Stepping out of her car to take inventory, 18 year old Tonya grumbles under her breath. What a day this is turning out to be… first fired from her job and now a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Opening the trunk she looks for a jack and a spare tire, finding neither one she slams the lid shut and kicks the car. What else could possibly go wrong?
Stepping out to the road she sticks her thumb out at some cars as they zoom past. Feeling a little guilty and knowing her parents would be pissed if they ever knew she did this. After a few cars fly by not even slowing down someone stopped to help her. Walking up to the car Tonya sees a good looking man get out of the car.
“Please sir I have a flat tire can you help me?” Asked Tonya
As the man got closer.
“ The names Roger and I’ll see what I can do, my wife’s in the car there and we have plans, but I maybe able to bring you up the road to my friends house if you wanna make a phone call” smiling gently as he continued toward Tonya.
Tonya noticed his eyes as they made a quick sweep of her body and gave a little smile to herself. Most men took notice of her and if she did say so herself (and she did often) it was for good reason. With medium length black hair and green almond eyes, Tonya had gotten the best genes from both of her parents. Her dad being a good looking blond hair green eyed man and her mother being Japanese left Tonya as one of the only green eyed Asians she had ever met. Not to mention well endowed for her heritage at 32c bust and 5’7” weighing 126 lbs . Altogether Tonya knew she was a good catch and her attitude let everyone around her know how she felt.
“ Oh thank you Roger that sounds great and I’m Tonya nice to meet you.” giving him a slanted smile and betraying a hint of her snobbish behavior.
Heading back to Roger’s car a lovely lady stepped out to let Tonya in the back seat. Rogers wife introduced her self as Lana as they pulled away from Tonya’s car.
“We have a group of friends up the road here a bit and I am sure for a pretty girl like yourself they would be happy to help in any way they can.” catching a glance from roger in the rear view mirror Tonya felt a creepy feeling suddenly run thru her.
Trying to calm herself now, Tonya thought, Wow get a grip it’s a man and his wife, besides they have been nothing but nice so far. Even with that she couldn’t seem to shake her sudden unease.
After a few moments of silence Lana spoke up making small talk.
“ So Tonya, are you from around here then?”
“No I moved here from Michigan about 6 months ago after a big fight with my parents. We don’t talk any more so I am pretty much on my own at the moment.”
Oh my it must be hard for such a young girl as you so far from home and alone it’s a big world out here.”
Just about this time the car pulled up to a house at the end of a long driveway. Roger and Lana stepped out then Tonya. Following behind them Tonya was led inside. Stepping thru the door Tonya saw a hand full of men standing around talking with drinks in there hand.
“Ahh Roger my old friend I asked for one and you brought two,” laughing and slapping Roger on the shoulder the huge man named Ned continued “and this ones new!” nodding towards Tonya. .
“Ya we picked her up on the side of the road with a flat so I brought her here to barter with…. you boys better go get the car before long wouldn’t want anyone to come looking for her now would we.”
Feeling suddenly very afraid and confused Tonya looked around the room for an escape route. Reading her mind Ned grabbed the girls arms pinning them behind her bending her over slightly.
“Listen bitch you belong to us now and when we are done we gonna sell you for a pretty penny, a stuck up slut like you fetches a good price on the slave market.” rubbing his free hand up her thigh and under her skirt he goes on explaining. “And if you fight us in any way or don’t do as your told well still rape ya but then we’ll just lock ya in the basement no food, no water and no light till you see it our way.
Pulling his hand up roughly and making contact with the thin panty material that covers Tonya’s mound Ned slips his finger under the elastic and rips her panties off. Pulling at her clit for a few moments then tossing Tonya towards another man standing near a low table in the corner Ned laughs.
“ Here you go James a little toy for you and the boyz have at her while I get Roger paid off. Turning her head a bit Tonya could see Lana now nude chained to a wall dildos in every orifice and looking truly uncomfortable with Roger and Ned talking price.
“ I’ll give you a few grand for the Asian bitch and I want to keep Lana tonight and tomorrow come pick her up then”
During this time 3 of the men standing near the door came over to were Tonya was being held by James.
“ Come on James get err naked we wanna see this tight youngin’s ass.”
Putting Tonya face up on the table James grabbed a length of rope and began tying her arms and legs to the eye hooks at each corner. Feeling her legs spread wide to reveal her exposed puss Tonya started crying like crazy, now begging her captors to let her go.
“please please let me go I wont tell any one I promise just let me leave!”
Shut up cunt pets don’t talk less their talked too, better learn that straight away if ya wanna be around much longer” reaching back the man slaps her up turned ass firmly. “besides it wouldn’t be any fun to let ya go and I know I’m looking forward to a piece of your tight tail. Now hold real still cuz I wouldn’t wanna damage the goods any.” he said laughing and landing a few more blows on her ass.
Producing a knife from his belt the man started tracing the curve of Tonya’s tight ass then coming up to her skirt elastic and shirt he slices both off in just a couple turns of his wrist. Then finally slipping the blade under the strap of her bra and cutting that away too. Slowly tracing each nipple before leaving her totally nude and spread eagle on the table.
“Ok lets see what we got here” kneeling down to get a good look at her exposed snatch he pulls her lips wide and inspects the girls nether regions. “ Lookie here Ned we gots us a real life virgin no shit!”
“well don’t just stare boyz do something about it”
All at once the men in the room gathered around here “well James you got the biggest cock why don’t you show this soon to be slut what cock feels like”
“looking a bit excited James pulled his cock out and stroked it a few time then pressed it against the girls unlubed virginal pussy.
Straining against her bonds Tanya felt a sharp pain as James slowly pushed the head of his dick in her just a bit. All these years of saving herself and this is how it would happen, but Tonya didn’t have time to dwell as her intruder jammed his rod all the way in her. Tonya let out a deep through Ted scream.
Feeling her hymn as it tore away, James relished the feel of her tight cunt as it gripped the entire length of his 10 inch cock. At fully 3 inches in diameter taking him all the way was no small feat for experienced girls, he could only imagine how bad the struggling vixen below him must feel. That thought made him even hornier as he began pumping her with harder and harder thrust. Every time he pulled out the girls snatch griped and massaged James’s rod, bringing him closer with each plunge into the girl.
Tonya could feel every inch of the cock now being ruthlessly pumped into her recently virginal twat.
“oh my she’s a tight one I can barley fit in this nasty hole of hers.”
After a few more minutes like this James slammed all the way in the girl and let loose his wad. Tonya could feel the warmth spread thru out her and slowly the pain subsided and something closer to pleasure started in the pit of her stomach.
With in minutes James had moved and another man stepped between her splayed legs inserting his member into her. Fucking her at a steady pace he reached with one hand pulling and pinching her vulnerable nipples, twisting each one crudely. Slowly Tonya felt her body start to respond, now the noises coming from her were crude grunts and moans of pleasure. Face red with humiliation at the betrayal of her body Tonya started moving her hips to meet each thrust of the man between her legs.
“ you like this don’t you slut! See I told ya shed make a good whore. Were going to sell you to the highest bidder and your gonna get fuck real often honey” with in moments a gut wrenching orgasm consumed the girl causing her cunt to tighten down even more on the cock buried in it. With that the man let loose pulling out of her and spraying his cum all over her stomach and breast.
One after another all 9 men used Tonya’s body.
“The whore isn’t tight any more is she” One of the men said as he rudely shoved 3 fingers in Tonya’s gaping snatch.
“Lets see if she can take my fist, I wanna stretch her wide.” With that he add another finger into her puss finally balling his hand he ruthlessly shoved fist in until it was as deep as it could go, making the girl cry out yet again. Stretched to over flowing now Tonya strained to move a little trying to relieve the pressure on her nether regions. After a few minutes like this the man cruelly removed his hand and watched as Tonya’s cunt slowly tried to reform to its original shape.
Now covered in cum with spunk dripping out of her well used puss Tonya was untied and stood up in front of the men for their further enjoyment.
“Ok girlie time for some real fun, bend over grab your ankles and don’t you dare loose your balance or you’ll regret it” Ned snarled at the brutalized girl.
Finding it hard to stand due to the fucking she had just received Tonya tried her best to comply. Tying her ankles and wrist together then positioning himself behind her, Tonya could only wonder what was going to happen next.
She didn’t have to wait long because suddenly she felt Ned’s hard cock pressing against her tight inexperienced ass hole. With one brutal push Ned entered the girls back door, pushing himself in all the way to the hilt. Fully impaled now Tonya could feel every part of the mans cock as it stretched her wide. Ned motioned for one of his buddies to get in front of Tonya to enter her mouth. With a cock in each end all Tonya could do was feel torn completely apart. Every agonizing thrust gave her rapist more pleasure while causing her more pain.
This brutality went on all night until every man had his way with Tonya a few times.
When they were finished each man had Tonya lick their cock and balls clean then laughing they left her bound, cold, abused and alone.
Now left hog tied to sleep on the hard floor all Tonya could think was that she was completely helpless and had no idea if or when she would ever see her friends and family again. But then again, she had learned that she made quite a wanton sex slut.

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