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Hot Wife 2

This story is true, it took place over an 18 month period, only his name has been changed the rest is the way the encounter occurred, and I have the tapes to refer to for accuracy. This is the recount of her first affair.

Joyce and I were sitting at the kitchen table it was Thursday night around 7 PM. The phone rang and she picked it up. Hello? Hi, oh hi how are you? Yes fine, and we had a wonderful time. She put the phone on speaker. How did you get my number Mark? Well to be honest Joyce, John and I were out this afternoon having a couple of drinks and when he went to the bathroom he left his phone on the bar. I found your name and put it in my phone for later. I left him about 20 minutes ago and he’s heading home to a fight with his wife. That seems to be an every day occurrence for him, poor baby. So what’s up Mark?

Well Joyce I think your hot! Thank you and I was wondering if we could get together some time?
I was shocked and excited at the prospect, what to do? Mark I’d like that but I would not want John to find out. Listen Joyce, anything that happens is between us. First of all I only see John when is goes fishing with his family or he needs to borrow my boat to use as a motel room.
Has he borrowed it often? Many times. Oh. Well what are you doing now? Besides rubbing my cock, nothing. Well why not come over now as you know that’s my job.
Joyce give me the address I’ll be there in half an hour. By the way do you have the outfit you had on at the boat? Sure do! It was a great look. Honey I had on cum stained panties and heels. Oh yes and a t shirt. Sounds good for me. Well Mark the stains will have to be made by you.
I can do that.
See you in a half hour.

Joyce explained what had happened when Mark got on the boat, the hand job she had given him and the vodka and cum drink. Al smiled, it sounds exciting, oh it will be, right now I’ve got to go get ready. Give me a glass and a bottle of vodka, I have a feeling I’m going to be able to use them tonight.

Mark called at 7:35, Joyce should I park around the corner and walk to the house? That would be a good idea babe. See you in five minutes.

Joyce had fixed her hair and makeup she had on a black bra, red low cut lace panties and black heels. She put a T shirt over it, looking at Al she said how do I look? Good, but the T shirt seems a bit much. It’s only so I can open the door silly. Ok. I’m gone.

Waiting by the door Joyce realized she failed to tell Al Mark was black. The only time she had encountered a black cock was when she gave Mark a hand job. A shiver of excitement went down her body. She recalled the cock being fat and long. The amount of cum that came out of it and the force it came out with was exciting, nobody comes that hard or that much.

The door bell rang, Ok here I go. She opened the door and Mark stepped in, the door closed and his tongue was in her mouth. She had her arms around his neck and she was practically hanging on him. He was 6’4” tall about 250 a big man. He groped her crotch and she moaned softly. The kiss finally ended and she said come in, sit would you like a drink? Jack on the rocks if you have. I have and I’ll have a vodka, she gave him a coy smile and headed for the drinks. He sat watching her wiggle out of the room.

She came back in with the drinks and sat next to him. So tell me does he use the boat often? Before you and him last week he was using it about twice a month. Really? Yes

I have to admit you are hot, thanks! The night I saw you, you looked awesome. Well a T shirt and cum soaked panties is a look, I guess? You had cum in your hair and on your chin too. Really? Yup! I admit it was giving me a hard-on. Well I took car of that problem for you. You sure did, and you were right you can’t give a hand job unless your tits are bouncing with the movement. See I know what works. The vodka and cum was the best part, honey you have no idea how much I love cum.
Would you take off the T shirt for me? Of course she stood up and pulled it over her head. Wow great tits, you’ve already seen them bouncing, don’t you remember?
The last time I saw them they had cum all over the nipples and I wasn’t concentrating on them.
Climbing into his lap and facing he she cooed, well sir I can supply the tits, the pussy and the vodka. You sir are expected to supply me with a very generous amount of cum. I can certainly do that.
He was rubbing her tits and her nipples were hard as stones. He pulled the bra down and twisted both nipples she moaned. Smiling at her he said your nipples are good and hard just the way I like them. She opened her mouth and there tongues met. His hand went to her clit and started rubbing it through the material. She was breathing heavily and moving her hips up and down, putting her head near his ear she said your going to make me cum. I know! Another two minutes passed she moaned and dug into his shoulders, her body shuddered and she was cumming.

As her breathing calmed a bit she looked in his eyes smiled and said lets go upstairs? I’m more then ready.

In the room he stood as she undid his pants and shorts and they fell to the floor, out sprang his coal black cock. She thought this is the biggest cock I’ve ever had, it feels great to the touch. She got on her knees and opened her mouth she had to stretch her mouth to get the head in, swirling her tongue around it she could tasted his pre cum. Mark was breathing heavy, he picked her up so she was standing in front of him. As he kissed her shoulder he said I think you can get out of the bra and panties! With pleasure. She unclasped her bra and let it fall, he took each nipple which was already hard sucked it a bit and let it fall out of his mouth with a plopping noise. As she wiggled out of her panties he noticed her bush was trimmed in the shape of a heart. He starting rubbing her clit, I bet the bush looks great wet and sticky.
I hope in a little while you will see for yourself. He laid her down on the bed and she immediately spread her legs, he climbed up between the and took the huge cock and put the head at her pussy opening, he started rubbing it up and down. Her clit stood straight up and her lips were moist. Joyce the last time I came was last week when you gave me that awesome hand job. Fuck me! Please now. The head slipped into her pussy and she closed her eyes and started moaning. The look on her face was priceless she was in heaven. He pushed about half in, she looked at him and smiled, more baby more. He sunk his cock to the hilt she screamed god yes and had an orgasm. He continued to pump her and she orgasm again. He pushed his cock to it’s depth and started to cum, the first blast shot out with enough force that Joyce open her eyes, oh my god, then the second, third and so on until after eight spurts he stopped.

He was still in her and he looked in her eyes, how was that? You have to ask? Slowly he started moving the huge cock. Do you always cum like that? Yes why? It was wonderful I’ve never felt anything like it
He was moving his cock in and out slowly, well I hope in a couple of months all day you’ll look forward to it. I do already.

Joyce was getting very excited and as his cock pushed in and out she heard squish noise, he sloppy pussy was leaking. He started pumping faster and she screamed yes god yes and came he just kept pumping. She came two more time when she felt him pushing deeper and he erupted again, as before her eyes opened by the force of the first blast, this time she only felt five more spasms.

He rolled off her and smiled at her, well do you like black cock? I love it! She was laying in a pool of warm ,wet cum and her pussy was leaking like a faucet. Babe get me a glass and the vodka, Ok, here she scooped up all she could get from the sheets and the held the glass under her until the faucet effect had slowed to a drip. Look at all this warm cum, and it’s all for me, vodka please. She poured about a shot and a half in, put a couple of pillows under us so we can relax, Great now I can relax and enjoy,. She put the glass to her lips and started drinking, it took her about a minute because the cum was very thick. She swallowed the last of it and said well I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did? Oh yeah.

I’m really glad you called, me too. Are we going to see each other again? You bet your sweet ass we are. Great.

Oh it’s 11 I should be going, not until you’ve been given a proper blow job. Joyce grabbed the soft cock and started sucking, she licked his nut sack and sucked the big cock. It took five minutes but he got hard she kept sucking, her jaws ached because his cock was so large it filled her mouth. She was rubbing the nut sack and sucking when she felt it grow larger. My god he’s going to cum, she kept sucking, as before the first shot went straight down her throat then his cock spewed ropes of warm cum in her mouth, only four times but it was still a lot of cum. She sat up, swallowed and kissed him on the cheek. I hoped you enjoyed that blow job? My god of course I did. Good then you’ll be wanting to come back for another one and soon, you bet.

She walked him to the front door in her soaked panties, see you soon! You bet.

Al came to the top of the stairs, hon that was great, I know hon and I have the sloppy pussy to prove it.

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2014-11-18 19:04:56
Hard to follow because it is all ran together, no division between speakers. Otherwise it is a good story, especially if it is actually true. My daughter fucked black men for about 10 years then the novelty wore off. She went white and so far has stayed there. My wife has been fucked a half dozen times by black men over the last 30 years but never "went black" she says it was different but nothing to change her life over. SIMS

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2013-01-30 01:55:24
very hard story to follow and I hate white women who will fuck niggers....... they have no self respect and even less respect for their husbands...... they should be taken out and have the shit kicked out of them

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2012-10-10 16:20:15
I believe all white women want to fuck a black man and some do and they love it.

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2011-12-05 18:33:06
Once I asked a white woman why white women were attracted to black men. She replied because they were different and not because of the size of their cocks.


2011-09-20 20:51:50
very horny girl,,,i read these cuckold stories 'cause they are hot,,but do not understand for the life of me why AL or any husband would want to be CUCKOLD,,,share and share alike i say! we had an open marriage and it worked!! for awhile, until she took serious what was poked at her in fun!! silly girl! they lasted 2 months!

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