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It all started one day when i was masturbating in my room and my sister walked in and saw me stroking my cock. She instantly backed out of my room, and all I could think of as I laid there stroking my cock was my little sister seeing my erect penis. I had always thought she had a great body and a cute face, she would sometimes walk around in a thong and shirt never thinking anything of it. I started fantasizing about her more and more and finally thought I needed to take action.
My sister has a shower in her bedroom and I would frequently use it whenever we were younger. As we grew older and she started wanting more privacy it would irritate her more and more everytime she came in and i was in there. She started getting into a ruetein of coming in to the bathroom, reaching into the shower and turning it off to kick me out. Once i realized that she was doing this one night I was in her shower and i had a rock hard cock. I heard her enter the room and she tells me to get out of her shower so I put my cock in front of the knob to turn it on and off. Just like planned she came into the bathroom and reached in to turn the shower off. But this time she got something unexpected, when she reacherd in she per her hand directly and firmly on my cock. My first reaction was this is amazing, but within a second her hand had yanked off of my cock and she was yelling. She was going off screaming what thu fuck why do you have a hard dick in my shower and freaking out that she touched it. All the while i was rubbing my cock very fast in the shower ready to explode. She ripped the shower curtain open right as I blew a massive load of cum everywhere. All my sister did was freeze up staring at my cock as the last drip dropped out.
I am twenty and my sister is nineteen, and after all that had happened she told me that was the first time she had seen a man cum in real life. This thought turned me on insanley bad, like you could not imagine. The problem is though that my sister is a good girl and would never consider the idea of fooling around with her brother. So the only thing i could was relive that moment when she touched my cock over and over again. I waited always hopn that an oppurtunity would present itself, but it never happened.
However one day it seemed like my luck was about to turn around. At the time I had no idea what was going to happen, to me it was just another day with nothing instore. It all started about a week before when my parents told us they we're taking a trip with some freinds up to the mountains. Now normally this means nothing to me, it would just mean that I had some time to sit around and smoke some dope or do whatever. But this time was different, this time my sister was planning on having a freind over to drink. Now I knew my sister was a light weight and she came to me to get her booze. I realized this is my one shot to try and make something happen. The day my parents left I went to get my Sister some alcohol, knowing she is a lightweight i got some strong stuff 100 proof. I got a bunch of fruity drinks to mix it with for her, and just hoped for the best.
That night her freind came over and I had already put together a hunch punch type concocssion for them. The second they tried the cocktail they were loving it. They quickly drank four or five cups which for them was a lot. Before i realized it they were unable to make sense or do anything, my paln was working great. I told my sister who was barely awake that she was too drunk and that we needed to get her in the shower. Even though she could'nt understand me I got her on her feet and into the bathroom. I had to hold her up beause she couldnt stay on her feet without holding on to something. I tried to tell her we needed to get her clothes off to get her in the shower. I started to undress her, I took her shirt off, those incredible thirty two c's were right there in a bra I could'nt believe it. I kept going I got her shorts off, she was wearing a thong and I pressed my semi aroused cock into her ass cheeks through my shorts. I took off her bra and panties, and instantly my cock started to grow hard as a rock. I ripped my clothes off and pressed my hard cock into her back.
I though to myself hell with the shower, I am just going to take her to the bed. As I started walking her to the bed she mumbled something but i could'nt tell what. As i got her on the bed I laid next to her and wrapped her hand around my cock. I was so excited pre cum startes seeping out of the tip of my cock. I could not help my self, I rolled her on her side and stuck my cock up against her tiny tight pussy. I rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and finally thrust my way in to her. It was the most amazing feeling in the world, I thrusted and thrusted as hard as I could. She never moved it was unreal, I could feel cum rushing to the head of my cock. I pulled out and erupted like never before.

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2013-04-22 21:51:08
Its fiction guys. I enjoy reading these stories but never once does my little sister cross my mind. My guess why i like theses stories is because its text. Different from porn. There is no visual help so to spice things up authors add more "umphh" to make the stories more interesting. I have a close relationship with my sister but never once has incest crossed my mind. This is my guess.

Please i dont want any hate, just giving my opinion

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2012-07-06 22:33:59
Wow im shocked to see the comments to this story, the auther said it was fiction. Not a true story if it were true then yes i agree.

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2011-09-24 03:25:52
waste ellow r u mad y do u bad things? arrifuka niamman denga........

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2011-09-23 18:40:59
Way Negative Rating. Bad story and bad writing, however what not to expect of a freeloading bum. Oh before you went to jail I would try to castrate you. Then in front of you while you bleed out I would Microwave you Dick and Balls and add Salt and Peper and eat them.

This would prove i was crazy and i would get off for killing you, because you raped your sister and I went nuts.

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2011-09-23 18:36:37
I don't need to be logged in. This story sucks, you raped your sister plain and simple. You need to be in Jail. She is probely messed up for life. If i was her father and i found out it would be a contest of weather the Cops got there to arrest you or I killed you. Either way you would need to go to the ER before you where locked up.

if you made Bail I would kill you, and if you somehow could not be charged I would kill you.

i am Not sure why your fucked up parents would allow you to free load at home at age 20 with out working or going to school.

What was the friend doing while you raped your sister. Does the friend have a gender. This story is so fucked up.

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