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This is the sequel to my first story. As always, comments are appreciated. And thanks to all those that read and commented on part one.

Ryan’s Dilemma (Tia’s Side of the Story)

As she hung up the phone, she let her tears fall freely. How could she let this happen, she thought. She looked at the stick once more hoping her eyes were playing tricks on her. It still read positive. She knew there were only two possible people that could be the father. Instead of going through the shame of admitting she had cheated on Ryan, she thought it best to break up with him. Thoughts raced through her mind on how she was going to take care of a child. Sure, her parents would help but who wants to go through the admonishment of her father looking down on her. She has taken care of herself without their help for so long, to admit that she made a mistake was more embarrassing than her current issues. She thought back to the night in question, the one day she wasn’t sure if she had took her pill.

“Come on Tia, we have a lot of stuff to do today,” Kim yelled from the other room. How this girl could party all night and not get a hangover was beyond her.

They had went to a party at an exclusive club that Kim managed to get tickets to from one of the guys she was seeing. Tia couldn’t understand how a guy could just throw away money hoping to get into a girl’s panties, but Kim showed her time and time again that there were guys willing to do just that. Now the girl was laughing at her as she held her head in agony. Shortly after, Kim decided to be helpful and brought her a drink and an aspirin. Downing both, Tia soon realized that she wasn’t much help at all, with the drink being some alcoholic beverage she brought with her.

“Best way to get rid of a hangover is to start all over, I always say,” she commented with short giggle. I don’t know how I always let her talk me into these stupid things. Now Kim began rushing her to get dressed, she wanted to hit a few shops to get something for a party tonight. Tia had no clue as to where this party was or who was throwing it. She knew from past experience that this would be a blast. With her headache going away, she began the challenge of finding something to wear.

After four stores, a bite to eat, and one more drink, the girls were set with everything needed. Tia found out a few more details about the party. It was in a quiet town not far from here, and was being thrown by a girl they went to high school with. It had been a while since they seen her, Tia never really hung out with her but she was a friend of Kim’s. Kim had called a few friends to make sure they would be there, and from the parts of the conversation that could be heard it sounded like Tia was being set up on a blind date. Doesn’t sound like I will be there long, Tia thought. Kim had a different choice of men then her, the type that will go broke trying to wine and dine a female. Tia enjoyed a simpler type, like her boyfriend Ryan. Ryan was a nice guy but a hopeless romantic. Tia didn’t mine the roses and chocolates from time to time, but he always tried to plan a romantic evening out and would give very few details on where and when. She hadn’t been the most faithful girlfriend in the world, and an accidental meeting with a fling would ruin her relationship. Tia and Kim decided to go their separate ways to get dressed and meet back up at her place. Ryan always had to work late on Fridays, so she didn’t bother checking with him. He had been working so hard lately trying to get a promotion that he so rightly deserved.

As Tia put the final touches to her outfit, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. At 25, she knew she looked damn good. She stood 5’5” with black hair. Adjusting her bra in the mirror, she couldn’t help but let her 28c breast jiggle a little as she admired how they look. She then turned to look and see if her skirt hugged her curves and showed off her nice firm ass the way that she wanted it to. Yes, she was finally ready to go.

“You are definitely looking good tonight. I can’t wait till you meet Jason” Kim stated as she walked into her room.

“Don’t you ever knock? And who is Jason? You know how I feel about Ryan and I’m not trying to entertain one of your friends so that you can get a quickie with someone else.” Tia knew that something was up when they started making plans. Why couldn’t they ever go out and enjoy their selves.

“I brought more drinks. Here, this one is for you.” She was already convinced that the blind date would end in Tia cheating on Ryan. Tia was already aware that Kim had a crush on her boyfriend. She thought that they may have already slept together, but she couldn’t find any proof. Tia had gotten drunk on a few of these blind dates and ended up sleeping with the guy. She was determined not to let that happen this time. The girls had already agreed to take separate cars in case one ended up making other plans.

As soon as they arrived at the party, Tia noticed Kim slipping away with some guy. She was hoping that this meant she wouldn’t have to meet this Jason. But then she realized that she didn’t know anyone at the party. It started raining earlier so she didn’t want to go back outside. She decided to catch up to Kim and try to get find the girl that was throwing the party. As she walked into the back room, she heard a low moaning coming from the dimly lit room. Where she stood at the door was very dark, but she could make out the silhouettes across the room. Kim was on her knees in front of the man she was with. He had his hands on the back of her head and his eyes closed. He continued to moan as the girl bobbed up and down in front of him. As Kim took her head away, Tia could see her jerking the member as she giggled and said something to the man. Tia never watched anyone have sex before in front of her, and she noticed that she was getting extremely wet from watching. The guy had the biggest dick she had ever seen, she guessed it to be about 10” long. Kim went back to sucking on it as the guy began to pull her dress up revealing her pantieless cheeks. Tia couldn’t take her eyes from the sight. The guy smacked her ass softly receiving a giggle from the girl before him. Without even realizing it, Tia was rubbing her mound while watching the whole thing. As she looked up she was staring right into the eyes of the guy. He had a smirk on his face as if he enjoyed being watched by a stranger. He pulled the girl up until she was on her feet. He gave her a passionate kiss and at the same time lifted her up into the air. Tia watched as he slowly guided her down onto his stiff rode. She tried her hardest not to make a sound, not to give away the fact that she was there. Even though the guy knew she was there, she didn’t want her friend to find out she was spying on her. Kim began to rock up and down with her legs wrapped around his waist. The guy was nibbling on her neck but watching Tia the whole time. She had lifted up the front of her dress and was rubbing the front of her crotch without even noticing. Her attention was on the guy, more accurately, his member sliding in and out from between her friends exposed ass. The scene seemed like it was taking forever, but in reality very little time had passed. The guy began to pick up speed, he must have been close. Tia was also getting close, she wanted to rip off her panties and join the couple. Coming to her senses and not wanting to get caught by her friend, she composed herself and exited the room as quickly as she could. She knew she had to get out of this place, and began dialing Ryan’s number. It kept ringing until the voicemail finally picked up. She tried again, still no answer. She knew that if she didn’t get away quickly, her lust would take over and she would find someone, anyone to satisfy this urge she had. The size of the guy that was with her friend had her going crazy.

On the way back to her car, she noticed the sounds of sex again. Craving something to fill her, she looked around. The moaning was coming from close to her car. She saw a guy getting sucked by some red head, oh how she wished she was in that position. She could see the guy tense up and hear him moan, he must have just released all that pent up come into the girls mouth. She tried to make it to her car and was fumbling with her keys. They fell to the ground in her haste to unlock her door. As she finally retrieved her keys and got her car unlocked, she looked up to see Josh staggering out of the car. She stopped halfway in to make sure she was seeing ok.

“Josh, hey I thought you and Ryan had to work late tonight.” She stated. This maybe what she needed to get the thoughts of sex out of her mind.

“I lost Ryan a while ago. I’m not sure where he went, but if your leaving I could sure use a ride home.” He slurred out.

“Come on,” Tia grunted in frustration. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do now. She couldn’t get a hold of Ryan even with the messages she had left. Then, Josh was sitting next to her smelling like booze and sex. Her mind was going crazy. She sped the whole way home and forgot that she was supposed to drop off Josh. Meanwhile he had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. No wonder she forgot he was there. This wouldn’t be the first time he has crashed at her place, it would be the first time he wasn’t there with Ryan though. That is when an idea popped into her head. Josh is probably to drunk to remember who he had sex with so maybe she could satisfy her need and never get caught.

She woke him up and helped him into the house. He went straight to the couch and laid down. Tia was starting to get nervous but she really needed something to fill her badly. She began to take off his pants. Even though he was drunk and asleep, she found out he never had them all the way up after his last encounter. When she finally had them done to his ankles, she looked up to see his semi hard member laying there. She couldn’t help but touch it. As her fingers went around his shaft, she slowly began stroking it and watched as it came alive. She continued to stroke until it was fully engorged with blood. Her lust returned in full force and before she could even think about it, she had her mouth around the head. As her tongue swirled around the tip, she could taste the cum he shot into the other girl's mouth. There wasn’t any other taste indicating that he had sex with the girl, oh well, even though she would have enjoyed the juices from another woman. It wouldn’t have been the first time she had tasted another woman (that is another story) and the thought did not disgust her at all. She began to bob up and down on his shaft, enjoying the feel as well as the anticipation of finally being satisfied after the events of tonight. She continued to enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding into her mouth but she knew this was not enough. She stripped out of her panties and straddled his sleeping body. No need for niceties, she was already soaking wet. With one thrust, she impaled herself onto his member. A low moan escaped her throat as she was finally filled with a nice hard cock. She slowly rocked back and forth relishing in the feel and naughtiness of the whole thing. She could feel her climax slowly starting to build and she began to slide up until only the head remained inside of her. Ever so slowly she came all the way down until she could feel his balls resting on her ass. This was feeling really good to her so she began to pick up speed. Lost in her own little world, she didn’t notice the movements being made underneath of her, not until she felt his hands grasp and fondle her breasts. Not even caring, she pulled the straps off her shoulders to release her bare breasts to his caresses. He pinched and pulled at her nipples, turning her on even more. As she slammed her body down onto his member, he was thrusting up to drive his cock deeper into her. She was close to getting the release that she wanted, but not close enough. He must of sensed this as well, he slipped his hand down to find her clit. As he began to rub on her swollen nub, that was all she needed as her body began to shake from the stimulation. Her juices were oozing out in a powerful flood as she was finally thrown over the edge to a mind shattering orgasm. She continued to ride him in the throw of passion. She was determined to keep going until she was completely spent. She could feel his cock swelling inside of her as he was nearing his own climax.

“Cum in me. Let me feel you squirting inside me. Fuck me harder. Give it to me” she chanted, wanting to feel the hot sticky liquid filling her insides.

He continued thrusting up into her, letting out little grunts and moans. His hands were on her hips helping to push her down onto him, not that she needed the push. She was still slamming down on him as hard as she could, trying to force his cock to erupt inside of her. She wanted to feel his sperm coating her insides, she needed it. She leaned forward and placed her nipple inside of his mouth. He took the hint and began sucking on it with enthusiasm. This must have been what he needed cause at that moment, he began squirting inside of her. She yelled in excitement at the feeling and began her second climax of the night. When she finally calmed down from her hi, she looked down into the eyes of the boy she had used.

“That was awesome,” Josh exclaimed. He still seemed drunk and out of it. Tia got up and made both of them drinks, his a lot stronger than hers. She was hoping that he wouldn’t remember tonight. As he finished his drink, she made sure he was ok to walk home. He only lived down the street, and he left in worse conditions than this. She watched as he stumbled down the street, making it to the correct door and letting himself in. She finished her drink and went to lay down. As sleep began to take hold of her she was left with one final thought, did I take my birth control today?

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