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Second Part of Mitchell's Story
Second Part.

Jack let out a small sound that was him clearing his throat, as he sat back down next to his son. His hand reaching out to lay his hand against the boy's knee, gripping it tight a moment. A grip that made Mitchell's eyes spring open wide, and his head very slowly turn to see his father smiling and the smell of hormones pouring off of him. "Mm.. Can't wait to get home huh son? A shower and some television will be good for us huh?" Mitch cautiously nodded and smiled back as his father's hand moved to grasp a drink he had ordered before and drank from it heavily. For half a second Mitch was worried his father would do something weird like he had done before, he smiled a little as he went back to peacefully watching television. The rest of the flight was mild and calm thankfully, not even any real turbulence.

They landed and walked hand-in-hand to the luggage rack where they waited and made small jokes about people for Mitchell's bags. When they finally both came up they snatched them and rushed from the building, racing a little through the parking garage to his fathers pick-up truck. Mitchell shoved his bags down onto the floor boards of the truck as his father started the engine. His rock music blasting already, but he reached over and turned it down a little so his son didn't go deaf so early in his life. "You ready for fun Mitch?" Mitchell nodded excitedly and Jack let out a small chuckle as well as they drove through the traffic. Singing along to some songs as they came on the radio, he remembered them from when he last visited. Jack's house was really a single wide trailer on some land that he owned. Mitchell didn't mind all too much, it was certainly different from living with his well off lawyer of a mother.

His nearest neighbors were a little down the road, but Mitch was always welcome down to their house when he was around and his father was at work. Jack was a construction worker, he had been with the same company for many years without a lot of advancement. He wasn't too bright, but he was strong and he knew what he had to do. Mitch ran to the small room that was his alone, kept always how he left it last and threw his bags into the corner. "Dad! Can I paint my room blue this time?" He asked as he father walked to lean his strong shoulder against the door frame and nodded into the green room. "Sure kiddo.. That green makes my eyes burn any way." He laughed. "Go ahead and get into you pajamas and we will watch some tv until we pass out." Jack told his son as he turned to walk into his own room, his hand pushing into his pants instantly without shutting the door to well. He let out a deep sound that resembled a growl as he started stroking is massive dick against his hip a little. "Fuck.." He said with a sigh as he kept rubbing his throbbing organ. "I love those whore attendants." He let out a small laugh before pulling off his shirt and throwing it on the floor, shifting to removed his belt then jeans. His head moving low as he stretched a little but started to suck where he cock lay under his boxers, blowing a little as well. "Mm.. Someone's gunna get a fat load.." He smirked as his head moved to lick the head of his cock as it poked out the leg of his boxers.

He stood up quickly as he hear his son jump onto the couch and called his name. He sighed a little before shrugging and walking out to where is son was. "Geeze kid, you don't wait for any one huh?" He laughed a little as his cock was clearly swollen and showing infront of his son. "I.. No.. Sorry Daddy.." Mitch breathed out as he stared openly in awe at the huge organ in his fathers shorts. His four inches tingling inside of his underwear, making his pants puff out just a little. "It's fine son.. No worries." He nodded a little as he sat down next to his son, reaching into his boxers and pulling out his cock. Mitchell started to look around a moment before staring down at his own crotch. "That's.. Big.." He said to his father who had flipped the television on to porn, it seemed to be two men and one female going at it. "Oooh.. Yeah.. Daddy's got a big one." He smiled as his hand moved over the broadness of his shaft to squeeze his members head tight. "You want to feel it son?" Mitchell looked down and started to stammer. "Mom's says that's wrong." Jack instantly grew angry. "There is no mom here." With that he grabbed his sons hand and pushed it against his hard cock, his body heating. "Mm.. Good boy.. Grab tight." Mitchell's hand was no where near that big, but he grabbed for all he was worth and started pumping hard. In no time Jack shoot a hot load all over his own hand and his sons. "Night son." He said as he went to his own bed. "Gunna be a long summer..." Mitch cried out a little as he layed on the sofa, looking over the sticky whiteness his father left on him. Sniffling as the wrongness was clear in his mind, his smaller cock hard. He reached into his bottoms and jerked himself as hard as he did his father.


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