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A young girl finally gets to meet her idol after a gig
The Concert was easily the best I'd ever been to. I was so excited about coming to see you play live in my little town and you didn't disappoint me. I told my mom I was studying with a friend because she really didn't want me coming here knowing your reputation with girls my age, but I spent the whole night jumping and screaming your name and dancing wildly right at the front, hoping you would notice me in my skimpy little dress amongst the crowd of gorgeous young girls desperate to get your attention, so when you looked me straight in the eye and grinned toward the end of your encore I was the happiest girl alive.

All of the excitement and heat made me incredibly horny too, I am buzzing and ready to go right there and then, so when you finish the set and a group of girls flood backstage toward your dressing room I am right in amongst them, desperate to see you.
Three burly security men keep the screaming throng of girls at bay, but when you appear at the door of the dressing room and take a look there is a wild cheer. I see you talk to another security guy and point your hand toward us, then the guy comes forward and points to me.
'Your through' he says and I can't believe it. Overjoyed, I run forward to the dressing room door, so pleased that you'd picked me out all of the lovely young willing girls on offer.

I enter the doorway and see you sat there. 'Oh my god, oh my god... oh my god' is all I can say as I stare at you wide eyed. 'Most people just say hi' you say joking a little to relax me.
'What's your name?'
'Becky' I say timidly, walking toward you.
I see your eyes shamelessly running over my body from my big brown eyes over my perky tits which strain against the soft tight fabric of the little black figure hugging dress I'm wearing, nipples jutting through proudly telling you that I'm not wearing a bra, down past my slender waist and over my legs clad in dark silk stockings. I wore them especially for you, I had read in a magazine that they really turn you on, and I can tell by the way that you now gaze lustfully at my thighs that you want the soft wet pussy between them. We both know their is only one reason I'm here, and I want it so badly.

I grin at you and my smile says it all, I want to take your big cock between my lips, I want to be your little groupie slut and let you do anything you like to me, anything at all.
'Come here Becky' you say, and I walk forward toward you, my heart thumping in my chest.
'Mmmmm... you're a hot little piece of ass aren't you? You know why I let you in here don't you?' you ask.
I nod my head, smiling at you.
As I get close you take me roughly in your arms, running your hands firmly over my soft ass and dragging me to you. I gasp as your mouth suddenly closes over the covered nipple of my left breast, sucking, lapping and nibbling. Your hands begin to roam, enjoying my soft body and I squirm in your grasp as I feel my body heat up to your touch. You kiss me on my full soft lips and our tongues meet, stroking and caressing. You break it off and push me downward. Before you say a word I know what you want.

'Suck my cock' you say, more a command than a request but I'm happy to obey. I sink to my knees before you, eyes locked to yours. I pull out your cock and gasp in delight, running my hand over its wonderful thick length. I've dreamed of this moment and can't believe I'm actually going to do it. I had to lie to my mom and dad to come here and they would have a fit if they could see what there 'sweet and innocent' little daughter was doing.

I stroke your manhood gently, feeling it twitch and throb in my grasp, then pouting my lips I bring my mouth over the fat tip, sliding it slowly in. You let out a long satisfied moan as I take you into me, my lipstick smudging your shaft as I run my soft lips up and down. God, they'd ground me for a year.
'Yeah...suck it bitch' you moan and I no longer care as I work your cock slowly, one hand lightly stroking your heavy ball-sac and the other under your shirt stroking your chest. I look up into your eyes and seeing the pleasure my hot mouth is giving you makes me want to suck you harder and faster. My soft tongue skilfully laps at your meat as it slides into my mouth and I can taste your pre-cum mixed with my saliva.
'Yeah....' you gasp loving every second of it as I pull out your now slippery cock and sensuously stoke my loving tongue over the swollen tip lapping at the underside where it's most sensitive of all. I might only be….. well I probably shouldn’t say…. but I’ve sucked enough cock to know what a man likes from a girl. You shudder as if you’re about to cum and my mouth is ready to take your hot sticky load.

But instead you pull away; eager to save yourself for the real reason I'm here. You stand up, hard cock bouncing as you take my hand and drag me stumbling in my high heels to the corner of the room and push me down like a rag doll onto the squeaky single bed there. You’re on me instantly horny beyond control, hands running up my silky legs, dragging my dress up around my waist. I pull the straps down over my shoulder and bare my tits for you, expecting you to pull off my panties, but you’re too filled with animal lust to care. You forcefully pull my legs apart and push my soaked red panties to one side.

With a firm grip on your massive cock you push it toward my aching wet hole and with a loud grunt of pleasure thrust in hard. I yell out as it fills me completely, forcing my soft tight cunt to stretch to take you fully. I feel every inch of your ramming tool grind into me and wrap my legs around your back to take you deeper still. Your hands grasp my soft fleshy thighs and your mouth closes over my breasts licking and sucking and lapping at both in turn as you begin to fuck my cunt hard, drilling me into the bed, the mattress squeaking wildly with each thrust. I know I'm just another easy lay to you but it means the world to me to be your slutty little sex-toy and I want you to use me anyway you like just so I know I've satisfied you, honey.
'Take that fucking cock...Slut' you grunt out.
'Fuck me.... oh god FUCK me' is all I can gasp out in reply as you fiercely pound into me now, pinning my slender young body to the bed.
Your balls slap against me hard as you cock repeatedly pumps in and out of my tight young hole, using it for your pleasure, fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. Orgasm after orgasm tears through me, making me writhe and squirm and scream out.

Suddenly you pull out and forcefully pull me over onto my front, dragging my ass up and again I feel you penetrate me deep and hard, this time sliding easily into my soaked tunnel.
'Yeah,' you gasp 'right up your fucking tight cunt' Your rough hands grasp at my ass cheeks as your wonderful thick cock again rams into me, forcing my face into the pillow with each hard manly thrust. I squeal and gasp and pant as you penetrate me even deeper than before, fucking me from behind like an animal, slapping against me as the bed squeaks frantically in time.
I hear you between grunts and gasps telling me what a nasty little slut and a whore I am, and it only makes me hornier.

I urge you on with gasps of 'fuck me', 'harder', and telling you how much I love your cock in me, how much I need your cum. I push myself back hard against you, driving your engorged meat to the depths of my slippery hole.
I've never been fucked so good and hard in my life. You drill me relentlessly and I'm in heaven baby. Your cock is so good, so thick and hard my oh so tight young pussy can barely take it, but I love it baby, I love every inch of you stretching me wide, hammering me like the dirty cum-slut I am. My friend Jessica was so jealous jealous of me getting to come here, she'd be even more jealous if she could see me now and I can't wait to tell her.

I wonder how much more your thick meaty prick can take of me, and how much more of it I can take, but I don't have to wait long, feeling you tense up and thrust deep and hard a final time, holding it, forcing it as deep into me as you can go, and making me squeal in the process, you raise your head and grunt out and I feel a blast of hot cum wash into me.

'Oh god yeah....' I moan out filled with the heat of your glorious thick jizz. You pull out, dragging me onto my back again and grasping your tool in time to guide a second powerful spurt over my little tits. It feels so wonderful seeing you filled with orgasmic pleasure coating my soft young breasts. 'Cum all over me' I gasp out wanting more, and you pull yourself up my body and empty your final forceful blasts of spunk over my face and mouth and hair. I taste it and feel it slide over me, loving its taste and texture. I squirm as you push your now dark and used tip to my mouth and like an eager little slut I lick and suck on it wantonly, desperate to take every last drop into me and onto me.
'Oh Hell yeah' you gasp out panting and regaining your breath as I lovingly lick your cock clean. I'm one satisfied girl with one satisfied hot dripping pussy.
I lay back, legs still wide apart. Only this morning I was gazing at your poster on my wall, fantasising about what might be, and now here I am, my pussy used and sore coated in your lovely thick cum. It’s a dream come true.
You slump down next to me looking me in the eyes.

'Well, nice to meet you Becky, you are one hell of a good fuck. Come and see me again' you say grinning broadly.
'Anytime' I gasp out eagerly, glowing in your approval of me.

After a short rest we both get up and I straighten my dress up preparing to leave but wishing I could stay and let you take me again and again. I scrunch up my soaked panties and put them in my bag, unable to wear them but wanting to treasure them. 'Here's a little something for you' you say, not that you haven't given me plenty already. I look at the envelope and pull out tickets to your next three gigs. 'Oh Wow' I say excitedly.
'Backstage passes!' you add smiling wickedly.
'Oh, and bring a girlfriend.'

I leave and smile at the envious girls still screaming your name. I call Jessica immediately.
'Jess, you're never going to guess what I have...'

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