my brother and I fooling around as kids.
Our second time together I was 8 and Steve was 13. We hadn't fooled around in a bit over a year, our first time. We never talked about it and Steve never made a sexual gesture since then. Although sometimes when I was taking a pee, he'd come in and pee right next to me and we'd have an occasional sword fight with our dicks. Or he'd hold up my dick and play with it while I pee'd. I don't think it was sexual though, he just had a fascination with my dick.

It always made me mad when he'd make fun of mine because it was smaller than his. When he hit puberty his got way bigger than mine. He'd make me drop my pants and we'd compare size. And he would always point out that he had hairs growing around his and that his balls hung low. My balls were still very tightly up against me.

His body was also changing. When we were naked around one another, although it was rare it happened, I noticed his stomach getting more flat and his face was alot more thin. His hair once short and messy like mine was now to his shoulders. He called me chubs all the time because of my chunky baby face and a bit of a pudgy stomach. I couldn't wait till I had a hard flat stomach like his, but he always told me when I hit puberty my dick would get bigger and i'd be more muscular like him.

It was mid summer and a rather cool day out so mom had Steve go out to mow the lawn. I laughed and pointed at him and he scowled at me.

Mom was really drunk today. Really really drunk. Sometimes he'd argue until she gave in, but he knew how she got when she was this drunk. She was scary. Her big blue eyes glazed over and the smell of booze followed her everywhere she went.

"Make Jake help. It's not fair." He said sort of under his breath.

"Jacob, help your brother." she said stumbling toward the fridge to get another beer.

Her perfect lipstick, blonde hair up into a bun, and flowery dress made her actually seem like a nice mom. That's the impression she gave off to people.

I knew better than to argue with mom so I huffed and put down my baseball cards to go outside and help Steve.

Steve was at the age that he didn't really want to be around anyone. He complained until mom let him have the guest room and I was left with out room. Bunk beds and all. I was always a bit bitter about her leaving. I felt betrayed as a brother. I would never leave if it were the other way around.

We took turns mowing. When we were done we flopped down on the grass. Really tired. We stared up at the blue sky....

"Hey, Steve?"


"Do you remember that time? When we were 7 and 12? Wh-what we did?"

"What'd we do?" he said in a very calm voice.


"Oh, I sucked on your weiner. Yeah I remember. So?" he said in a lower voice.

"Yeah, um, I was just wondering if you ever thought about that...." I said with a gulp.

He flipped over to look at me.

"Yeah, but that wasn't cool. I shouldn't have done it." he said.

"Oh...." I said not realizing that all big brother hadn't done it with their younger brothers. I thought of it as a Hazing ritual. Like I had to be hazed in to be a cool little brother or something.

He flipped back over to stare back at the sky again. We were very quiet. We didn't say a word. I felt dumb for even talking about it. I didn't know that we were wrong for doing it. Well, when it happened, I knew if mom had found out she'd kill us. So, I guess deep down I knew it was some kind of wrong.

He jumped up and ran towards the woods.

"Where ya going, Steve?" I yelled out to him, but he just kept running.

I got up to follow. I wanted to know where the fire was. His hair flew behind him as he pulled down the front of his short and took out his weiner still running. I saw him finally stop at a tree and stood there. He was taking a leak.

"Ahhhhh..." was all I heard from him.

When he was done he left his dangling rod hanging from his shorts, "Well, aren't you gonna go?" he said.

I stood there and started to pull down my pants like I always did, but he stopped me.

"Bro, no one wants to see your butt while you pee. It's time you start pissing like a man. Pull your weiner out, hold it, and pee." he said demonstrating while holding his own dick.

He reached over and went into my shorts and tighty whitey's. He pulled my dick out and held it. I began peeing and he played with it like it always did. Rolling it around between his thumb and index finger. This always made me hard, but I didn't think it was sexual. It was just something he did for as far as I could remember. He would also play with me sometimes if we watched a movie together at night by ourselves. He play with it until he got me hard and then he'd stop and tell me to put it away.

"Ya know....I've been doing that since you were this big, bro." he said putting his hand to his thigh demonstrating height.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yup. Don't tell mom this. You've got to swear not to tell her. When I was 6 and you were just a little baby, I would take the bottle from your mouth and replace it with my weiner. It was funny back then. To see you sucking on it." he said as he looked down at his dick.

I began to feel a bit uneasy.

"That was it though. I was just a kid." he said reassuring me.

"Haha, that's funny. You're a jerk!" I said pushing him playfully.

"What if I told you to suck it now?" he said holding it and flopping it around.

"No way, dude! Gross!" I yelled pushing him.

"If you don't suck it, I'll tell mom about the 9 bucks you stole off of her dresser." he said.

Classic blackmail.

I huffed and scowled at him. He put his hand to the top of my head and pushed me to my knees.

"Open your mouth." he said pushing his dick at my lips.

I remember wondering how I was going to get that big thing all the way into my mouth. He may not have been that big, but to a kid with a 2 1/2 inch penis 41/2 inches were big. I opened my mouth and he slid himself in. He gasped and began breathing hard. The grass was cushioning my knees. I sucked him for a good 2 minutes until I felt his get bigger in my mouth.

"Suck it, bro. Mmmm yeah. Suck it." he said in between him moaning.

I began to not mind it as much. I didn't know what in the hell I was doing, but I figured as long as I kept my mouth on him, he would be happy. He held the back of my head with both hands and fucked my mouth. He didn't miss a beat. I was starting to like sucking his dick. It got easier the more numb my throat got.

"Relax your throat so I can get it all in, Jake." he said caressing my throat with his hand.

I didn't know what he meant so I just stopped sucking and kept my mouth wide open.

I felt him push all the way in my throat and I gagged, but he wouldn't let me free.

"Ahhh! yeah!" he said.

His sweat was puring from his head and onto my hair. I felt some drops seep into my scalp. I just kept sucking him. Harder. Faster. He was now moaning, "Oh Jake. Fuck yeah buddy. Suck me. I love you, bro." I did as he said and sucked his dick more and more. Finally, I felt his legs slightly shake. I felt a small shot of cum fill my mouth. I hated the taste, but I loved the sound he made as it happened. He finally pulled out of my mouth trying to catch his breath. I leaned over to spit it out and he told me to swallow it. I gulped it down my throat and ignored the taste. It wasn't so bad.

He leaned down and kissed my lips. The way he did the first time we did it. I felt his tongue in my mouth and he pulled me to my feet. He pushed me up against the tree and kissed me alot, He made out with me while he played with my dick.

"My turn to suck yours." he said as he dropped to his knees.

I went into my own little world as I felt my dick enter the warm wet place it had a year ago. I'm sure I was moaning like a bitch from beggining to end.

I looked down to see him and he plopped me from his mouth. He licked from the shaft up to the little pink head of my cock and sucked on it. He licked the opening of my pee hole. He circled the head, licked, sucked on it, got it all wet and slippery and swallowed my whole.

"You like your big bro sucking on your little weiner, bro? I love sucking on it. I've been wanting to suck it since the last time. Tastes go good, bro. Ya know that?" he said as he took me back into his mouth and sucked harder. He began focusing and didn't say another word as he sucked and sucked and slurped and swallowed. My mind went blank as my body went tingly. I saw weird colors. That's when I knew it was coming. I braced myself, breathing and panting hard. He was panting just as hard. My dick jerked all around in his mouth and he sucked as if he were trying to get cum out of me. I obviously couldn't cum yet, but he wanted it. As my orgasm slowed it finally died and Steve sucked on me until my rock hard dick got soft in he mouth. He released me and gave the head one last suck before standing up.

He pushed me playfully.

"How about you sleep in my room tonight? Let's watch The Karate Kid!" ( one of our favorite movies to watch as kids )

"Cool! But the bunk beads are in my room dufus....." I said.

"I have a bed...." he said.

I got what he was saying.

"Love you, bro. Put it away, lets go make pb&j's. I'm starved." he yelled putting his dick back in his pants as he raced for the house.

I pulled my shorts up and ran for the house not even thinking about what we had just done. In my head we were just brothers showing each other brotherly love.

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