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this is my first story all comments and advice positive or negative is welcome thanks and hopefully you enjoy the first chapter in what i hope is going to be a long story
I could not help but be a little depressed when my mother told me last week that my father got stationed in california so we were moving. The thing that made things worse was that this year was my senior year in high school and I would have to start all over with new people and teachers. the fact that i protested every step of our move didnt help my cause i tried to stay with a friend but my mother wouldnt have it saying " carter james moore if you dont stop that your not going to leave the house till you graduate!" so needless to say i stop protesting. With in two weeks we had packed up and moved from my familiar home in boston to the unknown of sandiago. My mother insisted I started school as soon as I could so the monday after the move I started school. When I got there it deffinatly was nothing like home the school at least three times the size of my former and packed with as many kids. It took me a half hour to find my first class and when i entered everything stoped and all eyes were on me. Now im not a shy person but havint 35 - 40 kids looking at you and judging you it would crack even the toughest of the bullies. Then i noticed her she wasnt looking at me with judging eyes just eyes that were interested i found my self staring at her eyes and i couldnt help but melt a little at her blazing emerald eyes as the looked at me. "can i help you?" i jumped a little bit the question bringing me back to reality and there was a murmer of laughter and i felt my face flush. "i-im your new student cater moore" i replied after the initial shock. "well mr moore seeing how today is your first day here i will give you a pass on being late take a seet any were you can find one". As i looked around i saw a seet next to her that was open i made for it and sat down and looked around. i looked to my right were she was sitting and she just looked me in the eyes and i couldnt help but get lost in her eyes again. "my name is alyssa" she said but i wasnt paying attention. " hello are you listening?" i jsut blushed and hid my face she giggled and playfully said "im alyssa" she held her hand out for me to shake i took it and gave it a feeble shake. "carter" i replied not holding eye contact. i couldnt wait for the class to end hoping that i didnt have anyother classes with her today so i could try to pay attention to my classes and not her, but no such luck she was in all my classes. When the bell rang for lunch i got up and followed the crowded masses to the lunch area. I got some food and headed for an empty table at the back of the room far away from everyone. While i was strugling to find out what they had served i noticed someone sitting down. "do you mind?" she asked shoot i remember that voice it was alyssa "i dont mind" she just smiled "so how do you like it here?" she asked "i dont know its only my first day cant judge to much on just today" she looked at me and just smiled. God i loved that and i didnt even know her i just melted when she smiled at me "are you there?" i snaped back to reality and she just gigled and looked quizically at me and said "i asked you were you are from" "boston" i replied. "oh so why the end of high school move?" "my dad just got re-asigned to the base here" she looked at me and said with a smile "so a fellow army brat?". i couldnt find anythin to say so i just nodded and then thebell rang i ran far and fast i left her siting there. i couldnt believe my luck she was genually interested in me and it was only the first day. I was not good with people i was always the shy type so i avoided her th rest of the day i sat on th oposite side of the rom and she loked over at me and just frowned. Her smile got to me but that frown it was like a knife in th back it didnt suit her and i couldnt help my self so i smiled and she followed suit wit tat dazzaling smile of her own. That di it i melted into my own world fo th rest of te day i dint even notice school had ended till my mother was talking to me. "so yo look happy" she loked at me and smiled "i dont tink that this is going to be a bad move after all". we drove in silence and my mother loked at me an i was thinking about her alyssa. i couldnt help it the rest of the day all i could do was think about her. " carter..... carter!" "h-huh?" i loked at my father in shock "you havent eaten anythng an you look like a zombie whats wrong?" i put my head down " nothng dad" my father wouldnt hear it " dont lie to me look me in the eye carter." i looked up at hime and he was staring into my eyes loking for something in then til he finaly said " what is with you today?" " nothing dad just adjustng". I dont think he bought it but just nodded and continued eating. after supper i went to my room watched some movies and fell asleep. She was there even in my dreams. "carter let me show you something" she took my hand and led me out of school and to her house into her rom and she sat me on the bed. " W-what did you want to show me?" i asked looking around she giggled and looked at me " i wanted to show you me silly". i know it must be what every guy thought of when they went to bed after school. but i swear it was real. she sat next to me on her bed and looked at me and she kissed me we made out for almost 3 min. when i heard a knock that woke me up. "carter yo awake i ned your help" shit it was my mother "y-yeah ill be righ there" i looked at the clock 9:15 i was only asleep for a half hour i groaned as i gotout of bed and found that i had a raging hard on. "shit" i muttered i was trying to think of somethngtha would help but al i could do was think about alyssa and my dream. "mom ill be there in a min. im going to the bathroom" "ok hunny no rush" good i thought. i ran to the bath room i needed relief now

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2012-10-03 04:51:45
Four score and seven mnietus ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks

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2011-10-28 03:39:02
I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after raeding this.

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2011-09-19 19:11:25
Make paragraphs, check your speeling, and sentance structure.


2011-09-19 15:44:59
my story is not finished in the least im sory for the post of it in this unfinshed and messy state i was just hoping to getr some feed back and see if im any good at writing stories all comments approvals dis-approvals are welcome enjoy reading

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