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This is a fictious story about sex with an African gals by Jack with both young horny sisters and real Sluts at that.
Quite good looking were just 14 and 15 with cute names Sooby and Tooby

I had already fucked Sooby and today it was her sister Tooby’s turn when I opened Tooby's legs wide, she didn't resist at all! In fact she bent her knees and raised them. I took my cock with both hands and inserted it slowly in her pussy. I pushed it all the way in and held it there so she could get use to it. She sighed again and said: "OH Jack this feels so good Sooby! You were so right! His cock is wonderful! God I fell so good! Fuck me Jack! Fuck me good! My cock began to slide in and out of her pussy now fucking her with all the strength and passion in my body! I wanted to make this young beautiful teen cum over and over again! She arched her ass up into me with every downward pump I gave her. She was fucking me back now like a pro! She had her hands around my neck and sighed over and over again: "Fuck me Jack Fuck me! Oh yes!! Fuck me baby! Fuck me! Fuck me Fuck!! Fuck me!! FUCK-----ME! Oh here I go! Oh yesssssssssssssssss!! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!OHHHH Cool! Mummmmmmm! Mummmmmmm! OH, OH, OH,

GODYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She began to buck and thrust her body against my cock climaxing! I pounded away on that new pussy and she continued to orgasm Her head was rolling from side to side eyes closed and mouth open as she tried to speak but couldn't. No words were coming out of her mouth now as she went crazy fuck up into me! I heard Sooby saying: "That's it sis fuck him back. Make him cum Tooby! Don't stop until he cums! Fuck her Jack!!

Fuck her good and make her orgasm! Yes! She is climaxing! YES!!!! I rammed into her body now with all the desire I had left in me. I pumped and pumped as I lifted her legs high up over her head. Fucking her as hard as I could now, I felt my nuts tighten! Sooby's hand was on them squeezing them softly as they began to release my cum to my cock!! I slammed into Tooby now as her feet wrapped around my head and I held her legs up in the air as I fucked her pussy like a machine. The cum came roaring out of my cock and flew deep into Tooby's body! Sooby yelled as she felt the cum moving out my cock and into her sister's body! Again and again Tooby's body flew up into me fucking my cock as hard as I was fuck her pussy! We rolled over and over as our bodies stayed locked together fuck each other. Finally after a very long time, Tooby collapsed on top of me. We laid there my cock deep inside her pussy I held her tight. I whispered: "How did you like it Tooby my baby?" She sighed loudly and told me: "I loved it Jack my new daddy u made your daughter happy!! It was just like you told me it was going to be! Wonderful! It's the best feeling I have ever had1 Sooby! Kiss me baby!>" Sooby came down and gently kissed her sister as I held her. Sooby stroked her hair and kissed her cheek and lips. We stayed like that for a long time!

Finally, when I sat up, my face was covered with her juices! I sat there and looked down at Tooby's beautiful young black body lying in front of me. It was so beautiful!! She was a magnificent black woman with a body of a 15 years old. Tooby was taller than her sister was, about 5'9" she was thinner too. Tooby had big solid breasts that sat up on her chest not lying over on her sides by her arms, like many big-breasted women when they are lying on their backs. Her nipples stuck up in the air, long and hard from her excitement of getting multiple climaxes as a result of my mouth sucking and licking her pussy. It was her first time to have her pussy sucked and she went crazy with desire. Her nipples were about an inch or maybe two when fully hard and I found out she really loved to have them pinched, sucked and licked. She had a slim stomach, very flat and hard, like she worked out a great deal. Her hips were not as wide as her sister's, I guess because she was about a year younger. But it was her ass!! Oh man that ass was so nice. It was very round and elevated her pussy about 6-8 inches up off the floor when she was lying on her back. As I sat between her legs that were bent at the knees, I stroked her inner thighs and every once in a while I would glide my hand over her dripping pussy or kiss under her knee or up her leg! I watched her body recovering from the pussy licking I just gave her! She must have cum 4 times over the 30 minutes or more I had been between her thighs teasing, licking, sucking and fingering her young pussy! I watched her pussy lips quiver as they stayed open waiting for something to suck into her hole.

My hand was giving her just enough simulation to keep her cunt open! She was till moaning and panted trying to
get he breath. I love watching a woman's pussy as it recovers from an orgasm. Tooby's young body lay there for me to please however I wanted. She was completely gone in the world of orgasm from my tongue pleasing her. I took her left leg and straighten it out.

Then I straightened her right one. Her breasts jiggled! I was up between her legs with her knees straddling the sides of my body. Her feet lay behind me so my legs were under her thighs! Her thighs were so nice, firm and very smooth. As I rubbed the inner skin high up on her thigh, my fingers came very close to her very wet open pussy. Each time I would run a finger or the palm of my hand over it, she shook with excitement. I used my finger to touch the center of her pussy between her cunt lips. I could see her shiver as goose bumps formed on her thighs from the chills and pleasure I was giving her. Every couple of seconds she would lift that magical ass up to take my finger inside her. I would move it in and around in a tight little circle before pulling it out! She was moaning and sighing and asking: "Oh Jack don't! Don't take your finger out baby! It feels to good Ahhhhh!! That it!! Keep it inside me Please! She looked very athletic, firm legs with solid thigh muscles. I pull her legs towards me and moved her lower body closer to my body as I sat there with legs under hers! Her thighs now straddled my body instead of her knees. As I sat between them, I inhaled her sexual odor. Her musk was fresh and new and it was making my cock point out to it's maximum! When I stopped rubbing her body, she opened her eyes, I asked: "Are w done? Oh I hope not! This is wonderful! Sooby it's just like you said! I feel so fucking good! I could lay her al day and let Jack get me off! Mummmmm!! Jack you are so good baby!" I said: " Tooby you look so beautiful baby! Now close your eyes and let me please you some more. I think it's time you felt what a cock can do! I'm going to teach you some more about how to fuck. With the help of your sister, I'm about to fuck you baby! You watched your sister and me and now I think you should try it. I'll be gentle and easy but for you to be totally satisfied you have to experience a cock inside your pussy. It is so much better than a finger or two, better than a mouth, better than most anything. So relax and let your body enjoy the feeling of a cock in it! Ready Tooby? I'm going to put it in now." I had my cock head against her opening and as she laid there straddling my body with her thighs, I positioned my cock at her open pussy lips.

My cock was leaking pre-cum with excitement ready! God this young black girl was built! I knelt as I raised her ass up so her cunt would meet my cock. Sooby said: "Now just relax and let Jack get his cock head into your pussy! That's the hard part!." She whispered in my ear: "Easy baby! That cock head looks huge! I have never seen your cock so large!! You must like my sister!" She smiled at me and said to her sister: " After you get him in your pussy sis, well, then you will learn just how great a cock can fell! He is so gentle to you and you can fuck him like a crazy woman! He is really good! You and him are going to have such a good time in a second. I want you to fuck him right back. OK? It will be good baby! I promise. OK?" She moaned from Sooby words as she felt the cock head moving into her hole. Her sister said: Wiggle around a little Tob it will help! Oh Tooby!! You are really going to love this baby! It's better than anything!!" I had pulled her body to me opening her legs and lifting them a little as I knelt between them. As my big swollen purple cock head touched that dark brown pussy hole and then going in , now about ¾ of it was inside her pussy! I could see her cum and my spit leaking all over it.

Her sister sat there watching as my cock moved into Tooby's pussy opening. With Tooby's cunt lips open for me, I slowly moved around and rocked my cock head against Tooby's magic. The odor of her pussy came up from between her legs again giving me more and more sexual stimulation. With the help of my hands and arms holding her up a little, her legs were wide open and bent at the knees the head was almost in now! I felt Sooby's fingers guiding my hard cock into the opening of her sister's cunt hole.

To be continued.. Positive comments appreciated
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