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This is a fantasy of mine. It is purely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone or anywhere is completely coincidental. This is my first story ever so please be kind!
Part 1
He kissed her softly at first, once she responded he deepened the kiss. His tongue flicking your bottom lip and she moaned. His hand came up to her breast and he gently massaged her in his hand. She felt a warmth growing between her legs. A light came on blinding them and her daddy stepped out of the house.
"What do you think your doing!?" He bellowed.
The boy didn't have to be told, he ran out of there as fast as he could. The girl felt shame come upon her as her daddy turned to her and said "Get inside the house right now and go to your room. I will be up there to deal with you in a moment."
She ran inside the house and up to her room. She sat on the bed and waited. What was going to be her punishment? The anticipation alone could have sufficed as punishment. She looked up as the door swung open. Her daddy didn't look himself, there was a wild look upon his face that told her she was really in for it tonight.
He silently grabbed her wrist and led her to his room, the one that she was never aloud inside of, and it was always locked. He blindfolded her and opened the door. He led her a few steps and closed the door; she heard it lock. She stood there for a few minutes wondering what was going to happen. She felt his hands on her, running up and down her body, lingering on her breasts and ass. His hand went up her skirt.
"Daddy w-what-t are y-you d-doing-g" I stuttered.
"Shut up you little slut, your a fucking whore so that's how I will treat you" he growled at her.
His fingers traced her pussy lips through her panties. She started to respond involuntarily, grinding herself on his hand. He pulled his hand away. He bound her wrists above her head. He ripped her blouse apart exposing her white lace covered breasts. She felt a cold blade against her stomach. He traced it upwards cutting off her bra and what was left of her shirt. Then he slipped off her panties and threw them aside. She felt terrified, tears ran down her face, how could her daddy do this to her?
He put her on her stomach on a table. It was very narrow, only enough room for her tiny body. There was a hole in the table where her pussy and breasts were. He grabbed her ankle and bound it and her leg went out as far as it could with out hurting her, and he repeated it with the other ankle. Her hands were above her head.
He lifted her skirt above her ass and he spanked her, his hand came in contact with each cheek several times. Her ass was beat red and she was screaming but he didn't care because it was a sound proof room.
"Little whores like you deserve to be punished, you are going to be treated for what you are from now on." She whimpered.
He rubbed her ass soothing the sting. His hands slipped down to her pussy, she was soaked. She had been fighting it but her body responded to her daddy's rough touch. His fingers slipped inside her; she gasped. He slowly fucked her with his finger, she was unbelievably tight. He was getting deeper inside her and he came in contact with her hymen, he would save that for his cock. He wanted it to last so he decided he would violate her tiny little mouth first.
He walked to the front of the table and lifted her head and pushed his cock inside her mouth. With her head in his hands he fucked her face hard, his cock going deep in her throat, her gaging only made it feel better. He came in her throat. He pulled out and looked at his nasty little slut and it wasn't long before he was hard again.
He positioned himself between her legs. Slowly entering her, she moaned, he worked back and forth until he reached her hymen. He paused grabbed her hips and thrust the rest of the way in. She screamed, and he waited for her to get used to it. Then he started to thrust in and out. She was so tight. He started to pick up speed. She was now enjoying it and moaning loudly. She screamed as she came on his cock. The sensation of her little pussy clenching on his cock was too much for him. He pulled out and came on her ass.
He then used his finger to work his cum into her little asshole, she was softly moaning. Once she was lubed and he was ready he positioned himself and took her in the ass. He fucked her hard, she came twice while he fucked her. He picked up evem more speed and dumped his seed up her ass. He pulled out and watched the cum trickle out.
" From now on you will be treated like this to be punished when your acting like a little slut. Do you understand Sasha?" She nodded.

Part 2
Sasha was walking home from school, taking her normal path through the small woods by her house. She felt like someone was watching her but she could never see anyone there. She shrugged it off and kept walking. She heard a branch snap and before she could turn around a hand was clamped on her mouth.
"Don't scream and we won't hurt you" a male voice whispered. She nodded showing she understood. He let go of me. Then four hands started to undress her, then grope her, touching her pussy, she was soaked. The two males unzipped their pants and their cocks sprang from their pants the larger one lifted her up and sat her down on his cock. She felt a cold sensation on her ass as the other one applied lube to her ass. Then he slid his cock inside her. She couldn't hold back anymore she came.
"Look this little slut loves being double stuffed, let's give her something to remember is by." They laughed and started pumping into her faster and harder. She came again. The one came in her ass, and the other pulled out and inserted himself in her ass just in time to unload his cum inside her too.
They left her there and ran away. She put in her clothes and wondered how her daddy was going to punish her now.

To be continued??

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