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ahhhhh ... desire
this is the story of a time i was in college ...
it was my final year of colg.. i knew this guy back from school.. he was my junior then...
he was a gud looking guy ...slim figure .. medium height ..
we often used to praise each other saying u are hot .. handsome.. all girls will run after you ..
we used to have fun together ... chatted till late ... shared our collection of porn .. n many other things too..
we were basically good friends ,,, but he called me " bro "
he had gone out state for his college ... he was a management fresher ...
we did not have any physical interaction.. bt at times we used to test each others depth of water ;)

one day he texted me that he would be returning home fr the holidays n told me to go visit him when he does...
i said sure i will..

holidays came .. so did he ..
he called me up .. " hi bro how are u .. "
" m fine man ... wassup ..? "
" m back home bro.. long journey .. but i'm finally back to home sweet home .. "
" wow.. so hows college ? "
" its fine ... gud atmosphere"
" n how are the girls .. got any ? ;) "
" nah bro.. not yet "
" comon now u can tell me "
"i know i can .. n i would if i had 1 .. i always do .. so u are coming tomorrow to meet me right?"
" yeah ... okk i will bro for sure ... "

next day as usual ... i woke up late ... theres nothing better than a good long sleep ;) ..
suddenly i remembered.. i had to visit ricky ... yeah thats his name ..
got ready fast .. n took my bike n reached his home as fast as i could ...

i knocked on the door ... he opened ... " late as usual .. i was about to go take a bathe "
" sorry man .. woke up late "
" yeah yeah i know... come in .. mom n dad have gone to my aunts house .. n i have to go there soon ... n u are coming so late :|"
" not a problem .. u go take the bath .. we will ride together then.."

we went to his room.. messy room .. well not as much as mine though :P
i sat on the bed ..
he started to open his shirt ...
" wow strip show for free :P " i chuckled .. not that i wasnt really interested ...
" yeah yeah " he smiled ..
" can we have some music with the stripping please "
he had already opened his shirt .. n was looking tempting to me...
he slowly came towards me .. sensually opened his belt .. n threw towards me ...
" wow .. hot " i chuckled
he then unbuttoned his jeans .. n came closer to me .. open the zip ...
now i was hesitant .. whats he trying to do .. i thought ...

" what happened .. show over eh ... got scared ? "
" i am scared of nothing " i snapped .. n tried to reach him .. but he took the towel n ran in to the bathroom
" better luck next time" he laughed from inside ...

but i was a bit aroused by this ....
he came out of the bathroom after the bath ... dripping water made him look sexy ...
i called him " ricky just a min wud u come here "
" what ? "
" whats this? " i pointed randomly
" what what ..? "
he came closer to take a look .. i dragged him on to the bed .. n climbed over him ..
" what were u saying .. scared "
he tried to make me topple n get free but he couldnt
" okay okay bro .. i give up "
we laughed n then i let him go...
he sad beside me panting ... after this little brawl.. i lloked at him .. there was somthing in his eyes .. want ...
i put my hand on his upper thighs ... almost near his dick...
he didnt say anything .. i got braver .. n went closer ... then removed one fold of his towel to reveal his right leg ...
his skin felt soft ... i slowly went in .. caressing his thighs gently ... he was erect .. i grabbed his throbbing meat ...
he let out a pleasurous grunt.. n a deep breath ..
i grabbed the base first n then went up.. he was breathing heavily ..
i started stroking him .. he had his eyes closed ..
i did it for a while... then he stopped my hand suddenly n said "not yet ... i wanna see urs ... "
" u will have to work for it dude.. ;) "
" okay " he said .. n nuded me in blink of an eye ... either he was a trained ninja ... or really uncontrollably horny ...
" wow u are big " he said n started stroking me .. i smiled to his comment then slowly lied down .. to enjoy the pleasure
he was exceptionally good at what he was doing " i said i will cum soon "
" wait not yet" he said .. n came on to the bed ... n lied down n turned his ass towards me ...n said " i have always wanted u .. dreamt of doing this ... masturbated thinkg abt u .. how hot n sexy u were ,.. n how sexy u will look nude"
his ass was inviting enough .. these words made me hornier..
i pulled him towards me n put my longing dick in.. it wont go in at first .. " does it hurt ? " i asked
" it wil if u dont fuck me soon " he said ..
i finally got it in ...
" fuck me " he moaned
n i was ready to give him all ...
i fucked him hard .. pused in as much as i could.. my dick never felt this hard before .. n the pleasure was heavenly ...
i was about to cum .. n reached for his dick .. he released as soon as i touched it ... n so did i ...
it was a simultaneous ejaculation ..
i looked into his satisfied eyes .. n lied there together for a while ...

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2011-09-23 07:35:26
Story wasn't bad, but texting language is just that - it's never to be used in place of normal spelling anywhere else. Please learn to differentiate between regular writing and text-speak!

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2011-09-21 17:44:09
need to work on spelling and make it longer !!!!!!!!! ;)


2011-09-20 15:05:51
I couldn't figure it out either!

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2011-09-20 00:08:30
damn, story is hard to understand

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