Ok this is a story that popped into my head and I just had to write it down it may be short and as people have said my puncutation and spelling sucks and my storys end abruptly. Well I dont care this is how I write them and if u dont have anything good to say about my works or to help them along with construction than you can go out side and play hide and go fuck your selfs. And if anyone states that im sick or any such thing you knew what this story was about when you started reading it so again fuck you. To anyone else who reads this its only like my forth story and if u want to leave a postive or a negative I would also like for u to leave a remark as to y u feel this way as so that I can read it and ignore it LOL! Thanks for your comments and I hope u enjoy the story and can get off with as much fun as I had writing it.

First off my name is Rachael, and I live in a world where being spitted and eaten at a very young age is totally normal and also socially acceptable. I grew up in a very loving house hold my mother and father got married just after collage. My father works in an office and makes a good deal of money while my mother stays at home and cooks meals and cleans the house or runs errands most of the day. In this world it is not permitted for any woman of any age to wear clothes of any kind except during the winter months when the temperature may be below 40 degrees. Not all woman are spitted and to not have this done is not looked down on but for the ones that are chosen the family has cause to celebrate. There are a few cases in which familys have taken off usually to Canada or Mexico to avoid the death of a daughter or two. Some times they are caught and for the ones that are the women of the family are all spitted and roasted on nationl television except for the elderly. The men of the family are made to watch as there family is spitted and eaten and then the men are killed in such a brutal manner either decapitated or disembowled while alive and then are taken to a non disclosed location where there bodies are gound up and sold to markets or grocery stores for a very high price. I have been to a few roastings in my neighbor hood as a young girl and have seen the pain and the pleasure taken from being spitted.

Every time I would see a young girl bound over a table and about to have a spit inserted into there pussy I would become so wet as to have to masterbate or be fucked by someone just to calm down. Most every girl from birth is fed a capsule once a week that doesnt send us through puberty early but has most of the effects. As early as age 5 most girls will be able to have sex and will crave it most of the time so incest is a very common thing it is not uncommon to see a girl walking to school with some cum dripping from there small pussy and down there leg or to go into a bathroom and catch a girl cleaning herself so as to not make a mess during class. All older women who are not married are required by law to keep them selfes clean shaven at all times getting caught with hair on there body either under the arms on the legs or covering the snatch will usually catch a very hefty fine or if caught to often can include jail time. Most women after marriage choose to keep them selves clean even though it is not a must. Any way when I was eight I had already had sex with my father, mother, older brother, and both my younger and older sister. My brother was captain of the junior high football team and very popular and very well hung for 15 he was already 6 inches when soft and very well chased after by the ladies.

My oldest sister is 17 she is always clean shaven and her pussy is always puffed out and ready to go at a moments notice. There have been many a night when she has come home early in the evening from a rather disappointing date and I have been sitting on the couch watching a show on TV just before bed time and she will come over and sit next to me and stroke my hair and tell me how cute I am for such a small girl. Then she will lean down and lift me up and put me on her lap so that we are facing one another. She will lean foward and press her soft lips to mine and snake her tounge foward into my mouth and kiss me so wonderfully that I will always be wet. She will pinch my small unformed nipples and I will massage her beautiful small 36 C tits. She will lean back and let me suck them as I play with her pussy with my hand. She will lay down on the couch and I will slide down her body to her wet pussy hole and gently push her lips open with one hand to expose her engorged clit. I will suck it into my mouth and start to push my small hand all the way into her pussy. For being so young her pussy is quite loose as where mine is still very tight. I have gotten my whole hand into her pussy all the way to my elbow before stopping at her cervix. On some nights I have been lucky enought to find the small opening to her womb and get a finger in there. I will hook my finger in and pull on her cervix as I fist her and she will wimper and moan and finally squirt high into the air as a strong orgasm shakes her body just before passing out.

My brother on the other hand loves to come into my room late in the evening when every one else is asleep and fuck my small hole. He always says that I am the best and the tightest pussy and the best tasting he has ever had. One evening he crept into my room and I woke up when the bed moved he told me it was him and that he was in need of some taking care of. He let me play with his penis if I wanted to but he would not let me give him a blow job since he said he never cared for them for some reason though he couldnt explain as to why. But he would come into my room and pull the sheet down my bed and would push my sweet lips open and would suck my clit and eat out my little pussy as I would moan in pleasure. He would always tell me that I tasted like grapes which were his favorite thing to eat besides me. When I had cum about 3 or 4 times he would move up and kiss me and I could taste my juices on his lips. I never tasted grapes but did enjoy the flavor I produced. Than he would take his already hard member and place it at the entrance of my pussy. He was always so big that I feel some pleasure from the pain of him streatching me so wide. Every time he entered me he would push up to my cervix and stop then he would pull out an push hard hitting my cervix and making it spread a little each time usually by the 12th time my cervix would open and his hard cock would push right into my young womb and I would see my stomach bulge. He would pump a few more times never leaving my womb and would cum and I could see my stomach get bigger and would only go down a little once he pulled out. I always loved the way it felt to have his cum in my baby womb and would always sleep best on those nights feeling so full.

My father and mother always provided for us and would take us camping on the weekends and we would have group sex in the woods. I figured that was always what turned my mom on the most as she would be the wildest with my dad in one hole my brother in another and eating out me or one of my sisters. Or one of us fisting her pussy or ass depending on which hole my dad and brother had taken at the time. I loved my family very much and at 10 got to see my last neighborhood spitting. One of the girls down the street whom I didnt know to well because she never talked to no one and was always in my sight not to pretty. She was 11 one year older than me and she had short cut blong hair. But she had a very plain face and she always looked like she hadnt slept enough or something and looked like she was sad, but not today. Spittings are controlled by the govenrnment a sort of lottery is held once a month. Everyone tunes into these things a man will come on TV and will announce a name, age, city and state, and a street address so as there is no confusion as to who is to be eaten. Only girls from age 11 to age 50 are able to be picked any woman over this age is to old and any child under 11 is to young.

Now the whole neighbor hood knew this girl was to be spitted and so a celebration ensued. That saturday a party could be heard several doors down as my family left the house quite quickly as they wanted to get there early so as to not miss anything. When we arrived everyone was danceing and laughing or talking with someone or telling the father or mother how happy that there daughter was so lucky to be choosen. The father and mother never stopped grinning for the whole party the were always so happy. But I couldnt see the girl who had been choosen I asked her father where she was and said that she was in the house. I asked if I could go see her and he said that was fine. As I went in I could hear crying from upstairs. I entered her room and she was curled up on her bed muttering to her self and crying. I went over and startled her though that was not my intention. She yelled at me to leave but since I dont like being yelled at I jumped on her and started to rub my leg right into her hairless cunt and to kiss her as I held down her struggling body.

She kept her eyes locked on mine and when she stopped struggling and I felt my leg get warmer I knew she was close to cumming. So I let go of her wrists and placed my hand down at her sopping cunt. I worked my way down her body and closed my mouth down around her sweet snatch. Now I see what my brother was saying when he would eat me out. Oh my god did this girl taste good she was as sweet as sugar and as wet as a fountain. But she was tight and a VIRGIN! Holy crap how had this sweet little thing not been fucked yet well that was gonna change right now. I placed two fingers into her tight hole and said she was gonna have her hymen taken right now. I pushed with all my might and felt it rip and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. She screamed and started to cry again. I was so getting off on this little cunts pain so I flipped her over and started to lick her small ass hole. She began to moan untill I pushed a finger into her anus and than another and another soon I had my whole hand deep into her ass. She was in pain since I could see blood dripping from her cunt and ripped ass hole. I came at that point and left a huge wet spot on the bed and the little girl.

I cleaned my self up and went out side and explained to her father what I had done expecting to be punished. He said that it was ok she had never been quite right and that he was happy to be rid of her today and if she got to have some one to show her what she was in for well he didnt care. I was a little unhappy to hear that this girls father had no care for his own daughter but it wasnt my place to say anything so I left it alone. About an hour later the girl was brought out with two spits being carried by her mother her father placed her on a table and began by stuffing her vagina with stove top stuffing. She cried all the while and everyone just sat there drinking and watching the show. Next her father took out a large knife used for gutting a fish and pushed it into his daughters small stomach just below the rib cage and made an cut almost down to her belly button than he made another cut from left to right so that he could take out her insides except for her womb which was swollen with all the stuffing that was in her he took out her intestines and her kidneys and most all of her insides but left her heart and lungs. He than took the long spit and gently shoved it up his daughters cunt she was still alive but she wasnt there anymore you could tell by the look in her eyes she had taken a leave of absence.

All the lights were on but no one was home. He pushed the pole into her small vaginal opening and her lips spread apart for me and the few who were standing over her you could see the spit traveling up her short vaginal tract as it entered her womb that was filled. The next moment it appeared from the top of her womb and her father pushed the spit up her well empty insides past her heart and lungs and into her throut so it could be seen as it comeing out of her mouth. Than her father took a hand full of fruits and veggies and placed them inside his daughter. With a surgins needle he closed up the cuts he had made in his daughter and rolled her over and attached another smaller spit onto the larger one and pushed it up into her ass hole spreading it wide and locked it into place. Her arms were pulled behind her body and bound with string and her legs were pulled around the spit and bound into place and her ankles were tied to keep them from dropping into the fire as two men picked her up and carried her over to the pit to be turned.

It was only about 2 in the afternoon and her sweet scent could be smelled around the neighborhood so by 8 everyone was drooling and ready to eat this sweet young cunt she was taken off the pit and place on the table the cord was cut from her hands and feet and the spits removed from her body her father opened her up agian and pulled all the veggies from her insides which were well coated with her juices and cut her womb out of her and placed it onto a large plate so that everyone could have some stuffing. He than got the joy of carving his daughter. Fathers always got the joy of eating there daughters sweet cunt before anyone else was allowed to even get a piece he made the cuts and pulled it away from her body setting it on his plate. He pushed his fork in and pulled her clit from her brown cooked cunt placed it in his mouth and just moaned. That was all that was needed for us all to dig into what was left of his daughter I spent my time eating her left hand and sucking the marrow from her fingers. All the while the party continued and I couldnt help but wonder if next year when I turned 11 would I be so lucky as to be roasted and eaten as my pussy started to get wet.

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You all are fucking bitches.... Who would read this crap. Mind you I just came to look at the comment not story. Rot in hell guys. Who reads this garbage. You all are sick in the head.

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Got me off! I thought the universe you created was great. There's something really hott about a world that's so fucked up and perverted, such horrible abuse is taken as a norm. Super wet right now ;)

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this is my first time so good

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