Tom spends an afternoon with Strawberry

Strawberry (Chap 2) An afternoon with Strawberry

Background: This morning I met Janet and her daughter Janice, aka Strawberry. It started innocently enough by me staring at mom’s pussy in a coffee shop. By lunch time I had fucked mom and popped Strawberry’s cherry.

And the day was still young. Plus Strawberry was waiting on her best friend Linda who supposedly is an eleven year old with big tits. Her description.

Mom Janet just watched me as I laid Strawberry on her back and fucked her mouth hard and filled it with Jizz. The little girl has taken to swallowing cum like its candy. I’m not sure if I love her or I am just dazzled with skills.

Janet was rubbing herself against me and I’m sure she can’t admit to herself she is horny from watching her baby lose her cherry and watching her swallow my cock. She runs into the living room and comes back with three more drinks. I tell Strawberry again to sip slowly. She sips what looks to be about two shots of bourbon on ice and she grins. Maybe I should not have suggested it because she can’t be drunk when her friend gets here.

“Baby, what did Tom mean about Linda”, her mom asks as she sits next to her on the bed. The booze has loosened her tongue and I hear a bit of a slur when Strawberry answers, “Mommy, Linda shows me all the stuff on the internet. She spends hours on that Omee website and shows her big tits and pussy to guys.” Janet looks at me and says, “Do girls do that?” I answer, “I’ve heard about it.” I surely don’t tell her there are websites full of little girls dancing in their bikinis or less. She asks, “Does her mother know?” Strawberry shakes her head ‘No’ and answers, “No, her mom doesn’t know about it or talk about sex. You guys need to talk about to her. I keep telling her someone from school is going to see her.”

It makes sense to me because once your face, or pussy, is on the internet it cannot be erased. I add, “Strawberry baby, you look tired.” She agrees and promises this time she will go to sleep right away. She gives me and mom a hug and goes up to her room.

I tell Janet, “She didn’t tell you she thinks I’m the perfect guy to pop Linda’s cherry. I may agree because then she would have a reason to do what we ask her; especially to get off the internet.” Well it sounded good to me, even if it was not logical. Janet’s three drinks may have also helped as she shakes her head ‘Yes’. Her blonde hair bounces around and her green eyes come back to me and slide down my body to my cock. She grins when she looks at it and I make it twitch. I’m trying to recover the best I can before we run out of time. Janet smiles and says, “If you count me that means you get to pop three cherries today.” She gets a mock serious tone and says, “Are you man enough to handle it.” I grin back at her and tell her, “Three cherries, that’s a super grand prize. Let me show you what a grand prize winner does.”

I saw some baby lotion in her bathroom and I run and get it. “Janet, lay on your stomach”, I tell her and let her see the baby lotion. She is not sure what’s coming but lies on her stomach. I dribble some on her back and give her a nice massage on her shoulders and arms. She “Mmms” and “Oohs” like it feels really good. I move down to her buns and massage them even more. She has a runner’s ass and legs. Very shapely and tight and all muscle.

My hand spreads her legs and she spreads them even more almost forming a T. It opens her ass and pussy and I massage the baby oil into her pussy first and then attack her little puckered ass. Her pucker gets special treatment of rubbing my fingers around and around while I dribble drops of baby oil on her. I can see the baby oil disappearing into her pucker and it should lube her nicely. When she moans I figure she is ready for the next step.

I hold her down so she can’t squirm away and push my finger into her ass. She tries to jump and gasps loudly as I hold it in her and let her get used to it. When she relaxes a bit, I stroke her gently at first and then harder. Listening carefully and watching her, I can tell she doesn’t hate it. She is starting to breathe harder as we pass the five minute mark and she has two fingers in her ass. I think she’ll last a few more minutes before her climax.

I stand next to the bed and pull her ass to me. Janet knows what’s going to happen and she puts her head down on the sheet and doesn’t complain. I don’t know if she is used to having her ass fucked or it’s her first time. Her legs are still wide apart and I shove my cock head into her gaping hole. Janet gasps loudly and her anal ring grabs me tight. Oh yes, she is worth it. As I push forward, I lean over her and run my hands under her and grab her big tits. Squeezing her nipples at the same time I fuck into her ass makes her groan hard. When I pull back I also relax the pressure on her tits.

By the third time Janet is whining and she pulls the pillow into her face to muffle her groans. When my cock reaches maximum length her groans turn into little yelps and screams. We have been going at it for several long minutes and I figure I’m going to cum soon. Janet is yelping and shaking and she squeezes my cock hard when I stroke into her. I hear her whining, “OMG, OMG don’t stop.” When her climax hits she grips the sheets hard enough to nearly rip and I keep pounding into her. Sweat is pouring off me and it’s not pretty.

As I shoot ropes of Jizz deep into her ass she rocks against me and pulls her legs together. I stay in her for a minute and then roll us over on the side with my cock still in her. “Janet baby I think I love you”, I tell her as I nuzzle into her neck and blonde hair. She grins and says, “You just want to fuck me.” Of course it’s true so I add, “And Strawberry and Linda, too.” She wiggles her ass with my cock still hard inside her. I ask her, “Is it true about Linda and her big tits?” She sighs and says, “The poor child does have huge tits and Strawberry is probably right about her wanting to fuck.” I cuddle her to me closely and say quietly, “Will you help me do her?” Janet wiggles her ass in a ‘Yes’ motion and I grin. “I take it as a yes. I have a bad thought; I think you may like to eat her pussy, too.” Janet inhales hard and her pussy squeezes my cock. “OMG, don’t go there.”

Of course my brain goes there, because after she eats the first tween pussy the second pussy is a natural idea. Mommy eating baby’s pussy turns me on all of a sudden and my cock gets hard. Janet feels it and says, “Tom, are you thinking of me eating teen pussy.” I push my hard cock into her ass deeper and say, “Yes, and the girls learning how to sixty-nine; if they haven’t done it already.” Janet gasps hard and says, “Oh shit, don’t put that in my head.” Of course it’s too late; I know she thinks about Strawberry eating pussy. And I think about the two tweens having their heads together and swallowing my cum.

Good grief, it may turn into an interesting evening at Janet’s house. To change the topic just a bit; I push my cock into her again and nuzzle into her and ask, “So, how much is the rent?” She does not hesitate one second and says, “If you take care of the yard and minor repairs, I’ll lower it to a $1,000 per month.” I grin and ask, “And if I take care of the landlady too?” She grins back and squeezes her ass muscles again and say, “Be careful or I’ll raise it to $2,000 for maintenance and snacks.” I grin and give her a hug and tell her, “Ok, let’s try it for the three months I have left on my lease. I’ll move a few things into the basement in the next few days.” Getting all this pussy is worth the money plus some.

Janet rolls over and kisses me hard, “Thanks Tom, you are seriously saving my life here.” We kiss again and she says, “Let’s get you into the shower and put fresh sheets on the bed.”

Yea, bossing me around already.

We actually wash ourselves in the shower and Janet reminds me about washing my cock well and not spreading germs. Yea, I probably should stock up on condoms. In an hour we have the house all clean and presentable for Linda’s mom to see. I tell Janet it’s a good time for me to go back to my apartment and get some clothes and stuff I’ll need in the morning. Then I remember the report and quickly forget about it again.

When I get back, I tap on the basement door because I see Strawberry and another girl playing. Strawberry opens the door and helps me put my clothes into the room with the bed. Strawberry introduces me to Linda. Linda is not shy about checking me out and lets her eyes roam up and down my body. I do it to her also and yes, on her short size her tits look really large. She seems to be about five feet, two inches tall with short, pixie cut dark hair. She has brown eyes and a nice tan on her bare midriff. Her large ass sits on top of short legs. Her blue shorts are very short and she has a very nice camel toe. But her boobs draw your attention because she must be at least a 36C. Mighty big for an eleven year old.

Strawberry tells her I’ll be renting the basement and I tell them they can still play down here anytime. I hang my clothes up, bring in a few more boxes and go up the steps to give Janet a $1,000 check. Janet is in the kitchen looking into the fridge trying to decide what to cook for the girls. Since Janet did not drain my checkbook, I tell her we’ll ask the girls what they really want and we’ll go eat out. I guess they have not been in a decent restaurant in a while. We end up in a restaurant with a gigantic buffet and everyone can choose what they really like.

Linda sits next to me and digs into a big bowl of shrimp. Strawberry sits across from her. Janet and I sit across from each other. The girls chatter about school and their latest ‘super gigantic math’ homework. It makes me chuckle; I wish life would be so easy. Linda has several napkins all over the place to wipe her hands after peeling shrimp.

One is on her thigh and when I look down her hand rubs the napkin and then she reaches over and gives my leg a quick squeeze. I let my hand drop down and give her a little squeeze also. Linda moves the leg nearest me over and when my hand goes to squeeze her a second time I actually slip down the front of her shorts to her camel toe. She closes her legs on my hand and I give her pussy a rub. “So you want to play?” I think as I bring my hand back to the table. Linda smiles at me and says, “This is good stuff”. I can feel her hand on my leg, so I tell her, “Save room for desert.” Her eyes go wide for a second; but she covers it fairly well by sticking a shrimp into her mouth. We make it through dinner without incident. At least Linda and I are on the same wavelength; we are going to play more.

Back at the house the girls go back to the basement and I ask Janet about serving drinks with just a light touch of booze. Strawberry has had enough for the day and she needs to stick to cola. We put different colored straw into the drinks and I carry them to the basement. Linda takes a sip of hers before we can clink glasses and her eyes bore into mine, “OMG, this is good. I hope you let me have some more.” I smile and say, “There is a pitcher full.” Linda smiles back at me and Strawberry watches us. I tell them I’ll be back in a little bit.

When I come back down the girls have a blanket spread out and are playing cards. I ask, “What game are you playing?” Strawberry tells me they are playing Go Fish; but needed me to be the third person. I have no clue about a fishing card game and they volunteer to teach me. Linda says quietly, “You don’t mind playing with girls do you?” I grin and give Strawberry a look and say, “I love playing with girls.” Strawberry about chokes on her cola.

Linda says, “We will explain it as we go; but you don’t want to lose a round.” Like a dummy, I ask, “Why not?” The girls laugh at me and Linda says, “This is strip Go Fish.” I grin and nod my head, “Very nice Linda. I can’t wait to see your pretty tits.” Linda did not expect it; but she arches her shoulders back and pushes her tits forward and shakes them a bit. Oh yes, Linda may be a bit of a tease but she is going to get fucked soon.

Strawberry loses the first round and she pulls off her shorts. I have to laugh because she wears pink panties with little kittens on it. She tells me it’s the very latest fashion from some fancy designer place. So I say, “Hello Janice, I like your little pussies”. They both giggle hard and Linda falls over laughing. She doesn’t know I’ve already tasted Strawberry’s little pussy.

When I lose the next round I pull off my shoes and get two disappointed looks. I want to tell the two little teases I may not know about card games; but I can tease with the best of them. The girls get determined looks on their faces and we play the next three rounds fairly quick. Strawberry loses her top and shows us her bikini top. Linda loses her shorts and I see her pink undies. Linda teases me a bit by sitting with her legs apart and I can a dark patch where her pussy is. Since someone has to remove clothing after each round it’s just a matter of time until someone is naked.

Three more round later and the girls have me minus my shirt and pants. When my shirt came off, Linda seemed to be impressed; but nothing like when my trousers come off. She stares at my jockeys in open admiration. When we play the next hand she loses big time and pulls her shirt over her head. Her tits are encased in a heavy duty bra. While I stare at her tits she watches my cock twitch and smiles. Strawberry grins as the sexual tension clearly rises. Who is going to show their goodies first?

I think Strawberry cheats and Linda has to lose her bra. Strawberry giggles when her friend loses and chants quietly, “Bra, bra, bra”. Linda does not disappoint, she reaches behind her back and unhooks her bra. She plays with it a bit, so I hum a stripper song and the girls giggle. Linda flings the big bra at my face and I laugh and look at her tits. They are woman sized and conical with dark areolas and nipples. Linda cups them and points the nipples at me and plays with herself. “Very pretty, Linda”, I tell her and she grins. My cock is jumping in my jockeys and the girls giggle some more.

I tease them and say, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Strawberry goes first.” Strawberry must have been waiting for the right excuse. She jumps up and strips her remaining clothes off. Standing up in front of me puts her pussy right in front of my face. I pull her to me and kiss her belly and lick her mons. She giggles and then groans when my tongue licks her pussy.

When I look at Linda her eyes are like saucers, I can also see a tiny wet spot on her panties. She probably thought her friend Strawberry would never strip down in front of a guy. Linda says, “Strawberry, your mom is upstairs.” Strawberry grins and says quietly, “She knows.” Linda’s eyes are even bigger.

I stand up and pull my jockeys down and let my half hard cock dangle in front of Linda’s face. She is still in shock. Seeing cocks on the internet is way different from having one dangling inches in front of you. “OK Linda, it’s what you been waiting on”, I tell her as I take her hand and wrap it around my cock. She looks up at me with her brown eyes and slowly strokes her hand up and down my cock. Her big boobs shake as she breathes hard. She strokes my cock about four times and then smiles at me. “How is that, Tom?” she asks.

I tell her it’s almost perfect and we need another drink. Strawberry leads the way and I take Linda’s hand and we head up the steps. Linda gets another big surprise as we get to the master bedroom. Janet has set up drinks and she sits on the big bed wearing a sexy, lacy red bra and matching panties. Her nipples are almost exposed on the low cut bra and I grin and smile, “Wow Janet, you look super sexy.” Strawberry’s face has an amazed look on it as she looks at her mom all glammed up, “Wow Mommy, you look hot.”

Janet gets up and hands us the drinks and says, “Let’s drink to Linda becoming a woman.” Holy shit, that is direct and to the point. Linda’s mouth hangs open and Janet smiles at her and gives her a hug, “Drink up baby. It’s time for you to do it.” We clink glasses and Linda chugs hers down and gives a bit of a cough. Janet winks at me and I know it was at least a double of what was left of the ex-husband’s favorite bottle.

Janet sits down on the chair by her dresser and tells Strawberry, “Baby, help Tom”. Strawberry smiles and looks at Linda’s big tits. I think, “Go ahead, play with her big tits and I’ll take care of her pussy.” I kneel down and pull Linda’s wet panties down and see her little bush up close. Short dark hair covers her mons and pussy edges. I lean forward and give her two little kisses on her pussy and Linda squirms away. “OMG, no one has touched me before”, she moans. Strawberry gives her a hug and says, “It will get even better.” Linda looks at Strawberry hard and Strawberry’s freckled face breaks out in a big grin, “We did it this morning. Lost my cherry.” Linda is surprised and she mutters, “Shit, I can’t believe you got popped first.”

I notice when Strawberry hugs her she pushes her small tits against Linda and one hand cups a breast. Strawberry definitely loves those big tits.

I think we need to have a little more girl action before I dive into Linda’s pussy. “Strawberry, I think Linda needs a shave”, I say quietly. She looks down at Linda’s dark hair and then up into her face. “Can I shave you?” she asks her friend. Linda is still quivering from her pussy kisses and just nods her head ‘Yes’. Strawberry looks at her mom and says, “You have to show us.” Janet smiles and says, “Of course, baby.”

In the large bathroom, I sit back and enjoy the show. Janet spreads several towels on the floor next to the tub and then lines up the tools. She has Linda sit on the edge of the tub and spread her legs. Her pussy gaps open a bit and I see pink. It makes me smile. Janet has Strawberry kneel down next to her and listen to mom’s instruction. First comes the scissors and Janet trims the hairs down to a manageable size. She lectures on scissor safety and not accidentally stabbing yourself if you shave yourself.

Next comes a lecture on the proper shaving cream. She tells the girls she prefers a ‘women’s cream’ because it’s gentle and does not sting if it gets in your pussy. She makes Strawberry apply the cream to Linda’s pussy and I can tell Strawberry loves it. She rubs Linda’s pussy until they are both breathing hard and Janet breaks it up. Watching Strawberry and Linda makes my cock twitch and gets me really horny.

Janet applies fresh cream and breaks out a new pink razor. She talks about how to safely shave around the tender pussy lips and it even gets me breathing hard. She demonstrates for a minute and then has Linda shave herself for a minute. Strawberry is crossing and uncrossing her legs and I think an orgasm is going to grip her in a minute. Janet tells Strawberry to shave the rest of Linda’s pussy hair. Linda is quivering again and when Strawberry makes one or two shaving strokes the girls lose control.

Linda shrieks and pulls Strawberry’s face into her wet pussy and Strawberry wraps her hands around her middle and munches into her pussy. Linda leans back and clamps onto Strawberry’s head for dear life as her legs come up high into the air. She moans and groans as an orgasm ripples through her short frame. Her tits bounce and I swear her nipples just grew a half inch. She lasts about two minutes before she relaxes and her feet hit the floor again. When she releases Strawberry’s head, she comes away with spots of shaving cream all over her freckled face.

Janet laughs and tells me, “Happens to me sometime too.” Oh, I can’t wait to help Mommy shave. I wanted to shave Strawberry; but Linda’s screaming climax was enough to almost cause me to lose my load. Janet tells the girls to stand up in the tub and use the sprayer hose to wash themselves. Wow, it was more of a show then I expected.

While the water is running, I help Janet clean up the mess and she lays out fresh towels. I tell her, “You dry Linda and I’ll get Strawberry”. She calls me a dog and laughs. Strawberry smiles as I hold the big towel for her and wrap her in it. I pull her back against me and run my hands down her front. Her breasts get lots of attention and then I sneak my hand under the towel and play with her pussy. I lift one leg up onto the commode and it opens Strawberry’s pussy. My middle finger glides into her wet pussy and I play with her for a minute or two. I kiss her neck and whisper, “More later, baby. Guests go first.” Strawberry bumps her ass against my cock and giggles.

Janet is using two smaller towels to dry Linda. She stands in front of her and runs the towels under her breasts and lifts them individually to get every inch dry. She has Linda put one leg up on the bathtub and her pussy gets the towel treatment. She must have started with the back and is finishing with the front. After the towels, Janet tells the girls about the importance of putting lotion on the shaved area. She kneels down and rubs lotion into the lower belly area first before her fingers move down to Linda’s pussy.

Linda seems to still be worked up from all the attention and when Janet’s fingers work between her legs, Linda puts her hands on Janet’s shoulders and groans. I can see Janet’s hand stroking across Linda’s pussy. When she stops one finger disappears into Linda. Janet massages her pussy for a minute and then tells me, “Come on, Tom.” I pull Linda back to the bed and have her lay down.

When I kiss her, Linda relaxes a bit and kisses back with passion. We play tongues a bit more and I tell her how pretty she looks. She smiles and bats her eyes and gets all little girly on me when she asks, “Are you really going to pop my little cherry?” It makes me grin and I say, “Yes, I’m going to make you a big girl now”. Linda gets the joke and pushes her big tits up and says in the little girl voice, “Am I not big enough for you?” So I play mind games with her and say, “I don’t know baby, can you take my big cock all the way?”

Linda grins and says, “I bet I can do it better than Janice.” I kiss her and then whisper into her ear, “She told me you show your pussy to all the guys in the internet. After today, you won’t need the internet anymore.” She grins and says, “I saw a girl fuck a dog. That’s really gross.” I agree, and say, “Gross. A pretty baby like you doesn’t need to be on the internet.” When I move my lips to her nipples we stop talking and start moaning.

Her boob fills both my hands as I play with her. Linda moans and closes her eyes and Strawberry moves onto the bed with us. I motion her to Linda’s other tit and she licks it and tweaks her nipple with her fingers. Linda looks down and sees Strawberry’s head on her chest. Linda runs her fingers through Strawberry’s hair and guides her and holds her against her boobs. Yes, she had most likely done it before.

It gives me the chance to move down to her pussy. I go slow and kiss my way down her belly and then get between her legs. Kisses cover her inner thighs and hot Linda moans and pushes her hips up and drops back down. She is so excited; I think she is going to climax again before I even touch her clean shaved pussy. Without the hair she is fully exposed and probably more sensitive. The lotion Janet has put on her has a light vanilla smell.

I put two fingers on her outer lips and pull them apart and just feast my eyes on what all the internet guys probably did not see; young Linda totally hairless and fresh shaved. Two drops of water seep out of her when I spread her lips. Her outer lips were just a slit hiding her pleasures because her lips did not protrude like some grown women. Her inner lips open and show me her pink insides. Well, I don’t have to hunt her clit.

Her clit is really large and is already out of its hiding spot. It even seems to pulse at me. If I touch it, Linda will probably climax. I really should be a nice guy and share. I turn around and Janet is watching me playing with Linda’s pussy. One hand is in her crotch and two fingers are inside her panties. “Come here baby”, I say to Janet and she shakes her head ‘No’. When I reach for her hand and pull, she doesn’t fight and kneels down next to me. I whisper into her ear, “Look at her clit.” Janet gasps and whimpers, “Wow, she is big.” My hand goes to the back of Janet’s head and I push her toward Linda’s inviting pussy.

My cock twitches hard as I see Janet’s tongue come out and lick Linda’s pussy. She starts at the bottom and moves slowly up and down; staying away from her clit. Linda humps her hips against Janet’s face. She doesn’t know the tongue in her pussy is her best friend’s mom. Janet carefully pushes two fingers into her pussy and probes her. Linda humps up hard and groans.

Strawberry’s sucking her nipples keeps her from jumping up. Strawberry sees it’s her mom eating Linda’s pussy and doubles her effort to suck her nipples right off her big tits. Janet grins at me and her face is wet from Linda’s pussy. I pull her face to me and kiss her and she runs her tongue into my mouth. “Make her cum”, I whisper into Janet’s ear and push her face back into Linda’s pussy. Janet has overcome her shyness about eating tween pussy and it makes me grin.

I watch as she sucks Linda’s clit into her lips and runs her two fingers into her pussy. She sucks for about a minute while Linda’s ass is humping hard. The scream announces Linda’s cum. Her short legs shoot up and she collapses back on the bed. “OMG, OMG Tom, stop please”, she whines almost in pain. We watch her recover for a few minutes and she has a really big smile on her face. “Wow, that was intense. OMG, I had no idea”, she says and then reaches up and pulls Strawberry’s face down and gives her a hard, deep tongue kiss.

When they break, Linda pulls Strawberry back to her tits and says, “Do it some more.” Strawberry latches onto her tits and sucks the big nipples hard. I think she is trying for milk. Janet is still kneeling beside me and I kiss her again and say, “You did it.” She grins and says, “Wow, that was intense. OMG, I had no idea.” I laugh as she repeats Linda’s words.

Time to get serious; because my cock can’t stand much more stimulation. I stand up and pull Linda to me and push my cock head into her wet pussy. She looks up and smiles and quips, “No, no, not my little cherry”. Strawberry starts giggling and loses the tit. “Strawberry baby, straddle her head and make her shut up”, I tell them. Linda’s face is priceless and her lips make a big surprised ‘O’ as Strawberry swings her leg across her and settles her pussy on Linda’s face. I hear mumbling coming from between Strawberry’s legs; but the look on Strawberry’s face tells me a tongue just hit her pussy. Strawberry’s quick reaction make me think again these two have been munching each other’s little pussies for a while.

My cock twitches with all that is running through my mind and I push into Linda with more pressure. I should have hit her hymen by the time I’m half way into her but there is no obstruction. Good for me; I hold still as I bottom out deep in her pussy. Linda lies quietly for about a minute and then rocks her pelvic. It’s a good sign and I pull back out and push into her a second time. Linda only waits a few seconds before rocking back at me. She accepts my whole cock into her tight pussy and I fuck into her a third stroke. Linda rocks back right away and sets the pace for her first real fuck.

I go fairly slow putting more effort into going deep inside her instead of trying to jack hammer her like the idiots on the porn shows. Linda seems to like it because we move together and her push back feels natural. She is great at multi-tasking. She uses pelvic thrusts to fuck me and at the same time she has her arms wrapped around Strawberry’s legs holding her tight and eating her pussy.

I can’t help but to compare her to Strawberry whose her face is right in front of me and it has a grimace of pure pleasure on it. They are different; I think Strawberry will like a more gentle fuck but Linda seems to like it deep. “Ok, don’t over analyze”, I think to myself as I stroke deep into Linda. Her tits are gently swaying and so I reach for them and massage her nipples. I can hear Linda moaning and take it as a good thing.

Strawberry watches me playing with Linda’s big tits and I give her equal treatment. “I love you baby”, I tell her and lean forward and give her a big kiss. My hands rub her smaller chest and her hard nipples and when I lean back, she mouths, “I love you too, Tom.”

Two hands come around me and Janet’s fingers touch my nipples and rub them. I can feel her hot 36C’s on my back. Janet must have lost her bra and she squeezes herself against me. She kisses my neck and rubs my nipples and she hears me groan. She says quietly, “You were right, they have been having sex before. I wonder how long?” “Probably not long, baby”, I tell her.

I’m about to fill Linda with cum but Strawberry beats me with her own climax. She shivers hard and howls as Linda does not let her lose and keeps digging her tongue into Strawberry’s pussy. Strawberry howls some more and reaches down and pulls Linda’s hands away and rolls over totally exhausted. Linda grins and then feels my hot Jizz shooting into her belly. Her mouth makes another ‘O’ and her eyes get wider than ever, “Oh shit, Oh shit, you shot a load of cum into me.” I hold her tight against me as the last few ropes of Jizz shoot into her. “You’re a big girl now, baby”, I tell her with a smile.

Strawberry has a horrified look on her face as she looks at Linda first and then her mom, “Is she pregnant now, Mommy?” Janet goes to Janice and says, “No baby, you girls are still too young to get preggy.” She looks down at Linda and asks, “Have you had a period, yet?” Linda shakes her head ‘No” and Janet and I grin at each other. “They both get a prescription for the pill on Monday”, she says. “God, I have to talk to her mother and get her educated.”

Now what, I wonder. The girls are happy but Mommy has been left out. “Janet, maybe the girls should shower up in Strawberry’s room”, I suggest. Janet gets the idea and picks up Linda’s panties. I pull Linda to me and ask her, “Was it what you expected?” Her snippy sense of humor is in full force and she says, “I really wanted Tom the movie star to pop my cherry; but you did OK.” I tweak one nipple and say, “When we do it again, you just imagine I’m the other Tom.” Linda gives me a serious smile and says, “I can come over every day and help Strawberry do some ‘homework’. She pinches my cock when she says homework and slides off the bed. I yell after her, “I’m really good in Biology”.

Strawberry slides off the bed and comes to me before she follows Linda. She looks at me seriously and says, “I want you to help me with ‘homework’. I give her a hug and tell her a secret by putting my face in her hair next to her ear. “Baby, I’ll be here every night just for you and we can do lots of it.” Strawberry gives me a big smile and I squeeze her baby ass cheek and then give her a little spank. She grins and skips out the door. Spanking, now there is something I had never ever considered; but I could do it to the right partner.

Janet looks at me seriously, “You can’t fuck all three of us every day”. I laugh and say, “I’d be dead in ninety days and then who would pay the rent?” Janet doesn’t think it’s funny but she smiles a bit. I tell her that I agree, we need to behave a bit like a regular family. We need to talk to the girls about sex, the internet and keeping their mouths shut.

I give her a hug and slide her tits across my chest and kiss her lightly. “Before we do all that serious stuff, I think Mommy needs another fuck to get relaxed”, I tease. Janet reaches for two drinks and we sip parts of them. She looks at me hard and asks, “So is my grand prize winner ready to go again?”

I push her shoulders down and she kneels in front of me. My cock is still wet from Linda’s pussy and when Janet swallows me she moans like Linda did.

“Every day after school”, I think of Linda’s promise and my cock gets hard in Janet’s mouth. I push deeper into her mouth and think of Strawberry.

When Linda goes home tonight, Strawberry can join Mommy and me in the big bed.

Three cherries, can life get any better?

Thanks for positive votes.
Boo to the few negatives.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-21 05:54:20
u got me so fucking wet and it reminds me of when i got my cherry popped and im only 14

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-11 21:40:08
This is Speical Force Officer Z again i love this story as well.
P.S. From now on Speical Force Officer Z I will abreviate it as SFOZ.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-14 01:10:51
Sound good do it to me baby

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2012-12-21 17:08:18
This is all very hot. But it broke my heart when you shaved Linda.

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-08 00:35:04
i would like to be ur fuck buddy, never been with a girl that young but i fantasize abt really young girls all the time....12 is older than i fantasize by several years.

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