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The Moms Club

Teddy, Brian Jerome and Allan sat around teddy’s room. They had been fucking three of the mothers for a month now and were looking for fresh meat.
What about that Mrs. Russell who lives next store to Jerome asked teddy, yeah she looks like a great fuck but she has young kids and you never see her alone. We need a plan, we did ok with our moms and they were really fuckable so why not Mrs. Russell. Ok genius what’s your plan? I don’t have one yet but I’ll work on it.
Just then the front door opened and Silvia walked in teddy are you home? Yes mom up here, I have a couple of packages in the car which I want you to bring in for me. OK in a minute.
Silvia came upstairs and saw the boys sitting there, oh I didn’t know you guys were here and headed for her room. Ted I need to clean my nut sack and your mom is home know, yeah go ahead guys I’m going to work on the plan.
Brian, Jerome and Alan got up, stripped down and headed for Silvia’s room. She had just opened the door as they stepped in, time for some cock Mrs. R, oh ok.

Silvia had them pawing her tits and crotch within a minute, three nice hard young cocks was something you didn’t pass up. Teddy walked into the room, this was his mom, on top of Jerome his cock in her pussy. Brian had his cock balls deep in her ass and Alan was mouth fucking her. She was moaning as teddy knew she was about to cum so he went back to his room. Two hours later the guys came in his room got there clothes and left. See you tomorrow Ted, ok guys.
Silvia was sitting on her bed covered in cum. Ted walked in, hi oh hi, what are you thinking about mom? How good Jerome’s cock felt in me why. I have a question, Ok honey what is it?
You know Mrs. Russell who lives over on Peacock street, yes her and I have talked why? Well the guys and I want her in the club, with the tits on that woman I don’t doubt it! But we need a way to get in her pants.
Well give me a little time I see her on Friday at the grocery she’s alone then I guess the kids are in pre school. She married to that short fat balding guy, doesn’t look like she‘s getting much, I bet she’d love your cock? I’m hopping. Ok if I can get this for you what do I get.
An afternoon with George and Percy, you’ve got a deal. I may need Cathy’s help ok she gets Tim and Edgar. I’ll tell her.
Early Friday as the boys had gone off to school Silvia and Cathy were on the phone. Teddy really wants to get in her pants? I think the guys just want those giant tits, well she’s young sil, she can’t be thirty yet, I know.
So how are we going to do this? Lets go over to the grocery store around 10 and wait till we see her car. We can strike up a casual conversation and go from there. OK Cathy I’ll pick you up at 9:45, see you then.

Both women showed up in jeans and t shirts. There’s her car, where? It’s the light blue mini van next to the dumpster. I see it, ok let find her and see what we can do. He sil what’s her first name, Joann got it.
Once inside the three women stood talking and then made arrangements to meet at one for coffee. Once back in sils car cathy said, ok she 28 years old, two kids, the site of her husband makes her sick but he makes big bucks. Kids are in pre school until she picks them up. Lets get rid of this stuff and get to Outback.
As Cathy and Silvia pulled in to Outback they saw Joann pulling in and all three got out and walked in the restaurant. Lets sit at the bar and have a drink was joann’s suggestion, ok works for me both women said.
After they moved to a table and had another drink, silvia said I like vodka but I like it better with cum in it. Me too Cathy chimed in, are you too kidding asked Joann? No were not! Well I’ve given my share of blow jobs but with vodka? yes. He Silvia you have a boyfriend? No, just get fucked regularly, and you Cathy? Same here I don’t want the baggage with a mate at this point. Sounds good to me do either one of your friends have a friend? Yes I believe he does. Why don’t you come back to my house, well call him and you can talk to him, what’s his name, Brian, ok lets go.
You think we’ve got her? Look cathy she seemed eager so lets go with it I’ll call brian and tell him what’s up he has to be very specific with her and she answers we’ll go from there, ok.
The three women got to sil’s house and sat in the basement, now listen Joann I’m going to call him I’ll explain to him about you and then it’s up to you. I’m not sure what that means. He will probably ask you very direct questions, sex questions? yup.
Silvia dialed brains number and he answered on the third ring, Hi hon well cathy, joann and I are sitting her and she seems like she really would like to talk to you yeah hold on.
Here Joann your on, Hi brian, I’m Cathy, yeah sure. I have very blond hair big tits, 46d’s a 34” waist and, yes I have a bush and it’s blond. Large nipples of course they are sensitive to the touch. Yes I suck cock, no I’ve never had my ass fucked. Two kids, yes I’m very tight I had the doctor put two extra stitches in after my last child. I’m not sure, a whole evening would be tough. I guess it could be arranged, hey how big is your cock? Really! Oh I will ask them for sure, would it be possible for us to meet next week? I’ll give you my cell number call me anytime after 8 AM. If I’m friends with the girls of course I like vodka and cum, talk to you next week, by.

Well that was interesting, he’s fucked you both? Yes he has and believe me you will love his 8” cock. Ok I’ll talk to you guys soon. She left and brian came down as she walked out.

Well now what mom, brian you taped the call right? Yes well Monday at noon you and ted show up at her house with a copy, play it for her. It’s my guess she’ll be sucking your cocks real soon as there’s no way she wants her husband to here it, great. Hey Mrs. R want to fuck? I’d love to brian, they went up stairs and silvia was moaning as brian unloaded a load of cum in her.

Monday at noon Ted and Brian came home early. Cathy drove them to Peacock Street. See you boys later, do a good job, both smiled and said we will.

They rang the door bell and Joann answered, yes Hi I’m Brian and this is Ted Cathy and Silvia are our moms, well come in.

Do you have a cd player, yes there’s a rack system in the corner. Ted went over and put the cd on, Joann’s mouth fell open, she sat and listened for the entire cd. Give me that and she jumped up and pulled it out of the machine. Hey wait we have ten copies of it, we know where your husband works so you can keep that one. I’ll give you a thousand dollars for all ten? No way! What do you want? You! Listen it’s 12: 30 you don’t have to pick your kids up until 4 so lets party, there’s no way your just kids, ok we’ll get this to your husband by 9 am Tuesday. Wait, isn’t there another way? NO our terms are simple, now were only going to ask you one more time lets party? There was a long silence and then a very quiet ok! Good where’s your bedroom, this way. The walked to her room and ted asked where’s you underwear draw, her and she pulled a draw open, while brian went through the draw ted said any hi heels, yes how hi? I’ve got two pair of six inch heels, lets see. OK

The outfit they selected for Joann was green and white boys shorts, green bra, black mesh stockings and black heels. We’ll be in the den waiting for you, by the way do you have vodka? Yes where? Behind the bar in the den, very good.

As joann dressed all she could think of was it’s your own fault this could destroy your life so like it or not go with the flow.
Do your mothers know your doing this? We’ll talk about that later. Wow you look great, thank you, the panties don’t leave anything to the imagination do they? No that’s the way we like it.
Both boys stripped and stood before joann naked with hard-on sticking straight out. Well was all joann could say. The sat her on the sofa and Brian played with the huge tits while ted went to work on he pussy, in less then a minute her bra was off and she was already breathing heavy from he clit message. Do you like this joann, she realized lying was pointless as she was getting wet and her nipples were hard. Yes I do, very much. Another three minutes and he hips were bucking she was going to cum, oh god I’m cuming and did she ever. Ted stood her up, pull you panties down please yes sir, now lay down. He put his large cock at her pussy lips and pushed in, a grunt was all you heard and she started pushing her hips up to meet his down stroke. You feel great Mrs. R really tight, thank you ted the two extra stitches really helped. Another moan she was getting ready, breathing heavily she said don’t come in me, not to worry I’ll pull out. Her orgasm had just hit her when he pull he pussy tight to him and started cuming he eyes shot open as she felt rope after rope of hot cum flooding her cunt. My god he’s spewed six time in me, ted rolled off and was replaced by brian, I’ve never had two guys fuck me one after the other! How does your pussy feel? very good, wet but good. Are you going to pull out? No fucken way your getting this load as well, ok? I guess? It took her another orgasm before brian was ready and when he came she came with him. She felt his cock shoot at least four large loads in her. He rolled off and ted got between her legs, again? Yes! ok and again she came twice. Brian got between her legs for the second time and pumped her for ten minutes. She came twice again and the he shot another load of cum into her.
Both guys got up and sat on the sofa, my god I’m gushing. Pull those panties up and come here, ok! Brian got up and got the vodka and a glass. Don’t you want me to change? No way your going to have cum and vodka. They held the glass by her well fucked pussy, push Mrs. R she didn’t have to push to hard as she was leaking like a faucet. Two or three ounce of cum in two shots of vodka, drink up.
I’ve never drank cum before. So there’s a first time for everything now drink. I’m not sure I want to, you’ve fucked me four times isn’t that enough? No and we can get these tapes to your husband by tomorrow morning. She lifted the glass to her lips and started drinking, this isn’t bad at all you guys taste good.
Now stand up and walk around so we can see the mess in your shorts. Giggling she got up, her legs were a little unsteady as she had never been fucked four time in a row but she walked around giant tits swinging and cum still leaking out of her. The boys got up and rubbed cum on her nipples, her face and hair and legs. You look great covered in cum Mrs. R, really? Yes well I’m glad you like it.
Lets sit, thank you, ted stood on the sofa and put his cock in her mouth, my god more cum? Ted had a large cock and she had to stretch her mouth to suck him. For 20 minutes she sucked until he grunted and shot a load in her mouth, the first shot went straight down her throat the rest stayed in her mouth until he was finished, want some vodka? All she could do was shake her head yes. They gave her the bottle and she took a swig and swallowed.
Brian had been rubbing her clit the hole time and as soon as she swallowed the cum cocktail she came, hard. Wow I never knew giving a blow job could be that great.
Brian was next and she sucked slowly while she messaged his nit sack, oh god that’s feel great Brian said. Teddy was rubbing her clit and she was rocking her hips as she realized she was about to climax again. Here it comes Mrs. R. Her throat was blasted with so much come she had to swallow three times. Vodka? She shook her head yes and they both watched as she once again swallowed.

It was three thirty and she just sat on the sofa dazed. You are a great piece of ass Mrs. R Well thank you gentlemen, you have great cocks and they felt great.

Now to answer your question we fuck our mother every day, today will be no exception, really? Yes, do you have cum left? No but we have a group of 10 guys. Oh? Before we go a little something extra ted plugged his phone into her laptop. There she was legs spread fucking one after the other, he fast forwarded to the vodka and cum and the two blow jobs.
Your a club member right? Yes, I guess I am now, and by the end of the week you will have been fucked by the other 8 members, oh really? Yes. Are they all going to be coming in me? Every one of them, oh, and they will be taking pictures and videos as well? Yes. You do know I could get pregnant well that will not stop you from fucking and sucking will it? No I guess not. Good Tomorrow call my mom and go over the house around noon. She’ll be expecting you. Ok. See you tomorrow and make sure you bring another outfit like today. Ok noon Saturday.


2016-12-08 04:59:46
my mother fucked men in the neighborhood...I got to didn't know.

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2016-11-03 12:45:29
break the story up into shorter paragraph

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2016-09-21 00:23:46
this is good I enjoyed it very much can you write more on this subject mom clubii

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2013-05-22 18:25:41
Your layout is loinokg awesome! If you make the new spur that you'll be puting in hug the mainline a bit, you should have room to add in another two spurs, more spurs means more switching, and more switching means more fun. I like the look of your high-quality dirt. The dirt down here isn't near as good.


2012-01-08 11:22:01
I really need to agree.
You should proof read your stories BEFORE you publish them as it is very difficult to follow the story without correct punctuation.
You have great subject matter , simply slow down and organize your thoughts then PROOF READ before you post the story please.

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