"Sometimes it's a great turn-on when they merely submit, giving up the fight and just lay there whimpering or crying. Then there is the third way where I tie them up leaving their helpless bodies open for my use over a long period of time." Daniel sighed happily as he tucked his satisfied cock away and pulled his trousers back on.
"The thought of a woman holding another one down to be violated is a wonderful one." He laughed as I mounted Marlina's slender naked bound body and forced my strap on into her swollen pussy. "I'm gonna be rubbing my dick and thinking about this at work" he said as he hovered above her agonised face, she couldn’t respond due to the ball gag in her mouth.
"There's no fee for me to rape that bitch. Buy me a beer when we meet up and we'll call it quits. It'll be my pleasure - and a great one at that." Jacob promised as he eyed her slim body.
"She fits your usual type. Parents are dead, no other family, an aunt back in Beijing I think, but nobody close enough to wanna look for her, she does have some close friends though Ive been too busy fucking them behind her back for the last 6 months they won’t bother to look for her if I feed them some bullshit about confessing our little secret and how she ran off back to Hong Kong to get away from me" he assured him.
"So no one but you will know she is missing, haha! Twisted man, I like that" Jacob laughed as he patted him on the back. "How long are you in Germany?" He asked.
"About 4 or 5 months, setting up a new branch over there" Daniel replied. He was a consultant for firms to maximise their profits, had his own business, and was doing quite well. 53 years old, and feeling like he was on top of the world, He had proposed to his former colleagues daughter, 23 year old Marlina when he got confirmation that his UK based business had successfully secured a European branch and was attracting more international attention. Stupid bitch had laughed in his face and turned him down, he then hatched a plan to teach the ungrateful little gold digging whore a lesson.
"You make sure that little slut keeps count" he ordered. "I wanna know how many times someone uses you for their wants. Like you were just using me to get whatever you wanted!" He spat at her. "I'll come collect her when I get back, maybe by then she will be a little more receptive to the idea, and grow that fucking hair out, that cropped look doesnt suit you, I like something to grab onto when I'm forcing my dick down your throat" he gloated as I started to thrust into her, making her whimper and cry. She tugged at the restraints keeping her arms secured above her head.
"This would be number 4 baby" I reminded her as I grabbed her ass and lay between her spread legs. "Number 4 could last a while tho.. see unlike the boys here. I dont get soft, I dont have to stop, and I come in all shapes, and even bigger sizes" I whispered as I groped one breast. Daniel groaned, he was mostly spent from having already fucked her.
"Send me regular video of that" he rasped, torn between putting his shirt on and taking it off again to join in.
"Take the gag out of her mouth now. I'm sure she's got plenty to say" Jacob told me.
"I'm a little busy.. you do it" I replied as I continued sucking on her nipple. Removing the ball gag finally released those yelps she made when our hips collided.
"Danny... please..." she begged. "I'll Marry you… I will… I’m sorry..." it was then I fucked her as roughly as I could. Her voice was drowned out as I screamed into her face, calling her a whore, telling her it was her own fault. How much my boys were going to enjoy fucking the stupid bitch, until she truly was sorry. How she had brought it on herself. She was thoroughly exhausted struggling against me and half an hour later when I was bored of her whimpers, I climbed off her. Danny pulled his trousers off again and sat on the bed beside her, massaging his dick. My little performance had aroused him and he stroked himself eagerly. “You have always been a little frigid” He told her. “I know you were not a virgin when I brought you here. I know you have had other men” he smirked grabbing hold of her hips and lifting her slightly from the bed.
“Please not again… I’ll do anything you want.. I’ll Marry you… I Promise.. Just.. Please…” she sobbed. “Danny please.. take me home…”
“Alright baby, We will talk about it..” he crooned flipping her over and turning her onto her stomach as she yelped in surprise. “After I rape your ass!” he snapped as he hauled her backwards onto her knees and plunged himself deeply into her ass in one swift motion. It took several little thrusts to work his way fully inside, balls deep. “Fucking little whore!” he growled as his hips bucked against her. She cried out in agony. “From now on, you will always remember, I was the first man to enjoy your perfect” he groaned in satisfaction “TIGHT, little ass” he murmured.
“It’s so big… please! Take it out..” she pleaded as he impaled her with his 8 inch cock over and over again. Lost in his rhythm he ignored her and continued fucking her, his thighs trembling visibly as he moaned in pleasure.
“Danny… god.. Danny please stop…” she begged as he reached a hand around to her front and began rubbing her clit. “No!” she squealed and tried pathetically to pull her arms free from the chains which bound her by the wrists.
“Oh… it seems you like that!” he laughed and began to tease her pussy with his fingers and stopped his thrusting for a second, letting her savour the feeling of his intrusive thick cock in her ass. “Well slut.. what number is this?” he asked as he fingered her, grinding against her he was rewarded with a cry. “Bitch. I’m talking to you” he snarled as he began to violate her again, even more brutally than before. No longer interested in raping her for his own pleasure, he thrust into her to hear her beg.
“How do you like my grind technique?” he asked as she sobbed, unable to pull against her restraints any longer.
“Please be gentle.. Danny.. Please be Gentle” she cried.
“You are a true slut after all… don’t want me to stop anymore huh?” he laughed.
“Yes! I do… please stop…” she rasped as he pulled her thighs apart and lifted them to his hips.
“Oh god, your ass is even better than imagined, I’m gonna be thinking about this every night when I touch myself, when I get some whore to suck my cock. I’m gonna be remembering every moment of this” he grunted before he came inside her.
“Five…” she sobbed as he pulled himself out of her abused body and dropped her legs, laying down beside her happily.
“Hmm?” he grunted dismissively.
“Five” she cried, as she lay slumped on the bed. Laughing he pulled her close to him in a spooning position and began kissing her neck.
“That’s right slut… now wrap your lips around number 6” he snarled as he grabbed her head and prized her jaws open to secure a ring gag to her mouth. Danny made her suck his cock clean and finally came deep into her throat before getting dressed again.
Edward had her screaming 7, 8, 9 and 10 over and over again.
Then he whipped her unconscious whilst Jacob and Marcus welcomed Gillian home and Daniel and I talked how to email videos of her abuse and much money we were going to charge for enjoying her company.

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