Emily and Tom had been dating for about a year, it was the perfect relationship he was a tall brown haired blue eyed football captain with an athletic build, and she was every high school boys dream, a blonde-haired blue eyed cheerleader with an amazing figure, both aged 16.
One Friday afternoon Tom was walking Emily home from school, as they reached her house to say goodbye Tom took Emily in his arms and kissed her.
He slid his hands down her back, she put her arms around his neck and stroked his hair softly, Tom’s hand slid further down to her perfectly curved ass, pulling at her dress slightly.
“No! Tom don’t, you know im not ready for that sort of stuff yet” Emily said sternly pushing his hands away.
“Im sorry babe, see you tomorrow?” Tom said a little frustrated, but tried not to show it.
“Yeah sure!” Emily said with a smile back on her face.
As Tom walked home he couldn’t help being annoyed, to be honest they hadn’t ever done anything else other than kiss for the last year , Tom was finding it hard to stop himself getting so turned on when he kissed her, he hadn’t ever felt that way about a girl before.
When Tom got home he went straight up to his room to do his homework, he sat at the edge of his bed and started with a few maths questions but soon got bored. Luckily the phone rang, it was Emily.
“Hey Tom , I was wondering if instead of me coming over to yours tomorrow , how about you come to mine , my parents are going out of town so we can have the house to ourselves?” Emily said with her cute little voice.
“Oh yeah sure Em that would be awesome” Tom replied
“Ok bye” Emily said and then hung up.
Tom sat and thought for a while, imagining him and Emily alone together for the whole weekend, he imagined her underneath him, her beautiful body pressed against his.
Touching her creamy white skin and finally seeing her perfectly shaped breasts, he imagined taking them in his mouth. He now had a lump in his throat that wouldn’t go away, his cock started to get harder as he thought of her big soft lips wrapped around it, how her hot mouth might feel.
He soon started to rub his cock which was already dripping with precum, his dick now throbbing as he imagined Emily squeezing his dick in her hands. Tom began to rub his dick harder he felt he was about to come hard, his dick pulsating in his hands at the thought of it sliding deep into Emily’s tight pussy.
“Oh Em! He moaned as he shot cum out of his rock hard cock, he took out a few tissues and cleaned himself off. If only Emily could do that to him, he thought to himself as he went downstairs to eat.
The next morning Emily got herself ready for Tom to come over, she combed her hair through and put on her favourite pair of jeans which showed off her ass perfectly, she looked at herself in the mirror for a while admiring her butt and curves.
She through on a vest top and went downstairs ready for Tom, she sighed when she reached the living room to see she still had 45 minutes until Tom would arrive. So she went outside to sit by her pool, she felt the hot sun on her face and brushed her fingers through her golden hair.
She was still embarrassed about the night before; worried Tom might find her boring and want to split up. It wasn’t that she was scared of doing anything , she was just scared she wouldn’t satisfy Tom , after all he had lost his virginity but said it wasn’t all it was put up to be. She wanted him to take his words back when he fucked her.
She felt a tingling in her stomach, which she liked. Emily could still taste Tom on her lips, she brushed her fingers past her lips smiling too herself. She slipped her fingers down to her breasts, she loved the way they felt when she pinched them.
“Mmmmm” she moaned to herself, a luscious feeling rippling through her body. Her fingers then made their way down to her pussy, brushing over it slightly, Emily always enjoyed teasing herself. She placed her fingers down her panties and ran her finger over her clit, hips buckling as she licked her lips.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Tom was here! Emily quickly did up her jeans and ran to the door still feeling turned on, her cheeks flushed and her lips trembled as she opened the door.
“Hey babe!” Tom said as he hugged her.
“Hi, you alright?” how about we go and sit in the living room” Emily said hugging him back.
They both walked over to the couch and sat side by side, after a while of watching TV Emily laid herself out n Toms lap, he stroked her hair and face staring into her beautiful eyes as she stared back. He leaned down and kissed her softly, both of them lost in the kiss never wanting the feeling to end.
As they broke away from each other Emily thought to herself, this was the perfect night, her parents away them left alone for the night. She decided tonight was the night to give herself to him.
Tom stared at his gorgeous girlfriend wanting to kiss her, touch her and make love to her, he just worried she would push him away. Emily sensed this and decided to show him it was ok.
She kissed him again harder this time, slipping her tongue inside his mouth passionately, again stroking his hair, her knees trembling. Emily pulled Toms hand over to her butt. She pressed his hand against her butt, looked at him and smiled.
Tom began to get extremely turned on by this; she had given him permission to touch her body, her virgin, untouched body which made it even more exciting. Tom cupped his hand round her butt cheek and stroked it; Emily’s whole body tingled again wanting more.
Tom then moved his hand up towards her breasts, holding his breath slightly hoping she wouldn’t push him away. But to his delight she didn’t, he brushed his hands over her breasts and then slightly squeezed them; Emily gasped in pleasure and pushed herself onto his hand. This made Tom even more excited; he then squeezed here nipples through her vest.
“Mmmm oh Tom” Emily moaned to him.
Emily pushed Tom away, for a second his heart dropped thinking it was over until Emily pulled down her top revealing her creamy tender breasts, her pink puffy nipples perked up. This made Tom go mad, he cupped one of her breasts in his hand and sucked, licked and bit her nipple, losing control over himself.
Emily’s back arched in pleasure the feeling of his hot tongue on her nipple was immense she could have cum right there. Tom stopped sucking on her breast and kissed her passionately once again; she kissed him back whilst sliding her hand down to his crouch, rubbing his cock slowly through his jeans she longed to see it, to touch it, to taste it.
Tom could wait no longer he unzipped his jeans, pulled them off and took out his cock, Emily stared at it in shock , she couldn’t believe how long and hard it was her pussy started to tingle again.
“Em, do you think you could...”
Tom didn’t even have to ask, Emily took Toms throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked it, and she licked up and down the shaft of his cock tenderly.
“Oooohh” Tom moaned faintly his fantasy’s coming true.
Emily loved hearing him moan in pleasure and began to suck harder moaning softly, the vibrations pleasuring Tom even more, his cock now covered in precum and throbbing harder ready to orgasm.
“Ahh Em im gunna oooo”Tom screamed out, but before he could warn her he shot his cum out into her mouth, all over her breasts. He worried it would put her off but when he looked down at her she had pure lust in her eyes.
“Wow Tom! You came all over me” Emily said smiling at him.
“Yeah I know, sorry I should have said.
“No! Its fine, I quite liked it” she giggled.
Tom smiled at her, loving her even more each time she smiled. They kissed each other again, this time tom laid himself on top of Emily’s half naked body. Emily was eager for Tom to touch her pussy; she pulled off her jeans and panties.
Tom could smell Emily’s juices and longed to taste them, he slid down so his face was nearly pressed into her pussy.
His kissed her soft thighs, licking them up and down stopping just before licking her pussy. Emily longed for him to lick her, but loved the way he teased her, making her clit tremble each time her got close to kissing it.
“Oh Tom, Lick my pussy! Please” Emily whispered into his ear.
Tom slid his tongue over her pussy, after one taste he wanted more, he licked her up and down slowly savouring each drop of Emily’s juice.
The feel of is wet tongue sliding around her pussy was unbearable, she feared he would stop.
“Oooo baby, don’t stop, mmmm lick my pussy ahh it feels so good” she pleaded
Tom licked faster, now sucking her clit rolling it round in his mouth, Emily screamed in pleasure.
“AAHHH Tom oh my god! You’re amazing!”
Emily’s legs start to twitch, she felt a strange sensation building up inside her, and she couldn’t hold it in for much longer.
“AAHHHH fuck! Tom im cumming! Ooo don’t stop!” she screamed
Emily’s pussy exploded with cum, Tom licked up every last drop, loving the taste. She sat up and smiled at Tom
“That was amazing! I can’t believe we haven’t done this before” she said her body still shaking.
“I know babe, neither can I” Tom said pulling her towards him and kissing her gently.
“Tom, I want you to make love to make, please right now” Emily said her eyes filled with passion and lust.
Toms cock started to swell at the thought of being Emily’s first; he imagined how tight her pussy will be and how soft her untouched cunt will feel on his cock.
Once again he kissed her, pushed her down on the couch and kissed her breasts, Emily moaned in pleasure. Tom slid himself into Emily she gasped holding her breath, Tom could feel her hymen at the tip of his bulging cock.
“Em , I love you” Tom whispered
“I love you too” she whispered back.
Tom pushed himself past Emily’s hymen, she yelped in pain and they both lay still for a while.
“Ok, you can carry on now babe” Emily said
Tom started to push his cock back and forth, he couldn’t believe how good she felt , it was nothing like this first time. Emily started to moan again she loved the feeling of his huge throbbing cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy her hips buckled and her whole body tingled.
“ooooooo tom im gunna…”She screamed
“so am I ahhh” Tom yelled back.
They both came together, Emily pulled tom down towards her as she came, holding im tight, loving the feeling of him inside her. Soon they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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2011-09-28 22:10:31
Really needs to be spell-checked, but other than that, it's good

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2011-09-22 03:15:45
Nice Story about two nice kids doing it for the first time. Well Written, moostly how it should happen. Simple uncomplated normal progression. You are rarely with the one you begin with but I do know some couples that have known each other from Sand Box and are now in there 40's and 50's and are togeather and happy.

It is the exception rather then the rule There are so many variables and so much of life to contend with.

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