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A Strange Sequence of Events.

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Steph’s lips confidently wrapped over the head of Nicholas’s throbbing cock. She brushed her thin, black coffee-colored hair out of her face and let her tongue settle on his slit. Swallowing his precum with a demure gulp, her lips steadily moved down the shaft. She stopped three inches down, her mouth now stretched full, and slid back up, repeating the motion several times with increasing intensity. Steph was impressed. Nicholas wasn’t her type—he was too smart, too rough, too, well, hung from what she was used to. Hayden was just a boy. Their sex was fine, nothing more, and he made her feel pretty and little. But there was no spark, none of the passion she could already feel from the intense heat Nicholas’s body was emitting as she pleasured him. Her small hand interlocked with his index finger as his hips and her lips moved in harmony. She could feel her nude body as the object of his lust, and her cunt began to swell in anticipation. She needed this—this man—inside of her, tearing and using her petite frame for his enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Jessica looked on, her eyes burning with intense jealousy and desire. Seeing her boyfriend aroused by her roommate made her want to cry and prove herself all at once. She was perpetually insecure. Steph was probably ninety pounds, compared to her one-hundred and fifteen. She looked more like the girl next door than the girl next door, with breasts that would be at home in a victoria’s secret commercial. Yet she still couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t enough for him. After all, this was his idea. But, what could she do? She had gone along with it, and besides, the whole thing arose after she made the stupid mistake of telling him how badly she wanted to feel another woman. Maybe she just needed to let go and enjoy. Taking a deep breath, her eyes studied Steph’s body. Her butt was stuck up in the air, and her slender legs were tucked tightly between Nicholas’s strong thighs. Her back was arched forward, as her head seemed buried in his crotch. Jessica suddenly felt a pulsing in her veins, and involuntarily she felt her fingers reach forward and grasp onto Steph’s thigh. The skin was smooth, mildly wet from perspiration but still burning from anticipation. She caressed it indecisively. Then, from nowhere, she felt a warm finger slide down her. He gave her a smile, and motioned with his head to do what she couldn’t bring herself to think. Jessica bit her lip, and felt her hand move closer to Steph’s bare bottom. Moving her body closer still, she felt her tongue begin to caress Steph’s thighs, licking her delicate and smooth skin.

Nicholas was caught somewhere between heaven and hell. His girlfriend’s roommate’s lips were on his cock, and his girlfriend’s fingers were beginning to creep up her best friend’s leg. Yet the situation wasn’t pleasurable. He knew what he was balancing, and how delicate an arrangement it was. His soft grunts were augmented by smiles of reassurance, and his smirks of suggestion were offset by gentle gropes of love. They had set a semblance of guidelines for this before it began, but that was before several drinks and the actual passion that the three of them were quickly succumbing to. The room was hot. Luckily they were at his apartment—their dorm room had two twin beds, and things would have been rather convoluted. His bedroom had a wealth of opportunities: the bed, the lounge chair, the desk, all were possibilities running through his mind. Was there anything to prove? Perhaps. Jessica had been kind enough to give him quite the reputation (though hardly undeserved) among her acquaintances and he felt the need to fulfill Steph’s expectations. But, based on the raw carnal desire he could already sense on her lips, it wasn’t going to be an issue.

His mind, though, was dominated by one simple question: How did this fantasy, this pipe dream, come to fruition? He remembered the dream—waking up drenched in sweat, his cock erect above his belly button, his thoughts coated with Steph’s nude body cloaked by his. Then he remembered the effect—rolling over in bed, waking Jessica, and making raw love to her in the darkness. Her breasts pressed against his chest, their lips intact, his manhood moving with the undulating, rhythmic motion of a sonata inside her as their pulses thudded in sync. Then he remembered the next morning—the planning, the thinking, the gentle hints and subtle glances. Were they simply naïve or was he that adept? He was too humble to presume, but his present situation seemed to justify whatever it was he was trying to accomplish. Yet his mind continued to wander. This wandering was interrupted, rather pleasantly, by a moan. Jessica’s tongue had found Steph’s clit and was licking it intensely. Steph had trouble maintaining focus so Nicholas, in the interest of her pleasure, removed her mouth from his manhood and began to caress her nipples with his lips.

To be continued...

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