Monday is a bitch

Strawberry (Chap 3) Strawberry does homework

Background: I met Janet and her daughter Janice, aka Strawberry on Sunday morning. It started innocently enough by me staring at mom’s pussy in a coffee shop. By lunch time she had me agreeing to rent her basement rooms. She is a landlady with a curious daughter who received a great sex education all day long.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. An irritating alarm wakes me up in a dark bedroom. First, the alarm is not mine and second it’s not on my side of the bed. When I feel the body next to me roll over and hit the snooze I become awake enough to realize where I’m at. I pull my right arm with the G-Shock watch up and its green light tells me its 5:30 am, Monday morning. Good grief, who set the alarm for 5:30 am?

I lay there quietly for about three minutes when a hand reaches for mine and Janet asks, “Baby, are you awake?” I want to tell her, “Fuck No”. Of course, I don’t because it’s not the way to start Day #2 with your new landlady who has been fucking you non-stop since Sunday morning. What does a man say when a woman asks a question? So I answer Janet, “Yes, dear.” She reminds me about what we had discussed before falling asleep. First, it takes her an hour to get ready and dressed for work and second, Strawberry has to be ready at 7:00 am to get on the yellow school bus, or as the kids refer to it, ‘The Big Cheese’.

As a bachelor, my cooking skills are not great; but I can whip up a nice breakfast. Like a dummy in love, I volunteered to make breakfast. Janet said it has to be on the table by 6:30 am to stay on schedule. Janet reminds me besides cooking breakfast, I had to get myself ready for work and to do it in the basement. However, I have to use the shower on the top floor in Strawberry’s bedroom. When Janet says, “Don’t get behind schedule”, I understand the message clearly. It means ‘Go take a shower and don’t spend time fucking Strawberry at 5:30 in the morning.” Yes, boss.

Walking through Strawberry’s bedroom I see her illuminated by the night light. I already suspected yesterday she sleeps in the nude. She is sprawled on her belly and her cute shapely ass is pointed to the ceiling. Her legs are spread apart and I just stop and admire her. Yesterday she was learning how to suck a cock into her mouth and swallow cum; now she looks like an innocent little angel. Her hair flows around her face and when I kneel down beside her the freckles make little dots in the night light. Precious.

I stop myself before I spread her legs and lick her pussy and puckered ass. OMG, it’s so tempting. I close and lock the bathroom door and get into the shower. Yea, all I need is a naked Strawberry to help me take a shower and kneel down and swallow my cock into her hungry little mouth. Good grief, if I don’t get the little honey out of my mind, I’m going to masturbate and shoot a load all over her sleeping face. It takes me forever to finish my shower and two minutes of cold water gets me out of the mood. While I’m here, I shave and do all the other stuff to get ready for work.

By 6:15 am I’m in the kitchen getting eggs and cheese out of the fridge to make omelets. I hear a shower upstairs and assume Janice-Strawberry is up and getting ready for school. With everyone awake, I turn on the TV in the kitchen and get the daily dose of crappy economic news. If it were not for the pretty weather girl I would not even turn it on.

We seem to be right on schedule when Strawberry comes bouncing down the steps, sees me cooking and gets a big surprised look on her face. “A real breakfast?” she asks as I put a plate with an omelet and toast on the table and tell her to sit. She gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and teases me, “Ok, you’re hired as a cook; and that’s all.” When she bends over to get juice out of the fridge, I admire her tight jeans stretching across that shapely ass. “Smarty pants wants to get her bottom spanked”, I tell her and she wiggles her ass and laughs.

Her green eyes sparkle and I notice the pale lip gloss and light eye makeup. “Eleven going on eighteen”, I think as I look at the whole package. Her redish-blonde hair is shiny, almost like a TV commercial, and the ponytail is through a blue cap. Oh, she is ‘blue girl’ this morning. Her top is light blue with some dark blue lines. I can see the outline of a blue bra lifting her a-cups and pushing them against the material. She has the blue jeans on and white tennis shoes with blue designs are on her feet. A blue book bag is by the kitchen door. I’m learning quickly even preteens have a ‘wardrobe’ for school. I remember when I went to school ages ago; two pairs of jeans is all I had.

The glow on her face makes it obvious to me she has that ‘just fucked’ look. I hope her little friends don’t recognize it. Her grin tells me the liquor and sex did no harm; it makes me smile.

Janet comes out of the bedroom a few minutes later and she too has the same look on her face as Strawberry. Her female co-workers will recognize the ‘just fucked’ glow in a minute. She wears a pale red power suit with red high heels. Janet has also spent time on her hair and makeup and she looks great. When I serve her an omelet she arches an eyebrow and says, “I smelled it cooking and it smells great.” I bow and tell her, “Don’t thank me; Strawberry has already hired me as a cook; but that’s all.” Janet laughs and tells Strawberry she is funny.

Janet tells her daughter since they are a few minutes ahead of schedule she will drop her off at school. Before they leave we make sure my phone number is in Strawberry’s i-phone ‘just in case’. When Janet and Strawberry get into her car I notice three young girls in school uniforms standing in the next drive way. “Who are they?” I ask and Janet tells me their names, which I immediately forget. Strawberry says she sometimes babysits the neighbor’s daughters. The girls wave to Strawberry as the car pulls away.

Back in the kitchen, I put all the dishes into the dishwasher and turn it on. I make a trip through the master bedroom and straighten the sheets on the bed and generally piddle because I have thirty minutes before I have to hit the road. “And stop at the coffee shop”, I say to myself with a grin. The basement is already cleaned up since I only had my suits to worry about. It’s when I get to Strawberry’s bedroom and smell her girly perfumes and hairsprays the memories of yesterday come floating back. I kneel by her bed and put my face into her sheets and soak up her aroma.

The best memory of yesterday was the afternoon.

The first part was Strawberry’s little friend Linda just got my big cock all the way up her pussy and lost her virginity. Strawberry was straddling Linda’s face and rubbing her pussy against Linda’s tongue. I was about to fill Linda with cum but Strawberry had her own climax first. She shivers hard and howls as Linda does not let her lose and keeps digging her tongue into Strawberry’s pussy. Strawberry howled some more and reached down and pulled Linda’s hands away and rolled over totally exhausted. Strawberry’s pussy gaped open before me and I could see her juices flow out. If my cock wasn’t buried deep in Linda I would lap every dewy little drop.

Linda grinned and then she felt my hot Jizz shooting into her belly. Her mouth made a big ‘O’ and her eyes got wider than ever, “Oh shit, Oh shit, you shot a load of cum into me.” I hold her tight against me as the last few ropes of Jizz shoot into her. “You’re a big girl now, baby”, I told her with a smile.

Strawberry had a horrified look on her face as she looks at Linda first and then her mom, “Is she pregnant now, Mommy?” Janet tells them, “No baby, you girls are still too young to get preggy.”

The second part was after we sent Strawberry and Linda upstairs and Janet and I were alone again.

I teased Janet by giving her a hug and sliding her big tits across my chest and telling her, “I think Mommy needs another fuck to get relaxed”. She refers to my joke about three cherries making me a grand prize winner and asks, “So is my grand prize winner ready to go again?”

Yes, I was and I push her shoulders down and she kneels in front of me. My cock is still wet from Linda’s pussy and when Janet swallows me she moans like Linda did. She had already licked Linda’s pussy and made her cum. Janet is getting hooked on little girl pussy. I can’t help but think of her and Strawberry in a sixty-nine and my cock gets hard in Janet’s mouth. Janet moans again as my cockhead pushes against her throat.

“Baby relax and breathe through your nose. You can do this”, I tell her and I pull her head back to align her throat in a straight line. She leans into me and braces her arms against my legs as I pull her head up on my cock. With another shove her nose and lips hit my belly and I can feel her throat expand wide to take me deep inside her. Janet swallows hard and it feels like her throat is trying to push the offending cock back out. What actually happens is the rippling and swallowing makes me even harder as my balls are churning building another load of Jizz.

I’m totally fucked out for the day. First mom; then daughter Strawberry and this afternoon her friend with the huge tits, Linda. I probably have little cum left to shoot down Janet’s throat. So I hold her face to my belly and fuck her throat with little short strokes staying deep in her mouth. Janet does not complain and grabs my legs and pulls herself harder against me and my cock pops through an obstruction even deeper down her throat.

No more than three minutes later I fill her throat and mouth with several short ropes of Jizz. Janet swallows hard and I can hear her inhaling hard through her nose. She must be starving for air when she finally taps my legs to let her go. I hold her another half a minute as my legs tremble from the cum. When I pop out of her mouth she takes a giant breath and gets on her hands and knees to recover. “Holy shit Tom; that was intense”, she grins. We both laugh because it’s the line Linda used when Janet ate her pussy and made her cum. Linda thought it was me who made her cum. I think this will be our new secret ‘family quote’.

Janet is really behaving like she has years of sex to catch up with. I wonder if it will be like this every night or if she will ‘get over it’. I hope not.

We curl up on the bed and Janet says, “Baby we have to get ready for Linda’s mom to come and pick her up.” I ask her if I need to go back to my apartment for a bit and she says ‘No”; may as well introduce the new man in the house. “I think she may be naïve enough to believe you actually live in the basement”, Janet grins. I add, “Plus you have to have the ‘mother’ talk.” Janet sighs and grabs my cock, “You should be recovered by the time its bedtime. It will help me get over the ‘trauma’ of talking to her.” About thirty minutes later Janet pushes me into her shower and says, “By yourself, big boy.” I really want her to help; but I also need to recover some more.

An hour later we are all in the living room when Linda’s mom comes in. Janet introduces me as her new renter and Sheila gives me the once over. She smiles coyly and I can’t read how she feels. Janet sends the girls upstairs to ‘get Linda’s stuff’ and I disappear to the basement steps where I can listen to the quiet conversation.

Sheila listens quietly as Janet explains the girls are getting mature and learning lots of stuff in health class. “But Sheila, it’s a mother’s duty to protect a daughter. Strawberry has a doctor’s appointment this week to be put on the pill. And you need to do it for Linda.” Sheila gasps loudly when Janet says ‘the pill’ and whines, “But she’s just a baby.” Janet chuckles and says, “Sheila, be honest, her tits are bigger than yours. You know every teacher has the hot’s for her.”

Shit, it makes my cock rise just listening to them. Sheila says, “OMG, Dave will shit.” I assume Dave is her husband. Janet giggles and says, “Sheila, shut your mouth. This is a mother-daughter personal thing; not for husbands.” I don’t hear anything for a minute and then Sheila says, “Can she go with Strawberry?” I think ‘Oh Yes’. They talk a few more minutes and finalize plans to text each other with the details.

I quietly move down the steps and then come back up more loudly. The two moms are standing up and hugging with a conspirator’s smile. When I look at Sheila she is breathing more rapidly. Wow, a little talk about sex has got her all worked up. This lady is horny as hell and I notice her nipples are hard. Janet steps around the corner and calls the girls.

Sheila gives me a little hug and her tits press into me, “It was nice to meet you”, she says. I grin and tell her the pleasure is all mine as my hand slides gently down her back. I behave and don’t grab her ass. I tell her she has a very beautiful daughter and it earns me another little hug and a feel of her tits.

At the door, Linda also gives me a little hug and does a nice job of rubbing her tits against me when she says, “Thanks for everything, Tom.” I know I’m blushing. When Sheila shakes my hand it remains in my grip a long time and she has an interesting grin on her face. Oh, yea.

After the door closes, Janet says, “I saw that.” I grin and shrug and keep my mouth shut. Strawberry of course gets right to the point. “What did you guys do to Sheila? She looked all flushed and bothered.” I look at Janet and keep my mouth shut. She recovers nicely and says, “Mommy told her you and Linda are getting the pill this week.” It makes Strawberry do the big ‘O’ with her mouth. Then of course she giggles, turns around and wiggles her ass at us as she skips up the stairs. Janet yells, “Bedtime.”

Janet and I finally got to bed also and Janet got her ‘make me relax’ fuck before she dropped off to sleep.

Still kneeling by Strawberry’s bed with my face in her sheets and soaking up her aroma I jolt out of the reverie. “I need to get my butt going or I’m really going to be late”, I mutter to myself. Monday mornings are such a bitch. When I get to the coffee shop it’s another disappointment; ‘cleavage girl’ is not there and some guy waits on me. At least the coffee is excellent.

Working like crazy I get the report done in less than my usual excellent way. By mid-afternoon I throw in the towel, grab my truck keys and head to my apartment. A few more things go into a couple of boxes and I head to my new home with Janet and Strawberry. What awaits me is another shock.

When I open the basement door, Strawberry and the three little neighbor’s girls are sitting on the floor talking. She jumps up and tells me she is watching the girls for a few hours until their parents get home. I tell them ‘Hi’ and they all look at me and wave. Strawberry says, “The bus just dropped us off. Can you help make some snacks and drinks?” She puts a special emphasis on drinks. I tell her Ok and to help me in the kitchen. “Girls do you like cheese and crackers?” I ask and I hear three little ‘Yes’.

Instead of just putting cheese and crackers on a plate, I show Strawberry how I heat it all up and drizzle the cheese over the crackers like in a restaurant. She gets four plates ready and we spread the food. Then I take her into the living room and raid mom’s bar. In a minute I show her how to mix a fruity, girly drink and she puts the four glasses on a tray. “You have a plan here, baby?” I ask and Strawberry grins and says, “Go Fish. You can join in when I get them started.” I say seriously, “Strawberry lets be careful here. I don’t want to go to prison. These girls may blab to someone.”

She grins and says “Don’t worry Tom; we do it all the time. Just the first time with a real guy. You can just watch if you want.” She tells me Beth, Barb, and Brit are ‘stair steps’ ages ten, nine and eight.

We deliver the food and drinks and the girls dig into the food like wolves. When they sip the drinks they look up at me and grin. Strawberry says, “Do you like?” They all grin and giggle. Strawberry mixes the cards up and deals the first hand and I go into the room with the bed and close the door. For the next fifteen minutes I hear conversation, giggles and sometimes little screams. A knock and the door opens, Strawberry says, “The have sworn they cannot talk about it. Come and play with us.”

The three girls have lost their shoes, socks and the gray school uniform skirts. They are wearing plain white cotton panties; no designs. When I come out, their hands go down automatically and cover themselves. It makes me grin. They still wear their white shirts and little ties. Strawberry is minus her jeans and shoes also. When Strawberry mixes the cards I tell them it’s not fair for me to still be fully dressed and I slip my shoes and socks off. I stand up and unbuckle my trousers and watch their faces. A bomb could probably blow up and their eyes would never leave my crotch. I slide my pants down slowly and show them my jockeys.

Three sets of identical big eyes and round, open mouths stare hard. Good grief, I’m stripping for nine year olds. I sure hope it will be worthwhile. I sit down cross legged and make sure all three little honeys can watch me. By the second round I’m convinced it’s a distraction or Strawberry cheats better than I think. Beth, the oldest loses a round and takes her tie off. I’m next and take off my shirt. I’m down to my jockeys and can’t afford to lose again. Lucky for me all three girls lose a round and Beth has to take her shirt off.

Wow, goodness; I didn’t think nine year olds had any boobs; but she has a cute set of little mounds with nice pink nipples. Her areolas are tiny. When she takes her shirt off, she stands up and folds it carefully and places it with her skirt. I notice they take care not to get anything wrinkled.

When she bends over her little ass pushes up and I’m impressed. The school skirts do a good job of hiding their asses. I bet the teachers, however, love the short skirts. I wonder how many girls ‘forget’ their panties if the need a quick ‘A’ on a test.

Probably by habit, Beth rubs her tits and tweaks the nipples. It makes my cock twitch and she looks at my crotch. I smile at her and look at her tits. “Wow Beth, you have really pretty tits”, I tell her. It’s not the best complement; but I may as well tell her what I’m interested in. Her smile gets big and she sits down and crosses her legs like me and her crotch is right in front of me. Her sisters look at her and I figure they are going to do what ‘big sis’ does. Yes, Beth is the key to the trio.

Strawberry loses the next two rounds and the girls grin when she pops her bra. I ask Strawberry, “How far do you go?” She says, “Nothing much, they just look at my tits and pussy.” The sisters grin when she says it and keep staring at my crotch. I tell the sisters, “Well I hope you’re ready to do a little more.” They are quiet for a bit and Beth says, “Yes”. She loses the next round and has to lose her last item of clothing; her panties.

Beth stands up and comes near me and reaches down and hooks her fingers in her panties. She looks down at her sisters and they hold their breath. Strawberry claps her hands and says, “Do it Beth, show Tom your pussy.” Beth looks at me with big eyes and I notice they are bright blue.

She blinks and bends over and pulls the panties to the floor. A very nice pussy is front of my eyes. She has the summer tan lines from her bikini. I drink her in and Beth watches me. I smile up at her and put my arm around her and kiss her belly. “Oh, you’re pretty all over, Beth”, I tell her as I lean down and kiss her mons. Beth gives a small shriek and tries to move away; but now I have both my arms around her and hold her ass cheeks. As she pulls back, I squeeze her cheeks and she stop. I kiss her again and ask, “Is that Ok?’ Beth thinks for a half minute and says quietly, “Yes Tom.” I give her another kiss and turn her body around. One more quick kiss on each ass cheek is all for now.

Strawberry laughs and jumps up and tells Barb and Brit, “Last one is a Loser!” She makes the ‘L’ sign with her finger and then pulls her panties off to join naked Beth. The two sisters look at each other and then stand up and also get naked. They look at me. I still have my jockeys on. I tell the girls to follow me and pull my jockeys off. They see my naked ass going back into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, I spread my legs and show them a half hard cock.

Strawberry kneels down and tells Beth to kneel beside her. Barb and Brit climb on the bed, one on each side, and watch. Strawberry picks up my cock and pulls the skin back and slowly strokes me up and down a few times. “Come on Beth, be a big girl and do him”, she urges her friend and Beth gets her hand around my cock. When she touches it she inhales hard and her little sisters do also.

I open my arms and pull Barb and Brit against me and give them a little kiss each. My hands slide down their backs and I cup their little asses and squeeze them. The give little groans as I kiss them a bit harder. One of them likes it and I feel a tongue probing my lips so I open my mouth and let her in. Her hands go around my head and she stays locked to my lips. Beth keeps stroking my cock and when she sees her little sister lip locked to me she says, “Shit Brit, leave some for us.” Brit breaks and all three of them giggle.

Strawberry is ready with the next lesson, “Girls watch your teeth and don’t bite”. She takes my cockhead into her mouth and runs her tongue around. When she pops me out of her mouth, she adds, “Use your tongue.” She holds my cock up by the root and looks at Beth. Beth seems unsure and then puts her lips close to my cock. I tell her, “Beth baby, lick my underside.” She sticks her tongue out and runs it up my underside one time and then looks at me. “That’s good, now do it some more and then open wide.” She licks me twice more and then opens her mouth. I pull her head against my cock and she closes her lips around me. I exhale hard and hold her against me.

OMG, I can’t believe her sweet lips are wrapped around my cock. None of the girls have braces, so something else not to worry about. I recognize Strawberry is pimping her little friends to me and it makes my cock twitch. Beth moans and I feel her tongue on my cock head. “Beth slide your tongue down my underside”, I tell her and feel her doing it. Her tongue massages my cock for a minute or two before she turns lose and takes a big breath.

Strawberry has moved out of the way and I mouth to her, “Thank you.” She grins and nods her head. I signal her to bring drinks and she scampers to the kitchen.

Beth looks up at me and waits. I tell her she is doing great and I ask the other two if they want to try it too. Brit jumps down and kneels besides Beth and pops my cock into her mouth. Her tongue moves around my cockhead several times and I tell her it’s just great. Unlike their bigger sister, Brit and Barb have no tits to speak of. Their little chests are flat and their pussies are hairless. “Brit, suck me in a bit more”, I tell her and give her head a little push. She sucks on me a bit and slides down on my cock. When I hit the back of her mouth I pull her back up and let her rest. She looks up and grins around my cock. I push her down on me again and she sucks a bit harder. She learns fast and sucks me nicely as she moves up and down.

Beth watches as Brit sucks me harder and harder. Strawberry is back and hands out drinks. I tell Brit to get a drink and give Beth a turn. I look at Beth and ask her, “Do you want to see Strawberry get fucked?” Brit already has me rock hard and I have to decide where to cum. Beth inhales hard and her eyes are wide open. She looks at Strawberry, who grins at her and nods, the she says, “OMG, yes.”

I figure it’s the best way to get Beth horny enough to be number two. Strawberry jumps on the bed and spreads her legs. I kneel down and lick her pussy and tell Beth to kneel beside me. “Watch her clit, baby”, I tell Beth as I lick Strawberry and unsheathe her clit. I tongue her clit and Strawberry moans hard. I know she is putting on a bit of a show for the sisters but it works for me. Beth eyes are wide and when I pull back I can see she has the urge.

I lean close to Beth and say, “Taste her, you’ll love it.” Beth shakes her head ‘No’ but she doesn’t resist as I push her head into Strawberry’s wet pussy. Her sisters moan hard and I see them rubbing their little pussies as Beth’s tongue comes out and disappears into Strawberry. Strawberry moans again and one hand comes down and she grabs Beth’s hair and pull her into her pussy harder. “Do my clit Beth, do it hard”, she says and I can see Beth double her effort and lick Strawberry hard. Her sisters moan more as they rub themselves.

A few minutes later, Strawberry say, “Beth come up her and lay down.” Beth looks up confused for a second and Strawberry says, “Like me.” Strawberry cocks her legs and grabs her knees and speads wide open. I move to Strawberry and push my hard cock into her pussy. Brit and Barb have their faces almost on Strawberry’s belly and watch my cock slide into her pussy. I fuck her gently and deeply. Brit inhales hard as she watches inch after inch disappear between the pussy lips.

Beth is on the bed but has not yet rolled over to make her pussy available. “Beth baby, do like Strawberry”, I tell her. After a few more minutes she rolls on her back and spreads her legs and pulls her knees up. When I move between her legs she closes her eyes and drops her head back. My cock head has a hard time penetrating her small virgin pussy. When I get it into her, Beth groans hard and whines, “It hurts.” “Ok baby, hold it here and let me know if it gets better”, I tell her.

While I breathe and relax I’m astonished again. My cock is in a ten year old very petite girl. Her baby boobs are heaving hard as she gets used to her first cock in her pussy. Beth looks up and says, “Try it a little.” I know just what to do, “Ok baby, just one inch.” I push gently into her and pull back. Beth exhales and says, “Ok”. I fuck her just an inch for several more strokes and she smiles. I think Beth is going to be coming back for more cock in the near future. She will get the whole length by her third fuck.

“Rock you pelvic, baby”, I tell her and Beth rocks up hard. It pushes my cock into her another inch and she grins. Yes, let’s fuck. I stroke into her repeatedly in short strokes in front of my audience. I tell Strawberry to line up the girls for ‘desert’. She pulls Brit and Barb off the bed and all three kneel down next to it and watch Beth get fucked. Their hands are stroking their pussies hard and it’s a race to see who cums first. Beth is first. She shudders hard as a climax rolls over her. She sits up and grabs my arms as she shudders and her pussy grabs my cock head hard. She rocks hard and as she looks at me says, “OMG Tom, what happened?” I tell her she has had her best climax ever. She grins and I pull her off the bed and tell her to kneel down.

Barb and Brit heard the groaning and watched the climax and I’m sure the little honeys will have whatever climax they can achieve in seconds. I stand in front of them and stroke my hard cock. Their eyes are on me in a trance. “Open wide, girls”, I tell them and shoot my first load of Jizz into Beth’s mouth. Brit and Barb get loads two and three. Their mouths close and they taste my cum and then swallow with big eyes. Both girls got a bit of cum on their face and it makes me laugh a bit. Brit and Barb look at each other and see their first facials.

I move back to Beth and tell her, “Suck me baby.” She sucks me into her and I hold her to me as I push my cock deep into her mouth. When she doesn’t object, I move into her a bit harder and just face fuck her for several minutes. I can feel my last load of Jizz churning and I move to Strawberry, “Last one is for you baby”. Strawberry latches on to my cock with a vengeance. She sucks me into her throat as I shoot my last shot. She swallows and holds me tight against her. She releases me two minutes later and tells me, “You owe me a fuck”. I just nod in total exhaustion.

When I look at the time I get a shock at how long we have been playing. I point my watch at Strawberry and she says, “Ok girls, everyone up to my bathroom to get cleaned up. Tom, bring all their clothes up in a minute.”

A few minutes later I’m dresses and grab a laundry basket and put all the girls’ clothes into it carefully. When I get to Strawberry’s bathroom I see an interesting view. It makes me wonder about dads with daughters. The three naked girls have wash cloths in their hands and they are washing their pussies with warm water. As they walk past me I give each one a big kiss. Beth knows she has a special spot and she grabs me around the neck and we swap tongues for a few minutes.

Strawberry slaps my ass and says, “If you don’t want Mommy to catch you with jailbait, you better get back to the basement and air out the pussy smell.” Holy shit, she is more astute than I am. Beth leans up to me and whispers, “Tomorrow we’ll go all the way.” I give her another quick kiss. Brit and Barb give me a knowing grin and nod their heads. As I disappear down the steps, I know they want to try it also.

In the master bedroom I take a super fast shower to wash the cunt smell off and splash on after shave. Strawberry’s comment got me focused fast. To the basement and make sure there is absolutely no evidence. There are cum and pussy juice stains on the blanket and I turn it over and fix the bed. My God, my cock twitches as I look at the pussy stains. What an afternoon. And I owe Strawberry big time. I wonder what it may cost me.

Mommy arrives home about twenty minutes later. Wow.

For being such a 'good girl' Strawberry can sleep with Mommy and me tonight.


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