My name is abbey and I am 16 years old and last year the most humiliating event happened to me.

When I arrived in the "middle of nowhere" on aunty and uncles farm I was desparately unhappy. The only bit of fun I had was to flirt with all the farmhands. I would walk around in my tiny crop tops which barely covered my 36DD titties and my tiny little skirts that were "more like belts" I had heard uncle jake complaining one night to aunty, but getting all this attention from the boys on the farm made me feel quite horney.

One sunday afternoon aunty anna said she was going into town and would I like to go, so as there was nothing else to do I decided "why not"! I ran upstairs to quickly get changed thinking about what I was gonna buy in town and pulled on my tiny white boobtube dress. I couldnt wear a bra but that didnt bother me and pulled on my tiny white knickers that just about covered my fat butt (so I was a little overweight but everyone said it was puppy fat and would go soon!). Aunty looked and said "you cant go in town like that go and change" but I was having none of it and sat in the car until she decided I wasnt going to do as I was told and started the car for the drive into town. Town was desolate!! no good shops only crappy second hand ones, one little coffee shop and a bar with a sign on it saying "MEN ONLY". I was fuming and the heat of the day was stifling and because I didnt want to go to the boring coffee shop with aunty I told her I was going for a walk and headed straight to the "MEN ONLY" bar. As soon as I went through the door I regretted my decision. It was very cool in the room and immediately my nipples jutted out pointing at all the faces that turned to get an eyeful. Well I was in here now so my chin went up and I walked over to uncle jake to ask for a drink. "Uncle Jake" I said in my sweetest voice "please may I have some money for a drink". Silence. So I asked again, this time with a bit of whine in my voice. Again, silence. I turned to see all the men from town and all the farmhands I had teased staring waiting for uncle jake to say something.

That's when uncle jake took me by surprise and grabbed at my arms, twisting me around so my arms were pulled behind me, making my big titties stick out even more than before. I in turn started to struggle wildly trying to get out of his hard grip but all I proceeded to do was wriggle so much that my dress started to come down from my boobies. The crowd of jeering laughing men came closer and were willing my dress to fall completely down and they gave the biggest cheer as my boobies sprang free from the top to reveal themselves to the laughing crowd. Little did I realise that the show I was giving them of my big titties bouncing and shaking widlly as I struggled with uncle jake was just what they wanted. I then decided to try to stay still as I flushed with anger and humiliation as all eyes were glued to my titties.

Suddenly uncle jake shouted "get the chair". another roar from the men as uncle jake marched me, boobies first, toward the men and towards the tiny stage at the end of the room. As uncle jake pushed me through the throng of men hands came from everywhere, squeezing, pinching, twisting my nipples time and time again. Suddenly uncle jake stopped in the middle to them giving more instructions "get the chair someone". Old Mr Jones (who must have been about 70 and Mr Adams, who was also ancient, took great advantage of me being stopped by them and both latched themselves on a big nipple each to suck and chew for about thirty seconds. someone else took advantage by pulling my dress off and to my horror my knickers followed quickly. Hands were then squeezing my big butt and fingers desparately pushing into my pussy which to my horror was becoming wetter and wetter.

We finally made our way through the crazied crowd and uncle jake pushed me onto the stage. There I stood totally naked, my fat titties and big nipples on show as well as my bald pussy. No one knew where to look, some were glued to my big fat titties and other to my bald pussy. Suddenly uncle jake pulled me around and placed me over his knee. bottom facing the laughing crowd. As much as I tried I couldnt keep my legs closed as the first WHACK cracked on my butt. the crowd went wild as I bucked and bucked. I knew I was giving the view they wanted of my pussy and anus on full view for all to see and devour with their eyes. After ten minutes of continuous spanking I laid still with my legs dangling down, by now I was soo upset i didnt care that my holes were on view to everyone.

Suddenly uncle jake began to rub my big butt and soothe me. He massaged my butt cheeks and gently pulled them apart every now again, just to give a better view to the men of my tight anus. He gently opened my legs more to reveal to the 50 or so men just how much i had enjoyed it as my tight little pussy was dripping and gaping for them.

How humiliating!!!

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2012-06-18 04:17:11
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