. As she rubs faster, so do I. I can see her wide eyes watching the video.
I imagine she is picturing herself as the girl in the video, as that's what I do with my
porn except with the guy. We both keep getting faster and faster until our hands are blurs.
I can feel that even though it's only been a minute, I'm very close. I hear my sister
say very quietly, "Charles" and it sends me over the edge. My cum shoots out and sprays the door.
Load after load shoots out, and my sister starts to shake violently. She moves both hands
to her tits, and I see clear liquid squirt out of her pussy.
My sister is a squirter, and she was fantasizing about me!

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2013-12-04 00:08:10
Great start but you shouldn't listen to the guys saying that this story sucked It was awesome please make a second part, please!!!

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i masturbated all way though it was cool i rated it good and when i masturbate my brother or sister catchs me.

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I don't usually comment but you made this okay story (I love the end, it's one of my favorite scenarios) but there isn't a part two?!?!

Please write a part two. Thanks.

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