Meet Strawberry and her adventures.

Strawberry (Chap 1) Meeting Strawberry

The cool air hits my face as I walk out of my apartment this morning. It’s a bit of a surprise. The cold front which swept into our southern state has dropped the temperature from near 80 degrees down to 60 this beautiful Sunday morning. We are still one week before the official start of fall.

Driving to the nearby coffee shop in our suburban neighborhood, I’m on the lookout for the usual groups of female joggers. Sometimes there are some hard bodies jogging whose extra tight running shorts and barely there sports bras display enough flesh to cause multiple wrecks. Bummer; no tits and ass at 7:30 on a cool morning.

So, I’m on the way to work early on a Sunday morning to finish a project which I need on Monday. When I pull into the coffee shop there is a long line at the drive-through window and I decide to go inside. It changes my life.

For some reason, the lighting in the coffee shop is not real bright. Baby spot lights illuminate the walls and some of the tables. It may be because customers have their laptops on and the lower light lets them see the screens better. When I walk through the door, I notice two guys near the windows with their faces in their laptops. It makes me think I’m the only other customer inside. The three female employees are working on orders going out the drive-through window.

When I walk around the corner to order, I see her. She sits in one of the low overstuffed chairs toward the rear of the shop with her long legs stretched out onto another chair. She is wearing very short tan shorts and she holds a big Sunday edition newspaper in front of her. As I pass near her she looks up and I greet her, “Good Morning.” She gives me a nod but does not answer. The baby spot light illuminates her paper and some of the light shines right on her shorts. “Spotlight on the crotch”, I grin to myself.

When I place my order, the girl taking it distracts me from the customer by bending over and showing me a ton of cleavage. She looks to be about sixteen and I can see the thin strap running between her pink bra cups and lots of young tits. “Well baby, I know that you know what you’re doing because your three buttons are unbuttoned”, I think. But it does earn her an extra dollar as a tip. She gives me a big smile when she sees me putting several dollars into her tip jar. Too bad she has to go fix my coffee.

While I wait for the coffee I turn around and take a look at the lone female. She is about thirty years old; but who knows today with plastic surgery. Her dirty blond hair is about shoulder length, eyes seem to be greenish hazel. Makes me think she is your normal suburban mom out for a morning jog. Her tits are hidden under a light jacket and behind the Sunday paper. When she turns a page she pulls one of her legs back and puts her white running shoe on the edge of her chair. It opens her legs and I can see her crotch better under the strong light.

Usually running shorts are tight; but hers are lose and my eye travels up her long legs right into the center of her crotch. I see very white flesh which is obviously beyond her tan line by her pussy. Good gosh, I don’t think she is wearing undies and may show me her snatch by not paying attention what she is doing.

When my coffee is ready, I sit across from her and take advantage of the lower seat to view her pussy. Her face is hidden behind the paper. If someone sees me looking it looks like I’m looking at the headlines on my side of the page; or so I hope. A minute later she turns to the next page and pulls her other leg up and places the second foot on the chair. Now her knees fall wide apart and the little bit of material on her shorts barely covers her pussy. I still don’t see any panties; but I see more snow white flesh just barely covered. If she moves a bit I should be able to see her pussy lips.

Good grief, I feel like a junior high school boy trying to look down some girls blouse to see his first live tits instead of the forty something guy I am. Here I am looking at MILF pussy in the coffee shop instead of on the internet. However, there is something fascinating about watching girls who seem to be unaware they are showing their goodies.

When she turns the page the next time she wiggles her butt and my eyes are glued to her crotch. When the paper lowers down I move my eyes up real quick; but she may have caught me. Shit. She looks at me a bit unsure and I try to cover it up by asking, “Anything interesting in the paper today?” She waits a beat before answering, “I’m reading about the airplane crash.” As I answer, “Oh yea, it was a shame” she moves her knees together and then back apart. I can’t help it, my eyes go to her crotch and I swear I see her pussy lips for just a second.

A little smile plays around her lips and I wonder if she will play a bit more or close her legs and tell me to fuck off. To keep the conversation going I ask her, “Did the cool weather surprise you when you were jogging?” She nods her head and pulls the paper down some more and it covers her crotch. She says, “Yes, it was cooler than I thought the forecast told me.” I nod and hold up my coffee and say, “This probably helped warm you up.” She grins, lifts her coffee cup and sips. The paper slips to the side and her crotch is back in full view. I’m happy again. But, now what do I do? I can’t just ask her to reach down and pull her shorts to the side and let me see her pussy.

So I ask a lame, “Would you like another cup?” She looks at her watch and tells me, “No thanks, I’m waiting on my daughter.” She tells me her daughter has spent her mandatory Saturday with her ex-husband and he was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago. I’m trying to look at her eyes but my eyes travel down to her crotch every few minutes and she leaves her knees wide apart. The few millimeters of cloth hiding her pussy are so very interesting. I know she must know I’m looking. If she is divorced it may be I’m the first guy who has had a chance to pay her any attention.

She has the little grin on her face again, sort of an ‘Enjoy it while you can’ look when her head swivels to the door. A little girl and a middle aged guy come through and when the girl sees her mom she runs at full blast and jumps into her lap. The guy comes over and says to the mom, “You made her get up early so she hasn’t had breakfast.” He drops the girl’s bag on the floor, turns around and is out the door.

The MILF hugs her daughter and looks at me over the kid’s shoulder and shrugs. I say quietly, “No wonder you made him an ex.” She laughs and shakes her head ‘Yes’. What the hell, I may it least give it the old try. I ask her if she and her daughter would like to join me for breakfast at a nearby restaurant. She is a bit hesitant and asks me where I live. I tell her about the apartment complex down the street and where I work. She tells me she is familiar with the apartment complex because she lives at a nearby subdivision. When she mentions the name I am impressed because they are all expensive homes.

I tell her I’m Tom and she says she is Janet and her daughter is Janice; but she calls her Strawberry. Well I can see why. Strawberry looks to be about ten or eleven years old and has strawberry blond hair hanging down to the middle of her shoulders. Like most little kids the ponytail sticks out of her strawberry colored hat. The most striking part about her, however, is the freckles. Red freckles, which I guess could be considered strawberry colored, are scattered across her cheeks and nose. My first reaction is to pull out a marker and play ‘Connect the dots’. Strawberry looks at me with greenish eyes and smiles shyly.

Janet tells me she is willing to go to breakfast if I’m willing to show her my ID. Well that’s interesting; have never been asked to do it before. So I pull out my work ID and driver’s license and she studies them closely. Finally she smiles and says, “OK, will meet you there.” All right, score one for Tom for telling her my real name.

At the restaurant, once we have ordered, we are sipping ice tea and making small talk conversation. Janice-Strawberry sits across from me and I study her a little bit more. Strawberry blond hair, green eyes and lots of freckles make me grin when I look at her. A nice set of A-cup size boobies is hidden under her shirt. She looks a bit sleepy as she plays games on her i-phone. I’m thinking, “Does every kid over the age of six have an i-phone? “ That’s all you see in the malls.

Mom Janet tells me that I was right; her divorce was not a happy affair. Her husband owned a construction company and when the housing market died, so did his business. Then she found out he got the secretary pregnant and the rest was history. Now she has a big house which will not sell; and the ex does not pay child support. She has a good job but it is not enough income.

“By the way, Tom”, she asks, “Do you know anyone who wants to rent a basement apartment?” I tell her I have no clue; but would like to see it and maybe I can find someone. Actually, I am trying to spend time with Janet and not have her go home alone. So after we finish eating, Janet invites me to take a look at her house. This time I say, “I’ll follow you.”

The house is a two story affair with a full basement. Janet shows me the basement which has two large rooms and a bathroom but no shower. There is a TV and bed in one room and it looks like Strawberry uses it as a play room. The first floor has the kitchen, living room and the master bedroom. The top floor has Strawberry’s bedroom and an extra room which looks to be Janet’s office. Strawberry’s bedroom has a huge bathroom attached. She says, “If you rent my room you’ll get the big bathroom.” Now where did that come from? Her mom looks at me and her daughter and says, “Don’t be pushy, baby.” Then mom tells her to take a nap while the adults talk in the living room.

Janet shows me her master bedroom and it also has a huge bathroom. So I ask, “This house seems to have really large bathrooms. Did your husband build it especially for you?” She tells me it is the only thing he did right, beside her daughter. I laugh and Janet takes me back to the living room. “Want a drink, Tom?” she asks and I tell her only if she joins me. She grins and nods, “Well it’s way too early; but who cares.” When she bends over to take ice out of the little fridge behind the bar her little shorts ride up into her ass and I stare like crazy.

I notice Janet seems to wiggle her ass a bit as she is still bent over and when she stands up she has the same little smile on her face. “I can’t decide if I want to rent the basement or the two top rooms”, she asks, “What would you do?” I think about it a moment and my brains says, “I would move into the master bedroom with you, Janet.” My mouth answers, “The basement would keep your tenant from running all over the house; but if you rent to a girl you could give her the top floor and let Strawberry live in the basement.” Janet comes over to the couch and sits next to me; very close next to me. She hands me a drink and we clink and sip. I almost cough; it’s really good, strong bourbon. Janet smiles, “Hubby’s favorite bottle. When I kicked him out I changed the locks and his lawyer only got him his clothes.” She laughs about it and tells me it’s her favorite joke about the divorce.

Putting my glass down I lean forward and tell her, “No, the best part he left behind is you.” Janet lights up with a big smile and she sees my lips moving in and she goes for it. Oh, I love it. We kiss gently for the first one; but the second one has lots more urgency. Janet’s tongue slips between mine and I pull her head to me and run my fingers through her blond hair. When we break, I stand up and hand her the drink and grab her hand. “Come on, baby”, I tell her as we head for her master bedroom.

Janet had taken her light jacket off when we got here and she is wearing a white blouse. Her breasts seem to be about a 36C and stand up nicely under a white sports bra. When I reach forward to unbutton her blouse she leans into me and kisses me again. My fingers are working on the button and stray across her nipples a few times. When I do it, she gives me a little moan. Oh yes, Janet is horny and obviously has not been fucked since her divorce. I hope it will be a very long Sunday in Janet’s bed.

“Help me here, baby”, I whisper to her and she pulls the blouse off quickly. She crosses her arms and pulls the sports bra off also. Her magnificent boobs are topped with dark areolas and almost flat nipples. “Mmm, I have to make them stand up”, I think. Standing next to Janet I guess she is about five feet eight inches tall. A very nice size to my five-eleven. I look down and see the tan short. “Let’s see if I was right”, I wonder.

Kneeling down in front of Janet, I unbutton her shorts and pull the zipper and strip them down over her hips. Naked pussy appears in front of me as I pull them to the floor. I look up at Janet and grin. “I know you caught me looking”, I say. She grins and puts her hands on the back of my head as I lean toward her and kiss her mons and pussy lips. “OMG Tom, come on”, she whines and pulls on my hair for me to get up. She starts to unbutton my shirt; but I step back and get out of my clothes in two seconds flat.

Janet is getting worked up and needs a quick fuck to calm her down. I lay her on her bed and pull her to the edge. I cock her legs apart and kneel between them to eat her pussy. “Do you like this?” I ask her as my tongue touches her pussy lips. “God yes, do me Tom”, she answers with a horse whisper. I use my fingers to spread her pussy lips and run my tongue up and down her slit. She whimpers like a little girl and pushes her cunt against my face. I’m not gentle when I do it and she pushes even harder.

Janet’s pussy looks nice and normal. Her outer lips are flat and hide her inner lips. When I pull them apart with my fingers, I see her dark tunnel into her body. Her pussy is pink and she has a very light womanly scent. Very inviting for me to bury my face into. After about five minutes of tonguing her slit without even trying to find her clit she is rocking her hips hard. I may as well put her out of her sexual misery and fuck her hard. My semi-hard cock lines up with her slit and when I push into her she sighs, “Oh God yes, fuck me Tom.” Yes babe, I will. I push into her harder and Janet puts her legs around me and helps me stroke her by kicking my ass.

I’m breathing hard; but her heels kicking me makes me laugh. “Janet, you’re kicking my ass already and we just met”, I joke. She giggles and it relieves her tension a bit. She slows down her frantic rocking and lets me fuck her with a steady rhythm for about ten minutes. Her pussy is tight and feels great. In this more relaxed mode, Janet smiles and I ask her, “Are you having fun?” She shakes her head ‘Yes” and gives me an extra kick.

By this time I’m pretty well rock hard and I guess I have to cum soon. Janet surprises me when she climaxes first. She pulls her pillow over her head and I can hear her groaning hard and I see the climax ripple over her body. Her boobs shake hard and her pussy grabs my cock. I have a dilemma; where to cum? I can shoot into her pussy; but if she is not on the pill I don’t want to get her pregnant. “Baby, I’m getting close”, I tell her and she gives me a man’s favorite answer. “Come up here” she says with a smile. When I pull out of her and move up to her head, she grabs my cock and strokes me.

I think she wants me to lube her boobs; but in the last second she pulls me between her lips and I fill her mouth with hot Jizz. Janet knows what she is doing. She keeps her eyes open and focused on me while she sucks me hard and swallows my Jizz. Before she swallows the last load she pulls my cock out of her mouth and sticks her cum covered tongue out for me to see. Then she smiles and swallows. I fall down on the bed next to her exhausted. OMG, it was a short but fantastic fuck.

“Baby, that was fast and furious. Next time will be slow and loving”, I promise her. Janet curls into me and pulls the sheet over us and says, “Let’s rest and then do it a couple of more times.” Oh God, I love the sound of “a couple more times.” She pulls one of my hands to her tit and rubs it with my fingers. As she rubs my fingers over her nipple, which is now hard as a rock, she says “Think about who may want to rent my rooms.” My cock twitches hard because I think the little head has got the message a whole lot quicker than the big head.

I’m not sure how long we slept but I wake up to whispering. As I crack an eye open I get an eyeful. Little Janice-Strawberry is sitting on the bed next to her mom and she is totally naked. Her hair is mussed from sleep. Keeping quiet I let my eyes roam over her body. She is about five feet four inches tall is my best guess. Her A-cup tits stand up perky and she has pink nipples. From what I can see of her slit it is still hairless below a very flat belly. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since I saw a young virgin naked. I wonder what mom is going to do when she figures out I’m awake.

Strawberry waves her i-phone in front of her mom and says, “Her mom is on the phone and wants to talk to you about baby-sitting.” Janet takes the phone and talks to Miss Middleton and tells her it’s OK for Linda to come over and spend the evening with Strawberry. After she hangs up there is more whispering and I can only make out the word ‘penis’. Well, I know who has one of those.

A half a minute later, I feel the sheet moving down and my middle including my limp cock are exposed to all eyes. Strawberry’s go wide and I feel her moving around on the bed to get a closer look. As she leans over I watch her through slitted eyes and I notice her boobs swinging a bit as she moves around. Interesting. No wonder older guys love this age group. She seems so very innocent as she looks at my cock with mom watching. Janet whispers more to Strawberry and I hear the work ‘has to be hard’. Did mom just talk to Strawberry about fucking? Are they having an advanced education class?

It’s when Strawberry picks up my cock with her hands I almost groan. Janet hisses ‘No, stop it, Strawberry.” I watch her look at my cock and then she slowly pulls my skin back and strokes me down and back up. Strawberry grins and whispers to her mom, “Just like on the internet.” I love it and my cock twitches in her hands and lets her know she is doing a good job. My brain is in overdrive as the little eleven year old virgin is giving me a mini hand job in the same bed with her naked mom.

Strawberry can’t contain herself and she tries to whisper; but it’s a whole lot louder, “Mommy, he’s getting hard.” Janet looks at me and I open my eyes and whisper, “Strawberry baby, you’re doing a good job. Don’t stop.” Janet pokes me in the ribs, “You faker, you’ve been awake.” I answer, “Janet, I’d have to be dead not to react to her sweet hands. Just don’t you over react.”

Strawberry is stroking me hard and I really want to tell her to suck me off; but one lesson at a time. “Strawberry get ready for a gusher”, I tell her and she looks at me and then back at my cock. Several streams of Jizz shoot out of my cock and hit her chest and hands. She has a normal pre-teen reaction, “Uuh, jucky. Mommy, he squirted all over me.” Janet is concerned but can’t help it. She giggles like crazy and I take a chance. “Strawberry, it’s not jucky. Women love it. Lick some off your hands.” She looks at me like I’m crazy but then sticks her tongue out and licks a big gob of white Jizz off her hand. Her eyes pop open wide and she says, “Mommy, now I know why you like it.” Then she runs her finger through the cum on her chest and licks it into her mouth. I’m about to cum a second time.

“Strawberry, come here”, I tell her and pull her naked body to my chest. When her head is next to my mouth I whisper into her ear, “Baby thank you. That’s the best present you can give a man.” She thinks about it a second and leans over and gives me a hard hug and a kiss. She puts her mouth to my ear and asks me, “Do you want me to suck it, too?” Before I can tell her absolutely ‘Yes’. Janet sees my cock twitching and says, “No, whatever you’re whispering about its ‘No’. I grin at Strawberry and tell her, “Yes, but later.”

I have never thought I would turn into a pervert; but it took her all of ten minutes to make me one. I can’t believe it; with mother watching, no less, the little vixen has promised me a lot more. I may have just been convinced who would make a good renter for both the top floor and the master bedroom.

Janet tells Strawberry to go back to her room and get cleaned up. I watch as she gives me a quick peck on the cheek, gives my cock a little squeeze and walks out of the room chuckling. Her little ass has the white triangle suntan outline from her bikini bottom. She wiggles it as she goes.

Janet looks at me sheepishly and says, “I just wanted to let her look, not play with your cock. What was all the whispering about?” I say, “Don’t get pissed when I tell you. I think she and her little friends have been watching blow jobs on the internet.” Janet looks shocked for a second and then says, “Well the PTA warned us; but of course it’s always ‘other kids’ who do it.” I open my arms and Janet cuddles into me and I tell her, “Welcome to the world of horny little vixens. Are you Ok?”

What Janet doesn’t know is I’m really thinking hard about the promised blow job. It makes my cock twitch again and Janet grins and forgets Strawberry. This time I go slow and play with Janet’s boobs and kiss her all over. By the time I’m ready to put my cock into her, she is whimpering even harder. Somewhere along she muttered, “Tom, I’m going to start back on the pill tomorrow.” I fuck her slowly and with deep strokes. When she has her second orgasm she pulls the pillow back over her face and moans into it. I last another five minutes before pulling out.

I straddle Janet’s mouth and she sucks my sensitive cock into her. Her eyes are closed and I give it a bit of a push to get her to take about half of my hard cock. She moans and I’m with her moaning also. I watch her face as I’m about to fill her mouth the second time. It’s the unexpected hand on my ass which about scares the daylights out of me. My head whips around and there stands Strawberry, still totally naked, with her finger on her lips signaling me to be quiet. She moves her face close to her mom and gets the education of a life time. Ropes of Jizz go into Janet’s mouth and Strawberry watches her cheeks sucking on my cock and swallowing.

Instantly, my bad devil tells me to share with the little girl. I pull my cock out of Janet’s mouth, which makes her eyes pop open. Because I’m sitting on her chest she can’t move but watch as I point my cock at Strawberry and shoot the last load onto her freckled face. Strawberry is surprised but grins and uses her finger to slide the several drops into her mouth.

Her green eyes shine brightly and she grins wide as she sucks on her finger. I watch in amazement and look at her boobies and clean pussy. It looks more and more inviting and I wonder if I can just eat her pussy right now. Janet looks like she is about to yell and I say quietly, “Don’t over react.” She pushes at me to get off her and I lie down beside her. “Baby, you shouldn’t do this”, Janet tells her daughter, “You are way over the ‘talking about sex’ limit.”

Strawberry grins at us and she know she has won the argument. I motion for her to climb on the bed and she crawls in between Janet and me. Before the internet, little boys always wanted to see their moms naked. Why not little girls? A naked guy in your mom’s bed is the perfect opportunity. Her shapely ass is right by my cock and Strawberry rocks against me very lightly. Janet does not see it but Strawberry knows how to tease. I hug her to me and let my fingers wander over her little boobies ‘accidentally’. It earns me a harder push from Strawberry’s ass. Now I’m not just thinking about a future blow job; but of ramming my cock up her pretty little ass.

Janet gets out of bed and goes into the big bathroom. As she closes the door she says, “I’ll be right back.” OMG, she leaves naked Strawberry in the bed with me and what does she expect? My hand is still over one of her breast and I use my fingers to run circles around her nipple and then tweak it. My cock is twitching and she pushes against me harder and gives a little moan. My face is in Strawberry’s hair and I whisper into her ear, “Do you want to get fucked also?” She nods her head and I tell her, “I don’t think your mom will let me do it right now; maybe later.”

Strawberry shakes her head ‘No’ and whispers, “Now, Tom”. My cock seems to be coming alive and I lift her leg up and let my semi-hard cock slide between them and touch her pussy. She jerks when she feels my meat against her and then locks her legs down tight and rocks against me some more. I hold her to me and let my hand move from her breast down to her pussy. Dipping one finger into her, I feel wetness. Maybe I can get her off before Janet comes out of the bath.

I massage Strawberry’s pussy gently and try to get one finger between her pussy lips. She moans as I do it and in a few minutes I feel wetness and a bit of an opening. My middle finger explores into her and she rocks gently against it as it intrudes her virgin slit. Moving upward, I can feel her little bulge and when I touch it Strawberry rocks against me hard with a little yelp. So I tease her back, “I’m going to suck your clit and then fuck you, baby.” She moans like crazy.

Her hand covers mine and she pushes my fingers into her pussy hard. I rub her clit and my finger seems to uncover it as it grows under us. Strawberry lasts a few more minutes and I can tell her climax is about to hit. I pull Janet’s pillow in front of her face and work her pussy hard. The tip of my cock is at her entrance and I push my cock head between her pussy lips. It’s the final straw and Strawberry’s climax ripples over her hard. She squeezes her legs together and I can feel her wet pussy on my cock as I’m about one inch inside her. When my fingers touch her clit she shakes and jerks and jumps. She finally grabs my hand and pulls it away. I whisper into her hair, “Thank you baby, that was even better.”

As Strawberry rolls around and faces me, I cover us with the sheet to hide the evidence from her mom. The smell of fresh pussy is in the air and will give us away, I’m sure. Strawberry locks her lips against mine and this time we kiss like serious lovers. I let her explore my mouth and I kiss her face and ears. Before I slide down to her boobs, I whisper to her, “I’m still going to lick your pussy and fuck you.” She moans and giggles quietly and answers, “I’m going to swallow all your cum.”

Good grief, where were these girls when I was young? When I slide down toward her boobs she inhales and says, “Yes, suck my nipples.” My lips have just locked to one nipple when I hear the bathroom door open. I look up and Janet watches from the door. It’s obvious she has fixed her hair and now has some makeup on. It doesn’t go well with the astonished look of seeing her daughter getting her titties sucked. She inhales hard and probably counts to ten before saying, “Tom?”

My mouth is full and I don’t stop. Strawberry says, “Mommy, it’s so nice. Come here please.” Janet stands beside the bed and I notice her breathing a bit harder. Strawberry grabs her mom’s hand and says, “Don’t be mad. I wanted him to do it. This too!” As she says it she pushes my head down to her belly and I kiss her belly button. The sheet has slid off us and her pussy is wide open and wet. Janet looks down and gasps.

“Oh baby, you can’t do it; you’re too young”, Janet says and slides up next to us on the bed. She holds Strawberry’s hand as my face moves further down. I’m a few inches away from eating her baby’s pussy; but she doesn’t stop me. I look up and say, “Get us fresh drinks, please, from his favorite bottle. Make three of them.” Janet looks at me like I’m crazy but gets up with a daze on her face.

When she is out of the room, I ask, “Strawberry baby, are you sure about this?” She nods her head and says, “Please Tom, yes. I thought my dad would do it; but he is such an asshole.” Good grief, what a message. I’m fucking her mother and she wants me to stand in for her asshole dad. I guess its incest and child molestation all wrapped up. I’m confused but the little head says, “You’re just doing what they both want.”

Janet brings the drinks back and I tell Strawberry to sip very slowly. Janet jugs hers down quickly and climbs on the bed and leans against the headboard. I notice her knees are up and again they fall apart naturally and show me her pussy. She can’t help it. Strawberry has downed her drink and says, “Wow Mommy, you made it strong.” Janet just nods her head and watches me pull Strawberry’s legs apart. My face goes down into her wet pussy and I lick her gently.

Her virgin odor is in my nose as I tongue her and I inhale it. I lean back a minute and look at her pussy. Her outer lips are a bit of an “outie” and they stand up puffy. When I pull them apart her inner lips are wet and pink. I can see her small black hole leading into her and I wonder if my cockhead will fit into her. I run my fingers along the edges and find her clit. It’s pencil tip size is bright red and hot. Just looking at her makes me hot and ready to surely fuck her.

I put two fingers into her opening and gently rub her and work on stretching her. My tongue is back on her pussy and I roam around from top to bottom. When I pull my fingers out I move my tongue down and lick her tiny puckered ass. That gets a reaction and she jerks hard and moans, “Oohh”. I like it.

With my face in her pussy I wrap one hand around her body to hold her against me and I use my pinky finger to push into her ass. She “Oohs” even harder and pushes herself against my face. I like this even better and finger fuck her ass for a few minutes. I’m sure Strawberry now knows where all this will end up. She will get her ass fucked sooner or later.

It’s time to step it up a bit and I use my fingers to un-sheath her clit, when I tongue it, Strawberry gives another little yelp and clasps her mom’s hand hard. Janet asks quietly, “Are you Ok, baby?” Strawberry groans and grins, “Mommy, I want to do this all day.” I laugh into her pussy because I agree. When I stand up and pull her to me, Janet gets a worried look on her face, “Don’t hurt her, Tom.” I pull on Janet’s hand and pull her to me. She gets a kiss from my pussy juice covered face. Janet smells the pussy odor on me and tastes her daughter’s pussy on my lips and tongue. I like her reaction when she groans hard like a climax just hit her. When we break apart, I say, “I’ll be gentle with your baby.”

I tell Strawberry to hold her knees as I push my cock head into her pussy and stop. She grimaces as I see her pussy lips stretch tight around my cock. Her green eyes look at me expectantly and she gives a little nod. I push a bit harder and then rock back to let her relax. She exhales as I back up and then she inhales hard as I push back into her. Her boobs move up and down as she breathes hard.

She nods again and I push into her a second time; this time the smile stays on her face and I pull back again. With the third time I set up a slow rhythm and fuck her gently. When I push a little bit deeper I hit her obstruction and we both look at each other in surprise. I grin and tell her “In a minute, baby.” Our rhythm feels so good.

I look up at Janet and she also has a smile on her face. I can’t believe I’m fucking a virgin and her mom is beside me naked. Janet’s 36C boobs are heaving and she is apparently affected by watching her baby about to become a woman.

“Strawberry baby, let’s do this”, I tell her and push into her and pop her cherry. She gives a little yelp and I think we are both surprised there was no shriek. A bit of good bourbon has surely helped. My cock is deep inside her and I hold still. Strawberry looks at her mom and they grin at each other. Janet goes into mother mode and a tear runs down her cheek. “Baby you’re all grown up now”, she sniffles and hugs her daughter. Then she gets off the bed and walks back into the bathroom.

Did I tell you walking into the coffee shop changed my life? I surely did not expect my cock to be deep in a tween’s pussy before lunch time.

Strawberry grins at me and rocks her hips, “OMG Tom, I can’t believe it. My friend Linda is going to stroke.” My eyes nearly pop out of my head and I say strongly, “You can’t tell anyone about it. Your mom will get in big trouble.” Strawberry rocks her hips encouraging me to start fucking her and I move into her harder. She moans and says, “Who do you think has been teaching me about sex? Wait till you see her, she has huge tits and she will fuck you for sure.”

I’m too stunned by what she says so I just fuck her hard. Strawberry giggles and groans a bit when I bottom into her. She repeats, “She is eleven and has really big tits. She is still a virgin and you can pop her cherry when she comes over.” I groan and say, “Ok you little cock tease, do you want to swallow my cum or should I just shoot into your pussy and get you pregnant.” The word pregnant gets me a good reaction. Strawberry tries to scramble away from me and yelps, “Shit, I can’t get pregnant.” I’m glad there is something she is afraid off and I pull out of her and roll her on her back.

She is unsure of what’s going on until I pull her head over the edge of the bed and tell her, “Open your mouth and swallow my cum.” Her green eyes are wide as I push my cock deep into her mouth and fuck her hard. I only last a minute; but it’s a long minute for Strawberry. Her hands come around my ass and she sinks her fingernails into my buns hard. I shoot ropes of Jizz into her mouth and throat and watch as she swallows it all. She chokes a bit and coughs; but I keep my hard cock in her mouth without mercy. I’m surprised she does not move away and then she sucks my cock hard and gets the last bit of Jizz out of me. So I do what comes natural, I fuck her mouth some more.

I hear the bathroom door open and Janet walks up behind me. “What else are you two going to do to give me a heart attack?” she says. I keep fucking her daughter’s mouth since I have decided that Janet can handle it. I put an arm around Janet’s waist and pull her into me, “Baby, you’ll never guess.” As I keep rocking my cock into Strawberry’s mouth, Janet looks down and watches it move in and out. Her tits are rubbing against me urgently and I think she may be surprised that watching her daughter get fucked is turning her on. I shoot my last rope of Jizz into Strawberry’s mouth and pull out. Strawberry takes a deep breath and looks up at her mom for a reaction. Mom just smiles as she realizes her daughter may just be a huge cum sucking slut.

As I head for the bathroom, I say, “Ask her what she has planned for little Linda. Confession is good for the soul. Another drink may loosen her tongue.” I laugh as I close the door on the mother-daughter team who just fucked me like no one has before.

Linda will be here in a few hours; but I may recover enough to go another round with Mommy and daughter before then.

Wonder what she will charge me for rent.

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Parts of above actually happened. Parts are fiction)

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2015-02-09 21:23:27
The true part "I am renting my basement for 1000 a month do you know anyone that might be interested

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2015-01-25 00:36:45
Oh, what a tease. I want to see the Auction

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2015-01-23 10:03:25
What a great story great job. If youre an Aussie and looking for a daddy or looking for a little join the chat grope on the kickapp serch #australiandaddy or #aussielittle Lets chat and meke lots of friend

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2015-01-20 12:17:46
From Fireengine8: Thanks 2015 poster below.
Watch for my springtime series The Auction.
Have you seen the preteen beauty contest pictures from the nudist camps?? This series tells of my one week vacation there and attending the Auction where the beauties get sold.

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2015-01-12 16:23:43
omg.... i have read this like 10 times and i STILL can jackoff and cum twice before i finish the first page. fireengine is a master at this and if you look at the ratings of stories under "young".... his stories are a vast majority in the top .... of the top!
thank you and never stop writing and posting, please.

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