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This is my fantasy with my best friend Kent. Hopefully one day this will come true!!!!!!
Hi my name is Chris, and I’m 22 years old. I am bi-sexual I guess considering I love boys and girls, but mostly boys. My best friend’s name is Kent and he is a year younger than me. He knows that I’m bi but he is complete straight. The following story is something that I fantasize about all the time and hopefully one day it will come true....

Kent is my best friend and has been since grade school. He is a tall muscular boy with a body that is gorgeous. He has a nice 6-packand and a beautiful tan. He comes over to my house all the time and we sit and play video games all the time and he does a really good job and beating me at every game we play. Anyway I was talking to Kent and told him that I really like him and I think that he is very sexy and his reply is whoa man I’m straight and you know that so don’t hit on me. So I shrug it off and drop it. Later that evening as we are sitting there playing video games he asks if he can stay the night and watch movies and drink beer. I said yea that’s cool with me. About 5pm we go to the store and buy 3 cases of beer and some new movies that we like. We get back to my house and order pizza to go with the movies and beer. When the pizza gets here we eat supper then start drinking and watching movies. About 11 pm we are both drunk and can’t walk straight and are both about to pass out so we decide to head to bed. I went in my room and he went to the guest bedroom that I had set up for him. After I finish getting ready for bed I decide to go check on him and make sure he has got everything that he needs before I go to bed. I knock on his bedroom door and got no answer. I knocked again and still got no answer so I decided to open the door and see if he was alright. What I saw made my mouth drop open and also got me a semi hard on. Kent is lying on the bed completely naked and is passed out. His beautiful body laying there. I walk over to him and make sure he is asleep and then I continue to look at him. His nice 6pack then going on down I see the most beautiful part of him all. His 10 inch cock just laying there already hard and precum dripping off of it. I lean down toward his cock and I decide this is a good time to fulfill my fantasy. I grab his cock in my hand and it’s very hard and warm and I lick the tip of it. Next I lick up and down the length of it and then lick his balls. I come back up and put his cock in my mouth and tried my best to deep throat him but couldn’t. I got all but about 4 inches in my mouth at once. I take his cock out of my mouth and start jacking him off and think to myself this is a once in a lifetime chance to experience a dick in my ass. I ran to my room and got a tube of Vaseline and came back and rubbed some on his dick, and then I put some on my ass just to be sure it would be enough. I look at him and then I get on top of him and slowly sit down on top of him only letting in an inch or so at a time so it doesn’t hurt. After about 5 minutes I had his full length in me and I just sit there getting used to his size and waiting for the pain to go away. Once the pain has gone away I slowly lift up and then back down enjoying his dick going in and out of me. I continue this for a few minutes when Kent wakes up. At first I’m scared shitless and go to get off and run out but he grabs me and pushes me back down on his dick and says don’t stop that it feels good. I’m thinking to myself this can’t get any better. I continue going up and down on him riding him slowly when he decides to tell me to get off and lay down on my back. I lay down on my back and then he spreads my legs apart and puts his dick back inside of me with a quick motion. He starts going in and out of me slowly and I start moaning and tell him to go faster. He is now banging in and out of me with his balls smacking against my ass every time he pushes in. He fucks me for about 20 minutes and he starts moaning and breathing real heavy, and he tells me he is about to cum. I told him to cum in my ass. He gives a few more thrusts and then he shoves in me as far as he can get and I hug him with my legs and hold him there while he let 7 strong shots of his man juice in me. He slowly starts to fuck me again and he is hard still so he continues to fuck me and when he is about to come a second time I tell him I want it on my face. He pulls out of me and I drop to my knees and I grab his dick and start stroking it and I massage his balls with my other hand. He starts moaning and breathing heavy again and I prepare for him. I continue stroking his dick and I felt his dick pulse in my hands and he let loose another 6 jets of cum all over my face and chins. I set there and continue to stroke him and then he started getting soft. He looks down at me and said that was amazing and tells me he wants to do that again sometime. I get up kiss him and tell him thanks and then he crawls in bed and passes out.

***this is my first story so anyone with comments or anything to help me out please let me know so I can improve on writing my stories. Also you can send me a personal email letting me know suggestions on what to write about***
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