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It was four friends at first . . . now there?s six of them . . . but are they more than just friends?
It Started On Skull Island - Chapter 5

Brian Whatcom sat at the back of the courtroom, fidgeting to overcome the anxiety he felt coursing through his body. He wondered if this would be another case of Jeff Hansen being set free on some technicality. Allowing the rapist back on the streets would ensure that another victim like Lucy Rasmussen would live her life in terror and fear. His close friend, Denise McCurdy, had come close to being another one of those statistics, and he could feel his blood pressure rising with the memory of their ordeal on Skull Island.

“Order!” the court clerk called out. “Order in the court! In the matter of the People versus Jeffrey Johnathon Hansen, Judge Peter Ladner presiding, all rise for His Honour !” Reluctantly, Brian stood up, along with his girlfriend Marsha Middleton, his closest friend Ted Campbell, and their newest pal Roger Wilson. They would have preferred to sit with Denise and Lucy, but the prosecutor had refused to allow them to sit that close. He had mentioned something about trying to keep his witnesses from the eyes of the press.

“Jeffrey Johnathon Hansen, you are charged with assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault, . . .” The list of charges went on for what seemed like hours, and Brian found himself losing his focus on the proceedings. “How do you plead?”

“Not guilty” one of Hansen’s high-priced lawyers answered for Jeff. The Judge looked like he was about to take action against the man, then returned his stare towards Jeff.

“Counsellor, unless your name is Jeffrey Johnathon Hansen, I’d advise you to not interrupt these proceedings again unless you are specifically requested. Do I make myself clear? The next time you speak out of order like that, I will cite you for contempt.” The lawyer sat down again, a more meek look on his face. “Now, Mr Hansen . . . and only Mr. Hansen . . . how do you plead?” the Judge commanded.

“Umm, not guilty, Your Honour?” Jeff squeaked. It was more of a question than anything else, and the defendant looked fearful. This Judge wasn’t about to roll over and let all the fancy lawyers run his courtroom. Maybe there will be some justice finally, Brian thought to himself.

The court clerk read Denise’s affidavit into the court records, outlining the events that had taken place. Brian’s Dad, Martin Whatcom, sat beside his son, and at the end of the clerk’s reading, he leaned over to whisper to his son.

“You three did file your affidavits, didn’t you Son?”

“Yeah, we did. I think the prosecutor’s holding them back until Hansen has had enough time to hang himself, though. I’m just wondering whether he’ll introduce Lucy’s testimony” Brian whispered back. His Dad sat back up and listened to the words of the affidavit as they were being read out.

The trial proceeded slowly, with three of the defence lawyers objecting to anything and everything being said by the complainant, Denise McCurdy. Brian could see that the Judge was getting more and more irritated at their stall tactics, as well as their attempts to disrupt Denise’s testimony as much as possible. It seemed like hours that she was on the stand. Even Brian couldn’t follow her recitation, and he’d been there. How the Judge was supposed to make sense of it was beyond him.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang as the Judge hammered the bench with his gavel, and the people in the gallery jumped at the sound of the report.

“Counsellor, unless you have something worthwhile to say, I suggest that you stop interrupting this witness. If there are any more unnecessary interruptions of this trial, I will have you removed, sir, and find you in contempt. That goes for you and all your associates too. Do I make myself clear?” The lawyer hung his head, knowing that Judge Peter Ladner would follow through at the slightest provocation from either him, or either of his two colleagues. Miraculously, the speed of the rest of the trial increased tremendously.

“The court calls Brian Whatcom to the witness stand.” Brian stood up and slipped past his father, then walked down to the front of the courtroom, where he was sworn in.

“Mr. Whatcom, would you tell us, in your own words, what you saw on the night in question.” Brian recounted as many of the pertinent details as he could, omitting anything that had nothing to do with the attack, such as the fact that he and Marsha had made love a mere twenty feet up the beach from Ted and Denise, who were also making love to each other at the time. He also left out the part about them covering Frank Hansen’s boat with their cum, once they’d escaped from Jeff’s goons and had fled the island.

The proceedings went through the details of the attack, and Brian was questioned as t how he came to be in possession of Hansen’s speedboat. Here, though, the prosecutor took a slightly different tack than they had originally discussed.

“Mr. Whatcom, at the time that you boarded the craft in question, were there any marks or indications as to the registered owner’s identification that you could see?”

“Umm, no sir, but . . . “ Brian sputtered before the prosecutor cut his response short.

“No further questions, your Honour!” Brian was dismissed, and stepped down, wondering what the prosecutor’s purpose for that last question was.

“Your Honour, in summation, the evidence clearly demonstrates that Mr. Hansen and his associates did attempt to sexually assault Miss Denise Theresa McCurdy, and that she escaped, fortunately, by commandeering an unmarked craft. As that craft was not identifiable as being the property of one Mr. Francis Hansen, I see no reason to contemplate charges of theft in this case.”

“So noted, Counsellor” the Judge replied. “Court will be in recess for one hour, and will reconvene at two o’clock this afternoon.” There was a sharp report of the Judge’s gavel, and the court adjourned. Turning to face Brian, the prosecutor flexed his finger to call Brian back for a quick conference.

“Sorry to spring that last bit at you, Brian,” he began to explain, “but Hansen has indicated that he would lay charges of theft against each one of you. That question and answer blew his case right out of the water, so to speak.”

“Thank you, sir. We all appreciate that” Brian beamed.

They left the courtroom and headed for a coffee shop across the street, accompanied by Martin Whatcom. Everyone ordered something light, and they sat in relative silence, with Lucy looking scared and unsure of herself. Roger did his best to give her some support, as did the other four teens.

“What . . . what happens next?” Lucy asked with a waver in her voice. “Do you think they’ll find him guilty? And if they don’t, what’s to keep him and his goons from coming after us? Shit, I’m not so sure this was such a God idea. I’m damned scared!”

“Lucy,” Martin began, “let’s see what the judge has to say first. Peter Ladner’s been on the bench a long, long time, and he knows all about Jeff Hansen’s antics. If anyone is going to take that scumbag off the streets, it’ll be Judge Ladner. Trust me, okay?” His words were encouraging for her, but not by much.

Court reconvened, and Judge Ladner sat behind the bench, reading the filed affidavits and weighing the evidence, then looked directly at Jeff.

“Mr. Hansen, you have been charged with assault, sexual assault, attempted rape, attempted false imprisonment, and I’m surprised that attempted murder isn’t among these charges. In light of the evidence presented, and in consideration of these affidavits before me, which your lawyers have been given copies, I find you guilty as charged on all counts. I hereby sentence you to two years, less a day, on each charge, to be served consecutively. Maybe when you see the streets of Lakeside again, in about eight years, you’ll have had time to rethink your actions.”

Jeff looked blankly at the bench, avoiding the judge’s eyes in his shock and dismay.

“Furthermore, I hereby order the matter of the People versus Jeffrey Johnathon Hansen involving the sexual assault on one Lucille Diana Rasmussen, to be re-tried, based on this affidavit filed on her behalf. This court stands adjourned!”

Brian could hardly believe his ears! Jeff Hansen had been convicted, and would be in prison for almost eight full years! And as it that weren’t enough, Lucy would get a chance at justice too! His eyes focused on Lucy and Denise at the front of the courtroom, only to see Lucy staring blankly, her face ashen white, her eyes as big as saucers, and tears flowing down her cheeks. His first reaction was to run to her side and do whatever he could to help her overcome the shock. He’d have done it, too, except that Roger damned near bowled him over in a bid to be at Lucy’s side first, at all costs.

They took their time leaving the confines of the courthouse, its hallowed halls imparting a sense of security, yet the openness of its front courtyard represented freedom; freedom from the rules and regulations of structured society, freedom from the iron hands of justice, but mostly, freedom from the weight of Lucy and Denise’s fears that Jeff Hansen had dropped on them. That freedom washed over each member of the teen group, leaving them in a world that was carefree, unrestrained, and theirs for their exploration.

“Oh my God!” Denise expressed her inner feelings. “We did it! We got that son-of-a-bitch off the streets! I don’t believe it, but we did it!” She did her version of a happy dance as they slowly descended the building’s steps.

“Dennie,” Brian quietly mentioned, “I think my Dad had something to do with that success. I can’t prove it, and we’ll never get the whole truth out of him, but he’s pulled some strings in the background. Remember that Patrol officer that found us out on the lake? He was sitting in the back of the courtroom, and those guys never goto court unless they’re required to testify for something. I think we owe Dad a thank-you, at the very least. I know I do.” His revelation brought them all back down to earth, but without lessening the euphoric mood they were in. Denise, stopped her gyrations long enough to stare at Brian as she absorbed the information.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Denise concurred, “but how do I ever thank him enough? If you’re right, there’s nothing I can do that would tell him just how much I appreciate all he’s done.” She stopped all movement as that look of concentration spread over her face. “If he wasn’t married to your Mom,” she spoke in a soft and subdued tone, “I’d give him my body. That’s the most important thing I have that I could share with him. You think your Mom would get upset if I sucked your Dad’s cock for him?” There was a short burst of giggles from the other teens, more from discomfort than anything else.

“Yeah, I think she might be a little pissed off” Brian replied once he managed to regain his composure. “I know Ted would be, too. It’s one thing for the four of us to go all sex-crazy, but something else to take that intimacy and make it a city-wide event. You really want to screw up that kind of relationship? As much as I loved that night out at the Point, if it was Marsha sucking my Dad off, I’d be pissed off too. We were four people all connected together that night, and I, for one, still feel that we’re a close and tight-knit group. I know what you’re saying, Dennie, about giving Dad your body, and in a perverse sort of way, it’s a sweet offer. But if you follow through, you’re inviting someone into our little circle that doesn’t really belong there. It takes away from that closed bond we developed when we were all together. See what I mean?”

Denise remained silent as she rolled Brian’s words around in her mind, then slowly nodded her head in acknowledgement of his message. It was then that Marsha injected an extension of Brian’s concepts.

“Baby, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree with you. I do have a question, though, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on something.” She paused for a moment, as though trying to find the right words to ease into something that deserved to be dived into head first instead. “How would you feel if it was, say, Lucy and Roger that became a part of that group scenario, like we did up at the Point? Would they be outsiders, too, in your mind, or . . . “ She left the question open-ended to give her boyfriend some different directions to pursue. Brian spent several minutes in deep thought before he expressed his opinion.

“Umm, I’m not sure, but I think that’s a whole different kettle of fish. The six of us have been through a lot together in the last couple of weeks, and you three girls are getting to be really close to one another. I know Dennie and you, because I’ve been around you two so much, and I’m beginning to get to know Lucy because of her association with a certain couple of minxes . . . who will probably have her as badly corrupted as you girls are! Ted and I have been pals since the dawn of time practically, and we’re both getting to know Roger more and more each day. In my mind, there’s a place for each of them, and if they wanted to join us, I wouldn’t say ‘No’, but without that experience we had on Skull Island, there’s a bonding thread missing. Maybe today’s court victory will be that thread, and it’ll grow stronger if we all keep hanging out together. I guess what’s more important is whether Lucy and Roger really want to go there.” With that, all eyes turned to the newest couple, pleading for their input and opinions.

Roger looked blank, his mind deep in thought. He had no problem with his own feelings on the subject, but couldn’t hazzard a guess as to Lucy’s. As he began to study her eyes, he became aware that she was quite prepared to go with whatever he decided, to be a part of whatever direction his curiosity dictated they explore. But no matter what that decision was, they would explore it as a couple, as a team, and her expression begged for that one tennant to be a prime consideration for his decision. With a slow and deliberate delivery, Roger quietly voiced his feelings.

“Guys, I’m really flattered by what you’re suggesting, and it feels good to be included in something so intimate. I’m kind of a private person, yet I can understand the similarities between where you four have been together, and where Lucy and I fit into the overall dynamic. She’s told me a bit about what happened on the Island before Hansen showed up. While that part of it created a bond between all of you, you have to remember, or maybe I have to, that the first time Lucy and I had sex together, it was you four that kept a vigil so that we wouldn’t be interrupted, while giving us the space to find that certain something that’s held us together. If another one of those daisy-chain sessions were to happen, I think it would have to be as spontaneous as the last one, and not something that was planned days, or even hours, in advance. So let’s think of it this way; if it happens, it happens, and if not, it was never meant to. I feel the same way about how Lucy and I got to know each other. It was meant to be, and it was also meant to happen through you four.”

Lucy put her arm around Roger’s waist and held him tightly to her, the love in her heart beaming and manifesting itself through the sparkles in her eyes. He looked down at her lovingly, kissing the top of her head as an acknowledgement of his feelings for her, and the honesty and warmth of those feelings flowed into Lucy’s heart
By unanimous agreement, it was suggested and decided that they celebrate their victory in court by spending the rest of the day at a secluded beach that Ted knew. The six teens made their way back to their individual homes, then met up at the Roadhouse restaurant’s parking lot. It was at Ted’s insistence that he and Denise rode in Roger’s car instead of their usual spot in the back seat of Brian’s. No one gave it much thought at the time, but Brian sensed that Ted had something in mind; probably of a nefarious nature, too, knowing Ted.

Brian and Marsha followed Roger’s car, watching with a knowing grin as it wandered every once in a while from one side of the lane to the other. Marsha sat as close to her boyfriend as she could, bathing in the warmth of his skin as he draped an arm over her shoulders. As they cuddled in the closeness of each other’s presence. She pulled his hand down slowly until it captured her breast, encouraging her lover to squeeze and fondle her. She felt Brian’s fingers running lightly over her nipple, inducing it to harden under his touch, then redirected him under the support of her bra. Shifting her position so that he could reach her breast unhindered, she began to softly run her hand up and down the growing bulge in his pants. Silently, she looked into Brian’s eyes for permission to undo him and pleasure his hardening cock between her fingers, and he moved his hips to accommodate her request. Even as she undid the button and pulled on the zipper, they were both aware that the vehicle in front of them was being driven a little more erratically.

“You think Lucy’s jacking Roger off?” Marsha quietly asked her lover. “By the looks of his driving, I think she just made him cum, don’t you?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t doubt she is, and you may be right about him shooting his wad. He seems to have settled down again. The question is, are Ted and Denise watching them, or are they putting on a show of their own?” Brian speculated. His inquiry elicited a happy giggle from Marsha’s lips.

“More to the point, if Dennie’s watching, will she try to get a mouthful of Roger’s cum.” Marsha revealed. “She seems to have a thing for swallowing guy’s cum after sucking you and Ted off. I love to taste spunk, too. You think Roger and Lucy would let us suck and eat them?” Her suggestive tone forced a lustful groan from Brian’s belly
“You’ d like to suck Roger’s cock, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“Umm, I think I’d like to watch Lucy suck you off . . . especially with your sweet lips on my pussy while I did him. How about you? Would you like to be eating Lucy’s pretty little cunt while I sucked her boyfriends hard cock?” She involuntarily slipped her hand between her thighs and began to slowly rub herself, feeling that burning desire to orgasm while stroking Brian’s cock. There was a long lull before Brian ventured his own fantasy.

“This might sound a little kinky, but I think I’d like to share a guy’s cock with you. Suck him while you watch, then watch you suck him as well. Not sure if I’m into swallowing his cum, but sharing him with you would be . . . “ Marsha’s eyes sprang open as she envisioned the scenario.

“Really? You’d suck another guy in front of me? God, that would be so hot! Which one? Ted, or Roger?” Marsha advanced.

“Not sure, Babe. Maybe Roger, but you’d have to be there doing it with me.”

By now, Marsha was really horny, and she released her grip on Brian’s manhood long enough to undo and pull her pants and panties down, exposing her moistened pussy to her own fingers, then began to tease and tickle her knotting clit as it left the confines of her protective hood. That first contact had her moaning in delicious pleasure.

“Mmm, you’re getting me so fucking wet, you stud! I want to finger myself while you watch, and I suck this gorgeous cock of yours!” With that, she slid her now naked ass along the seat and dropped her face into Brian’s groin, taking his hard cock between her lips as she began to bob up and down on his shaft. At the same time, she rolled herself so that Brian could see her fingers dancing in her crotch, masturbating herself for his visual pleasure. He groaned lustfully at the sight.

Marsha let Brian’s cock slip past her lips and out from between them, replacing them with her hand as she slid along the length of his shaft. She’d coated his organ with sufficient saliva to lubricate his soft skin as she jacked him slowly but insistently.

“Baby, the thought of you sucking Roger’s cock while yours is buried deep in my cunt is driving me insane!” Marsha whispered. “Want to hear something else hot that I can envision? I’ll bet that Ted and Denise would both love to do Lucy at the same time. Ted eating Dennie’s cunt while she licks Lucy’s pussy, and Lucy sucking Ted off! Then maybe you and I doing Lucy while Ted and Dennie do Roger! Shit, just thinking about it makes me want to . . .,” She groaned in lustful anticipation, then continued, “ . . . makes me want to fuck your brains out! Just watching you lick Lucy’s cunt would make me almost squirt!” She paused in her deive speculation as the wave of a mini-orgasm captured her clit, spreading to her semi-naked tits. She had resumed sucking on Brian’s now-twitching erection which threatened to explode and spray his steaming hot cream over her face, and anywhere else in the vehicle that her pistoning fist pointed him. Brian groaned loudly, both at the sensations that Marsha’s lips were dragging from his heated man-meat, and at the vision in his mind of their entangled bodies as they all pleasured one another.

“God Marsha, you slutty minx! You’re getting me so fucking horny with all this talk, and you’re sucking my cock so damned wonderfully, I think I’m gonna cum in a minute! Suck me off, Baby, and let me see you finger your cunt until it oozes your juices all over the place! Shit, I’m gonna . . .!” With that, Brian’s first hot sticky rope of jizz burst from his piss slit and into Marsha’s waiting mouth. The taste and texture of him was all it took as her clit tingled, then sent shivers up and down her cunt. Not having the muscle control to climax and suck at the same time, she impaled herself on Brian’s twitching and spurting cock so that he was now lodged deep in her throat, his cum blasting into her hungry belly unimpeded, her esophageal muscles milking every drop of his seed from his balls. It was all he could do to keep the car on the road, yet she still sucked sensations from his groin that made him howl as his release focused his attentions on Marsha’s ministrations. She was still writhing from the effects of her fingers on her pussy, wanting to scream her release, but more connected to the hard cock in her throat, and to the hot load of boiling spunk gushing down into her belly. Moments later, the sexual afterglow flooded over both of them.

“God, Baby, that felt so fucking good!” Marsha cooed. “And if you think my talking got you horny, you have no idea of what you did to me! Geez, now you have me wanting to do it, too! Both sucking on the same guy, I mean! Think we can? More to the point, think you’d actually do it?”

“Oh yeah, I sure would!” Brian growled. “The thought of sharing cock with you while you fuck me is getting me hard already! If Lucy and Roger want to go along with it, you still interested?”

“God yes!” she responded without hesitation. “But how are we going to get them to want to join in?”

“If we just get them as horny as possible, they’ll join in. Trust me, because Dennie is working on that right now. Unless I miss my guess, she had Lucy jacking Roger off while she and Ted watched. Hell, she probably stroked Ted off too, and got Lucy to watch that little shit shoot his load. Not sure if Roger would be able to see Ted and the road too, but I’ll bet he’s one loosened up budding pervert right now. I wonder if Dennie has Lucy sucking Roger off as an encore?”

“Jesus, Brian! If you keep this talk up much longer, I’m gong to have to finger myself off again!” Marsha groaned as the heat in her crotch re-ignited. “If you take me up the ass while Dennie licks my cunt, poor Lucy is gonna have her hands full! Or maybe her mouth and her cunt, but there’s not going to be much jizz left in you guys when we girls get finished with you three, that’s for fucking sure!” She could see Brian’s cock twitch and throb as it started to harden again. “We’d better stop all this talk until we get to wherever Ted’s taking us, or you’re gonna have to pull over and fuck me with that hard, hairy cock of yours!” she added, making her statement with a combination growl and mewl.

Having regained control of his vehicle, if not himself, Brian followed Roger to a hidden turn-off, then followed the two ruts past a windbreak and eventually arrived at the edge of a beach that he never knew existed before. Both of them got out, and rearranging their dishevelled clothing, then joined the other four.

“Umm, bit of weaving there, Roger” Brian quipped. “Should I ask, or have you and Lucy become Denise’s latest voyeur victims?” There was a knowing chuckle from the other members of the party before Roger blushed slightly in response to the question.

“I’d shut up if I were you, Brian” Denise growled in a hushed tone. “He shoots off harder and more than even you do. God, can that boy ever cum!”

“I can see that. He even got some on the back window! Good God, girl, did you two leave anything in the poor guy’s balls, or what?” Ted snickered.

“You get a taste yet?” Marsha chortled.

“Damn! Knew I forgot something!” Denise groused. “Mind you, he did spurt almost everywhere else, so I could go back for some, but if it isn’t fresh, it’s not the same . . . is it, Lucy?”

“Denise, tell the truth! You were so busy licking up Ted’s spunk that you missed Roger’s!” Lucy corrected. “I know what Roger tastes like, and I think I got some of Ted’s in my mouth too!” She ran her fingers across her forehead before adding, “By the way, did I get it out of my hair, or is there some still left?” As Denise started to search for stray globs of congealing goo, the others began to laugh uncontrollably. Even Roger was beginning to loosen up, and joined in the merriment.

“Welcome to the daisy-chain club, Buddy” Brian spoke softly for Roger’s ears only. “But just wait until these three little minxes get their lips around your cock. Then you’ll know what being taken is really all about!” He looked at Roger’s facial expression, understanding that this was all new for his pal, then added, “You gong to be okay with all this? Each one of those girls is going to try to suck on you until you fill their greedy bellies, you know. By the time they’re finished with us, our nuts are going to be drained and shrivelled . . . and you’re gonna love every second of it!”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Roger answered, “but I was a little scared at first. I mean, being jacked off while someone else watches felt a little over the top at first, but the more Lucy showed me off to the other two, the hotter it became. By the time she made me cum, I was so fucking hot, I just wanted to shoot my load for all three of them to see!”

“It’s quite the thrill, isn’t it? That Denise can be a bit of a voyeur when she gets going, and I doubt it’s possible to resist her. I know Ted and I can’t” Brian informed Roger. His comment was met with an anticipatory smile.

“Come on, you two horny studs,” Marsha called, “get your asses over here and let’s see what kind of a place Ted picked out.” She waited with limited patience for the two boys to catch up, then looped her arm through first Brian’s, then Roger’s. “Think you two can satisfy me tonight?” she suggestively asked. Roger’s smile was duplicated by Brian’s similar grin of anticipation.

“Umm, changing the subject momentarily,” Brian advanced, “did anyone think to bring food? If you three girls are going to get that active on us guys, we’re gonna need all the energy we can get.”

“Yeah, there’s hot dogs and fixings in that cooler, along with a dozen Coke. If we build a decent bonfire, we can roast weiners” Ted called out.

“I’ll roast your weiner in a minute!” Denise snapped back, a sultry smile on her face. Ted turned and grabbed his crotch, holding himself suggestively as he walked towards Denise.

“Have at it, Baby!” he invited her. “Suck on this for a while! I dare ya!” Denise looked quickly at Lucy, silently inviting her to attack Ted’s manhood. Lucy glanced quickly towards Roger, and as their eyes met, his grin became broader, then he nodded his head as if to signify his agreement with Denise’s suggestion. With that, both girls lunged at Ted, with Denise holding him in position while Lucy reached up and began to unbutton his pants. She looked up into Ted’s eyes, her look both one of seeking his permission, and a silent warning to him that she was about to release his semi-erect organ from its confinement, with or without his permission. Ted just smiled his agreement, leaving himself vulnerable to her attack.

As if to challenge Ted’s dare, Lucy tugged on his zipper, then pulled it down. She could see the growing bulge in his briefs, and suggestively licked her lips, making sure Ted saw her gesture. His response was a throaty moan as he realized what she had in mind. As Lucy tugged and pulled his pants and briefs down, and his hardened cock sprang free, Ted felt Denise’s hands run over the cheeks of his ass, her thumbs nestling in the crack as she opened him and exposed him to her view. But even with his attention diverted momentarily, he was very aware of Lucy’s lips kissing his cockhead, her tongue sliding over and around his purple helmet, dipping into the crater of his hole, and her lips slowly taking in as much of his length as she could accommodate at one time. The sensation of her lips, mouth and tongue overwhelmed him, and he groaned his appreciation of them lustfully, enough that the three remaining observers heard him plainly. Then while he watched Lucy slowly swallow his throbbing and twitching manhood, Denise’s tongue began to tickle and lap his asshole, rewarded by Ted’s gasp of delirious surprise.

“Oh my God!” Ted exclaimed to anybody within hearing range. “That feels so-o-o-o g-o-o-o-d, Dennie! Rim me, girl! Lick my ass!” Her tongue began to ease into and past his sphincter, and he inhaled sharply as her intrusion excited him even more. Looking down at Lucy sucking his cock, Ted almost shot his load right then and there.

“Suck it, Lucy girl! Suck my cock, and make me cream down your throat!” Turning his attentions to the remaining three, he growled at Roger, “God, is this what she does to you, Bud? If I was you, I’d never let her to stop! Damn, but this girl can suck cock!”

By now, Lucy was bobbing up and down the length of Ted’s steel-hard rod, her tongue sliding along the entire bottom of his shaft. With each assault, she took just a little more of him in her mouth until his cockhead finally tickled her tonsils. Sliding him back out until only his helmet remained between her lips, she paused long enough to gaze into Ted’s eyes, then engulfed his entire man-meat, forcing his cockhead past her tonsils and into her throat. She held him there until her lungs protested their lack of air.

Marsha sat between the two remaining boys, her hand down the front of Brian’s pants, stroking his twitching cock. Glancing over to the other side of her, she could see a tell-tale large bulge in Roger’s groin. The sight had her juices flowing like a small river, soaking her panties in the process.

“God, Baby,” she moaned in Brian’s ear, “look at the size of Roger’s hard-on! I think he needs some attention too, don’t you?” With that, she leaned over to Roger’s ear and whispered in it, “Let me see your hard cock, Roger. I want to play with it, feel it, stroke it, jack you off and watch you spurt your spunk! Pull it out for me, Stud!”

Slowly Roger began to let the button and zipper go, then lifted his hips and pulled both his pants and shorts down to his knees and over his ankles, exposing his massive manhood to Marsha’s lust-filled gaze. Not sure what to expect, he slumped back on the blanket, propping himself up on his elbows and forearms, waiting for Marsha’s next move.

“God, it’s huge!” she exclaimed. “No wonder Lucy loves to suck you! Shit, how’s she get a monster like that in her tight little cunt?” With that, Marsha reached for Roger’s eight-inch monster and began to slowly pump and stroke him, all the while still jacking Brian, feeling the soft slipperiness of their juices as she lubricated their shafts and cockheads. Returning to Brian’s ear, she pleaded, “Take it out, Baby! Let me see! God, I want to see both of you cum!”

Lucy let Ted’s cock slip out of her mouth slowly, replacing her lips with one hand as she stroked his shaft, slick and slippery with her slobber. He could see the glistening strings of his pre-cum as they stretched between his cockhead and her pouty lips. The sight, combined with her sensual touches, made his cock twitch and dance like a wooden puppet.

“God, I can’t stand it!” Lucy almost shrieked. “My cunt’s itching so fucking bad!” She fumbled with the fasteners on her shorts, then wiggled her hips as she peeled the soaked shorts down and off her shapely legs, immediately followed by her flowered silky panties. Now with unrestricted access, Lucy sought to tease her hardening clit, but felt fingers doing it to her already. Glancing down momentarily, she realized that Denise had already started to tickle her clit and finger her hungry cunt. She returned to Ted’s waiting shaft, slurping him back between her lips and into her mouth until he once again rubbed his helmet against her tonsils. She had positioned herself so that Brian, Roger, and Marsha had a clear view of her thickened pussy, Denise’s finger, the swollen lips, and dripping entrance. The sight drove all three out of their minds, even as Lucy reached out to return the favour to Denise’s inviting pussy.

Marsha peeled her own pants and panties off. Once naked from the waist down, she returned to stroking and pumping both boy’s hard cocks while Brian’s fingers teased and tortured her clit. He excreted copious amounts of pre-cum, and she had his shaft lubricated in mere moments. Roger, on the other hand, felt relatively dry in comparison. Pump as she might, she just couldn’t milk as much of his pre-cum as she wanted. There was only one solution, in her mind, and Marsha twisted herself so that Roger’s man-meat was right before her glazed eyes, with her pussy in the general location of her boyfriend’s waiting lips.

“Eat me, Baby” she cooed at her boyfriend, her tone hungry with want and desire. “Lick my pussy while I suck Roger’s cock! God, I want his cum so bad!” With that announcement, Marsha slid her lips over Roger’s cockhead, slowly slurping her way down his shaft, her tongue dancing over his meat as she took him deeper inside her mouth. Roger groaned at both the surprise of Marsha’s lips on his cock, and the realization that he was being inducted into their daisy-chain club. The sight of a girl other than Lucy sucking his hard cock drove him half-way up the wall. The sight of Lucy still licking and lapping Ted while Denise fingered her took him up the other half.

Brian was presented with the sight of Marsha’s gash, her outer lips parted, and the pink inner ones calling his tongue to sample their charms. There was no way he could resist the scent and offered taste of her delicious slit. Leaning into her crotch, he let his tongue flick lightly over her engorged nub, then dip into her sopping love hole. Marsha reacted with a strong groan of pleasure, the vibrations travelling the length of Roger’s cock as she pressed his helmet against the back of her mouth. Both of them howled with pleasure, Marsha’s being muffled by the massive organ she was sucking and orally manipulating.

“Oh my God!” Roger howled. “Suck it, Marsha! Suck my thick cock! Suck me until I cum! Make me spurt!” Roger’s words drove Marsha further into a frenzied state, and she rammed his cock down her throat, her esophageal muscles working double time on the organ she’d swallowed. Brian followed the object of the sound’s inspiration, and the sight of Roger’s cock sliding in and out of his girlfriend’s face excited him even further.

“Damn, that’s hot!” Brian howled. “That little minx sucks cock so good! I’m watching her suck you off, Bud, and it’s so fucking hot!” Marsha moaned at the thoughts he put in her mind. Then the conversation they’d had earlier of sharing Roger’s cock whisked into her head, and she felt her clit tingle, threatening to spread through her body in the form of a mini-orgasm. She let Roger slip out of her mouth, while stroking and pumping his hard cock with her closed hand.

“Baby, you want to see me suck his cock, don’t you?” she growled. “You want to see me make him cream, see me suck his cum, watch me swallow all his spunk. Don’t you? Say it! Tell me what you want!”

“Y-e-e-s-s-s-s! I want to see you suck that big hard cock! I want to see you suck his jizz out! I want to see you swallow his cum! God, Girl, that gets me so fucking horny! Suck him off!” Brian howled, his cock feeling harder than he could ever remember.

“Yes, Baby, watch me suck him off!” Marsha mewled to her boyfriend. “Come fuck me while I suck his meat, swallow him down my throat, make him shoot his wad into my belly! Come fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours while you watch me give head! Oh my God, y-e-e-s-s-s!”

Brian crawled over until he was between Marsha’s legs, then rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her labial lips as they oozed her love juices. With both of them lying on their side, he slipped into her cunt with no resistance, and was immediately awash with the heat of her sex, bathed with her juices, and wrapped in her velvety sheath. His groans of delight were echoed by hers, and they both began to rock their hips, his cock sliding in and out as she augmented his actions with her own hip thrusts.

“Fuck me, Baby!” Marsha screamed, the intensity of the moment removing all rationality. “Fuck my cunt while you watch me suck cock!” With that, she attacked Roger’s throbbing manhood again, bobbing up and down on his rigid pole, her eyes locked on Brian’s staring eyes. The sight mesmerized him, and he began to drool, the slobber running out the corner of his mouth and down his cheek. It reminded Marsha of cum flowing from her lips before she had a chance to swallow, and she reacted by thrusting her hips tightly against her lover, holding him deep inside her while she flexed her vaginal muscles on his buried cock.

As the spasms of another mini-cum coursed through her, Marsha had another recollection of their conversation in the car. Brain had made her so hot and so wet when he suggested sharing someone’s cock. Now she wanted to see him do it, wanted to see boy-on-boy action. Just the thought made her feel slutty, degenerated, and totally perverted, and she loved the feeling, the sharing of their depravity. She had been Brian’s whore, his to do with as he pleased. Now it was her turn to dominate and command, and she grabbed the opportunity with a vengeance. Letting Roger slip out from between her lips once more, she directed his cockhead towards Brian’s mouth, the shaft covered in her drool, and pressed it against his lips.

“Suck him, Baby!” she demanded. “Suck his cock! Feel what it’s like to have a guy in your mouth! Taste his soft skin, lick his salty cock juices, swallow him down your fucking throat! Make him cum for you! Let me see you be his cocksucker!” In the heat of his frenzy, Brian wrapped his lips over Roger’s helmet, letting the shaft slide into his mouth and rest against his tonsils. He stared into her eyes, seeking her approval of his performance, wanting to give her the show of her life. She glared back, and he began to bob up and down on the ramrod member he had taken in, finding a thrill beyond compare as the thought of Roger blasting cum down his throat inflamed his lust even more. Suddenly, he began to understand why a woman would suck cock. There was a dichotomy of power; the power to please versus the power to control, and he embraced the opportunity to experience both.

Roger looked between his legs, initially in shock at the realization that it was Brian sucking him, then resigning himself to enjoy an experience that he might never have again. He wanted to feel disgusted at having his cock in another man’s mouth, but the wicked truth was that he loved it, and couldn’t stop himself from accepting it, giving himself to it, wanting it to run its course to orgasmic completion. All he could do was howl out loudly in encouragement.

“Oh God, he’s sucking me! Feels so fucking good, Brian! Finish me off! Take my jizz down your fucking throat and swallow it! Fuck, I want to cum in your face! O-h-h-h, G-o-d-d-d, Y-e-a-h-h-h-h-h!” Roger screamed.

Between Roger’s screaming and Marsha’s encouragement, their activities had captured the attention of the other three teens. Lucy had been busy sucking on Ted’s cock, while Denise had rolled over onto her back and slid under Lucy’s dripping pussy, replacing the fingers with her tongue. Lucy’s sexual curiosity took her in its perverted grasp, and she desperately found herself pulled to the scene of her boyfriend being sucked of by another male. Abandoning Ted’s slippery cock, slimed by her saliva, she scooted to Roger’s side, her eyes rivetted to the sight of Brian bobbing up and down on her guy’s shaft.

Denise crawled between Lucy’s thighs again, pushed her legs apart, and attacked the girl’s glistening-wet pussy. Lucy gasped at the unexpected attack, then immediately gave herself to Denise’s hungry mouth. Opening her legs as wide as she could, she presented the other girl with an unhindered access to her waiting sex. Denise dived into the gap her victim had willingly provided, and began to lap and lick her vulva, sliding her tongue softly and gingerly over Lucy’s engorged and knotted love button. In that position, Denise’s ass stuck up in the air, silently begging for Ted’s cock to fill her empty and lonely cunt. He knelt behind her and drove his straining cock into her slippery fuck-hole and began pumping himself into her. The pistoning action of Ted’s hips drove Denise up and down Lucy’s soft-lipped gash, driving her tongue up and over the girl s clit, and she captured that protruding nub between her lips and sucked on it tenderly yet demandingly.

Lucy was in heaven. She’d never felt another girl between her legs like this, and the experience only made her want more. As Ted pumped in and out of Denise’s love sheath, the force of his cock inside her forced Denise’s throat to give up rhythmic grunts from deep inside, and she transmitted those sounds straight into Lucy’s quivering pussy. Lucy could feel that warning tingle start in her clit, then felt it spread to the rest of her crotch. In the remaining seconds before her orgasm exploded, she screamed out in total abandon.

“Oh God, Sugar!” she mewled at her boyfriend. “She’s eating me out! God, Baby, I’m going to cum on Denise’s face! Y-e-e-s-s-s-s!” Roger reached over and grabbed Lucy’s breast, roughly squeezing and mashing the soft flesh, pulling and twisting her diamond-hard nipple, trying desperately to force her pending orgasm to the surface. In the next breath, Lucy began to shudder and tremble as wave after climatic wave captured her, blasted through her, and consumed her every nerve ending. She screamed long and loud in response, one hand on Denise’s head as she pushed the girl tightly against her quivering and fluttering sex, her other hand resting in Brian’s hair as she forced him to swallow all of Roger’s cock into his throat.

The combination of the scene before her eyes and her boyfriend’s driving member as it plowed in and out of her cunt sent Marsha beyond the point of no return, and her screams joined those of Lucy, as her vagina fluttered, grasped, and pulled on Brian’s pistoning cock, then she, too, began to shake and spasm as her climax enveloped her. The sounds of his balls slapping against Denise’s pussy excited Ted beyond belief, and he felt the pressure of his cum at the base of his cock, and the twitching muscles as his balls drove his seed into and up the length of his shaft. The resulting release of his boiling hot spunk into Denise’s waiting womb added his grunts and groans to the orchestrated sounds of sexual satisfaction, and he held himself deep in her heated canal as he spurted rope after rope of hot sticky cum inside her.

Ted’s spurting cock buried deep inside her, the sounds of her friends as they each swooped up to Nirvana, and the pounding of Ted’s nut sac on her clit was the last bastion of holdout in Denise. Her knotted nubbin tingled for just a second or two, then she felt the rush of her body’s reactions to all the sex around her, resulting in her abdomen contracting and releasing, as wave after wave of pure pleasure pulsed through her. She became vaguely aware of hot liquid splashing on her legs when it rebounded off Ted’s upper legs. She had squirted her girl-cum over his balls, his cock, and his thighs. Gush after gush escaped from her fuck-hole as her orgasm refused to release her from its grip. Capitulating to her body’s demands, she rode each wave as best she could, fighting to keep from passing out from the heavenly sensations running through her. Her climax ruled her existence, leaving her powerless to escape its vise-like hold on her senses.

Roger was aware that his cock was being sucked, licked, tongued, and pleasured in ways that he never dreamed could exist. With clouded vision, he tried to see through the head that had swallowed his twitching manhood, then gave up as the first steamy string of his spunk pushed against the base of his cock. Gasping deeply, he conceded defeat over his ability to hold back, and let that first blast of his cum take control of his groin muscles as it pushed and strained for release from his jizz slit. He was being sucked rough and hard, as someone was trying desperately to draw his seminal fluids from his balls and down their throat. With a loud groan of finality, Roger felt his cock twitch and pulse, feeling string after string of his white hot cream being drawn out of him.

The taste of that first stringy rope shot straight past Brian’s esophageal constriction, slipping and sliding directly into his stomach. As he realized that he was actually sucking a guy off, the depravity of the situation hit him, and he began to spurt his own cum deep into Marsha’s waiting womb. For every stream that sluiced down his throat, there was a corresponding spurt from his own cock. He wanted to scream of the joyousness of his own cum, yet couldn’t tear himself away from the thrill of having to swallow another boy’s seed. He began to feel like it was Roger’s semen that was being sent down his throat, through his belly, and back out his cock into Marsha’s fluttering and oozing, wet cunt. As much as his lungs demanded air, his sexual energies overrode their pleas, ignoring them until the last of Roger’s spunk had dribbled into Brian’s mouth. Finally able to inhale again, he let Roger’s cock slip out of his mouth, then pressed his lips tightly to Marsha’s, inviting and drawing her tongue inside him, sharing and swapping the residual sticky goo with her. She greedily sucked and lapped at every stray string she could find, swallowing hungrily in an attempt to hoard as much of the cum as she could retrieve.

The six teens all collapsed into a big heap of naked bodies as the depravity of their orgiastic activity swirled softly in their conscious minds. The desire for sleep was strong, but their newly-formed physical connection overrode that need, if only barely. Lucy was the first to recover.

“Geez, if I hadn’t experienced that, I’d wouldn’t have believed it! I’ve never been that turned on and that horny” she commented. “Seeing two guys together like that? Holy shit, that’s a sight I’ll never forget! Getting my pussy eaten by another girl was something that I never dreamed of either!” She inhaled deeply, then let it back out slowly. “This will be a day I’ll always remember, that’s for sure!”

Denise slid up beside Lucy and wrapped an arm around her midriff. “You have the sweetest tasting pussy, Lucy. I’ll let you suck Ted off if I can lick your pussy again sometime. I have a feeling that this isn’t the only time we’re all going to be together like this, either. You game, girlfriend?” Lucy reached an arm around Dennie and hugged her tightly.

“Damned right I am. That was so hot when you jacked Ted off, on the way out here!” She turned to Roger, a sensual glow on her face, silently wondering if he would be able to handle such a scene again.

“Ted and Brian are usually the ones that get off on watching girls make love” Marsha mentioned. “Never thought I’d get so horny watching boy-on-boy, but when Brian started to suck Roger, I just had to have his cock up my cunt. God, I’ve never been so worked up in my life! Not sure if I’d want to do it twice . . . but if the opportunity came along, I probably would. Did you enjoy that, Baby?” she quizzed her boyfriend.

“Umm, not something I’d want to make a steady diet of, but yeah, it was . . . different. Shit, I’ve never thought about doing another guy before. Now I know what a girl feels like when she has me deep in her throat.” He paused in contemplation, then looked at Roger. “What’s it like to have a guy sucking on your cock, Roger?”

“Hmm. A girl sucks differently, and I love the feeling of Lucy’s lips on my dick when she blows me. The initial reaction of having a guy take you in his mouth is that it’s wrong. Then you begin to enjoy it, and the more he does you, the easier it becomes to accept. A guy knows what feels good on his cock, and seems to do the same for whoever he’s sucking off. That’s what I remember most. Would I do it again? Maybe. If I did, I’d like to try sucking him off too, just so I’d know what a guy’s fresh cum tastes like, what it feels like to have him fill my mouth with his jizz, and what it’s like to swallow him. There’s something exciting about it, otherwise girls wouldn’t want to suck us. What’re your thoughts, Ted, now that we’ve all had sex together?”

“When Brian first started sucking you, I had a hell of a time getting my head around the depravity of it, but the more I watched, the more I started to get into it. I’ll tell you a secret. If Dennie hadn’t offered me her beautiful cunt, I’d have seriously considered fucking Brian’s ass! Shit, I’d be interested to feel what it’s like to be buried in someone’s ass while they’re pumping into someone else. The idea of having my cock stroked by some guy fucking is . . . I don’t know. Perverse?”

“Well, “Denise interrupted, her face all pouty and sullen, “all I know is that I still haven’t tasted Roger’s spunk yet. How come I’m always the last to get a tummy full of guy-cream?”

“Relax, girlfriend,” Lucy told her, a slight giggle in her voice. “My guy always saves the best for last!”

“After all that cum spraying around,” Ted injected as he changed the subject, “I’m starved. What say we roast some of those weiners? There’s still pussy to be eaten and cocks to be sucked. I could use a break, and something to eat, before I . . . eat pussy and chew on weiners?” The double-entendre of his remark yielded groans from the other teens, immediately replaced by roars of laughter.

“What?” Brian inquired from his sailing companion. “Are you planning on sucking me off? Or Roger? Geez, Campbell, if you thought the girls were perverted, you’re even worse!”

“Yeah, well, right after we eat,” Marsha volunteered, her voice soft and slightly subdued, “I still haven’t had Lucy’s pussy, and she still hasn’t taken one of us girls yet. Maybe you guys will finally get your girl-on-girl show tonight. Think you can handle that one, Lucy?”

There was a long pause before Lucy voiced her opinions. “I think I could handle that, but I do want my guy’s cock in me at least once before we go. As much as I love being this horny . . . and this perverted, too, I need to make love with my special Sugar. We agreed that we wouldn’t fuck with other girl’s guys, right? But this has been one weird and depraved day, and Roger has become such a part of me that I just want to give myself to him for being such a fantastic supporter.” She rolled into his arms and held him tightly and lovingly, then softly whispered in his ear, “Thank you, Sugar, for making it possible for me to find a part of myself that I thought was gone forever. And this might sound crazy, but if Jeff Hansen hadn’t done what he did to me, I wonder if we’d all be together now? Somehow, I doubt it. I think I would have been cheated, because I’d never have met one of the greatest groups of friends a girl could ever have.”
“Even if we’re a bunch of perverts?” Denise asked. Lucy leaned down and kissed Denise warmly and passionately, probing, twisting, and entangling both girl’s tongues.
“Especially because you’re perverts!” she replied. “You guys are the sexiest perverts in the County! I love every one of you . . . now let’s eat!”


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Love the boys getting it on. How e there will be more soon

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