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My first story and fictional, based on real life
Hi, my name is Alex. I'm currently sixteen and attened a public high school
I'm around six feet tall and have brown hair and blue eyes.I'm a junior. I'm pretty
smart, but am a rather lazy student. I'm a little on the heavy side, but it isn't
noticiable when I'm wearing a shirt. I always seem to have more things to do then
I do time.

My story begins in my sixth and final class have the day, technical theater.
I was one of the better technicians that the school. Our school itself has an excellent
tech theater program. A few other notiable people are Ricky, Austin, and my bestfriend
Khyla. We were probably the best four technicians in the school. Ricky was openly gay,
but it didn't seem to diminish anyones opnion of him. Austin was, well Austin. Not much
more to be said about him. Khyla was my closest friend in the school; I told her everything.

I walked into class a few minutes early, per my usual rutine. The class room was
called the black box because that's litteraly what it is, a black box. It's painted
completely black and is a cube. All the chairs were in a straight line facing the front
of the room and the door. We didn't have desks because most of the time we worked in the
theater. I took my seat near the edge of the chair line, all the way on the right.

I sat and waited for Khyla, she was usually late to class. When she got to class
she sat next to me. We sat wordlessly as the teacher told us what we were going to do
that day. We were going to finish hanging lights for the show later that night. Ricky
and I were running the show at 6 o'clock, so we went to the back of theater and fired
up the lighting board. We silently worked on programming lights until school ended for
the day.

When class ended we went to talk to the teacher about the show later that night.
"Hey guys" FC, the teacher, said. "Are you ready for the show tonight?" he asked us.

"As ready as we will be," Ricky replied. He was right. We had programmed
the lights, but hadn't gotten much practice in.

"If you guys wanna stay after school and work some more, I'd be ok with it,"
FC said. "I trust you guys, youv'e never gotten into any trouble before. We looked
at each other then just nodded. FC handed us his keys and told us he would be back
at six.

I looked over at Ricky, he was everything he had been since I met him back
in elementary school.He was heavy, but it wasn't bad.He had long dirty blonde hair
that curled a little at the tips. He had dark eyes and a soft voice. "We better get
working" I said to Ricky. He nodded and we went back to the theater.

The lighting booth was all the way in the back of theater, and we had to climb
several stairs to get to it. We walked in and shut the door. We were both breathing heavily,
niether of us were in peak physical shape. Ricky turned on the board and we took our seats,
looking out into the theater. "Hey Ricky," I said.

"What's up?" He asked me.

"Were the only people in the entire school right now aren't we?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Kinda a weird feeling, but if we mess up FC will kill us." He replied

"I know." We went back to working, but we enjoyed ourselves talking about this
or that as we went along. Somehow while working our chairs had gotten closer, probably
from working on the same setting. Our legs were continually rubbing together, and I
started to get hard.

Ricky looked over at me and noticed, due to the fact that I was wearing basketball
shorts. "You ok over there?" he asked me jokingly. I looked down. Shit. I wasn't sure if
I was gay, straight, or both. I was taking to long to answer."Sorry I wasn't trying to make
fun of you, God knows I get enough of that. Which chick were you thinking about?" He asked me.
Just like Ricky, trying to make me more comfortable.

"No one accuctally. It was your legging rubbing against me..." I struggled to say.
A suprised look crossed his face.

"I didn't know you were like me" Ricky said.

"I don't know what I am," I said. I looked over at his pants, but he was wearing
cargos, nothing to be revealed. "I mean I've thought about it, but I just dunno."

"If it makes you feel better," Ricky started, "I've thought about you before,
you know, like that."

"You have?" I hadn't gone very far with either a chick or a guy, and I had no idea
what to do. "I thought about you a few times too..." I admitted.

Ricky smiled and put his hand on my leg, and started to rub it slowly. I didn't know
what to do so I put my arm around him and sat silently. "You know were the only people
on campus right now" Ricky said.

"I know." I said.

"We can try something if you want," he offered. I didn't even have to think about it.

"Ok, but let's go slow, I'm knew to this." I said. Ricky just smiled and moved closer.
He kissed me full on, nothing I had ever done with guy. I liked it and kissed him back, putting
my tongue deep into his mouth. We made out for a few minutes, then he broke the kissing.

Ricky started to unbutton my pants, then stopped. "Do you wanna keep going?" He asked.
I just nodded, and he pulled my pants to my ankles.He went back to kissing me and slowly stroked
me through my boxers until I was fully hard. Next he pulled down his shorts.

I reached over and rubbed him through his black underwear. While i was doing this, he
rubbed my inner thigh, starting to slide his hand up my underwear. Then out of nowhere he pulled
my underwear down and exposed my 7" cock.

"Are you ok with this?" he asked me. I mustv'e had a strange look on my face, but i just
nodded. He pulled down his underwear and wrapped my hand around his 7" stick. I instictively started
rubbing and he groaned. We were both still sitting, but he broke my contact with his dick and
got on his knees.

He started to jerk me really hard, really fast. I made a few noises and groans and
then he stopped.

"How far do you want to go?" He asked me. I shrugged. "Well I need to know so I
don't do anything your not comfortable with."

"Keep going, I'll let you know if it gets to far for me." I said. He nodded, then did
what I expected and took my dick in his mouth. It felt so amazing having his warm lips wrapped
around me, with just the right amount of moisture in his breath. It was like nothing I had ever
expierienced before. I started letting out all kinds of moans and groans, and he smiled.

His head started bobbing up and down, and I didn't know how much longer I could go.
"Ricky, stop." I told him. He looked confused but got back in his chair. His dick was still out,
so I took my chance. I climbed onto my knees and took him into my mouth. I had never sucked dick
before, so I gagged a few times.

"Your doing fine," he told me. "Just try not to scrape me with your teeth." I made the
neccesary adjustment and kept going. Pretty soon Ricky was making noises. "I'm going to cum soon,"
he warned me. I kept going, and he came in my mouth. It tasted sticky, but I swallowed it
anyway. "Let me finish you up." He said.

He kneeled down and sucked on me again. It felt great, and I was groaning uncontorllably.
"I'm about to cum..." I groaned at him. He just smiled as I jizzed in his mouth, and swallowed it all.
He stood up and pulled up his pants, I did the same. There was an akward moment, then we went back to work on the upcoming show.

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Me and my best friend did this once in the bathroom at the school in 3/4 Grade and we came a lot into each other's mouths.

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is that all??? I hope there'll be an extra ordinary scene... hot

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I wish I could do that... Soooo hot

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Rather small chapter
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