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road to whoredom
((thanks to you all for your nice comments. ive been on a break for a while and im here to finish this and other stories ive been working on. thanks again and enjoy. this is a long story..... )

pt 4

They pull up to what looks like a project building. The building has hundreds of units with mesh steel around all the windows and exposed hallways. The area is vacant of any shrubs or grass just dirt. There are abandoned cars off to the side. There is graffiti all over the place and the people standing around looking absolutely bored like the animals at a zoo are everywhere. “Let’s go” Jose says. “I don’t know. This place doesn’t look safe.” Lisa chimes”. “You’ll be safer with me than in the car that’s for sure”.

With that Lisa gets out of the car and they proceed into the building. They arrive on the fifth floor and the room is dark and dirty. It has a concrete floor and not much furniture around. What furniture there is in the room is all ripped and dirty. “Take a seat I’ll only be a few minutes” Jose says. So Lisa takes a seat on what appears to be the cleanest seat in the house. As she sits and waits several of the rugged gang-banger looking guys start to walk near her and circle her like sharks. “This is one fine piece of ass we have here” on of the guys says. All the men in the room start to shake their heads in approval.” Take it easy guys she’s with Jose.” One of the guys says. Their Lisa sits with a worried look on her face as the guys stare at her like a piece of meat. Then she starts to get a familiar sensation of excitement as she starts to wonder what it would be like to be taken by these guys. As those thoughts go through her mind she notices that her pussy starts to get wet.

“Wow I can’t believe how hot I am right now. I just got fucked less than an hour ago by 5 guys and I’m horny again.” Just as that thought enters her head she sees Jose coming toward her. “Hey lets go “ as he reaches for her hand. He guides her out a different door than where they came through. As they reach the street he hits the remote for the cars alarm when she notices that their going to another car. “How many cars do you have anyway?” she asks. A few he responds. They get in the 1989 caprice all done up with rims and custom paint job. “ Thanks for coming with me. I hate driving out here by my self it’s a boring ride all by my self. “ Anytime “ she responds.

They arrive at Lisa’s house round 4pm. “hey wake up we’re here”. Lisa opens her eyes to see that they’re at her house. “ Cars always put me to sleep,” she says rubbing her eyes. Well it’s a good thing you get these little naps cause we’re gonna have a fun time tonight.”

“What are we doing tonight?” Lisa asks. We’re going to that party I told you about. “Oh yeah I forgot. What time? Somewhere around 8:00 he says. “Good that’ll give me time to eat and rest for a bit.” Lisa says as she pulls the handle to open the door. As she rises to get out of the car Jose looks at her ass. Her shorts ride in her ass little giving him a great look at it. “Girl I swear I don’t think I’m ever gonna get tired of looking and fucking that beautiful ass of yours”. Lisa looks back “thanks” Lisa says as she slams the door and walks to the front door of her ass. “Jose starts to say to himself “ lets see if you are still thanking me after what I have in store for you tonight you fucking whore. Tonight we’re gonna see exactly what kind of a filthy fuck pig you are”. He smiles and pulls away from the house and down the road.

Lisa open the door to her house walking through quickly trying to get to the stairs before any one sees her. “Hey young lady let me talk to you a minute” she heard from her father. She turns and walks over to him. “Don’t you work tonight? Don’t you think you should start getting ready? I’m not working tonight. I got switched to Monday through Fridays now. “Oh I see that’s nice. What do you have all over you? Lisa starts to panic. “Oh umm I ah had fish sticks for lunch and one of those damn packets of tarter sauce exploded all over my. Lisa says. “Well go clean up you’re a mess. She turns and goes up the stairs thinking” whew that was close”. As she disappears up the stairs her dad starts to think. “ Tarter sauce my ass I know cum when I see it. She looked just like her mother used too after she pulls a train. He hesitates his thoughts. Naw, it can’t be, she’s not that kind of girl. She’s too shy for that shit.” With that he shifts his mind to the baseball game that is on the TV.

Lisa comes down the stairs. Its 7:00pm. She’s in sweat pants and a sweatshirt with a bag on her shoulder. She goes into the kitchen where her mom is just finishing putting dinner on the table. “Anything I can help with mom? “Well not really its all done sit down and eat. Her mom says. They sit and eat and chit chat about various things that families often do. “Hey mom if you don’t mind I’m gonna stay at Steff’s house tonight. We’re gonna go through all the scrap booking stuff she just got and make up a few pages.” Lisa says. “I don’t see a problem with that. How about you hunn? “Its cool with me” her dad says. Lisa gets up puts her plate in the sink. Grabs her bag off the chair and kisses her mom and dad on the head and says,” see you guys tomorrow” as she opens the door and heads out.

She drives over to Steff’s house and parks her car in front of it. Turns off the ignition and picks up her cell phone and hits send. “Hi Steff how’s it going. I’m gonna leave m car in front of your house tonight I have a date and I told my parents that I’ll be with you, is that cool. Great thanks you’re the best. If I don’t have anywhere to crash tonight you mind if I stay here? Cool your awesome. She hangs up and sits waiting for Jose to pick her up. While she waits she decides to change in the car. So she pulls her clothes out of her bag. She strips out of her sweatpants and panties. She grabs a small piece of fabric that is supposed to be a skirt and puts it on. It barely covers her pussy in the front. “This should get his blood pumping she giggles” then she takes off her sweatshirt and puts on a tiny tube top. “This should make things” easy she smiles thinking to herself. She flips down the mirror and starts doing her makeup and hair. Just as she flips the visor up Jose pulls up. She shoves everything in her bag. She climbs out of her car and gets into his. “Ready to party your ass off?” Jose asks. Damn straight I am. She says as Jose peels the tires as they pull away.

“Babe I’ve got a shit load of cock lined up for you tonight. I got you set up in a room at the house where your gonna fuck everyone who comes through that door. You understand? “Sounds like a lot of fucking but if that’s what you want me to do that that’s what I’ll do. I’ll fuck everyone, anywhere, anytime, anyway, you want me too. I’m your whore to do with as you please. Just as long as you keep me safe and keep feeding me cock. “Lisa says. This is gonna be great. “Oh I’m also gonna be filming the evening. Your gonna be my porn star tonight so make it real good okay? Jose says. “What ever you want,” Lisa says. We’ll see about that. Jose says.

They walk into the house and notice that there are only a few people there. Jose grabs Lisa’s hand and walks her upstairs where they go into the bedroom at the top of the stairs. “What’s with the number counter and ticket dispenser? Lisa asks. “It’s to keep order and also to keep track of how many guys you fuck tonight? Lisa starts to get worried. “How many guys are you expecting? Around 100 or so. Jose says like its no big deal. “Are you fuckin nuts? I can’t fuck a hundred guys Lisa screams.

“Chill out girl your not gonna fuck all of um. When ever you can’t take anymore you just let the guy at the door know and it will stop ok? Jose says in a reassuring tone. “Ok I trust you. Ok well lets get you ready. There is lube on the table. If you want anything ask the guy at the door and he’ll get it for you. Here take some of this. It will help you out a bit. He sets out a huge line of cocaine on the table. “I don’t do drugs Jose I told you. Lisa says. ” Ok just thought I would give you a little kick start. Here have a beer then. He hands her a beer and then in a cold manner he says” take your fuckin clothes off. Get on the bed and spread um. The guys are already lined up to fuck you so get on with it. “I just got here can’t I get a buzz going first?

Why are you being such an asshole? I’m gonna fuck all these people for you. At least you could treat me nice. “ Your right sorry bout that. Let me know when your ready ok? Jose says. Well that’s better Lisa says. Are you gonna watch? Lisa asks. Yeah mostly but I’ll be in and out all night. “See it isn’t hard to be nice is it? She asks. Not waiting for an answer she says. “Let the fucking begin” hearing that Jose says to the doorman. “Lets begin”.

The first guy enters the room “ Wow you are one hot fucking whore, I can’t wait to blow my fucking load on your face.” Then he pulls his pants down and takes his cock and with out any feeling in him shoves his cock to the hilt right up her pussy. She grunts a little as she is still mostly dry. He starts to pound away at her pussy like a jackhammer. “You like my cock slut. I bet you’ve been waiting all day to get a cock in you haven’t you? “Yes you bastard fuck me. Use me anyway you want. I’m your whore. Fuck me like the fuck pig I am.”

Hearing Lisa say that he pulls out of her pussy and rushed up to her face and starts to unload a huge load on her face. “Take my cum you filthy bitch”. Just as the last of the cum dribbles off his cock he spits in her face. “There you go I’ll be back later and fuck that ass off you. He coldly puts his cock back in his pants and turn out the door. Jose comes over and says” sorry about that dude. I’ll take care of him in a minute”. “Why what did he do? Lisa asks. He treated you like shit. Jose says. “I liked it. It was cool I don’t mind. Just as long as no one hits me it’s all good. “You sure Jose asks? Yes I’m sure, now quit being such a guard dog and get me the next guy. Lisa grabs a towel to wipe her face with. “No you don’t, you don’t get to clean up anything till your all done. Me and a few of the other fellas want you completely covered in come when we fuck you later. You’re only allowed to clean your eyes. Ok? “Alright if that’s what you want.

The next guy comes in and says” I only want to fuck your ass so flip over n your knees and spread your ass cheeks for me.” She does as she is told. The guy grabs some lube, slaps it on her ass and says” here it comes whore I’m gonna split you in two. He grabs his 8” cock that’s as thick as a water bottle and jams is up her ass to the balls in one stroke. This causes Lisa to scream and cry as he continues to pull all the way out of her ass and slam it back in. “take my cock you piece of shit whore” he continues this for about 10 minutes. By this time Lisa’s ass is relaxed enough so that it starts to feel good. “Ready you anal slut. I’m gonna cum in your ass. “Give me your cum you asshole. Fill me ass with your nasty cum. Get it in me real deep. I like cum deep in my ass.” Lisa says. The guy takes a couple more strokes and starts to unload a good load in her ass. He pulls his cock out of her asshole and casually walks up to her face. Grabs her by the hair and feed his dirty cum and slime covered cock into her mouth. “That’s it you filthy fucking skank. Lick your ass juice and my cum off my cock.

Clean it real good and I just might come back and give you some more of my cock.” “mmmmm that’s what I like to hear” Lisa says as she licks his cock clean. The guy then releases her hair with a shove and says, “Later bitch. Have a good time being a cum dumpster”. “I will thanks”. Lisa says with a smile.

Jose comes back in the room after telling the door man to send in the next one. “Damn Lisa you really like that humiliation stuff don’t you?” Yes I do Lisa reply’s. I’m liking it more and more every time someone treats me like that. I can’t explain it. It’s just so wrong and erotic. It makes me real hot.” ok I’ll just make sure no one hurts you, other than that we’ll sit back and enjoy the show. Hey listen Lisa we’re gonna have to double and triple up to get thing going. It’s moving too slow. We don’t want to be here all night. We would like to party too. I’m sure you would like to also.” Jose says. So with that two guys are told to come on the room.

They remove their clothes with little flair. They just walk up to Lisa and shove their cocks in her face “suck our cocks slut”. And of course Lisa does it without hesitation. Both of these guys are moderately hung. Both about 8.5 inches long and as thick as Lisa’s wrists. As if they have practiced this several other times the guys move into position. One guy behind her and the other guy in her mouth. With veracity only comparable to a jackhammer they start pounding her at both ends. The guy in her mouth is fucking her throat like a pussy and slamming his hips into her head. The guy in her pussy is doing the same. They time it so they both thrust forward at the same time. This timed thrust only proves to sandwich her between them allowing for the deepest penetration that they can achieve.

Lisa starts to gag and heave as the cock in her mouth is repeatedly shoved further than anyone has ever done before. “I don’t care if you choke whore I’m not letting up till I cum straight in your stomach”. Lisa tries to push him off so she could breath but she can’t fight off his thrusting. Her head is violently snapped back with every blow. For what seems like an eternity which was actually only about 5 mins the guys pound away till,” I’m Cumming you fucking pig. Take my cum into your stomach” screams the guy. With that he releases a huge load of cum into her throat. Funny thing is, the guy’s cock is so far in her throat that she doesn’t taste any of it. She just feels him spasm cum in her throat. She finds the feeling kind of weird since she has always tasted the cum before. No one has ever shot their cum straight into her stomach before. As she has these thoughts a sharp pain starts to hit her in the head when she realizes that she’s turning blue and is about to pass out because he still has his cock in her throat and she can’t breath. Just as she drifts off he suddenly pulls his cock out and she gets the much needed air into her lungs. She gasps for air.

While gasping for air the guy behind her pulls out of her pussy and with no warning jams his cock in her ass. She gasps more trying to adjust to the sudden jolt in her ass. It doesn’t hurt because she just got her ass fucked off her but the sudden penetration just catches her off guard. He’s not in her ass long before he pulls out and rushed to her face releasing an impressive ejaculation on her face. Not the biggest one she’s had but a nice one. “Thanks you fuck pig. Lick your ass off me. I don’t want whore ass on my cock”. And of course Lisa does it with no hesitation. Before she can even get her self readjusted another cock enters her ass and two more appear in her face. One guy shoves his cock in her mouth as she tries to clean the cum off her eyes. “Hold on a second guys” Jose says. “I need to do something first.” with that the guys pull back and Jose cleans out her eyes and puts a blind fold on her.

“This is so you don’t know who is fucking you and it will keep the cum off your eyes. After attaching the blindfold Jose walks to the door “continue on guys.” The guys immediately head to their respective holes and fill her up. Jose goes to the door guy and says” keep an eye on her. Get her anything she needs. I’ll be back in a little while.

Lisa for the next two hours has three guys at a time. only with little pee breaks and drink breaks. Jose comes into the room to see Lisa lying there. A pool of cum about 1 inch deep all around her.
Hey there is only one more guy for you. Are you ready?" Jose says looking down at the wreck of a girl. "Ok" was all the response Lisa could muster. The next guy was an older gentleman that paid to be the last one. When he walked in he was shocked at what he saw. Lisa was there on her hands and knees with cum dripping off every inch of her body. As if she was dunked in a pool full of cum then pulled out and put on all fours.

Her pussy and ass we're no less than one and a half inches wide. just hanging open. He could see pools of cum lying on the inside of her holes. "Shit Jose. Look at that disgusting piece of shit there on the bed. Even if I had a horse’s cock I don't think I’ll feel anything. I could shove my fist in her and probably not touch her sides not to mention that she is saturated in cum. what a fucking pig you got there. I guess the whore doesn't have any self respect. That’s the way you need them to be if you want them to fuck the whole world. I wonder if her parents would be proud to know that their daughter is a fuck pig for anyone who wants to fuck her. I mean look at her. Being a 5dollar crack whore is a step up from where this scum of a whore is. SMACK!!!!. Jose lays a full fist punch on the guy. The guy hits the ground. Jose then starts to kick the guy in the head and ribs.

The guy on the floor starts so scream as blood pours from his mouth. "Like this you mother fucker?" Jose screams. Jose then pulls the man to the mattress then picks his head up and lays it in the pool of cum. rubbing his face in the cum" how you like this mother fucker? Why don’t you open your mouth now? Where’s the comments now?” Jose pulls the guy off the bed. Kicks him in the mouth. His teeth go flying out of his mouth. His jaw snaps. Meanwhile Lisa runs into the bathroom not wanting to see anymore. A few minutes pass and Lisa hears a knock on the door.

"Hey Lisa open up" it was Jose. Lisa opens the door. "Sorry you had to hear and see that. That guy was a real fucking asshole. We all love you for doing what you’re doing with all of us. Don’t listen to the asshole, you’re totally awesome." Lisa looks at him in a comforting way" it's cool. Not all guys can be nice. I don't take it to heart. Normally I like the humiliation but that guy was over the top. He is right though. I have become a filthy whore and if my parents found out! Holy shit I’d be kicked out for sure" Jose starts to laugh, "I'd take you in". "I’m bet you would but I don't think my mouth, pussy and ass could take living with you" Lisa replies laughing. Jose stands there looking at her and gets a grin on his face.

"Damn girl I can't believe how hot you still look even with dozens of loads of cum dripping off of you. Lisa looks down at herself and notices that she is standing in a pool of cum that has dripped off of her. "Ahh you think I still look hot? How sweet". She blows him a kiss. As she pulls her hand away from her mouth there are several strand of cum that hang between her mouth and hand. "Now that’s nasty,” Jose says as he turns on the water." here take a shower and I’ll run the hot tub. You can get all cleaned and relaxed before you leave". Lisa looks at him with a stern look 'I'm no leaving. Its only 11:30 and I still want to party a little". She steps in the shower "I may be a huge slut but I like to have fun too!" Jose grabs her hand "hey I didn't mean to get you riled up. I just thought you we're tired. I would love for you to hang around

Why don't you crash here this way you can have lots of drinks without worrying about driving, the only thing you need to worry about is how much cum will be on you when you wake up" they both start laughing "I thing I've had my fill of cum so to speak. Besides I'm sore all over, I don't think I could take another cock for a while". She closes the door to the shower and Jose starts the hot tub " its ready for you, so when your done in there hop in and relax for a while. I'll check in on you in half an hour. No one will bother you. Just soak for a while and I’m sure you'll feel much better". With that he leaves and closes the door behind him.
To be continued………………………………….
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